Jeff Rabjohns of on CBB scandal

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Tuesday, September 26th

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Joined by the breakup Brad Johnson speedster icon I don't Jeff. Our current world are here. I am. Because it it and I'm sure you're dissimilar bode you know that all this stuff is going on. All this kind of what IA used to view is sort of victim was corruption. And in sort of just said while led it's just the way it does its college basketball but it's not it's wrong and finally something's gonna be done about it. And I wish I'd seen it this way sooner. Yeah I mean that's an interesting way to do it got to jump in there obviously there's a lot of ball here. And certainly. You know we'll talk about it NCAA investigation of wrongdoing or violation. Of the rules govern the sport we're talking about FBI investigation. And allegations from the united state attorney. Quote conduct and penalties entitlements server upload it to conclude that our situation. But then there's obviously a lot actually here. No one of the big issues that. The difficulty in catching you or dressing. Or having proved what this kind of behavior. I think kind of comes slow when you look at okay what exactly do they hate the FBI. Just to depict to come up with these charges in a bit guy actually has subpoena power that you wiretaps all that kind of stuff right they can force people to testify. They that they can they can. Were you in a number of material witness order if you do not comply with that you're indigent to court they can throw your body in jail all of these things that the NCAA can't do. Because the MCA is essentially. The group of people with a higher colleges themselves to do something that's it. But I mean when you look at what it taught the FBI had to. Find somebody who's already facing federal times in person put Securities and Exchange Commission. That person wanted to make a deal. The FBI essentially said okay we'll what do you got body. At least sort Villeneuve got okay we got a little bit here little bit there must look into this does that agent thing as it relates to initially read the Oakland. The initial in the call the FBI has I was not saying players who go to college. Initial thing was. People. College coaches taking money from agents. Two senior Connor college players to assert and write what you did it get exact size that was sense of bribery that's what call the FBI the first. But then bagel from okay they have witnessed. Then they have FBI agents closed Adams. Agents financial buses that are up. Then with or that material gathered over the course so mark then they go here wiretaps. That they use wiretaps over the course of I've been told that have been that this will in time be more of that year. But a number of months. Then you're talking about it and they don't get. What federal warrants for video surveillance of hotel rooms in Los thank. I mean. Think about or that it took for them to get enough information say OK now we have oops yeah. And yet you and I people who've been around college basketball recruiting virtually closed here. We've heard all the stories yeah. Our most almost all of heard stories of guys who. Talked about you know things that happened back in the street in seven. And certainly her twenties story about what happens today but there's a big difference between I've heard I've been holed. And the FBI saying we have crew. And it's pretty incredible. What it so. Law enforcement agency with all the power the FBI what it took them to actually should that dictate that we have put. I think it speaks to two things one how difficult it is to get crew and two. How unbelievably. In there it'd. This type of behavior has become college sports I think college sports because it the FBI and US attorney. Ever wake up and realize there's this sport called football yeah it'll make today it looks that we. Football stuff is that the regular ball today with fire cracker in the world of college sports that's just the reality of the dollars. And is people are threatened. With prison time and not conjugal visit white collar prison. But real prison. And significant time they're gonna talk. And then there is going to be more that's revealed and more that's revealed and Domino's they're gonna continue to fall and fall and fall and fall. And where do you think this sense how how deep do you think this goes how broad does this investigation get. Well I think that the I think as a chance to such a multiple that's how that changed that if the FBI in yes. A US attorney based in New York. Have. Essentially the desire. For that sort of a sustained. Effort to uncover every rock because there are. A lot of rocks that they haven't found yet you it would interest in win. The FBI agent says we have your playbook. You know the that this investigation is ongoing. Were conducted interviews that XP outlet buddy you got some pages in the playbook. If you think you have all like you are so dearly missed. So. If it they think they have the whole playbook. And this is the only kind of situation they're gonna look at. That the limited scope kind of thing now is very important. It would say a song of the outright over achieving out of that it would evident. But it the FBI think Spanish and everything going on. This is you know is analyzed by the one Chop Shop in queen. Don't don't say that. Mark up. Targeted job Brad Johnson the exact count about this does scandal the news of which broke. Earlier this morning and I gotta tell you yet. And it when I heard the first day at first I was like idea you know it is sure you know we know that this stuff happens what is this another record dictation of and seriousness. You know lol long chronicled and then the Mori got to it many heard. You heard the press conference you're like holy Moses and let me read you read the complaint. And I I and I think page thirteen and there are fourteen they're talking. About schooled numbers six and coach I ever won at school number six. Headed to school at 42640. Students say India is all well that's a wild bill. And so you've got all of them all and you've got coach number one talking about coach number two you assume the coached number two is. Is Rick teal I would guess coach number one do we have any idea who that man is. I can't say for sure and I'm going to be here along mad because. My information that point is still in the we're hearing stated yeah we're talking about. Arrests of people I'm going to be carefully look at. Pretty good idea. They're going to be careful. But it was interesting. That they went to such degree. I mean at the bank university it'll global deployment. Because they described it. They describe the timing of the situation. They call the player of all American player the timing was when the McDonald's all American Bible medical mobile. And that. Then he it was a turning stands up there in the press conference and says something like. Loaded name school but in erupted in and that's an interesting guy like hey guys looked about. And nobody about the state mob rule include people. Including bank and at this point I think the couple hours ago. We know Google has already you know confirmed that it is part of that investigation. Some people that so from now on should we say. University. Of percent of our current global yeah I'll pass without interest being quiet cracked a bit earlier than. You know this isn't. Silly that is the FBI is a federal investigation. And I think that a lot of people hope that it has great big impact in scares people from the level of just five of players. There are you gonna make crowd that do up here sport I don't think so I'll make it possible for two reasons one of the big time boosters are involved they want their university who went on to. Coaches are unbelievably competitive individuals. Making incredible sums of money. You take risks. Or potential big blow warts that human nature but. This event today if it is going to be carried out over time if they are going to actually do something. With these programs have been involved in essentially buying players. Not just doing little articles about things like OK you know bombs or you know yeah okay will acquire it for you gain or something like that aren't about. Big dollars in straight up fine players. It yet. And you attorney and potentially the MTA it was a penalty is gonna come in and do something. Maybe you can clean up the world now ladies are going to be perfect but maybe I'll let you know. When you're typically news or oh okay he's not an alternative to a close well. But it is clean about what makes it better okay that's a good thing I think that the potential that it really had the chance. That to get. Targeted Jeff odd chip Brad Johns from pigs dot com. The the and I and there's somebody different ways. To talk about this thing in different questions to ask. I'm heaven I I keep coming back to that will bill. Staff and and I I don't want to pin you down. On that name but there are parents of name debt is very very familiar to Indiana basketball fans. And all of a sudden like to say no well wait a minute if he winds up in a room with a couple of that PI guys. And he starts naming names all the sudden this thing kinda gets tethered to a university and its. Are very near and dear to our hearts. The really well worded question. Chance. I feel whole without leave Europe. I was in good future you're gonna put the ball on that act as. Well. Well I know you have Bryant saw earlier in our off the lot and the one thing rules. I think it's dangerous to assume. You know everything else every university. To look at this school and say there are 100% thirty and look at school Deans say they are 100% claim. That is incredibly. Dangerous sit there. And I certainly. Learned and 1518. Years ago now maybe ninety. To be very careful. Even in your own mind about assumptions young human you know 90% of what goes on 10% can change the whole game. And so I'm making no assumptions about anything. And that doesn't mean I'm not there's a definite note of I don't want people say all right we would say everybody is clean so that must be very solemn thing. But it definitely insane diagnose somebody clean and saying. I think tickling but I don't know everything nobody knows everything. So I don't label people clean dirty just because of that factor I think it's really. A dangerous thing to do and it even goes back to. You know a number of schools where there were some media people did you know according coach subsequent school on a few years past we also have. Well you know that happened a while Carolina or an organized manner of course I'm. Yeah it did it and so I think I'm really characterized by using the cleaner to label. Well and I appreciate. The way you used to compliment to buy yourself a little bit of time to formulate. Oh wonderful answer to my outstanding question. About cynical. And I did have. All upper. Levels in the and a couple inning it was utilized loose ball that is that the almost ten minutes. The other thing and Iowa City I think you have another point. This is not an investigation where NCAA investigators want to campus and saying hey cultural would you come talk to us and you I know I liked America that guy poised. That is not in his investigators there. These are people who have been elected by the FBI and are facing federal charges and federal prison. That is a whole different mechanism for getting people in saying. And it all one person starts singing about two or three others and they are saying about two or three others. You know this thing and Gaynor are. And if by chance. That you have a shoe company executives are true and start singing. And this snowball is rolling that out there. Because I guarantee you. If one issue company executives are opting. There will be other shoe companies executives who get knocked on their door of the nobody is going to allow his brand to be singled out. And less he has which summit of the wherewithal legal means that they you know what what I'm not talking I'm fighting. It back or while those experts are in there will be more. There's just no way around from a practical standpoint. Whether could be different shoe company or potentially is. Subordinate or parallel park equal the penny on. How the the management structure looks but it is one of those guys are talking there will be more risks and it wouldn't shock me if they're more rest sooner rather. It's 48 Yahoo! Sports are Rick pose that show a little less strident at WD RB dot com. About the death penalty for all drill bit if the allegations against school number six which is lord oh. Are are born to be our borne out as is true do you think the NCAA has any choice other than to shutter that thing. I think it would be the appropriate measure. Because you would be talking about and organized. Structure. Circumventing the rules. And or ignoring the rules. QB clear attempts. To enhance his program. Essentially by talent. And to clearly. Create an environment that is the remotely acceptable. For Michael student athletes and that is essentially buying brokers. Those things happen. And first of all you have the first situation which obviously was more all the just that this strippers hookers or other things involved you wanna read the whole. Notice of allegations control. I can't remember the exact date it was around June 11. When they got there are penalties from the NCA. This alleged meeting. Between a little basketball staffer. And somebody was arranging payments for a player to the did mid July. But at mid June to mid July. They'd say they didn't they didn't say oh sorry we know we made a mistake we'll clean up Barak. Let that screw you gonna do a hell whatever we walked. So you have a clear if if if all of this is true and again look at the if that if all of this is true. I don't know how you could find. Eight bigger. Example of behavior. That says that institution has a lot of sports programs to careened completely out of control. At the very least there's going to be held the meeting on their own that campers at the university a little though with a bunch of attorneys and there. Trying to figure out the weight to plot a course forward. That doesn't involve the shattering of the basketball program and doesn't involve. You know it it in the end of federal agents. Being on that campus for prolonged period of time. I. Say. There were those. There were two major at least two major meetings but I know the app available. And that there may have been more I don't believe it. And I think our people were all. Legal counsel was involved. I'll lower levels that are were not able. And serious things were discussed including. Who. Who should go without question who should we discuss should go. And what happens if. But essentially. Negotiate comes after us every week you get bad there will help it I only a five year period. But basically within about a month. Hat. And I don't know if it itself is just absurd. I would let because of the observe to you and the incredible. Hubris to that and again I'm you know if there are adulterer. I mean this news. No different blue chips. I mean it's it's it's it's that level of egregious. Organized. Bully and Torre you know rules to cheat to bat. And hit it just incredible stuff. I really is but I do note there are pretty significant beating the global already. And that they have discussed things including. You know what what is the what is the worst case scenario you got out bad. My understanding has some people discuss some pretty heavy and the people that are. Pretty concerned about. Arnold what's gonna happen in the next twelve point four amongst our group. Thank you Jeff I appreciate it great stuff is always. Our operator who are great Jeff Brad Johns and in what we wouldn't really did it for people who just live up here and and I have never been and will know the thing that we don't understand about won't tell. Is that wolf real basketball and college basketball in general you've got local fans Kentucky fans to a lesser extent Indiana fans. But college basketball is the deal. In lieu of will take our passion for the colts. Combined with our passion for the Indiana Pacers. Mix all together. And it lets save the Indians in the eleven to throw all together and that is well bill. And the way they feel about college basketball this is the biggest day of news. In the city of all bill that I promise you I could ever imagine and this is bigger. And the key Tina Powell Dick Katie book. When it when they started talking about what we knew what was and that bought this is a bigger deal than that. And I don't is their way out and is there any reason to have a meeting in disgust and escape hatch. For the university in the basketball program. Or does somebody once and for brawl. Stand up and say my god. What are we about. What what is our mission within this athletic department and how did what the hell. Has the wolves will basketball team fulfilled any part of that mission last year mission is to cheat your ass off and win by any means necessary.