Jeff Rabjohns on IU and coach Archie Miller

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, December 21st

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Just how you doing you know they a stranger to an occasional visit at a tavern Arian. No no I think my ball would be unhappy at by wood to one part of governing Gary embarked. You know. Does that got a little bit of problem but. Now you're doing your remote post game. A very government stored on obsolete by doing it. They are. And that we do have a game tonight and normally we would say this is not much of a game they're going to be at Indiana's can play Tennessee tech. But maybe people on Monday thought well this is not could be much of a game in the end it's gonna play the mastodons. Of Fort Wayne and they got their asses kicked. It indeed. What do you think has to happen. For our team Miller. To get the attention of these guys and have them start competed a level where a team like for Wayne knows it's got to get its ass kicked before shows up. I'm well you know that's kind of a loaded question obviously there's Surat to. You know I gave it our program Mike Indiana having to you know total clunkers like they're at home. Both been against. Indian states welcomes season for a plane on Monday. But I think not stick it emotion and everything off the table and I don't record watched before winning game three times since Monday I'll look back at what he she is a game. And here's a couple things that I think stand out. One a number of coaches have told me Bryant's nose several others. Look at picked somewhere around the year players become politician in the pack one because there are number of weeks they have to get. And everybody estimates as they agreed on one guy doesn't make the same read UN to holes. And I think of those two games of particularly in the interstate four wind we saw holes. Abiola and it was pretty evident was you know Indiana played pretty well most of the game. Against Notre Dame actor Notre Dame got hit like 2014 from there on out I used pretty bout ended up winning. When Notre Dame put a book or basically 33 point shooters three guys have been victories. Along with the post player and bombed the Cole to bond you can make one or two here there but it upper shooter. When he put on the floor for a most of the game five guys you could make threes. They had six players play twenty minutes or more all six made at least 13. Three of the six made multiple cores. And there are 611 guy don't Carl makes forgeries. An Indian state did something with with a lot of similar tones so I think right now we have when you watch Indiana and again take commotion about you nobody to play artist. Don't think Tom Hartmann says about you know you we're idiot test everybody's coming out yeah you gotta be ready for all of that is true but. From me. Analytical viewpoint a big problem right now is that if he had a key independent teams with 33 point shooters. It is not good right now defending teams that put four or five on the orcas and not. My problem with what Colin Hartman said is that when you put Indiana on your chest like he said everybody's gonna come after you. What should be the case is when you put Indiana when you Wear that on your chest. You're going to come after every one you know what I mean there's just a difference in perspective it's you hear what he said I know he's 2223. Years old. And you know he's got a ways to go before although this kind of content start clicking into place. But I think that that's the thing is it's not that Indiana that needs to match intensity. Of their opponent. They need to create intensity. And input teams at a position where they can't match Indiana's intensity. While I certainly think that's what everybody would like to see I think everybody would like to feel. I think. Stand certainly would like to see. Other teams walk into assembly hall and understand. This is going to be really difficult for you tonight. I'm but I think Archie Miller would like to see that too. And again and I think that is essentially going to be a work in progress or most of the year. And I understand it and sometimes don't wanna hear that they wanted the W nation wants to walk the hoosiers win again that I understand that. But the reality is that they you know. I would sit and talk about that they've before the game the other night if he can get the call for the Big Ten network. And it was like chip you know I don't think have a poems and I don't think there's anybody on this team that goes in India. And I think right now that's probably the most likely scenario. But obviously players can improve things can change it's better it's better but no right now there's nobody you look at these Rebecca is going to be playing in the NBA. So the real legitimate question about that how well or well. I think it also legitimate questions about guard play. Now. I used twelve games into the season can players get better yet should say well yeah they really should because if they don't. Video lots of problems. But right now I think that they're pretty they're to compel leveled yet. An and talking to humiliate out. Wait wait gala let me interrupt you just for his second chance there's a tale leveled GAAP. You know which I guess that's between Indiana and what Indiana's going to be. But it's there there are no pros planes per Greg glancing at Indiana State there are no pros played for John Kaufman that for Wayne. And they came into your house in dusted view. That that just can't happen no matter what Tamil level there's going to be guys it it you know what if if I went down tonight at the hyper. This after I got the lead that I can go find some guys who could at least compete. Against Fort Wayne no. Right and I think that is the big. Big that fans are discussing right now how in the world. Do you get involved walked by winning in India as they immediately get talk walk by duke. You compete with duke. But to end state mid major programs came into your building and beat you by 21 and twenty points respectively. I think that's you know a real problem when I look forward in game. You know Indian led by one. And then it was yeah 56 and 35. I'm Dave wills or wind in the second half. That it is giving the world but it abetted getting embarrassed whatever word you say that's what happened in the second act. Thin and part of that is you know you think failure to complete part of that is the failure to defend part of that was some of those turnovers but they had. Did you look at win. There you know we're we're in the will be trying to go no less that and re wanted number plate you know like I don't know where you were trying to low ball. Because you are an Indian Jersey to Richard I am and I. You know sometimes you start things if you look at located turnover was supposed to be what kind of play and you chart number of turnovers are what kind of place. I got the re written down and is a question mark next and could have no idea what the players spoke to be aware of the doubt trying to go global. How long do we think it's gonna take before Indiana looks like why it may be historically Indiana fans think Katie and ought to look like. Wouldn't say historically meeting watt meaning many national power threat no final warm most every year. Now that they're gonna go out and they're they're going to show the intensity necessary so let everybody know. That they're competing. And in that they're working there level of aggression. Is always gonna be an asset rather than educational detriment. Well I think the question as far as just that and I would say that attitude and approach. Right. And I'm like they approach and read the way you play for forty minutes you know your attitude is I you put prayer and community game to me your approaches. Are you jacked up for the first four minute stretch are you ready to play reported that it can be a big difference there. I think that's one of the questions for the rest of it. No windows Indiana show on a consistent basis that they're there to compete up and showed it against duke or. I mean they competed for forty minutes actually played well for about 36. Minutes something like that. And even though to you know make some really good play ended up winning. Like ten at the end. I did that you questioned whether or not I competed against a touchy question I used competitiveness in at least three games already. Indian state at Michigan and against or wait I think there are real questions military and I think I did compete apple. And they did certainly compete against duke parts. Some of the other games I think there were real questions we all as about a 5050 ball additional that there were ready for that road game. Are in in the third game there on November 15. But to your point I think that's one of the storyline to the season is a kick one million missing Indiana. Absolutely string together 234 weeks say those skeptical about that most of their butts. Duke type efforts on a consistent night I think that it's a question that. They're plays gonna have to answer. Started Jeff Brad Johnson pigs that come about Indiana Hoosiers are gonna take on Tennessee tech tonight 8 o'clock at Simon's got assembly hall. I you've fans not only hope for a win because winning frankly isn't enough if you wanna see effort you wanna see some show promise. Let's talk about recruiting it's gonna take Archie Miller period of time to get his own guys he's got Tom Green skies now. He's got a class coming in with rob Tennessean to BC Anderson and all those guys. Who are going to be the types of players you hope. That he can communicate easily and click quickly went and that they're gonna compete. On it today we've talked about Romeo Langford that kind of thing it wears Archie stand in recruiting. And input together nineteen class all that stuff. Where are we. Well I think the class the yet committed right now is a really solid group. I think it's currently ranks fifteenth sixteenth in the country right now and you've got players who sit out you want to play it. Yeah that's true you know point guard as envisioned scoring and passing the and finished these 66 shooter to mediators and the 67 athlete and Jerome honor. Who really complain about Fortis and listen to their you apply. We got a guy on the inside of Jake Forester who what was the point six say. I got the unbelievable games all the awards. And he will really aggressive inside. It then you know we also cannot have a raced Thompson met for practical purposes I don't campus now he's red charity. But as far as plane you know you've essentially part of the 2008 in class. She's a really good players what you know and hunter I think it is the best of the group because it's 67. Big time athlete one book or really well. Not quite the speed of Troy Williams got a better skill level right now. Com. Tell you the guy decent look at. In expect I think he's third he definitely plays as a freshman but restart I don't know we'll see at all you know worries that where the network turner threat. But obviously. Based. Like Romeo Lankford who would change things were next year immediately because. You can score in all three areas very well. He has incredible skill people say he makes the re. Well that he's in the play. If you get it right watched New Albany play watch him walk the ball don't take your eyes off on the watch how well he goes gets it. The full work as the really high level. He understands. That space that shooters best friend you look at a created. So to get a guy like that would change next year immediately. An and as far as 2019. You know their arm in arm some really talented I mean guys who make an impact what away. There's a tree Jack Davis should groped a young boy looks so cool wind north. Matthew Burke from up there and Minnesota who's our demeanor unofficial visit trend in Watford. Obviously and everybody knows that's Christian younger brother having an outstanding. Junior she's already got an Alabama he was at six they Alabama player of the years sophomore. All of those guys are. Five star type players who have the potential to come into evidence of impact. So it'll be interesting to see you know how mean you know guys here I gates with the departure curt Jones. I think there's a possibility. Median of may have looked to edit shooter if that happens there's a number of potential prospects. Hemingway from castle who's made a number of a social visit he's among the guys on that list and nipping at Indian has really done a good job of unity and well guys around the state already trade Galloway from Colbert. A number of the 2021. Chizik actually freshman. I've been on campus and I used it out to see them bohemian it really hated the state hard. And that in mind I. They're involved. With older guys and I'd look at C you know I think this guy is using either clear major cut prospect or is on the way this year. Should rose seven herbal forms back from. Hamilton southeastern in the trees and other while only install more he certainly looks like she's on the right track. Do we just need to kind of relax and let this thing play out and and not respond almost possession to possession. Five laps is that we seem to get. It to meet Jeff and I I know that this is so early and art tees rained and in his era we talked to Mike accorsi about this yesterday. It too we did do we just need to take a deep breath and in not respond as though this is here ten. Of the Tom Green Arab but that this is your one Bertie. Well I mean people people in. You feel about things however facial Jews I'm in now. I think. It's Indiana basketball and every game is gonna get dissected and analyzed and that's just the way it is. But big picture. I think to know it it's there's two ways to look at. You know you look at okay did they went to dilute happy going to work in the morning are Meyer you know and I you can tough out there. Are you kind of sit there analyze things a little bit they're okay what's going well what's gotten better what hasn't gotten better. Of the things that haven't got better things that are clear issues. How difficult is it for them to improve what are the chances that those kind of things improve and up to about how I look at it now and I think these seasons. On the luxurious city in the world order shared notes. It's a little more opportunity to you know look at things analytically. But sometimes these seasons are fascinating because there's nothing given whatsoever and it's gonna you know he it is a new coaching staff guys players you're gonna have to fight who's gonna buying and who's not. First Jones are ready transfer OK anybody else in a trance or we don't know. We begin buying and digging and fight over the next couple months. You know who who's gonna improving. I think right now. Real questions about some of the Rob Davis his footwork and decision making and hedging or not edging. I think those very obvious on the corner threes before when he got the latest flat out. And yet act on Davis and attacked 21 wounded but OK those are things you look at the case yes. At 611 making 430 my gosh what the world going on well OK let's look at what the world going on. And the things that happened that led to those mistakes. To me those who look collectible now it actually has to happen on the court. While the other team has five guys out there playing too but it's not like you look at it okay well that's just that I can't get fixed so I used canoes yet lit up all year now they do captive group and if they don't I think there's going to be more time they do get. But. It it is interesting and to me if it's kind of fascinating to watch she's like the agency. Though the team improve. In what areas that they group who really buys there. What guys you look at saying well Kinect has really taken steps. And and also you know OK I'm not taking steps who might get passed by a freshman next year or more return player who would be a sophomore next year. Targeted Jeff Brad Johns from pigs that kind of thing that I think would be helpful and and you might think I'm nuts Jeff but the thing with Bob Knight. Was that when we got angry about stuff Bob Knight was always angrier. And in so we were kind of positioned as a fan base that think now what jeetz. You know it at this guy's a lunatic at least Wear on non psychotic side of the announcement because the coaches crazy. I think it'd be good every once and a while when he's disappointed is obviously was Monday night. If if Archie just kind of went off a little bit and got already asked and then we were kind of like now she's well he's angry so we don't have to be. Well in old outfielder rusty but I I don't know if it. You can blow death you know by Bob Knight is out that is real and years. You know she shifts good pay I had to do it Roy Williams could probably do it built could probably do it. But you though active though does it a couple times a year is so just you're right either crept opportunity game extension throws he Monica lost. But I think you've got to be all we established to do that are really debatable about that. But I just think it I don't know that today's players. You know respond to just you know you know didn't just poured out on a regular basis now we'll leave it being able to Russia for games. They've been a few time out. Archie has alluded to is keen. And the let's say non PG thirteen vocabulary. Have just because people don't see it all the time maybe at a press conference or something like that doesn't mean it not happen. Needs he. He's really chewed on those guys pretty hard sometimes to try to get their attention and make them understand. We have this wouldn't happen and it needs to happen all right creep in now. Here's how I know I've gone too far with my perspective on things. Is that what aghast as Smart as Jeff Brad Johns takes a pause after hearing me talk and says. And that's interest staying. But end any reshape it to make it sound like a Smart guy and I appreciate that Jeff here in the league here. Verbal would greatness is is why we bring you on again and again and again thanks for taking the time. I did and I appreciate you having me have a great holiday is my friend we'll see you soon you too you too Jeff.