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Friday, November 17th

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It's the return of the great shirt bars I don't Jared. Under great I think you you can't you can't quite short. You gotta dance like Scott Agnes is watching that's why. That's my thing that Tibetans greedy such. It definitely could just rewind that netted a this is live somewhere there's no rewind I. But for the podcast that that is unlikely to be heard. Anyway. And I against Seton Hall it just looked like a really young team that was unsure of itself. Playing against a really old team that was very sure of itself that's candidate and Dutch shell right. Yeah I think that the good description I think that's why you know if Indiana was playing right now it's kinda I eat you up version that a lot of art and whether you started. There was a pretty good chance they were gonna lose that game. You know assuming it was a tough matchup anyway. Of course the fact that Indiana's playing about as poorly as anyone right at the really beta game where you didn't expect much going yet so I think they'll. Credit juxtaposition is what made the first I thought very impressive because India was able to do. What they been able to do it in Indiana State which was get punished and now he'll come back play you know both physically and mentally. Look at first the opposite they revert back and see all he really played with a purpose getting the ball inside in the second half of the gravel but. There are some positives to take. From bat and I think they were you want that's the whole team play in some way. I've seen what I think Archie Miller who get looks like in the future well you've got. Experience you've got some playmakers who can shoot I got their big men down oil and that is big part physically and you mean physically and they're tweaking that apple evident that force seniors in the starting lineup so. You know it is obvious that they got out from it but definitely the talk show that there are you know at least through the but yet are now. Yet they had a toughness and a mean spiritedness that was very difficult for Indiana to deal with does he Rodriguez in particular was just kind of exactly the sort of guy. We would like to see at Indiana in three or four years unfortunately used planes for Seton Hall. Rob Johnson kind of an enigma. Early on this season it seems that either he is confused about his role. Or Archie is confused as to what role to kind of exploit him and what do you think about Rob Johnson. You know. A lot of time talking about our post game show we spent time talking about that great you show this week in the excuse. He's such an interest in case right now for the team to beat an interest in case rollout is to think back two years ago and he was such a valuable. Part of that Big Ten championship team. You know that's typically a fourth or fifth option offensively he can really find open spot in the defense you know summer NBA talent around him. Without a lot of pressure to produce on offense he really brought by making big shot at being able to focus on each and we saw last year a guy's got hurt and he got the total hole on offense. That he didn't necessarily respond well to that extra responsibility. Production you know I think we're seeing that early this season. Combined with the fact that you learning any system and what he got Koppel with over three years. How is no longer acceptable and so you know. Attracted decent and thinking local last Saturday in a I was a little bit to target the whole game. I think to a certain extent. I was because part of the problem as saying type expectations or Robert Johnson about the girl that you would take. A look like he's the senior. And just because he's not doing Matt. Is it necessarily indictment of hit it may just beat the expectations were off. And that what rob is as a player you know is better at the complementary piece and so I think it is now obviously Portugal responsibility to find out what he does well you get comparable. Deal and give him to a point quirky. Is playing with more port is playing with more competent able to be more assertive and right out yet they are that. It comment on the radio show you the one guy who doesn't seem concerned about cropped up in Portugal he backed that up by playing so many though so. That sure if you that he liked the paparazzi seen like the defense that. Effort that he seemed and it it certificate carpet back into. If we can do that it got like the art degree and out during eighty into play making and help out yet from local protection should opportunity. You know he can get. Or to the basket more like you get out there I think which is. Start to eat in developed more you know this year it because I hope that he will it but he's certainly been an enigma so far this season and hopefully. One of the biggest things become the next regain that rocked it is competent back we should respect or eight top five game stretch that comes after. You know it's really tough to be recruited by one guy you played for one guy for three years and then all of a sudden there's a new guy in there's a culture change. And you wanna maintain your body and the coach wants him to maintain your Brian. But things are entirely different day it's a difficult challenge for Archie Miller a difficult challenge for rob Johnson and I I really thank. It is here's a way to kind of kind of dress this up in a positive way is that this is the kind of adversity. That people are going to experience kind of in the business world and is Rob Johnson transitions. Took from basketball in the business at some point in his life time. This in this kind of experience I think is really gonna bode well for his. Able to endure this exact thing as business changes and environments. Kind of our our continually altered. No question about it and you know the other thing to remember about rob is to a certain extent. He's being held accountable for the lack of leadership that the previous we're unable to bring in to the program because. We're in a lot of ways you know everybody talks about Iraq mean needing to be more vocal leader and it's certainly would be nice to treat you with people feel more co. Coppola stepped up and that hopefully that does happen as his senior year. Also just not in some guys nature yeah I think his leadership is more quiet more by example you know you hear all the reports about how hard you work your off season and just. How much time in the airports from not import. The problem is with that hurt. And they're really being older vocal leader on the team at the console couple looks to Rob Johnson because he's the most accomplished player on the team. Like oh yeah tax dispute that and I I I think it's fair to expect from a bat from the but I think. Part of the problem or part of the reason why so many people were getting on here are awesome and I'd transfer it on him after that the whole game. It again because they just think maybe the expectations. A lot of the look at it and we actually stepped back to bring. Are these actually they're expecting is for the player or we just try to put it which was that we've seen in the past. To Jared mowers. Assembly called icon great place for those games every post game great place for all Indiana. University basketball stuff assembly called radio tonight. Right here 6 o'clock. I'm Jared. Jauron Davis with his 5015. Minutes against assembly hall or. Against Seton. Snead and all. Simply call you out against Seton Hall is that just a matter of playing guys were bigger stronger and more experienced. Or or is this what's gonna happen to draw on Davis where he can be outmanned down low and all of a sudden we're going to be left with Freddie mix slain. Senator. You know Freddie doesn't play better relief around and he did it in the call right there when I get utterly. Look I think it's going to be a process for Iran as a sophomore if he goes from a guy looked like fifteen to seventeen that the freshman backing up Brian. To potentially being the focal point of the offense right now. And I thought he'd you know obviously at that moment against Indiana State Tower Bridge you look like ready. Four of the speed in the overall level of toughness in that game but can he call and so hopefully it's a wakeup call I think that that. The silver lining is that. There are going to be very few games the rest of the dealer with a guy like Angel though Otto back he would order best players in the country so. They're going to be any easier. To trigger on the yeah vehicle to a point but. I think it's there'd be a little disappointed simply because the chief thinker on that really improve our that's our plan or that. And avoiding foul and I think eagle Cuba without that we saw here pick up or some of the a lead the variety. You know getting these guys not being erected this Circuit City etiquette or early easily in the right position so. That was disappointing. But not altogether. Shocking you know for a guy at a sophomore who still growing into his rule book silent about it. But I think it will be important get over the next regained that then. You know once he gets his next in a hastily competition against duke. Decent growth in peace and development there are good architect in this with the game for the big boy in a command. And Iran does what require up to the challenge but hopefully it helped bring closer to pick up to the next. Targeted chaired Morris from assembly called radio and assembly called dot com and so Justin Smith is the one guy an elderly Durham. To an extent that really Justin Smith in every game I've seen Indiana play as like cool I liked that guy. You know he seems to be in the right place at the right time makes positive plays the little plays that are gonna win you games in in Big Ten competition. But he really out there the next game against Seton Hall. We haven't really seen him play against and match up against a great team are we putting too much too early on a kid like Justin Smith. I mean probably you know and right now out of necessity because I think we're seeing that out just in particular our client very instinctive. You are right park were actually I don't corporate legal guys are because I think. They're not having on our. You know the certain that certain system this is just the only way they know how to quit college basketball that. You know I think with just sit in particular which really impressed me about him off that he is just hit it. And hit notre being in the right position at the right I noticed that he's always making himself available to receive a in scoring position. And that's a really might really good skill. For a young got app the next step for him of course is that eaten yet finished better especially closer to the basket. Literally kick didn't have a network ability. So you know any time that your going on the road in tough environment and you're playing two freshmen. You're not. Where is necessarily a five star certificate that's certainly have the elite talent to make up for their lack of experience and you're trying to plan a couple of times about the call. Talked to rely on even gave mass destruction are gonna be inconsistent. But right now just that whole scene not what we could jacked. Allen just in the been as consistent as any place at Indian attack so that is in part a compliment to them and obviously it hurt. You know it indict sort of the other guys who are quite been able to to bring that level and that. How do you deal with fans Sydney's CM all over the place people who interact with your assembly called icon every check out message boards elsewhere. And they seem us psychotic. And you know it didn't like hey we got to blow this up Archie Miller is wrong guy that kind of thing how you deal with the he's going nuts. That the whale attract you or anybody to lose but I don't understand it first here is due. Try to emphasize that more and try and see what they're saying and I think for our land. Cool thing not live in a rebuke that stopped and they just beat Indiana playing and they always expected to live up to a certain standard. And they get frustrated that they feel like this year more of the same as last year. You know I wonder if they put in the same about thinking about how typical coach transition as much backing it like patient support and the perspective apparently that. You know try and go through first you're gonna talk industrial disbursed yours as they might be your coach K stroll dispersed early years. And you know. Really having the time like I have to study that I feel like I have that understanding and so I try to use that back instead of reacting. Try to come out with an educated sugar with just trying to that perspective and hopefully that helps them see in a way that maybe they had seen. Before it if you just react to it can be really frustrating and you can just kind of paint being a candidate for the broader. Avian. You know what you know what's so they're trying to deal with people individually. And he were to be the gap. Is. The trick out there saying it they've Al I think is the fact see it are at least keeps saying turn to try to do that. Bad bad debts very wise I'd like that I'm gonna try to kind of have that infiltrate my consciousness. I may listen to what you just said Donna wood for a while. And make sure I keep a calm head and that I understand that this is about process and at Indiana what could win a national championship this year. And that no matter who the coach was that this is this is going to be a multi year kind of recommit to rebuild and that's okay. What's coming up 6 o'clock tonight. Well we've got we've got a special guest the official coach of the call on how similar record to give coach's perspective our. You know in particular why Indians giving up some reporters I have quite eat all we need to see an event and provide. Some good bad and ugly stat the help story and that talked Robert Johnson. But would dive into him and just talk about what you need to do to take the next step this year and whether or not the expectation that we all all the clay. Has been fully fair to have. Alex or to a thanks very much Jared. At Oriole and pick up the great chaired Norris from assembly cult icon assembly called radio assembly called radio airs on this radio station. Every single Friday at 6 o'clock and then again Saturday and eleven.