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Friday, January 12th

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You know my siblings now today's trying not Judah. Well it guess it was shoveling snow is a great comment rep was shoveling snow silly did not get a chance to talk during the last segment about that. So we evident we still talked about a high school basketball. But that doesn't mean that we can't talk about more. High school basketball Monday and get into a bit more depth about the Mary Kennedy turn at which is going to continue. With the semi finals tomorrow night you've got more in central lord snorers. At 6 o'clock tomorrow. And then you've got. You got the great wrong Collie rebels against the giants of Ben Davis. And hey did you go all that is a night out in Southport. That is you gotta get down like twice a basketball for your money and then on Monday night you're gonna get the finals of the tournament and it's going to be fantastic. Justin from shoveling the great comnet rip I don't Kyle. You can't talk about that them. A little bit out of breath but I'm here I'm alive. And that's about it you know that's about it yet but it and I'm not either frankly that you get to a certain age who is shoveling snow. And all of a sudden you know what yeah eight year and a little bit to date you're gonna have the white kinda in the window monitor. Whether you're still upright because you know guys who haven't been. Ambulatory in awhile get out there shovel and all of a sudden Kudlow and it's time to call the empties. Yeah. It that you yeah actually you do see that actually quite often it's it's a veco work out but. If you haven't been doing much incident a winner and you know you give up earned your work and it's. I can do a number on it for jerks. Targeted comnet grip to the Indianapolis Star just a stellar job covering high school athletics high school basketball were about midway through the season. The semi finals of the merry county tournament postponed. For tonight those will be played tomorrow night six and 730. Sort of touchy about what of the games because I suddenly these two teams last weekend match up. At war in central high school you got warns north. Warren central how often is it. That a team like Warren central who just completely ran away with the game last Friday night. All of a sudden a week later they show up they play against each other in the game is entirely different. Yeah absolutely it's it's. You know and then Warren. You know they're a team that I don't know if people really thought we're going to be this it was going to be this good again after last year you'll lose in Max Smith and and you know that they have come right back in and maybe even better than they were last year there just one more balance offensively and they were last year but. Yeah this it's seen that that I think is about like the idea that that. You know there are a little bit under the radar I guess they don't have that maybe that huge star player that some other teams do but. You know there are part of this term like you mentioned is coming back in the in plane had seen that you had just defeated and they've done it you know a couple times it was already this year that it did and I don't covered the fight game you know they just beat them and they come back and a beat them again no actually play in the third time later in the season so the other to prove they can do it that it'll be another challenge against a very talented. Well our sport and tomorrow or the thing I like about war in central as they seem to be exceptionally well coached Chris byers has done a great job with this group they don't have a whole lot of size. They don't have that big guy in the metal that you don't. That you had attached to baby and number one team in the state or top five team and in the state. But they plays so well together as a team and they score so well togethers attain. Yeah they do it and that's. That's a credit to Stiller Chris byers has kind of instilled within them you know they they kind of played for each other and then you know that kind mutt kind of chemistry and unity. It into taking a long way and you they've they've proven that you don't necessarily have to have guys gonna go score quite five point two game but it. You looked up kind of pitcher and then did what makes them tough Tuesday they handled all really well their guard oriented team. They can defend multiple new positions but. They if they get ahead of view you know with with with the Christian Berrian and being traded David Bell and and Jesse bring in the big guys you can handle ball. And it's hard to get it away from the run our offense they can run it for. In 45 seconds look for a good job and in the target you know our didn't have to break through it and and get away from home so. There that I can doubly tough when you get behind them but. You know since they're they're they seem to be a team that really likes playing with each other and and also that a couple times and I think that's you know that stuff like factor. When you look at your high school season you know how well it happened while the kids sit together how much they like each other that that. You know credit to buyers and in that staff over there for him to think that what. Cushing Barry is an interesting kid especially given the match up because he spent the last three years starting a point guard for Jackie bird LN. And now he transfers to Warren said cronies that he's got that same job over there what is so it was a situation where that transfer. Well they live in the Warren he's lived in the one district of course now you can do you know you're not that sort of bound by you know where you live audio that. New changed over years ago but. So that was part of the deal. You know I don't know what specific circle you know probably not. Being a position to share everything I know but but you know it just kind of you know this this was a good spot for him at his home district and you know and I think there's any necessarily any ill will there on the on the L inside that. Maybe good timing for him to have to go there and and you don't need in the end they haven't talked to him he'd. You know there there's a little bit of trepidation I guess when you're senior to transfer and his new playing with even though we knew those guys towards central there there are new teammates and but if you look at that you never know the difference you and you'd never know that the other day he hadn't been there before because. Yeah he seems to fit what they like to do and and you know he gets along with those guys really well so you never know you never know he's a force your order for them. We seem Rovio Langford a bunch up here in Mary Kennedy this season's first stated the forum credit union tip off than any music Carmel and that he played last weekend. At bankers life field house. In basketball day Indiana. It what do you think the chances are that Ramirez back here four times for the state championship game. Well I actually had the I had the pleasure of going down to new wobbly on Friday night before they played Saturday. Basically Jefferson bill and you are locked in there and that this student sections are all filled before. The JV games started and that's exactly sold out and this incredible atmosphere and and so on legacy gunplay but. Feel for a long story short you know that's the third time watching him play and that the three tendency and it looks sensational news that look like the best team in the state to meet. I don't know that it hasn't been the case every game that your towards central got a the night before they came to US south fork for that showcase game get for a north side that. Aboard when they're put in an operation on east their point guard as do but I know he's a little under the radar but man he is he's become a phenomenal when you're pronouncement. Doesn't he gives them another another weapon and and a very good player in his own right but it. You know I think when they're going on good you know thereabouts suffered against the issue fruit for them. You know word you're looking at a team like yes South Bend Riley or forward in north side in the north side not his maybe not as loaded this year the south this. And even to get out of the sectional or whatever and bill I believe they put it off on the night I was there but that is very young talented team. Well Floyd central very unit has been never any that sectional stuff the regional gonna have probably center grove. We will witness out you know that's going to be really tough vote regional news so. There's not an easy route to get there and that's you know that's maybe why it'll be a little bit tougher. To make Iran for them but. That when they're at their best vouchers are a team that's that's better than them and in the there's a team that are quote setback since. Aside and unnecessarily of the manner when they're really cook in there they're very good. Romeo Langford where's he stack up yet then I mean if if they go to the state turn committee's likely to wind up in the second all time leading scorer behind David Dalian history Indiana high school hoops. Pay as you look at him wait is there are comparable take him in your experience Watson. A lot of people say Eric Gordon. You know. As far as you know maybe not this specifics of the game dependent the aura around him. You know he's shooting guard too and there are some similarities there. You know he's you know that he's the best out cover. You know that's you know that's pretty separate studio covered trailer while Gary Harrison. You have the high school level though I mean he is just. He's so good and it's just you know really don't know it's been said before but it you looked out the statute at the end of the game and you like to repeat it. When did he get 35 point it is like all the sudden sneaks up on it and then that's a credit to him I think because he doesn't. He has to go outside. What he needs to do as a basketball player you know that gave his 35 within the framework of what he does best. And you know it's it's evidence it's you don't notice him out there but you don't notice all the number seat putting up as he doesn't necessarily. Yeah that's the neatest thing to me along with you know just his demeanor is it is. It is it is well move both you know. Or are also for the love of the spotlight that he played well in the spotlight in note that he didn't used to that. So you he can't say enough about him as a player and and have a chance to cover haven't talked to on. It's a bit so after he graduates but it. But he's he's just he's so good in the whole story with New Albany is disrupted elsewhere that. Community and school support chairman and that scene resist because I would I would tell anybody has chance without their two game to do it because it's. It's experience it's it's drying out but if you get a chance at that point go to home game down there it's it's a lot of on. And they better bring their wallet because they'd sold out for the entire season before the season started. And they were scalping dearest scalpers out in front of New Albany high school last Friday where you work for that Jeff game. Tickets were gone for upwards of 400 bucks to watch a high school basketball game it's ridiculous. It is greatly and they add other song on FaceBook in the new you know stuff that it's it. Is it that India ties who left or right there and actually felt that that's what it's all about the fans can't back and forth and you know I don't Jeff and evolving and no love lost there's a thousand other donors added element to that game but. That's an experience like no other that's for sure you can't lock. Yeah yeah he's he can you look back behind in the stand behind is to put the food and as usual setting Berkshire. Becky Kyle I'm glad you survived the shoveling. Oh yeah I'm gonna whip go arrest spirit aren't I urge you look at. Take a long nab take I'd take tonight off it's got that red from the Indianapolis Star in his Friday night's. From about Thanksgiving. Through. Well Saturday's really during his state tournament but through the end of march had dudes out watching high school basketball.