Jason La Canfora

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, February 7th

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Economic and sterling show CBS sports 1430 we know we're talking about today Josh McDaniels. Staying with the New England Patriots the colts now begin a new their search for a coach. We welcomed the show from CBS sports are great Jason lock in for a I don't Jason. Are you are out there and air well it's it's a little bit unsettled uncertain down last night watch him Butler play a hell of a basketball game against Xavier. The breaking news things comes I pick Ollie I wonder who you know what's going on here all the sudden mcdaniels is not the coach of the colts what's your take on the whole thing. Archie sat back and Alex and yet it is it's. The strange ones no doubt about it. Is it is not the norm. It's not usual for this to happen. Period you know someone pulling out of an agreement now wasn't a signed contract by. Agreed to terms and for attacks happen to the Super Bowl days after the Super Bowl in February. Tom that's not. It's not optimal that's not what but the colts certainly we're thinking or hoping or expecting. But it is now that reality and Josh McDaniels has pretty much made himself a patriot so like now I mean he's going. I check of the time. Getting overtures elsewhere from other owners after this and is as Smart guy and I'm sure you understand that any EE you know I've been no. The position this is gonna put him into the position it was gonna put the COLT sent. But at the end of the day it's what he's solid right for him and his family and the timing is terrible and it's something that. Roll dog him. In an assault circles for a long time. You know each piece from what I hear relative rookie at peace with that I guess is that as at peace with it. You can be and still very likely take over from pop culture one day. And for the colts Chris Ballard said it himself I mean it is this is not the end of the world this is not. You know he's not the only coach on the planet and yet a perfect world you would have rather. I know this weeks prior and may be. Hired somebody else to who has already been hired but whether it's game Campbell or whether it's frank Reich or whether it turned out to be date Tolbert somebody like that. There are other men who have coached then who will continue to coach who can coach. The Indianapolis Colts and I suspect by you know the next week or so that we know who their coaches. And some of the guys who were going to be assistance for John ash are under contract for the colts right now difficult is it best for the colts just to pay off those guys. Or retain them and then hire a head coach over the top of our. I think that would put Crist said he is gonna do it this is right in the Smart thing to do I mean those were it would anybody came in that building who. Kristen and I know a little bit off or some cases a lot and who hadn't already been tracking. And things were you know progressing in a manner that he was comfortable whereas and frankly. You know again whether game Campbell frank Reich or whomever. Those coaches would have a heck of a time in the middle of February putting his staff together to get you don't torture as it's not like coach is lead to lateral moves and keep up the let coaches leave. To become coordinators sit in in some ways harder to get those coaches and it as a head coach. Because it and let the guys over at coach can't block the move by and large so. I think you have to wrote which you have. And you know if if things change again in a year in terms of the structure that stat and what have you you know you worry about it then he can't beat and taking a typical situation and adding layers to it by trying to reach to a whole step on the fly you could be able to get. You don't. Court unquote better guys anyway and any coach should take this job is gonna have an understanding that hey you know I got hired a week after the simply bought this is that what is the situation. And I'm comfortable at that and not be you know we're gonna make about that and you know they've been pocket don't double the offensive coordinator don't trouble was somebody who mcdaniels was talkative. Dealt double somebody who Ballard no going back smoke out days of Wisconsin so well. You know our got hired I mean if if if if double got hired it would be because you know he was quote unquote shots that I you know he was sort of somebody who was on their radar already that different now it. Go to the head coaches that opposite corner might actually be calling plays where's the that was Josh is team. Tell me about Ding Campbell a little bit I know he's the associate head coach for the new New Orleans Saints. I don't know a lot about him his name didn't pop up during the first round of searches wider a wider people minding Campbell. I. Mean look he was the guy who got thrust into a very difficult situation. With the Miami Dolphins a few years back when Joseph Silva was tired I mean like at the end of September mean it was like a cigarette after weeks for the kept. Blown out one that example code for twelve weeks and and get a fairly admirable job under duress and you know he's a guy who's been around. Ourselves and comes from that tree and there's a lot of coaches in the league who think highly of Dane Campbell. He's a very emotional guy spirited guy on the street off I don't know he may you know Google you'll be you'll remember of missed time on the dolphins' sideline. He's the guy who I think would kick in the prison Ballard's vision all of football team which is solemn and do you have. Andrew Luck it's a throwback you know I mean they they order they wanna have that accurate addresses they wanna be bigger than human and strong revenue and that very much in her in the mindset of our Alley game Campbell would go this team. Targeted god Jason lock and four from CBS sports and so we've got reports that Bob LaMont is endings relationship. With Josh McDaniels that is unusual. I assume I've never heard of an agent firing a coach. Or a guy like LaMont firing a coach that's kind of unusual. Since they I would say it would say that happens far more often than a coat pulled out of a an agreement is February collected 88. It's actually in it doesn't get publicized very often keep using the circumstances are nearly this public by which happens. You know bill O'Brien got fired by an agent has some of the stuff that went on between his eagle back to Penn Stater is his name is you don't flowers in the if it happens. It definitely happens. Kate you know Bob is in a bind there he's got two guys who he represented who. We wanted to work together who gave every inclination an indication to hand. And others that they wanted to work together and then one of those clients Josh. You know leave the other high and dry so you know you're popular music you do work at the kind of be what you stand on and they had given you know ballad don't work that you've got on the in this is done. And then just wait format to the super ball. So yeah up Bob as part ways with Johnson brought jostle our representation whether it's Jimmy sexton who he's been with the times before. Or somebody else. The could be. I don't know for Josh McDaniels coaching career and obviously has 31 teams are looking at what it Jarvis thought. But don't project it's something similar is not that long ago twenty years ago or so up to work out OK for him now. You gotta find another Tom Brady or something close to it but mcdaniels as a few years to do that established. Is there anybody like K date kind of an out of the box guy. That may be the colts didn't target during a more traditional coaching search that they try to go after now. And say you know we we gotta save this thing we're not into winning press conferences. Could be really good if we did it is there's somebody that's kind of an out of box either look at that. I don't think so I mean tight. You know I think it's gonna be somebody who Crist knows a little bit who these are you comfortable where different. We looked at talked to you know wolf it worked out but I mean it. To cut it doesn't mean at this point that you're looking for somebody that you know is stable somebody. You already have a feel for what they're all about somebody you probably know as the shared vision for use somebody's gonna comment. Not necessarily have a huge egos could be willing to deal with some things. You know again are not ideal are sub optimal in terms of what that court would like to do from day one. And as well I think the time inferred you know. Outside the box. You know trying to find somebody under a rock somewhere we were were were you know what six weeks into this thing. As well I don't see that happen acts. Why did he why did teams and I'm assuming there's but I never heard. That frank Reich was getting a lot of heat during the initial kind of onslaught of searches but what was it about frank Reich that didn't generate a lot of heat among those openings. No I did he's he's had opportunities in the past he was done it at such university America. A few years ago. He's somebody who's well regarded. These things work in weird ways. Gyms sports don't want to interview but some sort sort of add. You know you never know exactly how it's going to play out I think what frank Reich list. You know but the fact that on the opposite side of the ball they were some guys who like guests come. Were little click here are some guy to call their own plays right you've got Peterson called the plays in Philadelphia and thank bounced around a little bit the last few years. And you know I perception I don't I don't know I thought he would have got an interviewer two and that is going to get at least want. Albeit do sir you know what this route but. But it didn't have before people in Indianapolis noting he's very well thought out you know he's done. He's done good work wit Philip Rivers start to work with Carson went with pitfalls. With a lot of guys. So. You know I think in and you lot would would be fine together. Thank you very much Jason I appreciate it thanks for taking the time. Great stuff from Jason Hawkins far from CBS sports and CBS sports stock Tom.