Former Ben Davis FB coach Mike Kirschner

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, January 10th

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Economic had sterling show CBS sports 1430. News in high school football over the last couple of days Mike searchers decided to step down as head coach at and Davis. We welcome him to the show how you don't coach. Good thank Graham was this there was this kinda AA title like get better and undefeated and going out with a state championship what caused your decision. Now that add them to do that I've been thinking about this for quite some time. You know I've been here eighteen years last eleven as they head coach. And was looking for around. Different. And and sit there were needed change needed change based needed a change of scenery and so this the government for a while. Decided that. At this stick it out do this year obviously we had a really good group of kids and we got a new written. This deed itself let them to do it. Is it well we look at what we go to high school football games we see the result of all the work on Friday night and it looks like a lot of fun. How many hours generally you have to put in to have that kind of thought on Fridays. During a during us in these little weak I put him on average somewhere between. I catches up to a year ago between 75 and eighty hours do we decrease in cabinet has just in that well in school waits after school practice still breakdown from practiced. Supplies and it all on Mike coaches. Like in this what we got to change here in the net just an ongoing process and include thought he really. Lots of hours on Saturday and Sunday. And every one of those hours he spent doing football is an hour you're not with your family and not living your life. That's correct in seat of that stuff in off fortunately I've been blessed with a wonderful wife and wonderful kids and my kids are all grown now but even as they were growing up they all. Kind of border and in the process of what we were due and what do you guys do now. Look coach again. Just not sure where yet so I'm not done. Just dipped because stepped back your permit and see what's going on but. Got some things in the fire does he would leave out the I'll be coaching against someplace. And stick in high school you can look at the college game weigh in on what we're we're well got a little bit about right now we're discussing are out there they are cut away the option you've followed Tom Allen so what are the immediate. Like things that little thought was well while Mike's gonna go down to Wilmington to be in a system for Tom. Now that that not happen to have that element that some positive on that would not on the got his own. Instead of things go on any debt and do an unbelievable job he's a great coach and a great person and a bit now that that's not a direction I'm going. Let me ask you about Reese Taylor he's got to go down die you and nobody knows exactly what he's gonna do you think he can play quarterback in Big Ten level. There is no doubt in my mind I know how big some of the old quarterbacks that. They've had a wild state and and still the knock economy's not your typical six or 65 bit. A lot of college offenses aren't your typical drop back offenses and more into the bush to read. Defense is read coverages and accuracy and in his ability to run and make plays with a seat. Make him exceptional. And not the Obama have a package tomorrow and that gets the ball his and it is heated heated heated game changer you know on the label on defense like I understand that he's he'd be in that sort of targeting a little bit bit. The game changer the ball and. When I watched you guys play in the state championship game and prior to that as well you know when we saw Reese Taylor get the quarter. Yeah he would explode around the corner in a way that you judge you're like oh wow you know it was like to get goosebumps watch indicated. Data and it is not something new coach coming that some kid as a yeah he's it has an assist them he has in his ability to do it he has great vision great feet and great acceleration. You know in 2014. You won the state championship as well. And that was it not against I mean what you guys accomplished in 2017. Just unbelievable and it undefeated run through the regular season. And the tournament but to beat tight Avon Warren central senator growth. And car all that has got to be the greatest golf lead that is ever been maneuvered through in the history a high school football here and Indiana. Yeah and four inch and fourteen that was that was double murderer grow I don't open the greatest got under the worst nightmare depending on you look at it at every week when you lined up against my Aiken Avon Ann and warned central and senator Breaux would probably you know already lost to warn during the regular season. And lost the car badly in the regular season. To be able to go through that five week period stay healthy. At the table a couple teams could be Chitwood was a really special year rose 2014. Honestly it was it was my first as a head coach had been involved in the coupled listen to what coach Bellingham but. My first as a head coach that was that was his special seat in and I can remember as a coach. Did the play by play for the semis state games for channel forty. In that semi state against senator grove and that might have been the best place at the most exciting high school football game I've ever seen. And lest you for a defense to coach yeah right. If you like authentic look at you know more unfortunately is best running back got hurt but right they were loaded mandate they did try to smoke or an old guys and you know Eric Moore does such an excellent job coaching his kids and get number we knew it was going to be adult flight. Hey now that you're kinda done with that one of the things is we talked all the coaches pre season. And and talk to coaches during the season it seems like you guys are so genuinely supportive. Of one another and you just mentioned Eric and this seems like a great community of coaches are you gonna miss being a part of that fraternity. Yeah out because it is in no way we are such respect for each other programs. You know from tight to the Lawrence's towards the north central Kabul December grow we know each other we play each other during the regular season and here lately it seems that we play each other you know this year we have to play lord and Detroit 1 central twice. Played each other multiple times in some cases you just get to know each other on a personal level not not so much on the competitive level where you meet once a year and I can say at least I feel like most little guys are friends of mine that it's you know that we talk on a regular basis ambled toward central on Monday to speak at a function there have an adjacent western Mir both speak and and the kind of relationship we have and that's. That's the way it should be it it shouldn't be an end. A relationship of animosity it should be one of of caring for each other. I appreciate it coach thanks so much for the timing good luck with whatever you do next thank you appreciate it governor absolutely that's my cursor that's former sounds weird. Former head football coach at and Davis coming off an undefeated season throughout the regular and post seasons. Well what the most dominating runs through the odds are 68 tournament winning by thirteen 743. 37 and then 49 points and that came against and could have been worse. I picked iconic called the dogs off toward the end of that thing or it could've gotten completely out of hand Mike Hirsch are one of the really good guys. In high school football and good for him. What seems like. I just haven't lunch we're kind of talking about that area of your life. Where he kind of figured okay. I've sorted checked all the boxes now I got to figure out what's next to me sort of re calibrate. And Mike's gonna go ahead and do that re calibrate and go ahead and coach someplace else. At a different time it and I think you need that time you need I had time to sort of decompress and get off the hamster wheel. And re sort of configured the priorities in your life and then get back down. You know eight in the big chill great movie right. And Clinton close her character says summon that movie I think is so Smart she believes he'll live two lives the one you learn wet. And the one you live with after that. And I think that's exactly right and in I think Mike Kirschner in bringing an end. To his run as the head football coach at Penn Davis is bringing an end of life the professional life at least. That he learned Gwyneth. And now he's gonna begin a life that he he's gonna attacked. After that and live the life that that he lives so there you don't Mike Hirsch really really good dude.