Kyle Neddenriep

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 5th

Indiana high school sports reporter Kyle Neddenriep of the Indy Star stopped by The Kent Sterling Show to provide some insight and clarity heading into Week 4 of the high school football season. 


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And the kids early Palestinians or 1430 it's inconceivable. To me. But already we're 13 of the way through. That's incredible debate what have we learned what do we know Kyle that ripped from the Indianapolis stark he's got to school if you up he's gonna school me up. Because what are we gonna do even if we don't games all the time you don't go to one week I don't Kyle. Are carried her I couldn't be better on what's more surprising to you cathedral in oh and three. Or are set will be in two and one. And that's within north central. You know based off what we've seen the last few years and now Kevin and it was starting at that program. You know even if the wind or work coming yet you know they broke prolonged losing streak last year than a lot of close games that. You'll even so you know that cannot be entered the agency the first two weeks. And then you know what were not originally handled by Warren you know 3514 last week that. Yes still to be to enliven and I noted that all of that you know slate ahead of them here at going to be tough road. Even get water to more wind along the way about it but don't claim more competitive program. That in the past Yucca eagle has been. Noticed that not all that and usual I think although I think go and buried last time was I believe 2004. But. The other battle into a few times in the last few years I've got a Wednesday cherry chips even in those years you know just they stop their schedule they played you know three. State power program throughout the state and operate more close losses. Probably. You know talk about or anything like that especially invited this year may have just. The direct them actually number two and fighting district by Enron colleague that you could easily make the case. That there are still number one in the best game in five in and you know could be very competitive their worst violence Wednesday side. Get the impression that it's it's any panic by the situation could be early just yet. You make a great point about Kevin crime Hagan because Kevin O'Shea didn't just incensed football at north central high school. Kevin crying Hagan did a lot of work a lot of heavy lifting in trying to rebuild that thank Kevin O'Shea is done a terrific job. Again the north central Panthers off to their two and one start but it. I knew we would be remiss without acknowledging the good work to Kevin trying to Hagan did. Even though his teams went one and 29. At Norris central. On the the senate grows carnal gained 3110 setter grove on Friday night a rematch of the six A state championship. Is it I know that there are a lot of six A teams but those two. There's a chance they're gonna wind up played again in November in there. Yeah that's close a complete so shocked me though that it turned out to be 31. I didn't know I got that Karl Malden expected it to be you know either way you know three point seven points. Not up and and and never. And the way senator Breaux for the data the other freshman Carson's deal you have seen him yet. I would encourage you to to go and take a look at enemies he's fired eleven. About 200 Powell did as a fourteen year old I mean he got turned fifteen for another six weeks or so. He looks in the while forty on her back overseas and around people were known ninety. Eighty something yard touchdown runs this is a comma besides that is really good. Is out to do what he did finally got to earn upwards of Lyon and then in an offensive style that toward. You know he he he sort of bit simpler Berkeley at that point he offense but I. You have no idea you know I had seen his numbers first two weeks and was that intrigue that it. You know rush for a hundred blocks in August 2 good opponents but. Yes we have rushed for you know the idea 238. Yards on Friday night against Connell of you know he hero and he he was number thirty elect has recorded the U any round like him but he says that's kind of the guy he looked up to and then. Yeah up in a program like you know out of the way that things built you know the kids and they use leagues they look up to characterize school and then. They'll look at their heroes and that's you know. It also in line with the cartoons deal plasma court situation and you know he's just he's good he's a really really good player not on the back cover their game against Friday against them Davison. You know I know that's been a matchup senator gonna own your glass company here but you know this could ever been Davis you know a better. Offensive team maybe than anybody in the states so so this could this could very well be. Really really good game on Friday night between those two programs. And tightest McCoy it was a guy that big kids in the center grove area could looked up to. For like 810 years because he played there for about that long to make. And that's going to be the same situation you know Carson's deal will be the name that we'll be talking about you know 34 years from now on. And it's it's the same deal I mean guys report plays the freshman you I don't think he was that you would probably tell you that he's the only not as physically talented as Carson's Billy knocked up and not as big or fast. You know you get a break on I can't imagine you know based. Often staying healthy you know he's gonna break. Probably all the records are regarding Iraq throughout 500 yards in three games. And you know just as all the all the intangible all the ability in just amazed fourteen year old it to do it needed. Against a really good mixed defense in any looks the artist not a fluke at all he he can take it and and and has all that the things you want out of six they're running backs so I've it'll be. Really really fun to watch him unless you're on the opposing defense for the next three plus years. Word central large central event that it normally I mean a few years ago would have been the kind of game that it looks like it shake shaping up to beat. This Friday night were in central to 11 on the season they lost to treated Ian wolves all. And then words central dirt three you know and and kind of role in this uninteresting match up. Yeah I want central's. Kind of back to where Jason what have when you know when he was there you know I guess that's been four years ago now right in 2012 and they want states. And I don't know they're quite to that point as far as their offense goes that would definitely. You know defensively they're one of the best because in this eight. You know this will be our biggest challenge so far in awards nor in the good bush last week 126 point one. Al you live look all Allen out put. It was a game of you know maybe why isn't a bit under the radar from the other four hours I think this year particular there. They're kind of back to where they they were few years ago and I think or give more special really tough game I one has got. You know JD Georgia an out at quarterback with Vijay in a brutal receiver stepped right and he's not a prototype. No passing quarterback but it but he's definitely built the bill playmaker so. That's still very. Gilbert get opera and it's David Bell was probably the most dynamic receiver in the states so. There will be established challenged more central but but but Warren. We'll have a chance all the well that's you know there's a one a and one B uses the step right in the mix for. Our best game of the night it's generally been Davis. Day and if I I'm just say is I looked around at teams in central Indiana I mean you look at. The delicate Sutter Grover DC Eric Moore and that Warren centrally Gabelli people's NBA you've got all of these guys all of these really really good coaches all over the place is that's what's kind of driving. The consistent excellence of high school football in central Indiana has just the level of coaching. I think. I think so I mean if you've seen some really good fire. You know there there's been some transition in the last year sometimes I wonder. And you know from either from top Al wild say the name is specifically it was a record conversations but I wonder sometimes if it. You know maybe they're getting worn out a little bit earlier than they used to and in high school football just because of you know you can basically coach your round now that you know that opened things up. And allowed that more so I I hope that doesn't act I don't look a lot of good bright young coaches who. Young families and and one I have known aliases and wanna spend time with them and yeah I hope it doesn't turn them off to. The coaching high school football they need those. Coaches in the game but I think you know you'd seen it live you know. Jason last thought from LC which at that I was not in the neck and they he goes over warp central. Ed Jill don't be evil comes over from sop or LC. Basically rebuilt that stop or aldermen to stop and yelled that it hadn't been a long long Nachman. Yes so it seems some good young John Hebert was there a CommVault forever president as an assistant coach and then made a lot of sense to fire him for that job he goes out when the state titles so. Yes specifically in the Mecca thank you use you see some really good coaches that other good coaches elsewhere that. But the mic just seems to you know to big east it just seems to get better and better and and this year maybe more than a year accurate and emirates and collectors of big. Gap between American and some of the other big schools. Many jets got marsh taken over for Bruce ciphers and ciphers goes undefeated his final season with the rebels. Scott Marshall takes over and he's three you know and Ron Kelly really hasn't been pushed. Thank Allah vegetable Rosario Marcia you know he has some head coaching background as Harriet solid. And he goes into a situation there after after coaching Iraq Ollie under Cyprus. Last year with winning a state championship so if he's able learn from him and then you know he's implemented his own style offense and they had their little. A bit different as far as it's not just you know I talked last in the in play action pass but they've they they're passing a little bit more this year. A little bit more simple it's style lop so. Yeah that's that seems but all in line with that personnel they have this year I think I'd be so that they'll continue to do but. It just seemed like at programs do it then you know that they've been so good over so many years but especially you know lack last year was a little really gives you a lot of seniors but. It seemed like they have not even get to beat it all evens out a new quarterback and a lot of new faces and at Nike position this year under our stop mark. I appreciated thanks so much for taking the time Kyle. Hey tiger thanks Greg come that grip at the Indianapolis Star does a wonderful job covering all high school sports. This time a year worth thinking about high school football obviously and and it's just coming we'll look for the high school football kind of all year. And then boom boom boom you've got three games being played and that's a third of the regular season and then all of a sudden you're gonna be into the middle of sexual. And it's gonna be you know that isn't the season fur many teams lasts just two and a half months ten weeks. And then that sit and every week. I give big is senate probes he got carpal and then the next week you GAAP and Davis and then your plane Warren central India I mean here. The mic is is just kind of unbelievable. We're week after week it there are no Nazis in the Mac. You know there are no. Philadelphia Phillies. In the Mac nor gay and I'm sorry reds fans they're a bit what the Cincinnati Reds are to the National League central. That doesn't exist in America anymore you step nor central. But now their back because correctly as. And is Kyle pointed out. Kevin crime Hagan did a really nice job of kind of building the foundation and now Kevin O'Shea. Doing a wonderful job of taken the pieces. Molding them and put them out on the field and and winning games against Hamilton County you know against Fisher's and then Hamilton southeastern doing a great job out there.