Jeff Rabjohns on the fall basketball recruiting period

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, September 11th

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Jeff Brad Johns joins us from pigs stack comity opening day of the college basketball recruiting calendar so coaches there out all over the place. Trying to figure out who they can get and in who they wanna get. And I hate diligent hard. Olympic event after epic a year ago. Opening day at all the pretty deep in war basketball sort like me did the of that like. Are you doing the same thing as a coach Susie just top it all over the place trying to keep track. Of what coach is where. There's one significant difference. I am insulted that as we'll. See them. Hopped a little bit of a bind but obviously big date reviewed it it started all they ought morning or what agency I start yup well. Other one up. A wallop here does the 2000 Nike or star power order Dave Stewart and potentially some other guys all of that really. Back roster. That a little doubt that Riley. You could mediators and although there are other Baghdad in the and that was just don't there'd better broad media that was bigger topic is so big body. Mike wrote vision they were bare. Couple other Big Ten schools as well and that now the Baghdad do all but he. The big headliner at that date obviously I'll give anchored in India and it certainly will be there as well. You know you might be able to get to New Albany from Sutter grow more quickly then the Debbie Indiana staff if you haul ass. You know they're gonna have to go to the airport they got to go through pre check all that crap plied the wolves bill. Take your car if their client in your drive and he got a chance. Well baby maybe I'd like. I dropped it and and I will say that I am movies as expeditiously. As possible but look look only at bat all right. Hey so it it let me ask you just so we get a an opportunity. Tim did because we don't know anything else really how does Archie Miller going about his business right now in September. Prior to this season end in the opening of this open period does that differ in any way from the wake Tom crane would have done it. I think couple going to release in doubt about the way arches and pillars in the city they really are. Here one day. Technically that period opened the Saturday but not a lot of B about let's do what he. Alias ball practical purposes the opening day attack at liberty duke. You know he. Key players all updated in the opening this. And that was something and it got operated got a little bit of weight wrong don't play rhetoric here this thing I think you see it. No real clear organized. Structured plan for. Where are we going winner we go. This is really. Really high level of organization. To what the approaches. And that's why angle of the two day they're released and the most. When you look here's what are you doing here at all third period. Did you bread Johns of pigs stack come about the opening of the fall recruiting period. Which began Saturday is he said but really begins today it is this the 2018. Class so what I think of great classes in the state of Indiana. 2007 is a good 12012. Is good one is Tuesday it 2006 was really good at the top ten with Conley and Oden. It does to the house 2018 measure up. It's got headliners. Like Kurt is currently ranked number bogged country. Anytime you have a and you get out of there minor. You've got the public debt. Well it's more like guys do are sort of like if you're 100. The bed you know out well at all all top fifty yeah. It in in black suit like that. We're tattoos. You know he headliner if you will continue to carry air bag guy everybody looked at that. Yeah got to contribute but you're also had other guys who were highly ranked and get a lot of really good. Body types and overlooked target honor it WW tactic. So that was really really good note about the big about the depth. It's got it jetliner that probably. 567 other guys are going to be it's not impact player but the high major level probably not all freshman you don't let some pointed out that it. So Aaron Henry of of Ben Davis committed today to Michigan State. What does that mean for the spartans and I saw where dvds rank decent three star guy. What what is it about Aaron Henry that really cut Tom Izzo is on. That ability to take shots. Ability to play well the global position. You know to release all that well at mile bridges. Well which sounds maybe a little silly because I also. Tremendous by the player but it more than that back but he played so many different position. And everything to its height the level of interior vote the better that day UT play a lot more basic basket ball and I was very good day. He shot off the bat out tick them off. He's still uploaded a player. So it'll look that it is okay rugged guy like that the play multiple positions that I bet. Probably not going to be a freshman impact guy by any stretch but he is going to be at or your lawyer and those that they did that in Michigan state vikings. But really those they did it again like they got a lot gentlemen we got Nebraska Michigan. Number of schools really jump did not. The Michigan State. They were able to selling model like yep you're. We like you bit. And it would he would bear got his seat. You know you area here Denzel balance all those guys bad back well the deal adequately. Tired of Jeff Brad Johnson Teague stacked Tom. Recording the calendar it. It opened today let's talk about the hoosiers this upcoming season in 2002 because 172018. Addition of the hoosiers. As I've been Danica called talking to people about this team there seems to be a nice a level of enthusiasm. For the work being done right now on what that's gonna lead to an a couple of months what do you think we can look forward to this group. I think it's still a little bit of snow yeah as you what we cleared the biggest thing that we don't. How quickly are they want to adapt what Archie Miller wants to do that. And usually takes some time even. If you're just a young guy learning to play defense of the major college level. And let's preface this by saying it both years I don't think there's more and all types of players who really have any clue. What do take truly and it major. So it takes deep and talented players there while it to get it and understand it I think audible we're gonna be it's them you know. A lot of lower leader viewed as BP tested mistakes. In the first moms and maybe two. But the question gonna be okay how quickly can they grasp at least the key to our. When everything is okay who's gonna who grew up there's been orders. And we've looked at Robert Johnson and his three point percentage over in his career there he's probably gonna produce some points. Certainly to one mortgage unit and will his point. Can't hardly be think we'll probably contribute certainly brought Davis looking at a weight that is law it it's more that pounds now. He going to be supported something in the tank. What are you gonna have a couple guys averages 1617. And then 6789. Or are going to be a lot of guys it's well you know. And yeah as are they going to. We'd be able to. And I should throw Curtis Jones and there's lots of three point shooter to agree go to guy if you look at it they can get a point to different spot. Thank you are they get a really understand offensively. Archie wants to value the ball to keep cool we you don't have to don't throw they took the market a larger. That's something that's very easy day. Blow when you go from point bat bat bat. Except he really I can tolerate Q okay that's no longer acceptable. Is that something that's easy to grasp were set to take I'm actually. Did you Fred Johnson digs stack Tom the Indianapolis Colts were terrible yesterday and so kind of that. That death spiral I think for truck the Ghana was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. His star is kind of started in earnest. Yea your way age of course you've watched basketball you get past but he gets football I'm I'm not asking you to tactically. Like assess truck the guy and I'll butt heads huge scene. A guy who hitters kind of that death spiral stage. Of his career as a coach at a place ever pull out of it. That's the really good collection. I can't think anybody else about my head. I remember years ago. We had. Jim Moore went all on tape publicly yeah and you do Bill Polian bit dirty pain but you can do okay. This is it likely to solve this. Taught at the end of the year. That about the whistle and then you look at the hand that you got to one on one side. Brilliant the year got on the other side IDs and you can leave your starting at back at quarterback but you wrote at the stud corner yeah. I'm not the brightest and the Republicans support opening and I I. Really good at these guys aren't we're going to attack the guys who are lesser players this to an end. You know and and not shifting some of those some of the Rogers a region now. And I'm up there by himself get destroyed what in the world or do I ballot bowl games. You lots and honestly wonder. What is. Why state. You know I'll. Sometimes it almost looked like don't. You know that they weren't moving I don't wonder whether this is didn't make it. We have you want to talk football that was a coherent Cogent analysis of that game yesterday I love it. Bad on. Well all you know I want to occur to keep up or what sort of the hoosiers with a big win on Saturday I was in Columbus for the Ohio State Oklahoma game how good Indiana lot. I've looked really good I struggled early but but the big thing is. They want a road game against RI he was their backup quarterback. And they want. Like double adopt a Turkey. Had I thought it was really rested. It clearly data backup quarterback. Ready to not about ready to go and we're serious surgery and pretty boy. A game plan was really good to beat up his Amanda I mean he repeated that point almost. I'd been here probably give it to me. Because the public at Eddie's probably it is more. I thought he was really good chase on Arabs certainly coming back to a yellow areas and making big plays in the return game. That was huge for but I thought I'd update really really good Jewish. And now I got a chance. Certainly I don't all look slightly less or not our hot topic that seems so they get it does start wearing it on. If you walked into October applicable eligibility it's terrific job. They say hello did Jim Shannon when you're down into Albany we had a month earlier in the show love the guys. Our it. Terrific been around for so long a tremendous coach. Obviously he's got a really good team. He's really enjoyed it all of guys. That you just sit there it just Julia Louis region if our basketball is breaking it bad. Telling stories about games. Truly one of the absolute guys that were very lucky to have to say that it is about ball. Thank you just travels safe. I expect that ought everywhere great Jeff Brad Johns from leagues that count well as target and it enjoyed targeted job.