Evan Altman provides insight on the Cubs injuries and recent games

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, August 10th

Evan Altman provides insight on the Cubs injuries and recent games.


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Look who's here degrade Evan elements from cubs insider dot com height on Evan. Packing a point you Marxist. You know probably a good day the cubs. General need you were pretty bad news. A date closer to Wilson contreras heaven that hamstring Eli gas. Yes that in any doubt at all I don't picket anything at the Seoul it out but it or our goal. Scoble that is critical week which is actually. Are given what look like what happened and and knowing their enemies can take a while there's they're budget sound like it the bad strain and could be back with the ball well we'll hope for the best of course I how does it affect catching. Your pop up top and down that whatever. You know I mean I think that's it and it's as a result of a guy like him who relies so watch that audit ability yeah. Org blocked back there's just. Down there and eat eat pop and about it stand T he children that the I did make roads and so I think. When you talk about those really. Those quick tweets burns like. You know I think that could impact that a little bit they are so. When you watch out but to see him but he called will bring out a little bit anyways so. But we're Alec it is that you can't say eight Tony down and and change the way away. Because who knows how that impacts in so I I think just knowing how he goes about his there's Mexico are probably going to take it. A little bit extra cautious within the important used you know should they whether it's and so we positioned well there should be. I don't black communities were under reactor that heading into the end of September. Tired Evan all the at a cubs in Saturn act Condit thing that bothers me about the cubs. Our fundamental lapses date and on Sunday I'll give me an example so there's a ball hit off the wall hard off the wall in left field at Wrigley Field. Contra arbor field it cleanly. And throws to third. And then Chris Bryant comes up with the throat throws back to second get a 'cause a guy's still hadn't gotten the bag at second. And throws it into right field so the runner advances to third. Issue warmer takes it off the wall understands the situation. And throws toward second they might get the guy out instead he's standing on third and that kind of thing seems to happen game after game after game after game. Yeah and it's really kind of strange Eli and I don't know where we're at it. And I think that. Don't cannot assign oh who were moved and I don't worries you Rhode Bradley fielder. I think a lot of it is his instincts tell there have not developed to where he really has a fundamental equity income map position. If they they look like when you put a bunch of guys out there are purely softball you know there are a coed softball order. There's not that acquired understanding of the game at a higher level you know and it and entities you'll pick up basketball you know where. Eighties it might all be really good individual players. But you get about or not communicating really well as a key. And you see that it would because the same team we saw last year where that was never any. Ol'. Eight including a gimmick I pulled back that we talked about this before X ample screen. Oh kind of repeating or or trying to keep up with what they did last year I think they're covered children that they just don't look actual well there. And that goes you know top to bottom on the roster are obligated legally exempt so at least eight were just completely if a line drug can attribute it also is below. Right met never you know it's there literally never happen. As we hear so like that it does doesn't want the count look at it and that you hate to say karma is pretty influential in the local bank and there are certain things that. Good teams don't have breaks go against them like Coca. You know and you make a great point seven Altman on cubs insider back Tommy got written out more news and notes Edison Russell got new tattoo a menacing draw on his left packed. And it at the end of paragraph you say. Russell needs to be focused on baseball instead of getting tattooed. And then you you know I ate. I absolutely agree with that show me guy who's thinking along those lines. And he's not thinking about baseball he is not taken the time to think OK how can they get better at this. How can only get this thing turned around they're thinking about in celery stuff that just has nothing to do with their job at hand. And when you do that you show a lack of focus and that I think is what the cubs are guilty of this season. Yemen that I think a lot of these guys. And you know you wonder I don't even know how much activities. Is a partner. Consciousness is the even realize it or ordered those so you a lot of people have trouble saying no. And by no means you're on I'm not begrudge anyone for. When joining Amer workmen doing so well they receive from doing something to do very well. At the same time I think there's there's an incessant. Creek. That. You know we we don't really notice it until you look back over here Gosling to a lot different back women and a lot of get the rust in the limelight. They're very quickly and with bet com a lot of opportunities a lot of lot of people want which in commercials and and heavy duty occurrences. I think it sounds all well and good and and then you know it's possible I want suit completely to blame for any of this. But it's possible that there could be a lack of focus that result from being old in a lot of different directions with you know an armed camp global then awhile. And also you or breaks you met a couple more now mentally. Physically and mentally. And I want the public so that at play and that they're workers were seen it I'm like what they are Eleanor when a script for a little bit. You know I'm not anti tend to I'm fine with tattoos I I got no room I got no gripe even the crazy hobby by as. Ted two of the Major League Baseball logo on the back of his neck. I'm all right with not with all that stuff I just. I think that when you know the crap hits the fan. Some guys. Get tattoos and some guy is take extra ground balls. And in our are just not of a mindset where the taken you know I got to get a tattoo. Course you know you look at that the other side and and your tiara on a day or he's gonna. He's on the DL also pay what's what's for five hours out of my day I got another ninety hours ago tactical field for a while. Let that look like about a six hour job though so. I just just estimating on on past experience I would say that that that took a little while the men are so I guess we on the DL though you do overlook. Yes I I go back to and this is another like limited. Perspective thing. But there is a guy who Isiah Pete who has drafted by the the St. Louis Rams and second round I think got to Cincinnati. And he was stated a friend of mine's house and dies so well what's he like he goes well he used on a table in the basement at a tattoo artist comment. And end drug designs all over the place took about fourteen hours. And I said OK well they you know as a guiding kind of draw a line through his name he is not processing information properly. And he's he's spending a lot of is and his bonus money. On ink which is fine again. But you know it'd their points of differentiation. For people in life. And it's if what you're thinking before EU loves you've gone your first work out as a member of the team is hey. I gotta get me all whole back full of tattoos. You got a problem. Yeah there's I mean there's that we can be says I think across. They're bigger. You know but hey at least he's doing when he got the money you know unlike these these poor college athletes to certainly do not the kind of money to have full sleeves. On both arms but I guess that that it that it metre here yeah acted as. I don't understand it but again I think it goes it is there's there's definitely something about this cubs team. That is different. From what we saw lectured an outlet there was the spurt there those little sport worst or at sea and the team we saw Lester would it look like you're having on. And they were enjoying big gain and and one another and edit some disk has gone missing. And maybe that's because again you see. You know you get the mountaintop PC if you promote their. And even the fans. To watch that happen nothing really compares. Two that was very difficult to compare those things. But you watch this team this year they just don't look they look and I said that before so will be fitted horse but it feels like. They're more businesslike. And this is less of a more often electric game. This year it is even watching them on the field. It's funny how that works I don't know how many pictures Chris Bryant signed. Of himself as he jumps in the air after remakes that's heard Anthony Rizzo and the cubs clinch that World Series. But. I AEA had day he had to sign. 101020. Stacks of them Pete that there are all lot of those things float around and thankfully I don't want. Merry go epic that all that matters you know what though if the cubs for forty games over 500 we wouldn't give a damn about tattoos everything else. No there there again at that they re winning cures all ill or or or or issues are even even. You know someone who's who's perhaps despicable type of person her rep may be done despicable things. Can come onto your team and create the Firestone while but then it goes away because you keep winning. Those big use are much easier to mask. When and everything is hunky dory and nobody is questioning. You know motives and that's or intuitive. It is difficult to open it it's much easier question we shall what difference between. My urine and this year and shook a look at for those things in digging around and you sir turn over some stones and he'll eventually you're gonna find some. You know there are no billionaires her psychopaths. Those guys are eccentric. Right it's all matter perspective and it all depends on success and successful. Results. Make us in first successful behavior and vice averse. Yeah I mean it's any and it's just a matter of you know you'll also. You kind of want to believe everything's great just like anything else right things go well. Why term you don't want to upset the apple corps let's just let's just go on and Ed let's pretend things roll our own good thing unity guy episode in. Where things are things never as good as what they seem at their best know and are they respect as well they've seen there worst. Also know because the good thing if this is. You know the poor certainly don't seem to wanted to win enough games right back in take becomes back over and and McCorkel Brooklyn. Well right now particularly any leader I think period thinker. You know if you were Christians are to be all beyond them and maybe read Richard called back to earth all the sudden. There they are back it even further mediocrity so called him a couple of very easy schedule coming up. I figured out there at all which you retell just just winning regain her suitor although they. Because in the direct seven and extent I think that's gonna really. OK so I I'm also looking at all of these these nicknamed jerseys. That you've got nice picture of all the cubs nickname jerseys and cubs insider dot com. And you like this. Are not gonna we're what did you hit there haters weekend after a clear we. You know on them nice. And get on merit to look at it where if apple. It's a great idyllic. Yeah it's really kind of weird and like. Program Kirk I think your record producer goes especially early who would play in Pittsburgh when it. Could attribute Negro League in the old uniforms are. Just kind of power and people look at me like look ugly karma from an aesthetic but I think the idea aidid is cool and you got a little weird. You know it looks something like deter these Billy barker well Warren you know back in the I at least eighty ish but also a little like we've men. Been nicknamed K okay over the immediate you know. Dulles just says look Stella. Yes it's just that Lester so like are likable guys we eat we get into it so. It's cool it's gonna raise money are right for you grateful supposedly so. It's equitable and just it's it's out of if you look at all the other teams' uniforms it did Sybil get really cocky look I don't know it it's very. It. Other than that I don't see anything any aids that really just aren't part of the name Mike hadn't done. Tapper. Schwab birds. You know it did this baseball guys. They cannot be led blasted their own devices to determine their nicknames I like they haters weekend much better. Where fans can exercise a little of that anger and a little disdain. And do something a little bit funny none of these reveal any kind of sense of humor what so ever. I mean if you if you care area what what happened you know where where he hate me you know from me except right. More with is there or when it was at least playing for the niners dot Whitner was illegally changed it named Whitner because he was mad. That that is some dedication to the cold that is taking the nickname I delegate Felix. Embrace although the one thing I do you think is really really cool about that it understated. And a lead. That the guys who can put an inscription. Of the person or people who most influenced them. A longer career path so you know you're gonna see a lot of common better. There is coach's fingertips I think it kind of a neat you brought back to. Again that you'd base or out it came up through it's a wake of those guys a tribute to people who were instrumental. I like your ideas for nicknames much better that are in parentheses below the below the picture and in the story so. Not surprised things that I enjoy your creativity thank you haven't Alvin. No probably have a great rest of oh what what would show the great Evan elements from cubs insider dot com.