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Monday, August 21st

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Prices for the Indianapolis star's thank you go outside look at the suns for awhile. By dad actually I wouldn't throw gonna do it but my wife. Should work on campus you bet. They did they get handed out free glass of all day and huge. Are going to do to sort by literally. Up and down an. Old school the immediate school. Building to. They're in Peru. Tiny Croatia eight. What we do at Stanford. So let's at a. Is undergoing a dummy only get to do what I mean I wanna say quite the biggest memories. Making some sort of ten hole. Sort of you were in Mike's first grade. And going out to look at the eclipse and I feel like it might have been cloudy so. Of course a bunch of six year old girl that works incredibly crestfallen that all of their hard work could have been and they didn't get to look at vehicle epic collapse. I was so. I I was words so often by teachers and parents and neighbor parents. If you look at the aside and decide and you're gonna go blind I and so it and they told us how to kind of build the cardboard thing I was like pellets at night. I I don't wanna take the chance I'm going blind no matter what I do because it to be likely disrupt the cardboard Dili. So why I did nothing had just stayed inside until I knew that the odds apparel would pass. I expect that there are well in the news. We have Twitter so now it did you look at it. Exactly weekend enjoy a enjoyed the eclipse through the eyes of others and why not. Hey let's talk about eighty any adversity and the bit of a screw up with the compliance department what happened with Brian Brian FitzGerald of Avon. Well I know that they can't tell us everything because academic records are legally protected but what are we now. And here you're not gonna get a lot of details just by the fact that this is the result of a related. Indiana university at your university could argue in my particular is very broad interpretation of what our report. Potentially. What happened was part FitzGerald had a few boxes at least is it many thought about connect Bart itself at a U boxes checked. With regard to your eligibility and a lot of kids do you know coming out of signing day getting ready. It's a little writes quote college. Some would that I used compliance department advised mr. what needed to do I go about you know sort of needing the final requirement she did that he got to campus bench somewhere along the way either I European tour level they realize that yet been orally advised. And therefore had not done what he needed to do to meet its final out to go firemen into double Larry. You know declared him ineligible when everyone say yeah applied for waivers were denied. They appealed and it's all happened in the last couple weeks I think they appealed or 88. Essentially. I guess an appeal of the denial of the waiver that would deny it on Friday at the white. They were kind about you know sort of legal option early just. In to all. Did this cost anybody their jobs. Good question and I'm not sure I know there are multiple completely a work of Saturday multiple listings to jobs board or. Compliance positions. Com. That doesn't necessary mean anyone off the job I mean and that even at that statement which understandably would bait at certain points again they get much because look at a bank. That statement Fred glass reference that redundancies have been shut out. To try and make sure that doesn't happen again a gospel that India and it actually tried to add more compliant app on top of what are you think it. You know sort of create even more stops than you know talking to a friend who is sort of mass. Similar question what you're talking yesterday and it said this is one of those. That at one of those sort of system that. You know it's there or that it exists until 08 something bit. Doesn't matter until. Something like this happens and then all of a sudden you know. Completely and totally failed so I can't say whether or not somebody specifically lost their job is certainly a very early in the article to bolster. Options. Point four. You know it one of the things and I know moves from being the parent of a kid who played collegiate athletics. It's really confusing trying to figure out to compliance dolphins figured this and that eligibility requirements and all that stuff. And and you really have to be able to trust the university. And if you can't trust the university that need done deal with that university and it would seem to DEA is dead this situation. Has broached that Europe has kind of breached that trust and is it indeed it may be a hindrance moving forward as far as recruiting. I think it's a question that they're Indiana gonna have to answer a situation would be very surprised if not something that. Up old school bring up right at least in certain occasions Major Wright and there's no way around it. I think it and I actually ran social media just you know anecdotally talk of people. I think that there's probably a mix of a lot of sort of in bear Fleischer anger at Indiana and also impair the clutch and I think. We can have a certainly a conversation over really need. Not allowing. The waiver in this particular case why I think it'd be punished for that but at the end of the day as what are Indiana University. Screw up first and foremost in any you know. We're we'll probably never gonna know. Exactly screwed up why we're just gonna know the general details. It started with a IU. It's it's it's it really shouldn't be taken as a surprise. That they're at Fred glass kind of came out polian and when reportedly apologize or could this is it awkward and Indiana University mistakes first all. And that said he hit all and that's equality moves by Fred glass in he's also upset with the NCAA but I can't get the NCAA. And their response because if they open up a did that window a crack. And it did this it was not a situation I don't think where Indiana was trying to pull the wool over anybody's size they screwed up. But if they open this up and and say you know what did they hurt the and there are times when the rules really don't need to apply. Then you've got other football programs that are gonna drive it tried to drive a Mack truck through that opening. I have to believe it particularly given. How detailed. Of an electronic footprint. Every person believes in in this day and age that particular cases like this orders or nutrients goods. And there's more to be altered the level of certification. And it's likely that a lot of it this. This communication that can happen on an email level cheap. I've got to believe that there is some system used in setup whereby you can. You know conceivably if you orbit school make it tastes are saying look. This is what happened beat the break. Maybe you'd find the school maybe you penalize that the program scholarship two years down the line yeah like. Something right that would discourage or just doing this regularly but also not persecuted. Who literally did not in law and in fact it's an that he didn't do any wrong that he did everything. But the problems when he was told was right was. Is this a big deal on the field was it was FitzGerald got to play a lot of football. It a good question I think he would sort I would are expected to see him late this year. He was playing at that hot spot that hybrid safety linebacker position. Behind Marcelino bald and if you talk to teammates. Marcelino ball is one of the most. Sort of fit and athletic and initiate. News on that team so. You know it's kind of a situation where he'd really impressed. And like you maybe get it back a Marcelino ball marks a ball also might you want it back up. It. But then on the flip side we also heard a lot from Tom Allen and Tibet which is optimistic they are. In the pre season that the debt they've got it and allow them to. Last year and therefore keep their best players fresh. Puerto that'd be important latter stages of a close game so. It's something that could hurt you know of course it aired over and it may be Marcelino all looked worn out at the right. Oh points we could be saying man may date they missed Brian FitzGerald by. You're also talking about one of the most. Players on the team according to him it encourages so maybe maybe Brian FitzGerald would mean a lot of snaps and. Tired Zach customer and from the Indianapolis Star but Indiana University athletics at large football compliance issue. And then basketball big Condit good news over the weekend really good news. They get a commitment from Robert Finnessey which is kinda projected as likely dampened but still really good news for for their program. I don't think it was a huge surprise. You know and and I'm I'm not even I know. Dare those who follow recruiting looper rightly you know from from the early stages guys' careers I'll admit that much more just sort of you focus in terms of we're not guys get heavily involved argue that when I really start to Kirk got. But I mean and that he'd been in name. Trying to at the front of the field even sensible for Miller certainly since Archie Miller Kaman and been a priority unity EB. K do you Miller's team camp in June. You also been up to McCutcheon to visit him that's the class that always needed and would always going to include at least one point guard likely. Judge in new gurkha the only what you say pure point on the roster this year obviously the senior person guard record development as sort of all gamblers are. Maybe you know sort of lead point guard in the judicial. Agree it up and it. Should. He's played the position that entire career he is out and out a point guard. Indiana really needed that in this class and obviously it got by number schools that they're. And you know you don't blow by the way Indian prince deal when we make it. Out. Gonna help as well I think it's just. If it picks the most important remaining box in the class and I you've got a lot of flexibility. To. Very very nice thank you Zach appreciate it. That would forever great sack ouster written his eyes are fine he is protective eyewear is he gazed at the eclipse. There's a great curiosity worth. I I guess it is the enormous fanfare that it received. The compliance issue and Indiana it that day you get a lot. Like it kid having competency. In your compliance department. Did the same time you got a few really bad for the people who were responsible for this or the person if it's just one person because they know. But there's screw up cost this kid his freshman year football. And that there is no going back and that there is no sometimes mistakes happen and they can't be corrected and when there's a whole. Associated for those mistakes it's really really sad especially for the person. Who screwed it up so. To get on a lot of ashen faces around Bloomington in the compliance department and it is what it is and there's no going back no one to noted subprime FitzGerald does Avon and don't play this year he's not a qualifier. He'll play next year and yet indebted talking to my son who knows about compliance with the NCAA. While it's complicated does for somebody doing the job. This is not complicated sixteen core courses with a 2.3 grade point average that's kind of debt. And how do you not know weathered the kid is you know past all sixteen. And has put up 2.3. Down that debt doesn't take a lot of high and math.