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Tuesday, April 10th

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There is no such thing. As a meaningless broadcast in the mind and the heart of the great Chris Bury the TV voice of the Indiana Pacers I don't Chris. Am doing great Ken how are you lose your a game tonight right oh absolutely. Got a lot of good crap but the but a lot of that tonight is. It it's really the first game all year the regular season it is the first game where. The outcome that doesn't change any effect you are what you are. It in the Eastern Conference here as an excellent year. Well you've got three starters that won't play tonight instead young boy young gun Richard pectoral deep well. Be a chance force some of the other guys to get some more minutes. And we. Might see somebody like that and more. He came out people coup while but I think it'll be Erica celebration will be a great crowd. Honoring all the high school winners. Up from this past year and really about you know gig mindset ready for the playoffs and it will do a lot of that as well watcher would not talk about other matchups. With either so little here Cleveland. You know you start on the road either Saturday or Sunday so I guess is it'll be a lot of fun it's been such an enjoyable year. Just to watch this group and and to see how they proved all the naysayers wrong I look back at Sports Illustrated. Pick the pacers to win 32 games at what they get so was 31 and a half now. Everybody was perk pretty much in the low thirty I'll be honest that somewhere between 35 of 38. I thought they might be able to touch forty may be able. To get close to 500. But even if they would've done that if you look at what's happened in the east this year that would mimic you got the win. You know forty or so games so. They get far better than I anticipated. And I am I'm pleased that. You know I had no question at 31 and a half that the over was gonna pay. But I'm not a Smart enough gambler to just gamble on what I know to be sure things you know what I mean. I I would know like one in ten things like that but the other nine it would decline slip and that would put me in apparel. Financially. You know the good news is I'm not wanna I'm not yet more and and you you know what you work for the NBA you you you can't do anything with the FBI wouldn't do it even if it didn't work for India and I just think. Yes sports is a crazy thing to look at what makes this so great is that you just don't know what's gonna happen. And I really give a lot of credit to the foresight of the front office with with making the trade that changed everything. Upbringing Victor all the people on dome awesome bonus. And then you have to give a lot of credit to the coaching staff for taking the group that they put together. And then give a lot of credit to the players are buying yen and one apart look at guys like. They're in college and a boy on the Donna did you sign. Free agent contract that was something that they saw. That individually they felt they could excel and keep what they thought they could excel and and it hit the beauty about sports to mean there are highs and lows to meet every. Every night and it changed or chat whether it's you know you wanna watch your son or daughter played in junior high sports or ice order. Or college or the pros if the mono to mono team vs teams somebody's gonna lose as somebody's gonna win and it's sure been good to see the pacers win more than they lose this year. Target new odds Christa Mary TV voice of the Indiana pace sitting here is hurt tonight. On fox sports Indiana Tippett is 7 o'clock error just after seven as always with pacers some games are most the time. With pacers home games is how have you been doing these games Chris. Are that much wealthier says it's written it it's really hard to believe. And I will. Our complete my twelfth regular season and has the EP voice to the pacers. In those twelve years is there a reasonable kind of they are comparison. To this team to win it with kind of the good five that comes from this team somebody that you've covered with the pacers they try to reminding you of these guys. Well they've made. Maybe that it would be that twenty a 12012 team so would have been bureau a lot out. Where the pacers signed David West he saw something. In that group that. What they encouraged him to be a part of the pacers. It was hold Georgia's. What second year because his first year. In 201011 they made the playoffs they slipped in the eight seat the next year they won 42 games that they want forty that. They won 56 so. Look back at it it's it's similar to that 20112012. Eaten because I think their work. But are different because there were at least some expectations there. With that team growing. This team had little or no expectations as far as anybody. Nationally. So I would say though it been that kind of a year from the standpoint that. I really feel this was growth year mean Nate Allen talked about that all time best. As is good as they did and it went 48 or 48 and 33 he still what it is all about finding who we are. And growing into what we hope to be into the future so. I think it's been it's. And that's recognition that you're building something for a long term that you also enjoyed some immediate success in the short term. You know Ryan ended this is such a media tango the wonder about but it with them winning 48 games this year and be in the third seed. Eight and being so close to be in the third from the third seed he tried to see your way clear maybe to get to the Eastern Conference finals. But when that ultimately be a good thing for this team because expectations Gordon the next year would be crazy. Yeah but but I think this team had to deal with. Expectations as the season progressed. You know they got the all star break your position. They all sit. Everybody was thinking well. You know what are they gonna do what they just go 500 then. Obviously had a better than 500 records since the all star break in the you know very impressive the stretch of games where. They went to Philadelphia Boston Washington Milwaukee and want. I would do some research kitten I'll talk about on the telecast tonight and it depends on. The Minnesota debt per game tomorrow night but at Minnesota wins. Eleven of the pacers 21 wins will have been against play off teams. And eight of those will be. Against Eastern Conference playoff games last year. They had read total wrote wins against playoff teams and zero. Against the Eastern Conference so I think what gives this team. You know a lot of belief in itself is think about where they went in the east and or make sure they won twice at all. They want in Philadelphia they want in Washington they wanted we want to Milwaukee they want in Miami. So. That that's why this team has been much different this year because. Are they want eight more road games and they want a year ago they're gonna. Ironically they're gonna be. If if if they've depending on what happens tonight they still won't have as good home record as they had a year ago. But they will take that because they had a 2120. Record so I think that's. That's very impressive for this group that they were able to have a better than 500 record on the road ironically in the forty plus years of pacers bask on the India and it's only just six time. That Indiana has ever had a road winning record so I think that's says something about this group. Yeah nine and it seems like the Eastern Conference you've seen these teams and you've seen him a bunch of times age but this Eastern Conference minus the Washington Wizards. It appears to be wide open and that any of those seven teams who are got to make the playoffs from one through seven could qualify for the NBA finals. Yet only adapted to all you have to do is get hot. And eat in this situation at your road team a team that does that have home court advantage. I really think it is pressure on the home team to hold serve still to win both of those games because they'll think back at the last time the pacers one. Our series. When they did not have home court advantage you go back to 201213. When the pacers for the preceded the knicks were good to see with Carmelo. And the pacers won game one at Madison square garden and then it was even the rest of the last. The pacers won three games at home there and the knicks you know one what they could at home. So stealing that road game was very important for the pacers and so. I think there's a lot of pressure you know whether it's Cleveland or shall help in the first round there's a lot of pressure to win both of those games. Because at least let all of a sudden you've given up home court advantage something that you worked at the entire season or. While also. I've I've I'm. I'm intrigued to see how these playoffs go because I think on both sides of the weapon in the east I think you could have. Two or three upset where. Higher seeded team with a lower seeded team beats a higher seeded. I know you and Crennel talked about it on the broadcast tonight as the pacers played a hornets but would you rather play the 76ers. Or the Cannes. Well I mean there's one guy. That I think you you hate to have to face and that's LeBron James and the pacers are clearly. Run into him now four times this would be different. Three times in Miami in two times in Cleveland. When you're looking at it that plated seven consecutive NBA finals and he'd just rather not have to go against him. The pacers sentenced seen this. Cleveland group because they had played four games against the cavaliers. Prior to the big trade that they may so you don't really know how to match up is aegis others are certain number 23. That I believe is the best player in the world he won't win the most valuable player this year but he could win it. Every year so in that regard you'd like to stay away from Cleveland but. You know Philadelphia. At some point that you would think they're gonna have to lose a game they won what fourteen or row. They're gonna be as a group in experience going to the post season with with some young guys. But the pacers as they grew. Will be an experience going into the right he's in as well I mean you'd have guys that have played in the post season but they've got a plate in the post. So I picnic. At this point you let it fall where it may. Completely get what it needed to do last night with a win in New York. And now really the pressure on Philadelphia. Are not believe on Atlanta tonight I think Atlanta. Is playing better basketball there you on their hungry. They won in Boston on Sunday. It's their final game of the regular seat and I understand their sentences that. Some Castro problems all day long. It'll be interesting to see because typically have at least a little it's not. Then that I think you'll see Philadelphia the first round because I do not equally well losing at home to New York tomorrow night. Thank you Chris every called night great season are here. Absolutely agree Crist and Mary the TV voice of the Indiana Pacers Obie and the cold night as the pacers. Take on the hornets on fox sports Indiana the hawks are 24 and 57. I know the day she you don't asleep on anybody but if on the 76ers. And I lose. I wind up number four in the east because I lost the Atlanta Hawks I'm gonna lose my mind. My head would explode if I was a coach 76ers. 76ers did you know the last game that they lost was against the pacers. And that was march 13. Then almost a month. Since they have lives since they've lost in the last team to beat him the pacers tonight it's at Hickory night. They honored the pacers do the eight high school champions four from the boys were from the girls always have fun night. At bankers life field house pacers. In the Charlotte hornets 7 o'clock. Add bankers life right now they say that the out pacers. CI I don't think that's mantra predict trying to espn.com. I don't think they take into account like people not client. If that buoyant and Zach are gonna play there's no way that the Indiana Pacers. Could be a 65%. Likely winner. And I came it just doesn't make sense.