Jay Graves on Paul George, Aaron Hernandez

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, April 19th

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Now on the campus telling Jim. The players play keeping it borrowed all the way 100 whichever comes just from the. Jam he's now. The other treat me like Tristan Thompson in a room full of bug Kevin love's. Arnold it's good or bad. Are hey let's and it what are the reasons that I I appreciate your site. Is eight you don't you don't just ride kind of the major stories like the pacers the colts neck kinda thing. He'll take time to write a piece like you did. The other day about Nike somebody who who played for our Christmas addicts. Absolutely it their best player eight terrific high school basketball player who has left off the all star roster an absolute disgrace. And die you're absolutely right what you said this kid belongs on the all star team. Yeah yeah yeah you. Put together a team like that and you see it here like it's. Go to the page at these here quite like a monster and interrogation very concerned that all of these normal one other top. State and not be don't seem impediments. And I think that it's that this market it's. It's terrible when you read about. That it works so could be able to figure don't vaccine that's that's what. Highlights of the light that is for it to make all India about the L when he got hurt that the numbers. Shouldn't feel. And wouldn't I mean I you know I know our memories for this kind of thing done stretch all the way back to 1956. Because it's before we were born. But boat with all the slights to Christmas Santa exit. Basketball program and end to its players. What do you think that he would he would have a little bit more you'd giving Kidd a plus one. Right or at the very least you wouldn't rob them of that opportunity be and that he's from that school. Are. Completely agree on how you think about. You know just the history itself when when the big goal of this group in a repeat what could be I think these six. Why did check the should they be allowed them to parade downtown yup and you ought to be exactly where they are. Yeah. Until just now but would seem that legitimately. I'm not debris don't let me go over there are doubtful formal also either at all any show that the issue of what people ordered back. So if you don't miss it because the ball either what what what are we doing come you come to a conclusion that this do it. I am a lot of credit about it. Number two. One of the atmosphere in the city. They called back to. That's crazy for boxing day McCauley you know you know are geared like that that they can't block the curtain. It may be able out of the room and got beat in the well. I think that aren't there yet these and that you did great. You know dead and there are guys on this team that are absolutely deserving and I don't know who you would kick off in order to put. But Nike on this thing but to say is not one of the best twelve or thirteen players in the state of Indiana is insane. It since then and it you know what I wrote the article I wouldn't there. Who would be should be taken off because it's an honor they needles used to be very. But you can name. That team and not have an idea I. Couldn't agree more. 20. And people are pointing fingers at Paul George and saying hey your collar that your teammates. He's been asked by about his teammates I don't know what they're always supposed to say wait what do you think of Paul George's comments post game to. Ordered review what is going it will apology or I've been totally put compact sporty. Typically do is get people and actual. Right now trigger amber. We're back in 2014. Woody who met Steve but under the bus after then. Bruin. The blog geared to the early in. You know he'd need to. Great effort behavior and then at the end of this seat net press conference but one that's been. Do you wanna play with Paul would not let it speak with the next year and he says I don't know. Vote paying these. Consistently been don't know what would you a situation like this it again why we do we get out of the ball. You put the ball inbound with its second letter and you you committed the machine is picking up in trouble. What yeah it's exactly the ball soak it up front got here no way that you. Admirable that you got trapped in the in the would also be able to draw a lot of and it went to the ball that. You can expect that ought to come back it would be. But when they shot and the come in respectable day and say that. Man speak within these student gets all in the here and that's what Playboy. To read and altered their. They want fast ballgame what Lance Stephenson and experience. So and why or how he made it and it's been brought up. All of people in a lot of all of Iraq and Iran are actually. The game brought Georgia back in the way it's playing out of ballclub you can ever. Go in public and slam your teammates. What are you agree agree on what I've got Michael Jordan where we're at a acted in rock. You know Michael Jordan say why are publicly about it Robert. Well here's the thing and networks for Michael and that was cut me already had three rings. The witty when he and Rodman hooked up in 9596. A thing about Paul I mean if he's gonna be as specifically about teammates how to hell is he supposed to. Avoid talking about a minute as far as the question after CJ miles took the shot. It is he supposed to say I am cola CJ taken that shot and I don't need to take because he's gonna get killed for that too. We'll probably learn how to answer and Matt and support yeah all right. We are out there who won't ramble. You what about somebody it'll. Answer questions about other piece should. Put the focus it was a vote you you can keep our reports. Four ounces that is true. Good to account say about it it would do that other thing you know. I didn't get that shot off but you make of this he got open look or any fine. We are there will mean you don't have to know everything that go oh it's all Georgia. Actually in in the matter about all over here you have the ability to not answer quite. All you got there. The owl although answer. Anti gitmo but when you start you start slamming your teammates and act. Tiger. The net is dead is a piece of truth. That I hope every teenage kid who's in high school right now. Gary I hope they got no book and they can write this down in referred to it over and over again until it's ingrained in their personality. When somebody asked you a question about a person you do not answered under these circumstances. Are right it's gonna get even troubled or anything in life. And I see all that I am no where and you're in a lot warmer but it well. And I think and that talk and it's not want to I want. In a lot and that's why he. When. Requested. Your your your treading water because what you could potentially. That let the federal level where talk about important. And it did well. I'm old enough to know. And the problem I am old enough to know. Answers you don't need. You don't even go that way you don't let it because what you wanna do what back into block. And wondered by the and it's a lot. To. It's over it's over they're good opportunities they had to win a ballgame came and what their point where victory don't brought after missing a fragment don't beat very important for integrity Jeddah. But. In big and come into a mall and bloated all of these Arab when he got that yet and the company. Out into the every struggle. You've given them a bit of confident they're up 20 that's what bought and bought them right now and walk and it would all counts Wagner. And the price of the radler and ultimately we would beat them so. It. Appeared in a situation where yes. The weather odd wrong and I giving a damn whether he was murder committed suicide it's just meaningless to me. I think we're better off without him being a part of our population even behind bars. But you know what I think they've got laughable that he'll bat and that's why when I I wrote an article debate aired it just doesn't it make it. Britney keep Odom felt. As opposed to someone else children and agree and I say that it is because all of he would support a double murder. Where that would have been a slam duck. Convention. But he has 51 of the best. Beat thirteenth in America and that got them the in the got a graduate high school with me is the partisan that I had exonerate got more people in the United States. Exonerated they talk and moderate in their history well in united. Vote got. The tape come about that out you know decades. And from all well experts say it is definitely hope all of them that it would be Europe and had been up forever. And then execute. I. I admit there is talent so. If you about the bet big in America does not involve a double murder and then that any other. Overturned a bit. Terror. On the said that. So. In itself and then print that they're not telling us about but to tell me didn't count himself the most. Is it wrong to say it is justice. We know our god but god. So yeah repetitive in Los Angeles have a right that it meant what I ordered think that it meant why should be fit in the world bringing me. But our record at YouTube and on the front we're at it like being you know which news black beard and didn't make that it's. I appreciated JPEG so much. Absolutely we'll talk to next week to Jake could not be more right about Nike somebody he is a really good basketball player. And he would be. What the first guy from addicts and how long. To be and Indiana all star back Morton sixty years. And and he should be that addicts who winning the three state championship he was awesome. When we saw them play. I think we have them twice doing games this year in and I just thought he was a really really. Not just untrue Brit thickly athletic basketball player but a really good guy who thinks the game correctly. And and I thought played his way. In two way into a spot on entertain us for whatever reason it didn't happen and I think it's a shame.