Jake Forrester on committing to IU

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, September 12th

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A beautiful love Pete. Here it commitments and take Forrester. 69 forward who's gonna come play basketball at Indiana university and he joins us show you don't. Worried I could not be better why Indiana. Are well over that your that's what I care or social last week doesn't. This should be targeted to very place. Alleys Archie Miller to deal with in the recruiting process. Are you wouldn't. He wasn't on north perhaps. Not. Is it ticket aren't in the in the news actually news there. An hour ago. After watching a whole lot of I was good days and and just knows you lose your coach will be. Among women like the best good foundation audited. Where is Indiana at one of the schools you're looking at and was looking at you back before Archie Miller got that job. Yes Tyrone green all would be in the past December are pretty sure that the tournament Maryland. A total one that west town. Closer to. What is the difference between being recruited by Tom and being recruited by our chief. All them didn't. Our investment board and do it because all more taxes more. That big difference. But what did you enjoy most about your visit. Just the campus all the people that are around it so I think the gym and we watched. The highlight videos. And assembly hall how. One of the forces hold them. Tired takes Forester committed Indiana university's basketball team yesterday. Well let's dubbed best thing about your game what do you do best. Although it's. I bow of the program mean. Hello I noted that I have yeah she's. Neck and neck from years. I've labeled. Change shot that and knocked on the street from this current working on. The ball on the so yeah it did rent. Or how old are. Yeah you're eighteen years all day dampening growth laughter you are used 69 and that's where you're gonna be. Our own conclusions six. I'd note that outage. A picture of origin. It. Talking to Jake Forester who committed Indiana university's basketball program yesterday and what do you need to work on in your game Jake. Blow Edward problem. Just. Being able to set that is near and popped into neutral and at that shot it. And being of extra that defensive rebound and pushed the up about it Thai chicken and Hezbollah. Ultimately. What you wanna do and basketball. Jameer Viet region and its advantages every kid's school and it is it about played in the NBA. Pick up their veracity but he this cluster. It is about playing in the NBA or is it about like the millions and millions of dollars. Only in the NBA and trying to play all the great that are out there the money union money and you. I'm in the trying NBA all although Clinton did page you know. It is is get you become are all part of a really good recruiting class for Indiana do you know any of the other guys in that class. And now I don't know I don't know utter I don't know I have but. Are they all results could do reach out mutual. Spot or results in the last night. We've got technology dot. At all well ground. Good relationships. It sounds like you're really Smart kid and probably a really good academic kid is that right. Yeah I mean I don't know what will also. And both my parents it is. There that are up there pretty basic on the book. There's serious so you got to be serious right. So when you go to Indiana do you have any kind of academic. Sort of my deal is there a goal in academics for you. A good score from open a great singer now on the is. Is to go. Wide range and allow them to hear mind. Yeah. Right now I'm signed up there. On the biochemistry and suddenly that but I might. It increment or just because that the a liners. Mustered. Good for you and that sets rigorous beyond my capabilities for sure I I was lucky to get through journalism. So is so good for you. Com how to let me ask you about your team and what are you on your team and into who do you enjoy playing with most. On your highs and what's what's the part of the high school basketball process you enjoyed best. Follow recruiting though the best thing. In every above yeah. Well last year's two year. And Brando mode Bob. All of that to me and our starting five. I mean it was great they'll call me a lot of things about recruiting and how that it didn't look like that. I look at mode a lot I was from the best at Texas but this year it's going to be. Being cameras and via. New guys coming giving deputy. At the junior but the rest urging a lot of young guys. What did you try to tutor trial workman's shape and below. Is that your character to try to make your teammates better push him a little bit. Of course. Targeted Forester who is not gonna go to Indiana university and played basketball that's about a year away. Hey over the course of the next year what are you kinda wanna get done. Over the next did but there what more weight on. You're greatly commended in the summer worked out that. You're ridiculous that basically. Perfect thank you Jake I appreciate the time. There are no problem the great chick Forrester I I would assume or you would have been offered a scholarship offered by Tom Green. And then. And it is secured by Archie Miller. You know what and that's kind of interest thing about a Archie Miller Archie Miller was able to take Tom green's class. His 2017. Class. And keep. Them all. And the guy is that Tom crane kinda started down the road with. For Indiana University Archie is done very well at recording those guys is well. And and that's kind of interesting to me that's. I don't know whether it's unusual or not it seems like it was unusual. You know in Indiana university's. And kind of did separate areas cents. The firing of Bob Knight. But we'll see Jake forresters sounds like Smart Smart dude. And a good guy. And it is some bat out of hell can you tell we just give you it's like a snapshot right. You have gamble a little window where you get to hear the news in the young guy talked. And try to tell you what he's going to be and what he's gonna do and who he is send in all of that stuff. And some guys day in you know what Smart guys and ten to answer questions quickly. And I think Jake Jake was all about that but sounds like good dude explained above the rim we like guys who play above the rim. Indiana needs guys who play above the rim. So. Good for Jake Forester good for Indiana University basketball. Archie Miller was down at New Albany high school last night. We talked to our Romeo Langford said coach Dunn and New Albany Jim Shannon. Talked about process it's gonna be in all likelihood a late commitment. Not one that is excluded at dearly signing period.