Jeremy Gray

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, February 23rd

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The great Jeremy gray what your title now wait you're in charge everything Fred sits under his desk and in print go to data pass. Do you do all the work what do you do. Well I think that's especially important expresses were heading into annual performance review. I hope he does not exist now that I and I said associate athletic director nice marketing media relations and the Cubans. You know Figueroa people well. I know him some. All right a guy wit evict guerrilla depots seems to me there's just kind of a transition into talking about an idea. But we are talking about all the people go to the all star game and being a guy who wouldn't be swayed his ego. Isn't gonna be. Oddly inflated coming back he is a solid individual who understands. Kind of who he is as at a level where you're pressured gonna drag him down. Go out my favorite petrol depots story from his time and I you London you know. Agree saved pass adds Michigan State worried got it yes saved it from going out of bounds in the dike that was. Actually a moment at the softball field so. The old softball field was behind send our field which as you'll baseball field and it had a very tall ugly press box. And I just showed up go into an IE softball game support the department I heard is giggling behind. The the press box and I configure our allies and I walked back there in Victor old depot. Had a mitts on his hand and use throwing pop flies to 25. Use softball players just giggling and having a great time that is too big toll depot is he is grounded I think there's something. To be setting cal former has this still. And nothing against prodigy is at all we've had great prodigy easier. But dad Dave became very good and very famous late in their careers yeah. And on some level I think Dana help them to be really well rounded and rounded individuals because they troll depot. In adulthood remembered what it was like did not beat of April deep well that we see today that he was not special until it was about a sophomore in college. And I think it made him on some global maybe a more well rounded person that that story about him at salt ball. Throwing balls to. The third grade softball team. Supporting the softball team in and of itself I think China is emblematic of what kind of people person he has. I'm told this on the show before but I'll tell you I'm at a pacers game at bankers life field house a couple of months ago the pacers. Had just played the Houston Rockets. And I see pat Sullivan in light concourse and sized sailor apparently goes Vegas were sectoral people was this morning at 8 o'clock. As Arnold. He said and masks we attended the same mass. Any scene only kept and I anime and thought that he'd kind of sneak out the side or something like that it was cool for him to be at mass that. We have doughnuts after mass in like any room. And Victor came back any doughnuts with people get his just kinda talked people op and very very normal. Like behavior for a guy who's in pectoral people's position no question and that's that's every experience and I've ever had a ten minute. I don't know I don't I don't psychoanalyze hammer cows or were others but. There's something about late bloomers that they have kind of a different perspective then people who have been special since they were ten years. Let's talk about what's going on with the department it's impossible as you drive down seventeen street not to see the progression. Of the construction for the excellence academy how's it going. It's going great it's on schedule or were really excited. Worried me. In the process of going through our plans for where logos pictures and all of that stuff is going so it as sounded like fun yet deeper into the project and that were X I was gonna do for. Our student athletes as we're gonna have a new place for them to dine. For sports nutrition out world class medical facilities in the in the Larry rink sports medicine's that are. It's just gonna be a a phenomenal thing and then other are also crane just outside of assembly halls were building. Wilkinson hall which will be in the new venue for volleyball and rustling. And it's there is no. Two sports were the Big Ten is more dominant than volleyball and wrestling and we are way behind facility wise. And now we're going to be at the top but he should bode very well in the recruiting trail. And for our new volleyball coach Steve aired and we stole from Maryland nice enter conference. Squabbles. We like that absolutely it builds a rivalry got it does Tara pins I hate the terror and act. You know and the Big Ten is expanding in Maryland is being considered I immediately thought would be good one for us because of their history in basketball. Com the now. The ability for around both teams to kind of find their way in football. And nasty soccer robbery historically they're good in baseball were gonna baseball Merrill it's been a nice addition for the league for Indiana's been nice secondary rival we've adopted so because it Kyle were ever was here and in use. Grew a great affinity for Kyle Busch were were. Now I'm sure your Chicago Cubs fan I do her for the cubs zero L yes I am I doing I do odds now the second he gets traded it goes the last. They're not I don't know little a lot of my out cardinal love fan family members they continue to question them like. Happier with his dad on a road trip when I know Kyle shortly right count shore L my son as a baby it. I'm not rooting against cal warmer now. San Travis gets to the Boston Red Sox and does another team that I grew up despise into my core and it's like can. It what's next all the people is traded to the next I mean like this is just like torture for a we root for people not laundry 100% of you know we'll see it settlement people counseling people used to get mad and meet people that when my son was at Loyola. Matt Howard and Zach Kahn played. A lot of those guys they did Brian played a U with them we've renewed the Hahn's forever. And Matt we got to know for about three years before I went to butler's so any time. Like they did some good we applauded her I was written for the kids and hundreds apple has so. So where's this thing where is the volleyball and and wrestling thing it's just athletica calls so that's the other on the other side yes you got honest yeah yeah. Where they put where they play now are these don't play good things attempt in Jordan on the nuts. Tenth and Pete Ellis which is beyond the golf course. So you concede that it would be difficult for Marco programs that are Christopher Columbus couldn't find a place so it's like DePaul trying to get people to go the Allstate arena. So this is going to be a much better situation we're excited about that is. Explain for people if they don't know what the excellence academy is the I I thought it was I think it's transformational. And I think it's if it's a thing. Not only does it separate Indiana from anything else but I think it it extols the virtues of what collegiate athletics are supposed to be about. Yeah and hopefully I don't miss some some key details that it's about developing the the whole student athletes go. The excellence academy. As I think functions it's. In strength and conditioning or we cults warts performance now. I'm you know laws sports nutrition. All of that is a component of the but it's also sports medicine career development career services leadership development community service. So that's. When they graduate. They're going to be marketable and well rounded people when they had in two acted at the job market and sell. The excellence academy where we we provide career services help with resonate preparation and I'm try to set people would job interviews that it's possible so it's it's one of those things were looking out for on the whole student athlete because. Even those that go on to play professionally there is a very small and we talked about tilt of the total depot account former prime Mac and have to do anything else for the rest of their life Redford does for the for the vast majority including those that into making the NFL NBA and now last year. Major League Baseball or you know play overseas and women's basketball they're gonna have to do something else though. We need to make sure that they are prepared for them because largely as student athletes and it's a it's a wonderful existence if your student athlete. But there are opportunities that you don't get that the general student population. Does yet and the excellence academy is also there to filling that gap meaning that. I was able to do a series of internships. Because I had a time to do internships in California aptly might not right so we need to provide them with opportunities for professional experiences. That will help them later on in subjects with academy helps facilitate that as well one of the things that I loved about it in reading about it. Maybe for the first time in 2010 or eleven. Was Myers Briggs test and yes which I didn't I didn't even know what that was until I was up forty. And it kind of like. All you know it's one of those things where it's like this is now. You should evaluate people and people should be evaluated and what a Smart thing this is in good to kind of open the eyes of student athletes. Early on to that process I thought was really Borchard fare was a great football player for us all Big Ten and he was a national leader in pass breakups a couple years. And has some prospects of playing professionally. But he's gonna get his master's degree in public and environmental affairs. I don't know. If when he committed to play football in Indiana that that was in his sights. But the excellence academy through testing like that career services academic planning all that. I think allows the Reshard parents of the world to find. Curriculum that they are passionate about and that suits them for what they will be good professionally. And I think we're gonna have a lot more Rashard fans type people graduate from Indiana as a result the soul and that's a great segue to my next question. And Indiana University athlete looks like one. The in Indiana University athlete looks like someone gets a three point Taylor. Our department GPA fluctuate between 31 in 32 OK for 650 athletes. Here's another thing that people. Might not know odd in that vast majority of them are not on full scholarship. Com. You know volleyball players women's basketball players men's basketball players. And many of them were on partial or no scholarships now. So you're looking at people who are doing this either for the opportunity or four on the love of the game in a lot of ways war. Forward the opportunity to pay for college in a way that they might be able to pay for themselves. The other thing is is that we graduate about 93% of our student athletes which is well Obama. The campus average almost anywhere not even like MIT and Harvard not 93% of students and graduating. From college so these are people graduate. These are people who competes. Largely. Without glory for the love of the game and not a ton of money. And they tend to perform very well in the classroom. Perfect Jeremy thank you come and gone and they are much. Much more adept. Running next to me on a treadmill I am on. Eight so tonight 8 o'clock one thing I like in in May be can speak to this time I talked about this before. Coming down here on 37 was easier yes this sometime in really got to thank the governor. Fur. Focusing on state route 37. In a way that maybe had been gone for for quite some time world was this. Lingering project debt frankly is somebody's job it is to get people to come to football right basketball games has made life very difficult. On big governor Holcomb with. Local officials including army Air France has been a big push on this university president as well Michael grimy. Suit to focus on now. On making progress with that. Sometime around early January it's hard being for the most part four lanes on there and back and it's made life a lot easier getting near and it's made an experienced much better yeah no kidding I did prime and then who's a breeze her I would have been. Sort of enlightenment we don't like ping we've only been lately that we had to knock down some union a pastrami it would not act. Thanks for coming and I don't rob thanks but rather the great Jerry grey what's your title again is very long unclear to seniors on this senior citizen and anything less than anything more than that it gets difficult to explain to my mother in law who wish I was a doctor a lawyer. Where you go from their reforms are like that's highest level freshman supper Jay were you ever freshman. Athletic director assault more athletic right now eras senior out of it yes you know I. In Fred's cabinet I'm probably adds secretary of transportation. Congratulations. I appreciate guys.