Kyle Simpson

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, November 9th

Southport basketball head coach Kyle Simpson


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2 were of great central Indiana basketball programs continues with south port high school in the great Kyle Simpson night dude coach. Or. I am great I know you are looking forward to season is about spanky here we've got into the like. The beautiful we. Set earlier this year. Figured he come back yeah. We settle here. We know. There are currently now people go to their. You know those are it's awkward that we go last year orders speak. Battered by the navy years and you know we finished third opportunity ally here for our owner. Down here in your early about where you could be here we are out the last shot. We've beat Google in the back to back week here. You know we had heartbeat and it would what would you wage doubled over the other girl. So POR. We work by the year. You know I obviously you know your go to Jack in your actual treatment. November 7 with a good here under bill Burke. You know all track record Baltimore thirty point. Wait what every game like her record. Ryan Miller. That we're beginning. What are copper. That I picked eight what about him. You know in able experience lecture. On the ward were brought out. So. I think it is very important that paperwork. And are. Excited. The difference between a sophomore in high school and a junior high school was absolutely huge Jeanette. I. Yeah I agree area. In the ticker update a little soccer game while another war blunders. That could affect the beer all the basketball players. Yeah and I just I mean the only weekly. Report card. You've got your opener in thirteen days when you get to do between now and then to get ready for for Jefferson tell. A lot. And opposes really unique challenges don't think. Again. You know solution that typically don't see how long are out or every bit. Secretly you're young point out there and so. All of our our I don't know you have belt we got hurt early in Beirut they're weaker. It would be here. Connect game against Cassell Betsy your plays and it's the forum odd tip off classic and it's a wonderful all day long basketball event. How much but it is a tough host that thing and have your gym hosted and how much fun as it's planned that thing. It's really neat completed a quick way. Opportunity okay pretty high school basketball about. And I note Dugard and I put on the other hand. No worker isn't wired artwork here or you're out. You know I hear later at least it's it's great. Out and commander in nominal Argo. To prepare cycle basketball you have a great to be really really found yet man. You know I love the hall of fame classic in its a unique event not love going out to Newcastle every year to watch that thing. But this is like a daylong celebration of Hoosier hysteria. And a high school heritage of this state that I don't think it I tickets unlike anything else. No doubt I agree 100 for their army and then all of buying replay. On the Internet port. You know years ago it. Was very prepared with good at remembering. But so to speak to. You know it'll be excitement for the for the rest of the season. This is your sixth year at Southport what you learned over the course of the first five that head has prepared you. To be the coach that you are today if that makes cents. Thank you basketball as some of the best in the country agree yeah. All of that coaches. And and that out here and here are the arc from your. You know there'd be ready to play every night you're looking at parliament. Yeah wanted to be in the art and you know that archer got. When you're on your career regarding your carpet. Where the argument that the city and the dynamic he is good. Obviously you know you look at marks eight. Years. You know you act that now do you mean the tremendous belt Rudnick. Built brick I did you know that you could he go and daughter so. If you're ready and the coat crater in. It and in. Order to win here you know. You go out and. I appreciate it Kyle thanks so much for the time. Oh absolutely that's Kyle Sampson head coach at some support high school.