Fuzzy Zoeller on golf today

The Kent Sterling Show
Monday, August 14th

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I come attend sterling shows CBS sports 1430 masters champion US open champion and along with your wife Diane the recipient of the Megan Skinner award. For the Indiana children's wish fund how cool is that are Fuzzy Zeller I don't Fuzzy. What can I am doing fine and non you don't want I'm one of those type people in my wife's one of those type people that. The awards are beautiful we greatly appreciate your awards but we don't need awards you know my award at. Is having the opportunity to help a lot of people and I think my wife and I are always set behind the scenes type people. In a giving mood anything we can do you do to help kids. Or help the elderly were always there but we're always kind of the back side back side. Where they come from a mummy grows a new Albany's. Rice ready to graduate into Albany high school Diane from from down in that area who word on that come from. Well I don't want my mother and dad always like that's you know they were always giving people in I Darren are both of them blushed a little fortunate to be able to our. To do things that other people might not be able to do and to help people enough. That's always been our number one thing isn't like a say instead of getting in the spotlight we'd like countless state. On the backside of it and do good things. Justin Thomas wins the PGA yesterday did you train it was really good how does that change his life. Why you know those are you kind of goal in the game of all the what you do in these major tournaments. Yeah that's a devils a big plus for him. There's no better feeling in the world he'd be too best of what they do. And he definitely be to best yesterday. The I I was watching thirty any ended John Daly and in it and McCord. And Trevino and Trevino was telling stories about like back in the day gambling and what the tour was like. Back in the day he predates you'll little bit don't have it. How has how's the tour changed between the late 70s80s. And the way it is now other no money the money is obvious. Well mommy and I'm gonna say it should not only on tour original sports. The kids are bigger faster stronger. The equipment to the golf ball room. Everything is better than one it was say when I grew up but. You know we say that the guys who uses the old wooden heads in the old a lot of golf balls that if you looked energy would cut. You know they were talented they learned how to play with what equipment today it's a power game. You know I I'm not sure the boys on the young guys today he could play the old stuff. As you know when you hit a ball flying Yule ball just continue to go away didn't straighten out like the new balls do today. Would you be if you're on the tour today and it would your game. I don't know I I really couldn't tell you why would be. You know I. I guess I was a long ball hitter when it came out via social along with phones out I'm rubber you're just more of those factional had a gift had two of the male doctors gave me enough. I took agreeing with the but to all the young boys are what do you think after 315320. In the error. Well in order for us but we're in our prime my prime do you want to read only argued it is a corporate to have returns got a good role. What. You know it is what it is it's fun to watch I mean. I watch a lot of gushed I get an opportunity go to range in just see how these kids hit the ball in its power that I mean it is strictly power. So when when I was a kid and I was grown up in New Albany and I'm belong to the country cub structural to call my dad he was the pro. And say pesos he's complied and so I Don not try to play behind here try to play where I could see what you're doing. And maybe learn something but the way you move the ball was so. A unique and I couldn't figure out how to do inning but hit it straight or offline. He he had just carve it in day where she'll learn that and how hilly indeed do that. Well just a lot of practice a lot of hours on the driving range. You know from serving in the morning until seven tonight I was on the golf course and I was hitting a lot of golf ball I was playing 1836 holes today. It just takes practice it's learning what you can do with your golf swing you know there is no such thing as a perfect gulch when there was a couple of look really nice but. You have to figure out. What you can do with that goal or vision with a golf ball to talk to you mean you want to bend you wanna go right to left and left right now. I was basically through my worms in my prime right to left golfer and I was the money shot I didn't play very many cuts. I played a really right to left because I had a faith and. And that your. And watch you play and in this I don't know if you remember but that's a whole New Albany is Canada's dogleg left through a couple of trees. And I and I always try to hit a four iron over the last tree and I watched you hit and he hit like a five iron in just split them. And then the thing like halfway to maybe a 175. Yards off the tee it just took a sharp left I don't wanna I'm not familiar with the scam huh. I guess outlets that was the right to left dolce that was my shot that was my dominant shot you're not learned to play and play that well. Nerves that. It did I know you had to get nervous but you never looked nervous your whistle and on the course even in majors your whistle and have a good time. Yeah he did it make it it never showed itself was and it was that part of the competitiveness are present just kind of the way you dealt with at. Are you don't look at what what are nerves and afraid to mess up on me actually a go back to the individual on. You're if you're and the faith in yourself and your abilities and you don't get nervous. You might get excited and it's not really nervous. You know the worst thing you can do is try to impede a crappy shot coming down when you're leading the golf tournament such I did didn't what 85 on the go down bagel. At our house a rock and a shackle him on the seventeenth hole. And I lost a one but you know what happens you just got to accept the fact that you wanna mash up we just hope it's not at DO. Time when you're leading a golf tournament. Right here FDI Indiana children's wish fund golf sounding. Fuzzy Zeller and his wife Diane they're gonna win the or that are being presented with a Morgan Skinner. A word next month during an event you got aussies font count here. And what makes aussies on two different. I think it's in the filtering. He'll tell you were five times distilled in ten times filter down again I try to find something was just a little different than the other guy down the road. We settled in over five and ten. It's it's a very smooth bark. Personally. It's the best on the mark and I'm not saying that just because come Monday morning to. But Biden take good great pride in getting this mix and we've had a lot of success with the. We're she'll learn about I how do you know a good vodka from a van Zandt county did good at judging the and does the quality of content street here a lot. Jim Meier we didn't go out and have apples and bananas and everybody went out. They either drank Scotch Berman or vodka that was the drinks and again these street Fijian. Perfect thanks Ozzie appreciated Fuzzy Zeller and thank you. It is his wife Diane winners of the odds are gonna be presented with making scan her word at the Conrad it's the portrait of wishes fall. Raised over 400000. Dollars at this golf sounding at sag more last year expect to do the same this year thanks very much thanks Troy your work.