Jerod Morris talks IU hoops

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, September 22nd

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We welcome to the show the great chaired Boris from ma assembly called icon assembly called radio you can hear that tonight. 6 o'clock right here aren't CBS sports 1430 height and Jared. Gregg can't or you. I couldn't be better I really look at Florida tomorrow because I don't know what it's like to walk or. Memorial stadium I still haven't decided whether Robert Locke and and and feel like well we're gonna kick somebody in the teeth today. It's been awhile it has been a while it. It's it's a good place to be in you know yeah a bit this is the kind of gamer you should be a heavy favorite in fans and the team should have confidence going in and hopefully. Well we saw from the hoosiers at Virginia can carry over and they can play well and keep building momentum because obviously the schedule gets much tougher. Here and a few weeks and so these are the kind of games where you wanna build confidence you wanna build depth. And India needs to be able to take advantage of that rather than some of these games from the past where maybe a little bit closer than he wanted to be. You know you're not able to play maybe some other guys and and work on gain that quality depth. Ready to play there's gonna need it when Big Ten season starts so you need these games to to get that going. It occurs to me we have never seen this phrase out of billboard cream and crimson slacker. Pick it might have some slacker are. Sure I think so and well deserved and now we've got to keep going out there and it. A week away from the first basketball practice how about that. Oh man I'm I'm I'm ready to meet its. This off season has been so unique obviously because of the coaching change. But also just so much positive momentum mica I I kind of find myself needing to remind myself that we haven't played any games yet you know has yes it you get so excited thinking we haven't actually seen the team on the floor yet and so. You know I'm really obviously were all over the ancient deceit you know what. Takes place once the games actually begin but just to get practice going in to get Hoosier hysteria and you know to start hearing how the guys are jelling and start getting back to focusing on basketball. Instead of just recruiting is going to be great now business that's the great thing is the focus on recruiting has been wonderful this offseason because most of the news has been really really good. But you know after an offseason of all that it's gonna be good to get back to basketball because that's who we all love most. And I think these hoosiers have a chance to surprise to people and be better. Then a lot of the experts think. Targeted chaired Morris from assembly called I common assembly called radio assembly called radio right here on CBS sports 1430 tonight at six. And at all I I struggle with that a little bit Jared wit with basketball and anointing. You know Archie Miller like the national coach of the year for 1718. Without having seen him really coaching game and really focusing on him I've ever seen it I'm just so damn happy. That he's replacing Tom that may end in to see what's gone out with recruiting that I I I feel like I'd been liberated. Yeah and I think it's okay for everyone's excitement to be as un bridled as it's been and to be running wild even though there haven't been games because. Mean that's there haven't been any games yet to be so mean all we've been able to see is. How Archie has dealt with the media how he's him recruiting. You know the planes that have been a place for strength and conditioning. And everything has been you know from looking from the outside it exactly as you would want it to be. Now what will be interesting especially with this year's team is term member that these are not guys. That Archie recruited obviously right hasn't been coaching them for the past few years so there will be a transition. And so you know what we see on the floor this year won't be a complete picture of what an arch Miller basketball team will look like. But it'll be still a pretty good picture and I think it'll be really interesting to see. You know guys like gay but it JaJuan Morgan like gave Robert Johnson that we've seen now for 23 years you know how they played under a guy like Tom crane. What is different about their play this year dialect drawn Dave nation how does he look different. In a different scheme you know with a different coach with a different mentality I don't really look forward to that and I think. You know we should expect to see some differences in terms of attention to detail on defense certainly you're taking care of the ball turn over perspective. And just hopefully a little bit more of a coherent plan from game to game. Certainly don't we saw last year which you know ended up just being a disaster by the end of the year. What do don't where do you think. I didn't we don't know what these guys are gonna look like they're gonna play some Big Ten games early I guess but still we don't know where they're gonna rank in the Big Ten we've seen. National publications. Predicting them as low as twelve just barely above. Nebraska and Rutgers and only seen others that are a little bit more reasonable well what do you think is now. It kind of reasonable projection for that program where they can finish in the Big Ten. As. It's reasonable to think that they will finish anywhere from six to eight somewhere in that range. You know I think you'll be hard for them to get above that though I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility because. What I think people forget you know they they look at last year. They look at a team that had big expectations played big early and just collapsed and say OK you lost bright you lost and Obi lost Blackmon you know your three best players. You know what's left on this team what you gotta a guard Robert Johnson who's a senior who was a big time recruit forced our guy. You know guys like to Ron Davis and Curtis Jones that were you forced our recruits to want Morgan was a four star recruit. There's still a lot of talents you know what was missing last year again we talked about was. It seemed like a cohesive plan attention to detail leadership a lot of things that hopefully Archie as a coach. Can help bring and if he's able to do that and then did the talent that is still on this roster is able to flourish. There is enough talent there to finish in the upper half for the Big Ten and I think that's what some of the you know Kennedy's expert predictions are missing a little bit. So while I get ball that the perception from the outside looking in is that there isn't much left on this roster it's a transition year and don't expect too much. I think those were paying close attention understand that it's reasonable to have a little bit higher expectations than that. Because the talent is there and hopefully again with a new plan. They will be put in positions to play better than they did last year. What's interesting. Mean we're targeted chaired Morrison's assembly called icon assembly called radio of course assembly called radio tonight 6 o'clock right here on CBS sports 1430. Is that I think that expectations. Are very very day you know there there are some years where expectations are we need to win the big tent to go to a final four. That their other years were you sick well it's kind of rebuilding year we don't know what this is gonna be so. You know Nadine. Fifth. In the Big Ten this year. I think the people are just kind of looking forward to enjoying something different. And and watching and just kind of seeing what happens and experiencing it in that time that's really different for Indiana and it is. And I think we are not far away from being in a position where expectations are. You know compete for Big Ten titles and a top three finish every year and you know make deep tournament runs I think that is on the very near horizon. What will be interesting about this year. It is I think you're right like my expectation I think this team to make the NCA term and that's what I think will happen that's kind of my baseline expectation. But I think generally you with a lot of IU fans I've talked to. The general expectation is just watching a team that plays smarter more fundamental basketball the plays better defense that takes care of the ball. You know hopefully that that looks a little bit more cohesive than last year and where you see individual players grow you know do we see deride Al Davis take that next step is Robert Johnson. Become the senior guard that we all envisioned when he was a freshman can JaJuan Morgan finally play healthy and fulfill the potential everybody knows that he has. And so I don't think. You Archie in the team faced the burden of your top four finish better make it the second weekend in the NC term or this season as is gonna be considered a failure. It and I think that will be refreshing in one sense a nice transition and I think it's natural given. You know kind of what we saw the last two years under Tom Kremer was obviously a big swing back and forth. You know and now you have this transition to Wear again expectations on the horizon are very high. But I think everybody's being pretty reasonable but what you can expect from marching in his first year. And that's a good them. What are we getting error assembly called radio tonight and tomorrow at eleven. Well we have a guest host this week the great chronic Hoosier who I'm sure most IU fans follow on Twitter is our guest he joins me and Andy bottoms and we we talked about Archie and just why a why these first few months apart she's tenure have felt so positive even though there haven't been any games we talked about obviously the recruiting news with a big and in home visits that I you had with five star. A prospects this week and then we looked ahead at the Tony 1718 season and each of us gave. Are three burning questions that Indiana needs to answer amen and we answered some super fun questions from the audience do so it's jam packed so. I think people are like it. We'll look forward to it thanks Jared appreciated is always in straight weekend yep always a pleasure camp. The Richard Morris from assembly called dot com and a subway car radio we are proud. Two two featured them and as we tend to dig a little bit deeper. It eighty getting university athletics with the guys who cover closest. Jerk or is one of those guys with assembly called radioed that tonight 6 o'clock NN Saturday morning. And it happened. Right after pigs radio which airs Friday ten. With a great camp by cost. I think it's going to be fascinating to see wouldn't get a basketball's got. This here I think it's gonna be kind of interesting to watch it yet football as well moving forward. This week and in Charleston southern if figure you're gonna absolutely dominate both those teams. But other anatomy got Penn State you got Michigan you got Maryland you've got out Wisconsin. Eight you have some really really tough dynamic competition for the hoosiers both been Bloomington and on the road. And are they gonna be able to put together the six wins necessary. To get to a ball and it really kind of works out that last weekend's game. Was hurt two weekends ago against Florida international kinda got washed out by the hurricane. Because they pick up this game. It on October 7 against Charleston southern. And that will count toward bowl eligibility because it just so happens that this year all the four of their Big Ten games are at home if they had been playing five. Big Ten games at home. That game would not have counted toward bowl eligibility.