Jeremiah Johnson on the Pacers

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, February 5th

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Part of the team bringing you their broadcast great Jeremiah Johnson. I don't JJ. Not be better tomorrow it allows any night here at the Canada goodnight in my book cash. Let's talk about injuries a little bit we know that wall is out for the wizards and he's going to be out for quite sometime and that's good news really for the pacers. But the pacers they got some injury issues of their own don't pay. Yeah how well it remains to be here I think alligator for this morning thanks a lot and a ban on Twitter and I guess I will caution it is pulled off a little bit because there were ordained listed as questionable. How one would go to courtesy Glenn Robinson listed as questionable the first Maltese and I would probably expect him to slave but maybe union formal find out. In about an hour so. Miles turner picture quality Bo Derek out at all let it. Victor went ballistic with an ailment and now miles at the Sony which he'd been let go oh yeah and so. Com yeah it's interesting Saturday and I pacers finished a very busy stretch seven games in eleven days and it's because heated up as last week this year he was just trying to get to the all star break itself. You know what's going on in terms of our guys tired and illness you'll pictures on our part but we're going to announce all bigger orders and our apps so. Which adds them updated ears but would note shootaround today and just yesterday. At this game could go to number direction that it. You know it seems in Washington a game against the 76 it is 76ers in the game prior to that again Charlotte. It seems like the pacers. They're they're given what they got. But they don't seem to be playing their best basketball right now is that kind of what you're talking about there's sort of tried to get to the all star game like a lot of teams in the NBA. I think probably during better under the circumstances may be that boat I back lapses and in and the one thing it may be here. You know it's only a little tired your not your attention to eat there are in Kirk talked about some of the principles. Tom they're not really following at times and had three. Seven point first task given out and last week it happened so bear fruit there are some issues are. Also aren't you see in the second half to get to 76ers they gave up the heat and low. Point allowed and that outsell. Some of the comeback could barely hear I think pace in a better position. Mentally and physically the most elaborate once. And I believe it. I'll eleven of their last sixteen so. Injury and made a big big issue at the car figured out all things considered pretty can't help it. Don't warn our all star break for a little bit of artists record yet. Friday night I was really rooting for damn I mean it was the first title what I want yours is an assistant he's a defensive guy. I know the players must have been like all right we gotta pony up for day and they gladly give up 49. You know there's just atrocious and he must've been sweating through his suit. Doctor. Saturday for the united on average. Thought Obama and I kind of walked by and I are on Saturday and I'd kind of what I love in the locker room where the yen and oh yeah. Any instead ally light but and I'll just check it a collection of what he's solid aware that it urged lapses or in at all and in some good material and share yours. In the game by commonality what are legit my dad written a book out there quicker and the terrible no good very bad day and that we would coach in Alexandria and it was a it was apparently and then they have probably one of the worst games ever get to our Internet is kind of up back at it. And I dislodged him and at one point during the first quarter ever hurt as much submit and talent. I can't look to guys you offer instruction Ani sir what are you guys seen out there now or something but I'm not certain an ordinary view. Problem during Harland and literally you know its successful. Over the top. Everything good with Nate I detect the day off we didn't really know why do we know why. I ever things are ordinary though it's not my place necessarily here but are not be concerned about it out. And so our everything's all good and he's back. Eric god come come up they've got tonight then they're at what you guys I mean you're going to. At New Orleans and Boston then the next and then a Brooklyn. You got to feel pretty good about winning and at least three of those five right if you win three of those five years seven games over 500. At the all star break and that is crazy that is. Nobody in their right minds thought that the pacers could be seven games over 500 is they had to the all star break. I think evidence. Would be. Would be very good and I think they'd be very happy with back. Com you know it's interesting that at all but two they're back to back it already completed it erode every. Specter marginal role but it expected back but not until early march they survived that art a little. And coming up every other and it got a game and then next week it back to date between. The next and that's an insult directly like copper and pebble or at about the next spot I'd it's been pretty. Straight teens that are you know you might start out into the sixers the wizards and and the Celtics well let's be doing to at least and see this team so that they cannot. No they couldn't handle it in a plan meant for your ultimate sort of India in terms. They're taking their business and as long as victors in combat power in America ought to wrote into Portland and Boston and really eager. I could copy it into law than their actual security all star break we call our. Beckett a previous slice yea you covered all sports and you covered the Indianapolis Colts when they won the Super Bowl ads. Philadelphia did last night winning their first Super Bowl. Tom when the colts won their throat what's your memory of cover in the colts is they won their first Super Bowl as the Indianapolis Colts. A number of great plays the villagers one of those weeks where it was the first trip to Miami actually a cover both colts Super Bowl where I was. The morning the morning our work order all that meant covering all of the media availability and everything. I demand. Topic for the morning all week could be life on fox morning news so it was a week where. Probably lucky to get four hours sleep a night whatever night you know just little by target. Really soaked up that experience and I remembered. Media today and the pacers pacers the colts were playing the bears and I needed a story wired to get the coal and air player there. I'll do their best to an injury an impersonation. But we thought they were so technical alliance feature and I've been trying to recite that. But that in to a featured on batteries just they're they're a good week Super Bowl Sunday it was a so so job in Miami and South Florida. So I've still got a prayer coal user yeah. Miami Johnny COLT they would like them. And that super ball I think that's the only all aimed at the health care excuse that got completely so entrenched and another great memory covering that game and you know being in a locker room then and this whole experience is this truly memorable. You know I year old colleague Chris Aegon he is up there on behalf of fox 59 use up and Indianapolis on the only work I saw him do. Was part of Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader on the on Higgins hot seat. Does add that so Hagan. Yeah you know adequate battered and Iraq and Angola where you're. I don't look counted I'd say maybe. Well the last thirteen years this all when they're called avid gardener he's been able to go in. I either been on spots are now recently that the parents UPS and been able to cover the event though. He's got a secret stand pat yeah yeah yeah yeah this is an interviewer yeah yeah the second order. I don't know if he's still there he's been able to that the last few years but he definitely you got that all all we figured out I think. I'm very Hagan. Thank you JJ appreciated every good broadcast tonight. Jeremiah Johnson from fox sports India and them later watching TV yesterday morning maybe hours Saturday morning and and there's Cray as he pops up aides on and on Higgins had seat there's and Eagles cheerleader ask her but Joseph likely wacky Chris Sagan. Questions so. So very Chris Hague and always gets the flavor of the event. There you go that's that's his specially the Indiana Pacers. In action tonight at bankers life field house they've got the Washington Wizards the wizards without John Wald is still got Bradley deal. Other guys and they did the pacers historically. Have had some trouble with the Washington Wizards. They've won four of their last five and they have one. What does that six of their last state so the pacers rolled a little bit. As bait you know this is kind of like the end of the first season. Right like it breakdowns season certainly the all star break is a place where you break. They're off from Valentine's night when they play at Brooklyn until the following Friday. On February 23 so they get about eight days off. And if they can just make it through this next stretch of five games. Maintain their focus. Not kind of fall apart a little bit and win three of these five they would be 33. And 26 headed into the all star break. And all the sudden you start feel really really it's 33 games at the all star break 33 wins. When nobody thought that they were gonna win Morton 35 to 37 games. He had some guys say 25. They've already eclipsed that by five. We win three of the next five went all five yards 35. Why the all star break that'd be something not likely is they play at Boston and the Celtics. Are likely to just lay down what the pacers roll over the top problem that you've got. Wizards tonight. At anchors like fieldhouse 7 o'clock then on Wednesday there at New Orleans Friday at Boston Sunday against the knicks accurate bankers life field house. And then the following Wednesday they're add Brooklyn to wrap things up in sort of the mythical first half clearly. More than. First half. And it is you're gonna be near sixty games at that point so. Pacers trying to get to where they need to be good for them tonight a big part of that process they could if they win. The could be in a virtual tie with Washington for the fourth place in the Eastern Conference.