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The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, November 8th

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Coming back from the signing of drone hunter is the great Chipper Jones from pigs that economic data into. Out there and Oreo. Great tell me this about drama or we've talked to the shows like they know the answer. But we it's got us tonight we're just pocket about when kids have some Jews tool. You know you talk to a kid and you see kind of a lie by Sunday. They care about the words that they chose what kind of a kid is drama. I think we need a little bit of reserve did it in public settings but when you consider haven't but then. The guy and he he's he's really good around he may run for an. He was joking around today quite a bit. With you know old student swears him letters of intent to it and number of sports golf basketball baseball all kind of athletes. And now believe that you really are going to have a guy and that he's certainly very tremendous basketball player who is a really ought uptick. Let's talk for a minute about there is Garland I guess he's made his decision but he hasn't made it known what do you think about there is Garland. Factor that it had actually called me this morning are a lot that it was morning it's been a really long stick. But it call me any if you're really focused on one school. We're looking at options for. The announcement. And you know all the options include. Potentially something obvious and include it essentially doing it. What I think what I'm saying that this got come headquarters what do you like there in that has built suburbs where it would work well academy is obviously. And they really care. Things very very close the no the coaching staff who were dirty there's Garland go at this moment time. The people who were really. You know I'll say it looked and a have said you know nobody is talking for the past 72 hours or so. Now the other on Sundays are pretty good idea what factors are really important word really important. Well you know I could make a pick what this is in the year consider bill it's going to be one of those two. He really likes both the lot there's strong poll in the united they're strong pull interbrew which obviously is right there in Mexico. You know sometimes they've recruited. She didn't nobody can really keep it close the best but think back to Robert Johnson's decision. Where all the crystal ball picks horrible all were brought Carolina Virginia. And there was one act on me and keeping an attention flex your thing and so our friend and you know it turns out Robert Johnson dignity and those sometimes you don't vote at the end until there's a lot of Vanderbilt chatter out there goes a lot of rumors out there. Also know Robert what the date black because. Going through his re recruitment. All these people told me you don't even worry about it. And deal. James black and played in Indiana so sometimes they're wild thing that happened in the recruitment but did you know if you could give you make a pick right now. Nokia can't. If you know pretending. That we know what is in the mind of this seventeen year old is insane. You now. That better days. You know it's it's on in recruiting to try to see the recruitment through the athlete dies because I know that they are. Indiana and say well Obama would pick and how ability in Vienna. Would. What what I think what you're saying what what got to expect that matter the interest Big Bang you're trying to be it through the exercise. By trying to. He's dumping commodities. Sector that is pretty difficult and sometimes mind numbing exercises. It you know what is the advantage for a meal Langford in it I get it you know things can go caddie one opposite any moment you saw the letter is signed Euro alive maybe the better off you are in some cases. But would probably only end if he wants to get this thing done there's nothing that prevents him from getting it done early is there. The prevent them but that's not the payment plan right now. Talking to is that Kim Lankford this morning what they're gonna do is an event read this weekend and then go from there. And and said they have no plans right now whatsoever aside during the signing period. I think people vote signing period while on Wednesday to Wednesday it AV eight X Wednesday the fifty. I'll according to what in my expert about that today at no point aside early that you wanna cut it to read this week and because of pretty comfortable with worry and other critical but there. So it gave Vanderbilt Kansas. It's going to be Indiana's and the other two I think some rogue trader looking into airliner attack. I think. If there are Garland goes to Vanderbilt at the critical for a very. It bears go and other go to Vanderbilt. I think Carolina had a real shot but I think. At this point unless something goes crazy in the next few days. His final ball real well India that north a lot of cargo can't it. Let me ask you a crazy question. You're not all kinds of these campuses you've been on bunches and bunches college campuses what I went down to Chapel Hill. And I was at UNC. I EG got Franklin street right there you got the dean dome it's beautiful. You would have to you would really have to convince me. Not good North Carolina is they're placing your mind where you walked on campus and ego will. Men if I was being recruited I cannot believe I would not go here. This sort of like what you see physically. I think it's basketball. Get in and meet all things it it didn't no offense to Indiana fans and I love Indiana as much as anybody but. Indiana Kansas North Carolina did I mean all of those are good programs were terrific coaches. National prestige. You know you that you're gonna have a great time in any help them. But is there one where you walk onto the plays cities think damn this feels good. I think it's important places him among the blue bloods. That have really done a great job. In in a statement saying no physical things. That'll you know out of ten plus years somewhere in the ballpark of what it can't sit an opportunity goes with somebody. The year that Indiana played duke it big in ACC challenge to go out there early. And got spent some time that do concede that locker room get changed to go about Carolinas. North Carolina the players' lounge some of the other things that they have. Debate it blows away it truly beaujolais debut. They have done and in some of the things that they they have. In some areas about older former great players what they did not like college but India it all kinds of stuff you do what it should be. You gave it to be too old page you're on a great campus for a vote you'd walk remote areas in goal like that all the Kabat. So. Any Carolina accentuates that stuff you know but they do a phenomenal job special visit eccentric as separate campus. The same thing especially with that that players stormed that they have. I mean almost a luxury hotel can't I mean it's. In a few typical sort of OK all things are equal but you don't talk a little bit or you live here. New and no place that app players dormant can't dispute is very fair there. It's Indiana we're tired did you Fred Johns from. A great stop. On your tour but news related in insight related web sites of course. On the so I got so flowery with your reintroduction I completely have forgotten when I was going to ask you well. Look at electric get caught I don't I don't I. Portrait. Handled Langford decide Indiana is not the place for them is Indian in the games for other guys. Not really right now because one thing that's notable what Archie Miller recruiting it's. He doesn't really want to just take it got adjustable scholarship he thinks it is you know he's he's greatly doubt scholarships or bowl. And if you go player needs to be able to help you wait. If you take somebody who cannot help you win and a high school player. And he says there on the roster for four years not only is he not tell what you wind but it takes a scholarship all the table. In 2019. 2000 Torre it doesn't only want. So. Now that's considered make a prediction we'll Archie Miller will or won't do because it could very well be. Thought I do know that is over arching philosophy. Is that you don't take somebody just to build scholarship. Because certainly go to 2019. And Indiana that are really good job won't go to get a ought to declare there as well. So there's no need to just go whoa what just what somebody. And there's somebody. Decides to wait till it's boring who they feel is good or not. And they might make that Lou if it makes sense that they're not just go on meet unforeseen. They're not just gonna build scholarship they'll go. Thank you appreciate it enjoyed the drive's. They are brought it back that we thank you Jeff that's just read John's from leagues dot com.