Jeff Rabjohns on IU hoops

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, October 17th

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Joining us. As he does so offer and thanks so much for taking the time degree chip Brad Johns from pigs that Tom. Ike could be better Haiti operate on this periscope business. There once or twice I would not say that I and they regular user. It's kind of a strange deal it's kind of like cabinet TV studio in your pocket. There. Are better at it yeah it can be a dangerous thing. It's kind of fun I don't mind OK it up on a private and do things in the morning to things in the afternoon I guess all media is good media. I'm a lot of commitments come down the pike over the course of the next three weeks or maybe even two weeks before the signing period begins. Do we expect. Is there anybody among the Indiana targets that we expect to see commit. Think the only guy India targets. Who at this point. It is likely to be all decision is very scarlet. The point guard academy in Nashville Tennessee. Five star player top ten player of the country the class of 2008 T it makes it official visit. Two Indian leader Hoosier state area. I'll obviously be here from Nashville he's been to India and I admit some other special visit. That his goal right now is to be at all. These it's possible. Mile per still does point is pointing toward the sporting. That's not set in stone by any means. But that the goal right now I think our commitments go very scarlet -- Leland that that we're looking at an idiot just it was as far as what he's gonna decide. I think right now there's probably even more activity. With I used are you mobile Q impetus. That a number of other players. It'll work being done in that regard it. Do Garland and Romeo are are they fans aren't they friends. Have actually pretty good brand. They played on an international team this this year over the summer there were overseas played together. I'll played really well together actually felt like they've been together and I'm pretty. We're very garlic starting point guard Rovio shooting guard weeks. They're making independent college decisions. That a lot of talk in July some players they. This starlet camera action. In fact we were talking about Melbourne to gather and meet former super team. Everybody little old punched the relevant go to one school well what's happening. They'll just what most people do they made their own independent decisions so. You know we'll we'll see where they go but it's not a this is not a package deal two to use all over use circular Kurt. It's all those heads Vanderbilt on their list and and I doubt what in the world would be you know it how would Romeo think what they built a great place for me. And then I thought well Garland is from Nashville so I thought maybe there was some kind of tether between them. Where if we hear that Garland is committing to Indiana we might expect to similar result with Rovio in the spirit. Oh yeah. College. It it's. Possible that that errors. But I don't think there's going to be. You know I'll post hoc ergo Crocker talked you know you just. Once it goes there or the other guy goes to hit it and make independent decisions. Probably an update all right but they're gonna make independent Thursday the Darius does commit that all people incident. Is he going to try to recruit Romeo to join him yet he would. We look at it. And the family. And it seems like this family is really pretty damn organized about this stuff. And that whatever their plan is and their plan has to end to commit in the spring. I can't they do not seem like people were gonna come up with like a surprise commitment on Halloween one of those deals. There are. There's been an wakes you organize. And then there's been way too much structure their process so that could be anything monumental surprise. On the go I think I will say is that you know talking with a Romeo talking what is namely. You know I think supporting means more work. We're gonna commit all the necessarily. It's the way all the late or so yeah I'll bet they couldn't wait to label that they couldn't wait too late signing period. I think during means more safe we're gonna wait to go all the way into the sea in the city this season. In order epic that you want to change the focus is to get the seat and you'll probably have a solid team they're going to be. You know well they're going to be a bulletin to state title would certainly think that group can look at it and say you know we get the break we shot at a thank everybody knows. The Romeo has a chance. David they result scoring record that clearly would really like for him to have an opportunity. To really enjoy focus on his senior season. So I think if there's not some great easy. To land with a I don't expect. I most likely it's gonna be after his legacy. Positions. In there is nothing to be gained by pulling the trigger early right. I think it and if if you know where you. Go. You know a lot of players say well I knew I wanted to go come true blood wanted to get it done. Because then you won't have a report by schools or whatever that number is committed to use during the seat in coach is calling you at all kinda stuff like that. I'll what I do you really expect there is a Romeo did little list of six it was that it the global out for obvious reasons. I certainly expect six to go to him somewhere around 03. May be late November December. Ladies and UCLA. And he's. In the North Carolina correct. Yeah and anything in their Garland also do their social visits Vanderbilt together. So he's been there as well I going to India and the Hoosier hysteria and that he'd also gonna advocate. So Slobodan. Over the bay in school. That that are all right. Jeff yeah we're talking to Jeff Fred Johns from. And chip what happens on an official visit like you got Hoosier hysteria people are coming down on Saturday what do they do. It's not about players' owner of that. Available bigger differences between a special on the special on a social visit the school paper everything or for a I spoke prospect and one here. That includes travel up meals accommodations. You know you're a little whatever whatever you. And it's it's 48 hours so schools get lawyers it was 48 hours selects say Garrett our special visitors search area. The other player trying to get there at some point going on Friday night. And you know it is LTE and have a big meal at a time the chargers. On Saturday probably. Interiors very pretty neat thing you to tour the campus. You probably spend more time. We would like academic advisors. Due to see what classrooms are actually invited. And I'm culture as well. Then sort of like go away earth hour two and then let us some time. The prospect I mean at some time at the current players and they don't get to know the players do what they have to say. And then he would he would join the joy and that he'd be with the team is a pregame meal and all that go watch hoosiers period everything. And and have a little time Moore went with the coaches on on Sunday what coaches do a lot of times there's so they'll have really good video cut. Great video assistant anymore. And the trusted data of the club prospecting OK you know here's here's here's apart she gave the that a bit but he certainly could hear are strictly airs I'll get to utilize you. They air earlier weakness as it is fiercely. We we need tickle all. Well you know you're. That dribble then right next year and take it as deputy got to bring the ball with what you wanted to use the ball over you look you're gonna show you committee Yogi Bear or shall elect. CB what you did there that look watch what you eat these are the kind of things were gonna teach you to do. Thomas beauty. As this book is serious important art. But a bit there's there's a lot of good video break having such as wolf. Chill players prospects at me I school bicycle player on the visit here's what you look like right now here are some of the guys we've had a program. And you are so that they were in Egypt and sometimes the only good news studios guys currently India day in day you know here's what we think you can be. So that boulders some of the key things that they go there in the. So it's not anymore. It may take all the guys who would you over the kappa alpha psi house. Or over the Fiji housed and make sure they have real good time just get him here back to assembly hall by ten. It's not like that. Over the old. Kind of baited. Him. Talking about it. It I mean you can still hang out players you know an individual way punitive view. You know. Well called normal social life but so little wild the back in the day that memory aired stories. Ballplayers back in the back and indeed special visit that very blatantly and it was just. I mean it. And do it could be the and it's like you know that. I could actually ridden animal out war just like you know since it's your card. You guys so we'll and they go an animal out war. I heard back in the eighties that every football player worth a damn touch at least an official visit scholar rattle. Because Colorado was completely off the hook it it was a complete mess you had a great time for 48 hours and there was no business transacted. And well I I heard more stories about people who went southern schools. Really. Adapt. It's easy route back in the day you. Terry maybe we did it. And yet I would say it's funny my hypocrisy. I've find all that stuff that happened like 20/20 five years ago hope Larry's. But I'm the first one to crap all over walls all. For hiring hookers you know dead Ted treat you know recruits and their families. To lay out a night. Debauchery. Well I don't think you're an idiot as one of the a school Larry Walker's war I don't you can be. Now look I don't know if I don't I probably. Now now we are we are decidedly anti prostitutes spur its scope and we're going on out I'm Netscape Elam as far as it would take us. Different things open up their lyrics and we. About. Men and I pay. But they also don't get to play a little bit right they'll have an open jam and they'll get to run a little bit with the guys and and that kind of thing and it's always a little bit namely enlightening for the recruits. Apple is. And usually. In the recruit get a chance due to dispute appeal like the the other out there on the court with guys right. You know in the the team X electric Jack Davis nobody admitted it ebitda 569. 2019. I'll take it from senator wrote me he'd be another several hundred well what do Robert confidence. No doubt as part of it to get a feel or our guys get a feel for being here and our place wherever our players there and get a report. What do we know about trends in loss for Watford. Honorable order. About six book a basic that seven liquidate right now you better than his older brother Christian. Don't so Christian I said that because it'll start a fight. I between the Brothers I seen. It David there's no and even mom and dad is just curl up there and in the middle of a handout anyway you better aggressor right out. He really facing the basket well not play at all about truly well. Obviously they're on their Birmingham Alabama Alabama's been audit released wrong. A month or so back the family came to India and upper two day visit Kentucky's involved. No other school we are relieved to be able. Because it is about star player. In he's gonna be able to go pretty much wherever he so chooses. But you know India has involved there. Christians involved in the recruitment god don't anticipate Christian. Machine. And in to make a decision that trend doesn't want but I think Christians but it will be in all there. I'll be detriment or really whether I mean each day he's declared botched there. Hasn't been too that the ninety. Right right so not. And not it under immediate commitment type guy who's gonna be a freshman if Lang spurting Garland conflict but the following year he would be if freshman. Somber what kind of day out media guy you think Tom green's gonna make for ESPN. You can do really well. Is it really well. Obviously some of the tournaments the muted but I thought it was bad. When he was with that later in order now he and I got as forges draft show it's really good job breaking down that. There's. In I think that's one of the things that the conquering strength. You know the chances and watched film with them at different times and just see he's very good at that. I I think he's going to be fine. I think I think he'll do really well I didn't like this study at all. So I think QB to kind of analysts to buy it he's got you know whoever common up. I don't follow it or not until that there are still studying the two teams who watched their past two or three games. Bill that go watch uterus of odd because when what you wanna do here what what's. Are you trying to use this I think I think have been really good. I do to my only worry about him is keeping it tight during the game you know you get about eight seconds to really communicate a thought. And I've never heard him communicate thought and eight seconds. We go out to. A key member of the term you guys use that term. Vetoes only speaking your window that it yeah right yeah it'll certainly two. Maybe get a little coaching on that day when the guy pauses you get a inspect and yet. Right right and once he's got that I think he's going to be phenomenal and I think he would be great in the studio because he can be a little bit more. Expanses. In your description of what's going on gonna take is going to be terrific thank you Jeff appreciate it. Yeah thank rather agreement haven't really. Absolutely great just Brad Johns from.