Grant Afseth analyzes the upcoming season for the Pacers

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, July 12th

Grant Afseth analyzes the upcoming season for the Pacers.


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Be. Yeah. I hear that a little bit north eager to get like these tornado warning. Us. Little bit on the north and not on I. It around your cool being. Joining us thought I I'm on the vertically shame on us because we should it be great. Are talking about the Indiana were true. I Indiana or dot com don't grant. Arie I cannot be better enjoy your work. Are. And lineup. In Italy it is putting Indiana right now. Do and what what and how in 2000 and and hey might starting lineup in him and I. You can laugh your urgent mocked delicate dark. Because I was there you line up I don't pointing jump shooting at an improvement there. And all these low. And I got it in an hour really struggle during a lot these are I. There are all areas. That are because or make it to end. I would say at least shoot it. Words being gone and it didn't impact. In the off more. Arguably alien. Are bad about her he had. That even came back injury. The. Entry so I did I think it only because he knew that when he got. Well I am and replace it let. Oh I can't then all of these bogged autumn and don't really think that the dynamic impact on an. Ryan Pickett all work out how are highly. You're. A big deal and egg and I are word. I ended little bit last year and not rate. At that point guard and B of A and Teracopy. Corey just the overall would be better late then. The better player even better a little bit better shooter. Ball handler I yeah I. And call it does and it predicted that stability for teams are really and it. An hour from Indiana were covered dot com. Grant our big Donna did you cry the other day when Nate McMillan came out I guess. It came out and that he are earning three and Robin in the third. You can't buy that kind of IR three and hit it exactly get better. The benefit of the doubt and I think there is our ability that rob and they're. Turner onion radio pulpit. There air Jack. Guy during his thirty year. To the caliber player in our. How has migrated with almost like a quarter of or all our. Unless. There's definitely a thought for him on all our and a bit. A majority of the head or neck and I would probably there around. Twenty point. And light rebound that I've. I'm you know even coming off the bench I mean there are. And we're probably not likely coming out event it is better and it could you have. Yeah I'm Larry. What they think front court players that lead to sit down and I think I had a lot auction there. And and and and actually. Read your aunt and on the bench. Even on the bench. And got Greg Robinson the third. Maybe they have. Been commuted and an. I guess what they will beat her lack of bench actually rent 18 and decorating. And only Orlando Magic in total that they are alert. I definitely think it would be hard work and I certainly think it crew in quite a few position and acting out translate onto the court. He. And re drop amid. The starting lineup will probably struggle our. And the liabilities. Elite unit. Won't be quite a bit better likely. And you maintain flexibility to deal what a great addition. Summer because call and only guaranteed him Elliott and I doubt that I guarantee one and a half million. About you know right about Indiana a terror according Twitter feed. 841. You. I just heard in February no getting. You and figured. Out that number want to. Build a brand which waiting and and net write up and and under read and you're becoming kind of a guy. 4209. Hour. And junior now have to go only got. One your calling you out. In your. Job or jobs pocket where it rains on each of earning and India to do it away and nobody on. Definitely. And once you have the contents. Other other little hollow like. I am I have a couple notable people in Indianapolis media and they are following me and they don't all you are and it'd volume because they are and they like equality are. I I know you're right. Originally from Kokomo Indiana. Yes I wouldn't doubt or worked until well. I call home. Her home in. Indiana. Our depth at all my favorite in our Indian yeah. A look at periodically talk. On I have taken the time. I don't I appreciate your enemy are you a little bit grant out. From Indiana or dot com is not ruling. I like all the time what did we were Malcolm. It did. You. Are. You com. Can your on. Another continent. And then you have to. Be. Where people can find it. Read that. And I figured that out and he ordered it. Be keen. You don't you don't build your branded somebody you would check to do. And it can do that. Right in India. Dot com. Right and you can be like it. He's lying on what to people like what you do and read we'd all people tell you in all. And when did not like what he'd seen we were in 1999. A what are you going to graduate college. And I had eight and of Twitter all. Somebody look at and say hey we hired this guy or. What I would remain. On what I do. Am apple gonna go do it around. Talked to a guy like great at that kind in the rock. And in the process of figuring that out.