Kyle Neddenriep on boys basketball sectionals

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, February 27th

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Joining us to talk about the the basketball tournament boys basketball tournament in Indiana the great come that ripped from the Indianapolis are paid on top. There are carried. I am really good because I think that this is going to be. Like an oddly. Wonderfully competitive. And basketball championship I think the next four weeks we're just gonna have a great time. Yeah I agree got tired really you know of course you toys. Focus a little bit more on foray but there's you know throughout the class is there's a lot of good good competition and in I think you appreciate we welcome back you know you get Bachmann and explain church mosque you know. A Lotta Lotta things look for to a lot of teams still in foray of course around here also down south and Seymour. Sectional. Should be great went down there as well also you know this should be toward the best week in my opinion of the season and about the will be any different this year. Words north cathedral just looks like it's going to be a great game. Oh yeah yeah most do. Not a lot of love lost there to know that it was makes for a fun environment here between the two and I think that'll get things kicked off tonight that's Robby actually tonight right away and in looking for that horse or won the first meeting between the teams but it. An open target the cathedrals side that electric cattle down and get away. And you know Ahmad Franklin Ron Coleman they're capable of beating anybody you know there are also capable of losing to a very good fortune working tonight so. You're the winner of that game you know I had a chance in should give want central on Friday good game and possibly war and on Saturday so. You that that game tonight will deal that about a matter quite a bit then and the loser course goes Romer earlier release so good team going overly generous. And it's kind of cool way it Dave Marion County DA and the surrounding areas kind of are metropolitan area. Do it we know what happens here but they need got down south with New Albany and Floyd central they're really good up north. South and Riley so there I it feels like all the sect's. Of the state of Indiana have kind of been activated for this tournament. Yeah yeah I agree that I think give us up then Riley is the team up north definitely could be. You don't at four point northside you know overnight you know completely out of it by any means either with the topic there working on Brooks and in that group there. And then of course the north side also includes you know some married finger on your designs you'll McCutcheon. Horrible news really start to put it together but. You'll in my opinion in the south has brought it stronger map this year in large part because of you know what we've got here the two black ancestor was undefeated. And if you look forward now and you know you have been Davis in their sectional defending champs and then even farther down your brow Hamburg is having a great year senator Breaux was seven agree year. And then all the way down there that seem more like a mentions. And that and that bracket you've got freaking into the top ten including New Albany. And result in losses yours fortunately they knew that currency. Would be on Saturday night so you split the decent you know pretty decent draw they would all have to. To be one of the two teams there jokes and gold or Floyd central. And you know to move on but that is not going to be easy coming out of you know we'll see if they get to the regional. You can't seem to bloom and south that are growth prop up probably in castle. Who really good teams this year so yeah it gets worked out for much. Sure talking to Tom that ripped to the Indianapolis Star does is stellar job covering Indiana high school athletics. Particularly in does central Indiana area. Who's the best team we've seen this season. Does look great TA is there one that stood out. The scene about scene there at their best in my opinion is New Albany but after you have a ball gets hit seize up in Iran wants it and they they played exceptionally well in that game and a play those games south organ that the form credit union tipoff classic and in I was really aggressive look like college team builder there. Just meeting Anderson they have several other good players including two Mark Miller he's going to western Illinois but. Yeah that team I think is is just how it is any good I think when New Albany is is playing their best you I think they're the best team I think Warren central. Yeah as the debt as the most. Tendency a lot of that of any of that group they've consistently. Whether by two points or four point Serwer whenever they just keep winning and in late term big that they turn you over like crazy in it their on ball pressure is amazing but. Yeah so those three games premiere of the green that it consistently been the best and I think their best I think New Albany. Might be just if not better than ever won but. You know I don't think certain large difference between the three implement you know I think those are. You know or other and clearly other teams that can make it FR but to me those are the three that have been consistently good. Typically did a great all season balls. You know and I would be really reluctant to say that one coach is better and another Buddy Guy who seems to have the era of his team. And have his team playing really cohesive basketball the way that a coach a glove is Chris byers that Warren central like you said. They just seemed to have this cohesiveness. That CAD re rarely see out of high school basketball team. No no question and to do that you know you look at their team and they they have. You'll 45 guys who are right around you know 101112 point two game. They don't particularly don't try to do too much you know they've that they and that's that's a hard thing I think to. High school kids to do is to play within themselves and in place for the betterment of the team and not your own individual statistics and really he's done day in and by winning epic early in his tenure there is that help. You know I think he has good leadership on the team I think there are guys who were who were clearly about more than themselves. And you know when you accept that and you win I think that'll kind of feeds on itself and its. Assuming their defense is is what makes that team tick they have they have an offensive players. Like David Bell entities tumor and they talk Fisher buried deeply in those guys that. Defensively is what makes it seem tick in in the stake in the permit. That's all you're gonna go travel defense anywhere you go defense that should be with you commission's job to make them. That's I think that's gonna make them you a dangerous team a as they go along in the tournament even though there route again is is is is really different. You mentioned Anton Cushing Berrian he's a kid who's spent his first three years play for Jack keys for a Lawrence north. Now he's at Warren central do we know what happened there it did his family just moved what what happened with the relocation. You look in warned. Township so it was you know courses do situation out of the school choice before you get high school. So we actually went back to his home. That's cool you know after his junior Lawrence Norton in that great addition he's now it's all this statistic Serbs are we're just out of this world by like. Maybe even New Year's past they'll end it. He's been a really good position for that team and in he's fit right in you'd never know that he's in his first year there and that the you know those guys. And welcome to me and obviously knew him before but that's been released seamless transition. And you know. So for the captive to him for you know benefiting writing what they're doing. Do you pick court you're gonna go well. And I are just we can't just perennial I got off look at do you get together with that wind that Nat and and Matt those guys and say okay here's Riddell. Or do you just get to do this on on your own Sid is where the best stories can be and it's where I'm going. Yeah sort of I mean that's that's that's sometimes. And meg and ask you bluntly we cannot coordinate know what we're covering in. Not knowing I'm doing tonight and tomorrow night and gonna go away NC you know what Friday looks like but that's opera B Becker Warren used to pick the you'll pick what you think's going to be the best types interest and sometimes right sometimes you're wrong but. Yeah I think so they're locked and you can't really go wrong either regardless of what Lou the outcome is it's going to be. It's gonna be of interest to people and it really this week there's so many could cover that that I don't think you can. It be nice to be multiple places. But you can only cover one for and I bit. Yeah we usually try to court NATO can maybe cost me an idea at all. Plots in the idea that they usually just what were we ever think the best this story is gonna occur. You tell him to get bands that you're the guy who knows where he should be and he should keep his ideas to himself and always say to Matt. There. I know exactly that. You pretty much is at its finger on the pulse and before I can even do you know much in the east he pretty much as Meserve on worm grow it and if there's a story idea that I have that. Yeah I'd say you know maybe I'm not gonna cover this game but I'm just gonna go and it and you'll write something for down the road or right up and off the wall that a bank's interest during the and normally there's no problem you know do these these final whatever we in the coming up with. What is sad stories of the tournament bid in those schools that are gonna close at the end of the year in these IPS schools some with some some pretty robust history. In the Indiana State high school basketball tournament the school like broad ripple who won the tournament 1980 over my New Albany bulldogs. Northwest and some schools are the last. Their next loss will be the final loss. Three in the program's history. It is in you know it's unfortunate that so I wouldn't cover the broader war on the game and which was blown away it was a news just in great crowd so many alarms were out there. I talked to a lot of whom wrote about you know both sides and in. Yeah the and the cheerleaders. The Arlington. You know advance team the alumni came back they that you were up there can't sort the current. Dance team that was just a whole lot of fun. Makes you wish they had. You know the those schools could stay open yeah because you're losing so much history. For mockery of those schools especially in basketball. And then you know it's just it's it's it's sad it really is there's no other way to put it. I understand why it's happening and in we you know who. What needs to and I guess from their perspective probe of IPS that regardless when you close schools and local those three schools have been. So it's a part of Indianapolis history especially best lawyer says just be you feel like you're losing so up and very real and it appears there are broader all boats and game out Arlington. You could feel that you know into the are so much emotion and then you know it was good that they epic game and they are so many people came back. But you walk away thinking man there's going to be a lot lost here that that you know it's it's just gonna go away in this document. Most likely ever come back so that's the sad thing about it unfortunate covered a lot of those aren't in broad ripple. A games over the years and it's it's it's unfortunate it's not going to be around anymore. I appreciate it Kyle thanks so much that his time at fund this month. We'll be talking and slowly Condon grip.