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Wednesday, December 6th

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It's no big crackdown protest president iTunes now. Yeah I'm good value I could not be better we'd just gotten emails from John dead men an update on chilly Bronx. He has been granted. A a waiver for the 20162017. Academic year. So he's got his redshirt year last jury gets an additional year of eligibility what. What bonus is that for Butler what bonuses that for Jolie brought kind of the college player you'd think he's gonna turn into. This huge ball as alt well I think it's. You know the right decision but it human decision. That we get everybody knows polished or. Those father passed in your wanted to spend time with them. I think it's that the wonderful human decision is being made. And you know so thank god that's what jumps up close but as far as basketball impact you know it does Obama does what GO. And you know enjoy the guys who know he's started reshape the body. You know Lou the summer yet so Boller but the news it to do work in that area. So gives him you know more time to do that and certainly it's gonna give Butler on older guys inside the first several years. So I think that'll help. Both Jolie's. You know his development and I think certainly doesn't help Boller you know in time you don't have a twenty or one platoon you'll guy in side. What team needs do to get on the four more often whats he missing. I think you'd right right now he's just got to get stronger had these two guys who Keyon. Get in position and scoring areas get wide demand the ball and be able to finish. You know the the thing over the post players. No they have to be able to get to the spot for hours and and that they know work and understanding that positioning. Both bodies and I know what angle your shoulder need to beat the pastor to the baseline and you gotta be able to finish so those at the time to think that. That he excuse me you need to work on. No he's never been a bit about rim guy I don't know that he really could become a bit about the rent but you know we'll look at the things that if you can develop them. You know that and you'll be able to play an open of the big east. Great win last night for Ball State basketball they go up to Notre Dame they get the win eighty to 77. 88 in so we just talked to James Hartford and one of the things that we were talking about was how this helps with recruiting. Does one out liar game a win against the top ten team does that really help the program. I you know if I've never heard a kid ever say. I think that's just cool because they say they beat so and so I've never heard it didn't say it's one game decision. What it does do increasing visibility. It just makes this school Paul Bako. We'll hire some people have been Bob about the cool factor. And OK you know you turn on ESPN at night and there's no Ball State not at all. Don't then you know nationally ranked either they'll tailor persons from Kokomo you know it is in the shop they'll totaled up your cool factor of up your visibility. Although at some benefits. I think a lot of times coaches like to overplay that yeah I think in part because. Administer some administrators buyback. And those sometimes you have to do you cannot come uploaded them publicly my my administrators are gonna love it but. And then but it go to the ability I think that it. We talked all week about the game Monday night between Indiana and Iowa and by the way were targeted Jeff Brad Johnson digs stacked count. Indiana for stretches. Looked really really better think competent they looked good date looked efficient offensively they had some possessions. That were really a joy to watch but it occurred to me while I was watching it. Well you know what Iowa is the team that they were played against was it was Monday night's win against Iowa was that more about Indiana developing and getting better. Or Iowa just not been any damn good. Companies both. And don't think that and Iowa the world beater I don't. It'll be and a little bit and he'd. With Indiana it's what we're watching. In my view more than we can Hurt Locker. Is you know program development and player development and you know in people really. The point to understand. System. Are those kind of things. And open it was ultimately I think Brian Davis so those are some things mud and the two guys who showed the most. And that particular game more cost Hartman with visibility and impact out inquiry. And then Jordan Morgan worked with. Well I think it's pretty clear individual development. He's been really dead end and what are the things that I kind of like is that Archie Miller. Has decided okay you know we got some guys who are really really talented but they don't deliver all the time so give me the guy who's a little less tale what do. But who's gonna be in the right place and not make mistakes for the basketball in that sector Roberts. No and anarchy. And some people could say. And that Roberts might be one of the best walk on the major college basketball. Because you know he could actually go out there and you can help you in certain areas and the thing is you know he doesn't virtue. And I don't think you put that got them but it centerpoint 25 minutes. Because it hasn't physical limitations and other Big Ten team it would just basically put somebody in and then say okay we'll go back. Tom blood but he does have. The ability to move the ball. And you've got to love it also I mean he just goes out there or the box and got out you know he's he's doing. Things that we really can't. Come we'll give you a chance to give somebody a blow for two or three minutes and and I can be helpful. Talk to Jeff Brad Johns from pigs dot com Curtis Jones leaving the program we haven't talked you since Curtis decided that he needs to go play someplace else. It really started to feel as he watched Indiana play you sort of felt like this shift. In culture that was likely to kind of agitate somebody or maybe a couple of guys. Enough to balance out Curtis Jones is the first of bad sound do you think he's gonna be the last. I don't know Woolsey I think he was like the most obvious as far as. When you look at how are you want to play and you look at the players on the roster and you say oh okay you know who competitiveness and maybe doesn't sit. You know Kurt with a guy who looked a lot better. In a U and an even in high school having them you know kind of in a free flowing type game. Where where where guys can go cut electrical from the Florida couple reasons. And willing and able to this problem or really not have a lot of sense of responsibility. He can't bumpers and any other potential to make. I think the expectations for them. Got a little skewed. When he did what he did in his first game. Against against Canada's top 19933. Scored fifteen points. And helping value that upset over time. Because no doubt about that are important has been a lot but I think he's those guys through you know it doesn't really have. That defense of mine says that grit mindset. That lends guys to be able to adjust you know like Robert Johnson is really adjusted defensively. And everybody get caught up the fact it is just three point shot not going to have right now it's not but if you watch Robert Johnson he values that orbiter under right. Our league why guys like that want to entering the way he put up to. These elite including an effort defensively. And he's got the ability to go create shots are themselves. That's one thing that the market that purse don't don't really have the ability create shots for himself against major level competition. And you're not really gotten good drive create shots. So I looked and understandable I don't think it was advised. Will anybody else leave I don't know we'll see but that he was a guy. Who does that really does want it. What do you think they do that scholarship to tech to go find somebody else for next year or you they I mean Archie Miller keeps talking about thanking him at the gold. He's not gonna use them unless they're for the right guy what do you think happens. Well I think one of I think it's going to be this. If they can find a grad transfer garter Greg transfer big they're taken. Because that would be at this disability help and it would be somebody who's only one year now at some high schools became available. On the they would have a chance of getting yet they're gonna jump combat they're not gonna build it just so I mean there have been articles they just. Get it Jeremiah April just because they look we all. No I'm mommy's attacked the government did not mean to not just gonna Phillip does stability. You know people sable and B album one more big emphasis still get a guy cookies all yeah now. It's going to be harder valuation but yet can he help let and it's going to be specifically is it I used terms you know can he help us. Means not just this year this year meaning when he gets to campus but it's gonna be okay. It could site located in place for years that the scholarship you don't get to give. Each of the next four years is he going to be battered and Corsica and help book and not take that they could scholarship table. And that's going to be the valuation as well right now. Would expect. The look regret transverse. State if I knew that becomes available outlook. But nobody in those two areas available. Got no problem back at 2009. Is there anybody on the radar Romeo. Right now about about it he does I mean there's some guys out there that. It's well. I blow up in the morning. You know all but said. Dial I would I don't ignore all those guys are really. I mean every school have long WOK you did it get better we'll take a look at mark if this kid become available. To. Really guys 2008 guys are all aware deeply right now recruiting tried to get a bit. We looked at 2008 in electric. Is this gonna drive you nuts for the rest of time until Romeo kind of declares. Just kind of following him around in seeing if today's the day here that's the day Yury you know insisting case. Automated and I mean it's old walk a couple of reasons one. It's accurate in his family's decision you always look. You know I'm not charter work will go I want you to make. The best decision for them all of them although that our experiences. But if if if he decides in January if he wants to wait to march great if you want to wait till April. And do something on national TV Cole he's earned it. And the other thing is. You know he's a really good kid and he's phenomenal player so it. My job is gonna mandate that I go. You know logic phenomenal high school player a guy who clearly already the conversation. One of the best in this state. Hey you know I'll have I'll have you know really enjoyable Friday night that a New Albany or wherever all the required like you know this Saturday split out or so. I enjoyed it and it's because. When as a recruitment of this level of interest. And alternate almost daily were ignored or thought or get hurt or hurt and fans like why can't make up his mind can themselves. They're kids thirteen and concede he's not going home every night sit down at dinner table Bob that intricate blog without Michael Collins got data now Manning. These two guys who these people on the practice he blamed antitank and now they're gotten hanging out of the girl he's doing. However Obama buckle up teenagers do double bogeys just hanging out this is not. The players themselves and you know this you've been around them. You know they don't sit around and is breathlessly every day weight on my gosh what were my Google all my guts to grow the dot. You know it's dump them that they disgust with parents or their circle of that BOJ or whatever. But it's not like Indy league they don't have the daily. Anticipation of the decision that that band out there. Let's go back to Ball State permanent. Yeah I've. Really liked the way Jane Swift for it's been to a business out there for a period of time now retired Jeff Brad Johnson digs that count. It seems like he's going after India and all star quality kids who haven't committed to Purdue Indiana Butler. And die in Notre Dame targeting those guys on his roster with those guys. An aide to meet dad's always been kind of the niche in what I've wanted all state to do. And egged it do you think that that. Is this sustainable. Kind of course of action for that program. Getting better better better in the Mac. So I think it needs to be yeah. It really lucrative. I think I mean look at some of the guys they've got. I mean obviously you know that a person the guys who hit the shot against Notre Dame you know Asian talk about Dick AJ Walton the browns were. You know back guns from Hamilton southeastern. Note twelve hours from up there and four away. Trying to think Toski compliant you so. Tyler yeah like about forgetting the obvious one there Jeremy Tyler the senior guard from Jack you know obviously don't really get change. I think that's what makes the most sense. But the mid major programs the state of Indiana if you get a chance. To get an Indian all star you've helped perk up always felt that your mid major they're bigger bit made or not they've been tremendous they've coached. In India and also our I get that level player to appear bit bit later you'll help your program. Tired jet Fred trends at the exact count let's talk about Purdue for a minute I heard you alternately looks either really really good work kind of beatable. And oh boy oh boy with the with Isaac cost score in the way he did in both the Big Ten games they're too little and they look pretty good again. Do and I think it look really good when they don't turn it over and when they could really throw it inside and certainly lightly. The way they threw it inside. It is three to game was was really impressive. And I don't think that really helps them it's been arrested him easily get 22 minutes to game right now but he's averaged sixty point. And when he had a game like he had the other night. Wouldn't but it basically just dominated. Note 26 point eight for thirteen from the field I think it was the content the fourteenth but lying. We get the line like that. Is she is the duty to vote point point to really really changes and ease either really important player for them. Certainly I think you know Vince Edwards. Clark and Edwards have been really good. If they've got a number of guys who are playing. Really well and the thing that and obviously to go to well anything you don't. It one bit not beat most of blue defense deployed it into a big strides last year do you think it even more this year. And then we get right quad go up there earlier to. They can really stretch the defense to bulk orders to both highway. And they've got some guys who can make plays loose with both Libya we're obviously and that when you got stuck close. You when it all works you know I think your top ten team when they play the way they did the other night I think they're up and edit it. When Steve played the way it is that are out first. College tournament right field bigs bigs can really get skewed by I think they're really. And they've looked like eighteen that it figured out okay this is where the ball needs to go a lot to be successful let's stop experimenting. And never been up there one time in the bat early years ago to one Johnson's coming out of Big Ten year cameras junior or senior year. Don't have practiced that map enter opener. People the media. And a couple of the guards in the drills. On problem five. And other they jacked up some shots and never pay her vocal at. That point did you want to opt. I like looked at them in regards you don't as you know that is it nobody says like hell I'm asking you a question do you know who that if and they're like yeah who did it. Want jobs yet that an all Big Ten post player it would be a good idea if you wanna play here to throw him the ball and Anders turner animal. Just about to cut him at times it what you saw Dakota Mathias before he got to Purdue. Did he look like a Purdue guy or is that kind of look that. Because see you look at him now and you can't see him on AD any other team he's a Purdue boiler makers. He is that guy he's like this generation's Chris Kramer. You know days does that happen hurt you or did he look like a pretty kid when he played nice the one in the summer. I think having met Peter gets a lot of credit and I did look like a true. Made sense going to Purdue because he had some offensive ability. But it often needed to improve a little bit. He was all so I'd come along those guys stick his nose in the foray. And an eagle and looks for certain Trent and one of them is that. Undoubtedly your dirty Harry like you mentioned respect that attitude in up to get a little rough and tumble I'm not walked away. I'm walking into that not what I want. And he sort of had that rates in there but I think what Payer doesn't he doesn't really good job of taking that attitude. And you molded it into something. And I'll and and admit I had I think you little underrated athletically he's got a really good job defensively is our understanding. You position yourself. To at least make it difficult. For your opponent what they'd like to do the most not gonna take everything no way we can you make certain things. Consistently difficult that the tiger guarding the do it at apple he's. I'll but I do think editing aggregates. Dover. I don't we don't get the credit he deserves but I think he does deserve a lot of credit for what he's done with guys like us by. Even guys like electorate so they've. I mean great Bill Davis was a ticket or defender school. Because he was censored oriented like a lot of high school players are but he had that. Mentality of that but those frank. And when he was willing to learn to be called a defensive player to put in the effort learn the techniques apply them consistently and the Big Ten defensive player of the year and that that's another example I think Matt Treanor should give a lot of credit. What he does with certain guys who he's developed. And given them the ability to become impact players are open the floor. Did you spread offense from pigs back now I'm sorry had taken Esiason drier conversations so they'd perceived end. I higher quality didn't endear in your clock a little bit. Your partner Aaron. Matt Lander wrote an interest in peace it CBS sports dot com worry interviewed but people around at TK eighty deal. About college basketball how to fix it all that stuff and and the coaches that he talked to like Izzo when Mark Few coach K those guys Roy Williams. The aid they talked about how college basketball has a few oil higher bad apple at you in that world jab and in that world. It is is Hugh. It is you operate insider recruiting. Is it just a few bad apples or or is there a level of kind of machine as that is pervasive. It's really a case by case specific. And I think one of the things is people see certain. Yeah its speed if you will certain people dispute gave it certain issues certain situations. And people make assumptions that okay that person is involved in Mercury that that person's all over there and bat. Not that that's not. Not a logical progression it's like. You know the people who looted and work. Out. These now and not aunt and sometimes perception. Yeah it's translated. You know one person does something bad at all during all people were hurt her that you know. The only bit of countless guys you know abnormal recruitment going out seller you know go to don't want now. But the guys have have you know more natural. Permit. But there are some issues where you know some guys on the top line. And I think one of the problems is that one and has created. An incredible amount of pressure. On agents and other people of that nature. Two repeated ball with kids who are going to be in the NBA terms and prepping for the draft. You know in nine months. I mean it is not a year college Ellison is their season is over these guys are prepping for the draft they are not. What an NBA roster but they're in the in the NBA system. Weaker you have to their college CNN. Agent and others aren't gonna go gate client if they walked up to them now. The other seniors after the one year to him to go. Insult dog bit revved up over the age of bitterly about well do you. Sometimes the games over that point so. You wind up eating certain individuals and people associated with certain individuals associated with various entities. Involved with in Saudi school every year back creates legitimate problems and that's why. Wanted which is an NB a rule not a college rule has created and this is about basketball. Whether or not the one that really does change of NB commissioners that statement are the players association. Well you pretend they're not but. That has created orbit so lecturer on some people and the meant that these try to get involved. High school level I think that's one of the problems that. Could really be addressed violent they want it done in the bond James hopper got dollars ala well into the night so what Google Libya. All LaBroque. Nominal owners really appeal today who cares about them I will be I'll might be liked it fine and dandy little no college rules broken woman walked college. And if those guys at that level or to go right yeah it does take a whole layer all the both collectible. Thank you very much depth always appreciated it I had eighty and this just. This radio show frankly is just a great excuse for me to have terrific conversations with people I liked. Average it out enjoyed it thanks for call and let me on a really enjoy it. Absolutely Jeff Fred Johns from. All of that stuff.