IU hoops talk with Ken Bikoff

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, May 11th

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We welcome to the shall a man who is neither absurd nor obnoxious ever ever ever from the exact on the great can bike off idyllic and yep and my wife would disagree with both the to welcome you wrote we are and who we are behind closed doors we generally keep to ourselves. Okay Tom is so Archie Miller and his staff what do we think about these guys so far. Aren't. And I'm proud of them I've been impressed with what. Their vision and their approach that fact that they have been working hard too we connect with some my high school coaches in the state of Indiana that. Maybe had been lacking a little bit and it seems very clear that they can't. I good plan had deepened vision for how they wanna go about. Kind of building this program that they would expect a couple of till we got an opportunity to talk to the whole group and I'm just struck by. Just the competency in all of them and obviously he could have cop into it you have a lot to gain an happened at the box not epidemic that kind of thing. But I didn't you have. I kind of like Eddie Schilling who knows the coaches in this state and our relationship with a lot of different people I had faith background that gun and a naturally draw god people who. I'd take him as a recruiter because of his ability to develop players. And and it looked pretty good with that yet producer planters won 300 games I head to head coach you have Archie himself. Who is obviously very competent diet Syria and I thought somebody that you're gonna that we describe militia leader are allies or energetic but he has. Very focused and there's no question that he forgot about how to develop people Andy do you each each step of the way Pavel throw in the diet that is don't really did. Disciplined and focused and organized. And for all of these guys. I had just been impressed with the fact that they are. I've been using to be so much different than the previous step in that Tibet organization and that's clear vision. Well what they wanna do not it is a different style body call me old. This step is chip I think that that score sure that they bring to recruiting. A war also spit him very well with the program with the players and helped. That whole program developed going forward. Targeted ten black costs from pigs to act Tom let me ask you about a Thomas Bryant who's at the NBA draft combine and what we've heard over the last hour. Is that he's unsure. Whether he's gonna play in the five months five portion of the work outs. I don't know what they're made do you think he ought to play India and what do you make of this confusion as to whether he is going to play. I don't know I don't know that those games really make a big difference I've been to a number of votes count. And I got to tell you it can help a guy. And time that never occurred Hastert. I'm making wanted to get his hook shot back at around sixty years ago but they wanted to call chapter one of those work out. Those five on five in the whole place just kind of by. Because it was compliment that nobody had seen for awhile and I think that that certainly helped his profile. But you know in terms of what happened what are basically glorified pickup games. I don't know that you prove a lot more that they haven't already seen on paper that you could show would work out so whether or not they play and find them by five on five. I've I've topic activate that you know what we want those games were watching C. How they interact with teammates they just met and how they got they conduct themselves on the court how they balanced wanted to showcase themselves. But also while being good teammate and a lot of that they already know basically anything BC at most five on five games. It is either he is kind of reaffirms what they are picked up and there's got to the bottom of the why you vote. If the big PO and then it also comes out if the player in talking mid teens feel that he needs there may be sure a lot more that he previously had. That could lead to some of the there are questions about what they're not like I got up and also how we do it physically so you're not on the usual. Perhaps god may be you get away for a little bit but it just really depends on what you're looking. It's eight of the top fifteen guys projected in the draft aren't even gonna show up to this thing is thirty pointed existing. I know it is because you know it beekeeper preventive isn't about the popped it again when you're talking about lottery guys. Our guys better at at the top of the collapse. A lot of it already don't buy them because NBA team would have their trial for a long time it is really look at the diamonds and rob today they had this is very important. In terms of judging. That second round guy to do much easier instead of bringing in guys that that you might not. Got a certainly know about her right mind not spent a lot of time with this guy advocate really quite people I know the guy who really cool themselves to tell them what they. I it is in the leader in interviews after the games. And the work out but it is really. More about their second round and late first round and it's about the lottery. Talk to Kim by caught the bigs dot com. Indiana University athletics to it we keep a very close watch on the men's basketball program and in kind of keep alliance football's more often than not they did the other 22 teams. Well what's going on with Indiana University athletics is it in good shape what are we doing down there. Now I think it'd been it's been picture I think that. It's not in the shape aren't you see that after but it that the app you don't have the football team. But competing at a level that better knowledge of the dream here that put the basketball program is going through transition it was pulled marquee programs. At coaching changes and I believe that the first part of that and I happen at least. Sent 1915. Here I uber wild and coaches coaches who are much much different much much different situation. Odd because they want but obviously athletic ones they they are now. Op but I didn't think that there's there's a lot of positive that baseball program it is really come on at the end of the season and is looking strong. I could have done a number of programs that are. I'm in solid shape or at least I have the ability to me but it soccer I have like program you want to add to it that you want to have success. And you want to have stability well. You have done a lack of stability with these marquee sports. But I think that they're cute that the development pulpit said that the parliament. Events such that. You do have a little bit of stability. I at least in terms the next couple years and Terry Moran Madonna very good job at that basketball program Archie Miller is. You widely regarded as being the best optic and I don't. In college basketball I'm Ellen getting rave reviews on this players didn't have a lot of guys get them laughed. And I had air transport so I think especially for those marquee sports. They're looking very silent night I think that we were gonna go into the act at all. And just kinda have a little bit volatile up writer find out oh why are they warm feeling about that those that want cheap programs. We've had a while because there have been. A lot of contentiousness. I internal you know. Guys just moving on aren't. It's been I think a lot out of here a lot of questions I'd ever talked to didn't this year I think agents. Gonna be a little bit abrupt pressure has been awhile since we've been able to say that. Tired Kim by cops the exact Tom let me ask you this over the last couple days we've had some conversations with people will continue to. We're gonna talk to Dennis Dodd from CBS sports stack count. And it finds thirty about this. Well letters of intent like I'd never given an ought to thought I just thought it was a you know its funds for a kid to set up their sign a letter of intent during a ceremony. And his high school and ought to go to college and admit wonderful. And then yesterday we have a conversation end and it's probably the third time this has come up with Mike accorsi. And Mike's talking about letters of intent now did most people shouldn't sign number at least the elite. Should definitely not sign it and so I went back and I read the letter of intent. Because I was getting texts from a guy who's very plugged into college athletics who absolutely did it disagreed with what Mike was saying. And I I thought I if I were a kid. And I had more than one offer there's no way I signed this a what do you think about letters of intent. Why you know they've repeatedly as binding contract and that's what writes if I coal Peabody. I hit parent or guardian have to find itself. It's that typically our on the letter that counted they all letters yours signing with the school about coach. And they make it very very clear that that's what it isn't so convenient it it does make sense. For a guy who would not back illegal level of player who could basically get to choose wherever you want to go. You want from our responsibility. In your are an odd future future you could make Detroit maker will find a letter and and who bought at guy at the very least you are you putrid at school at secure if you're one of each at least three years. Yeah exactly at least we're here but if you're one of these guys you can go anywhere that you want to. I don't know that there's a reason why you got a final letter of intent certainly not a ought not have to I look if you are one of those guys. That. About it at that level I you know the elite level high school basketball. In if you wanna go what you're seeing you're seeing them. And just have peace of mind quiet down all the recruiting to be able to focus on on the game then fine but as far letter of. Get all of the recruiting out of the way all the bombs away from you that you could focus on the future your guy who like he wanted to die likes to be recruited who likes a process. Then there's no reason that I've had. And I think that if it really isn't a case by case basis. But I'd also like. I think he. I'd just say. It's so typical what you have players who were going to a program that's very clear that our relationships. Where a coach. Mean if you're eight. School was able to make changes without consulting. Guys are without doubt really. Worrying about the repercussion it had with players I think that's always been a little like I was pregnant cop or because you have a guy that has relationships. Whip Eric coaches not necessarily the program and so I people buy the argument of whether or not are that letter that track. Can he really is about the player how he feels about the recruiting process and how he feels about his future to me it's a real case by case basis. Absolutely thank you can appreciate it. I'd take care the great Ken bike off from pigs dot com here's the thing is that is that what national letter of intent is. Is India like Ken said it's a legal document that binds an athlete to a university. And it requires nothing from the university. Brett other than. The first year. Ribbon board and tuition being paid. That's what it is that it starts it starts that relationship. Before there's any compensation. And there's no need for that is the only. The only way is the only way it makes sense is with coaches it's great for coaches because once it got to guys signed to a a national letter of intent. The coach knows the day it's a kid who's coming period because he is legally blatt bound to do it or. He's gonna use or lose a year. Of bar eligibility. For God's sake. And this goal. Is on the hook free here if the kid qualifies if he doesn't qualify the things Null and void but it's not Null and void if a coach leaves. He's signing with the university not with the coach. Which I debt and that makes sense. But did these are relationships developed between a player and a coach and I don't understand unless. You're one of those guys. Right you're one of those guys you're kind of and there are eager played musical chairs with scholarship offers. And there are there are nine guys offered and there are two spots. And it's you know the first to win and get the rides then you got assigned British fearing guy who's a top 100 player. And he got offers all over the place. Why and they're gonna honored those offers why in the world would you sign. When you gain nothing. Debut what you're doing is your committing. Without compensation. To waste school for a year. And all the schools doing is committing. To view the scholarships for they year not playing time not anything else not and not any of the stuff to your being promised potentially by coach. Just a year's worth of room board and tuition. I just don't I don't see it is dating it and you don't I thought that like UN decided. It's not an NCAA document. It's run toward entire different but like operation. And once he get. Does the legal protection that extends to the university. Is superseded. Once a kid becomes a student athlete and accepts the scholarship. Cash in the room board tuition all that stuff. Once that happens let the relationship is really between the kid. The the university in the NCAA. The national national letter of intent has nothing to do with the NCAA and all you've got to be eligible. By didn't Mitt meet him you gotta be said you're eligible by the NCAA eligibility center. But other than that there's no NCAA. Interaction whatsoever. It and insists there's national letter of intent group. And the school that you're entering into this bargain with until the scholarship happens and then you're in the NCAA is purview but until then. And did this is a cockamamie idea from a coach or coaches and a system that's looking to get legal commitments from kids. Before the schools then commit really anything to them other than that one year of tuition room and board.