IU coach Tom Allen

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, April 3rd

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Act on the Kent sterling shows CBS sports 1430 you know what it's always a good time to talk college football. Especially when we talked to the the always enthusiastic to Greg Tom Allen from Indiana football I don't coach. Are they are great but I or you aren't terrific guy I know woods' pro day we're gonna talk about that in a second and how spring practice don't. You know springer standard etiquette which is finished December and this morning and that weather has been little craving for typical cycle right. Little snow and little sleep little rain bird we've been able to persevere and that's right here track is very young keen. Especially these travel also lucky can I learned Bert spin everything here at street course a lot of guys are always right and he got like eleven guys are slow day that's a lot of talent you're gonna have to turn over. There's no question yeah a lot of a lot of talent and especially these side of all. Particularly moved when gauntlet to those active jobs program. And there were some of the fire and shelling and their computer so really except for that data. Don't showcase their you know those guys are moving on to get just a project like so it's are separate act so there's. Targeted Tom Allen football coach of the Indiana Hoosiers. Hair dye and your staff go about it somebody ready for their day. Whether the couple different options as an excuse to. You hire an agent in the local news facility. That our country and south west. I'm and then we have a core guys that stayed here or trained our church. So really that each individual I would go for it on and that can do they choose to let you have a hole. Can we track or they've really into society and trying to derail her day to day forty oak. That that the bench it has become a big indicator shrank stamina. The Serb positions and then have positioned girls are don't know what they're going to be doing industrial zone that's been known to the last couple months. Get ready for them so it's been that a lot of artwork on and so far I think and armchair showcase your skills to. TJ I assume it's very similar with the way the NFL teams kind of evaluate your guys is the way you evaluate your recruits and and get Al. Measure vols are a big part of that too we were like too much measurable. Or is the science getting so refined that it's a really good predictor as to how well guys comply. I think we rely on too much and I think we all agree here yeah skeptical about it he assessments in the stadium all that you get a gauge that you know the date and place. On the field. Defied a school which I'll just say it's about Al. But will still kept them you know even in the long run forty or jumping and jumping to prevent it king you know under the same thing here so they'll do all the action. Which order you lucked out about as well try to make sure. We're doing our best our guys and and they'll say the same thing that you eat you don't want too much stock at I have to take the also. And the support Taiwan that's that's not yet that you make life you know our defense resting whatever your role so. I took it back guess you know crystal ball making those plays in that sending more than just some valuables. I've I've kind of gotten really really involved with a video stopped it's available on I U football Twitter feed. Where Matt ray is talking about building speed through kind of building than nervous system's ability. To tolerate speed. And it and it seems like this is this is science at a level that frankly I don't understand it as he watched you guys really get faster from doing all this work. That's the part that says that alliance spent so armed outsource our guys just based singing. The tangible results from what we're doing and you know it's a little bit different approach is somewhere in some ways it's similar to equality Dan but worst different interests you know sometimes you actually like that he can have. They can have a cap you can only do so well. You know back to raise. Status for many many years and it's still gonna come to believe there's so much in that. To the playing in the in the nervous system and how you can basically training your nervous system to. Be more explosive and be able to. To be -- and trying to raise net. You know that are on order cued speech and go to it. I. Know nervous system so that's what would you expand keep they've been huge here doctor ray and and that date pollutants you guess that's to our program again and there's a fascinating thing that appealed to them and have them explain. And then the way to go about its entry you know post collateral is also very yeah you know it now from our perspective Jerry getting. I assume that it's a great part of differentiation. Is to go after recruits and if you showed that you guys forty speed can go from 47 data like 455. That's a big improvement and that can't be replicated everywhere right. Yes par is not a fight cavities and was on the virtually all sure how much. Faster they bleak yet want to assert porn you know and you can't a lot of data early guys have been able to get stirred. Slow they don't you know improvement and so yeah I think you know it's been part of our outreach. We get to that the young man in your honor didn't you just sit there and now doctor aimed. And that and the people who were in the history or true and and show on the program and our appeal to develop that. Had been a huge part of that. It's going to quarterback. It didn't get you know it's just like your annual typical situation where you get as ballot back fortunately yeah. You know look ready to come back with the most experience and yeah I like. You know my connections despite technical. And make them play it doesn't get pain in the yeah. Electronic units in the mix as well as our and the option to compete and those are out every single day but it's. You know that this just lock stock and though the older post game situation wouldn't trade credits being inept and that's important some guys. Certain Taylor look better and other it has been very pop out just so far. Yet cream increasing game coming up Saturday April 14 at memorial stadium at noon are you gotta. After that thing is done are you don't know who you're starter is their quarterback who you gonna sort of a fall kinda. And summer workouts for that competition still wide open. Yeah I will I'll make that decision after spring game to decide what direction to go be leaning right now or sir. In the competition open you know I think we saw a lot of unanswered questions. And then Iraq now I don't know that we will. Our name a starter bring that will reevaluate some after the spring game and and make a decision some natural but we're well we'll know more after which. Targeted Tom Allen Indiana's football coach does spring game coming up a week from Saturday at memorial stadium at noon. How are you different is coach headed in the year two. Well you know in the academy tentative to be sent in first second time they aren't here. You're one mistakes that you like to do differently and so he got more comfortable you know and in knowing what's next a lot time before resist. And so reactionary. And missile missed the star caliber so now a plant in little more that they are anchored. Now I like it's about the last sort in the isn't. It. Make better you know either steal more costly and I think that you're doing and so I just think it's it's that there are better. In the later. You know he just to support a beach house. Post the I was close in the south end zone kind of changed things that it makes the stadium more visually. Are resting but then the excellence academy has that changed the football program is that thing comes to a kind of fruition. Opposite you know prosecutor tree and it's. Just acceptable ever think back to school and program and Anderson let Accenture and Jeep brand new. And all it'll be you know beautiful so we overlook in the stadium and then have a chance to BR amber. The you know the technology to going to be used for sports science and saint building and also. Council of the opposite opposite flatly asserted slot rate they just so about so that to make the new and better and then. There and that leaders into the meat locker room can be built a policy at new slam on the out continued to be granted it's a lot of investment and also. A blog site and its ecstatic they just make stating. All of an earlier in the ass Saturday's scrimmage and are they that nobody council decided not as closed and so it just that it's made it and about stating you'd better. Nice coach thanks for taking the time I appreciated. Our. Next Tom Allen head coach at Indiana football does a great job down their five and seven in his first year he sounds called. It is is he'll listen to Tom Allen talk about it yet his football program his football program at Indiana he just sounds kinda called. Still very very enthusiastic but not not quite is like you know hate. Tom. Neal or dip you know what I mean I I liked that I I think it's. Is double program kind of evolves I think Tom Allen's can evolve to a does that stadium evolves. Against speed training and ray is a really really interesting guy and we get him on the shall. Because here's what he says that the nervous system. Controls speed. Not necessarily. Liked your physical. Athletic attributes although that's a big part of it. But your nervous system determines how fast you're going to be willing to run it it kills your body. OK we can't go faster nest hey we're we're entering his speed area where it is just too fast you know how you feel. When you're driving a car and your on the interstate and get to that point where hate this is no longer come to. It's kind of like that with your body according to Matt gray who's worked with Indiana University football. Guys are getting stronger they're getting faster. And you know as with all science because it is science. It's all kind of duplicate a bowl and as it can be duplicated it will be duplicated but for right now it seems like a really really interesting. What do differentiation. For Indiana football anyway Indiana's a spring day use spring game. Coming up week from Saturday at memorial stadium at noon. And always a it's not indicator is to how they're gonna play because they're playing against each other. It's always kind of interesting to see what guys sort of pop what guys you know standout wanted to see whether Marcelino ball. Is healthy will get seat quarterbacks. And don't discount great Johnny acts as a part of that process is part of that competition. At quarterback 88 in a hopefully the weather's gonna because of the weather is good it's fun to be down there and if the weather's like it is today it's not a lot of fun to be anyway.