Jeff Rabjohns breaks down the three new recruits for Hoosier basketball

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, July 17th
Jeff Rabjohns breaks down the three new recruits for Hoosier basketball.

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It's gotten three over the last 24 hours. Raced Thompson Jerome hotter. And dim easy Anderson and that that did that may be more coming your nose to deal a joining us to talk about all this up the great. Jeff friend John's from pigs to accommodate on Jeff. I am good camp it's so lovely here in the book the north side of Atlanta. Well and I mean that's where you spend it that a good portion of July innate you're you're kind of between Atlanta. And South Carolina trying to figure out. Who to help these kids are. Well you know we're we have Steve on the on the players is you know got got lucky have a chance to watch of a lot. All of that certainly helps including going back this spring will be. So all those guys. And multiple of that but certainly no great competent to be theatres and at that IQ what Gil Hampton Virginia. It is pretty incredible what the Resop or other players and so more. Real time he now worst maybe Alter the thing. It really unbelievable it. Waste Thompson's. You know I think you'll green dot com review board knew that we could drop being watched very very closely. Did for sometime now. I've got all of Friday there was going to be the edit the chance. What Jalal hunter. It was pretty clear weird that. But I you go. Are you know what to watch him. Built of course David the period when there's how much they wanted him and that I really thought after dual hunters. I'm Bob has that's a great time being whipped through all that guy he can't. Understood their talking to her the way she talked about you. It was is it different it and I thought it cute girl auditor there were gonna get it I do think they're gonna get to August but other give him. The mediators are certainly is that the depth view. No really. Regret them and either acute really wants to read it they. To end you feel like that I you the chance to play I used a pocket that day use but we're you. Union on your chest out that it was in those things are wrapping your state. Built the thing that we can get I think once I saw him play. The guy you would convince you could you blow up. That he would be an impact player in the Big Ten I think that that that train was moving them tracked pretty good even those schools like Michigan. We'll do so mothers is not a lot more work because the coaches that have been around longer. And reboot the mother school watched him this week and reached out to him and that they don't commit we might we wanna watch Bork. That he basically said you know I appreciated but I'm from India now where were you. Saying you've got. It tummy time reading too much Kennedy heights and builds of these guys he got two guys who are 67 Michigan another guy who's 66 session. The different you know like it there raced Thompson is a bigger kid he's wider east thicker. But it'll what this looks like and you would know far better nine is maybe transition toward a more position list type basketball for Indiana. In literally speak yeah I think the term positions the look is overused I think it's more. More like position players. You do have positions specific responsibilities. When you're on the court with other guys. But the idea is interchangeable guys. I didn't leave the part of the median is not that bad acting and what does that say about that but it like that five and maybe picnic in the really really brand new issue. But he's flat through three got a guy. Because is that it was shoot the basketball. All others really interesting because of the youngster you'll they're both Wheeler blocked blocked. I don't go out but I don't brought the remark that ought to be an end game really regret incredibly athletic. It came up yet you keep him where he hit five degree. But he's much more like three or kind of guy. I mean. I don't some people that you could probably look at but the two. I mean I guess maybe but I don't know all the world's. You have got to bolster outline who really he's he's more the report and a guy. Great arms into the interior defender. God eagle so bottom there oh ops and ultimately rusher Minnesota. They collect the the game and it will acquire. And wait while the new look at ray Thompson does not. You know those guys to functions in contact is little guy who creates the contact in sometimes on purpose and with intent. And I think sometimes it was just my opinion I think sometimes with a smile on Wednesday. Did you hear that either. I mean that it would compliment so rate obstinate you're lifting that mean that complimentary don't get mad at me. Not really good kid but he does lights. You know. I mean I ironically these motto on W lakers run that court try shoulder and beat down like all of you to do this day it's going to be fun. And get that kind of guy offensively. He's more of an interior kind of guy aren't you getting good at what it is a small space is quick turns. He can't make the re. But he's cool that would be picked apart situations he's not a guy who's gonna drive the ball whatsoever. And amazing Anderson is another guy who doesn't shy away from contact is pretty good at creating contact. And by creating the contact bank creating space and being able to finish around the bucket. We haven't been that. You'd think is that killers is shooting the three particularly. So all the dribble I'll put EU included on the decade ago and he got a big enough body which long enough that the shoulders you know we'll get Lang. Like it that it probably 65 and half or something like that it got a good I. He he and go inside and he doesn't have to go away on the interior defenders can go into them I think he's done a lot better job as drive. Outlook going into the chest of guys on here defender there were times you try to go weight problem. And you get a shot blocked because he's trying to go away to get this shot blockers they they need to accept Igawa. Then a lot better when the mean streets to go into the chest. And then go up to kind of take aways on the shot blocked at the ability of either adding the BE. That that. If you can make the read and drive that's really good. If your 65 picnic you can make every drive that that's a different level. Guy could put out there that big wing. Who hears you out side yard mean you said the thing. Jeff Brad Johns from. Now they've got three scholarships left for the class of 2018. Palm area guy is Aaron Henry Henry. Bill lengths heard I hate it out Ernie and all points Kurds playing in July after coming back from Egypt. What's kind of the in state looked at and recruits in the class of eighteen. And we obviously you little guys to really blew up the first weekend in July. At least as far as getting national attention I thought he was very good in April or may. That you just yet been a little more first week of July which is just a little. That's the nature of the beast in July it's it's the biggest. Recruiting month of the year. And that kind of what happened and little brat it jumped the behaviors that in their Butler. You know Indiana coach Archie Miller had a conversation where it Eric. On Sunday night and offered him scholarship. Yeah I think there's more schools that I know there morsel literate arrested they're gonna watch. If you decide not to make it that it the next couple days I think you will get more offers. Robert that it is really got a great sense in the dark complexion immediately gave program. That the injury to word didn't have they bring up the bar by his standards. Beginning Forestar I expected to play well. Probably too much better than what we did. The media Anderson actually based on what that is the hear about whole forty minutes ago. I was trying to get him to join the group value. The most school ball too well the ball real ensured. Obviously the big name state equality nation. Either blue and made up ground. Now people predicting where do where Romeo and ago it is not decision making so you would get it. Like people get a couple of years ago. You could go to declared he would do block party in order to block them nowhere near a lot not you get in general vicinity. But certainly admirable what it really are. I played Redondo RW it basically you mentioned. North Carolina's been involved. Under the school not ignored him billion Romeo basically. Trying to get healthy. Want to place them in July back. That back spasms. I really get healthy quality I think. I'll believe gonna try to quiet and you know that might be its November decision I'm not gonna bought much here that goes displaying. Because there's a couple of guys that they're older know each other really well to try to figure out. They'll put it comes to critique I think of some some guys up about it pretty openly this week. Though that that actually occur I don't know. Well there are packaged deal a lot every summer to get half a vote I thought about it. Last time it happened I think was really people level Q we will vote jump back group it would do well that's what. That's happened now that I would say the percentages are and they're cougars. It's funny how those kind of fall apart like and it is thread July. That's what all the kids are taught and we got to get together employ way we got to figure out what we're gonna do and go play at damp places school next. Whenever mandated that 99 out of a hundred times had never happens. And then it's into the understandable wrote the I mean you've you've been out on the road actually can't you know what it's like because it lonely you know the guys on your team you get no doubt that the you're you're in the same without you to remember. Even when you played him actually pan. You know you're declared. We'd be pretty good plan to get it wouldn't leave you know look. And then kids especially with social media that goes back. You know big year what you generally based these are all the art and acting that it is sitting there you know fifteen minutes before game listener based Simon let you know. In no mood to talk about colleges and talk about general stuff that you conversations or communication. It's it's a lot more than a lot of us in fifteen years ago sound in your class so much more. Don't back together they might get you up 100 yet the various USA basketball that. I'm not only do it seems that the guys to make it seem to get to go to you get like Romeo there you can go to Italy. You like period Garland in the it's. The U you've got guys who are training. Came together at the ended up 100 at least the ones undercut it should really get the knowledge. I think the conversation. Happened more than the past. But at this morning the actual percentage of time to pursue that you created that really at the big hill yet. Targeted Jeff Brad Johnson digs stacked come about the Indiana county in recruiting and about the month of July worry opted next. The next period. Well. Lose. I get up a bit more more stories to write him in the in the years and saw it looks like five hours now don't you think the next four stories. I'm getting get back Mike are. Did back in the do some laundry hopefully I think the rest of the world we appreciate that. And end up probably in at least three different than. I mean. While period because the first period. Pretty much everybody is in the southern triangle of Atlanta suburbs Barbara South Carolina is inevitable it got there. The third period everybody goes today. The second period people by you got value target. In LA he global Philly DC Grand Rapids Milwaukee. I don't it was probably got about other. Outdoor gonna get that logo but that is four days there's no way to get all right which. Tried it several of them. Into then obviously we'll heavy presence. And beg. Perfect thank you appreciate it have cited the Starbucks. Can't earned her yet recruitment group that's just Brad Johns from. Like he used to go to McDonald's. Everybody why did OK I'm on the road in you do the wireless is gonna be satisfactory say you went to McDonald's. Now at Starbucks people Roland there and they don't groused yeah it's not like you got to buy a muffin every fifteen minutes. It in or a cup of coffee to states Starbucks being kinda hang out aid and most of at least in the summer especially. You've got to kind of an outdoor Al coat wearing just kind of squat and sit and do your business.