Evan Altman provides insight on the Cubs draft selections and Rizzo batting leadoff

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, June 15th

Evan Altman provides insight on the Cubs draft selections and Rizzo batting leadoff.


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Thank and the cancer early show CBS sports 1438. Doing this afternoon the weather a little bit time teeth. And the baseball a little bit dodging for the Chicago Cubs joining us from cubs insider dot com the great up and all and I do and Evan. You are be doing a little bit better but cups could Gleason consistent baseball book I guess local people look what we've got for now. Well let me X yeah why the cubs losing so damn much. You know it's if you ask Joseph Maddon and the immediate Eric says that last part game. A lot of it's on the on the you and that's where you still need to look at dorsal lot of young guys lineup although. I'm a little hard pressed to really put too much credence in that because. Just saying that the same thing we were trumpeting this this great all those for their resurgence the mirror and there are returned to the top of the world. Last year you know on the backs younger players but I do think there should be said provoked these guys to. Realistically you're only now economy and there are intersecting year and so relieve their rookie years. And Indian happen and he did his rookie year a lot of guys who have yet to really go to a lot local experts were back like so. You know you'd like to roll and I think so it just aren't coming back hurtful it. You know end and Joseph Maddon strikes me is the kind of guy is not gonna go all Billy Martin start turn apart locker rooms he's just going to be. Kind of stayed and sciele led to and just keep guys. You know engaged in hopes that the baseball gods even this thing out. Yeah and he didn't talk about that before you know and in his evolution as a manager at getting to know corners that it he says. Can't blow up on guys in the past them and he saw Howell that sometimes got their bit to shut down. Even further you know that that you kind of lose that trust that Matt won't let go on it it's not coming back and so. With the young lineup like this I think the only thing you can do is sort keep putting him in what you think in the best position for them to be able succeeding get out of it and the good news for a couple of bit. Third division in the Al central which they can do what they have been doing in any you know losing. Unfortunately more often than we like to see and they are still only two games or split though. It's it's a pretty quick turnaround should that happen tired at an all. And from cubs insider Docomo RAP Major League Baseball draft. I assume that it's over this thing is is the longest draft in the history draft tonight no idea how many rounds. This thing lasts evidently it's come to an end what the cubs do. Yes they went they went after a we look at it cabinet in a general sense. Particularly all you can do a lot of these. And they win it really heavy. On now on all arms right so Greta little it went after Alex ankle guys early. College arms. That you know right now about to pay it seemed we've seen it gets cold up and our order and will rest trader in Egypt he gets it they don't need more bat. And so they went. Beyond pitchers I think yesterday alone or crown earlier per day which encompasses many many rounds. But it attracted thirty players went base seventeen of them were pitchers. Other took a couple of first round on Monday they took several more Tuesday so. You're seeing them basically stock up on that because it's such a crapshoot particularly with pitchers and so the hope is that they can dock that forms system within bell. Solid pitchers over the next couple years old guys metric Laker system and can wreak still. You know I thought it was really Smart what they had been doing candy and far be it for me to be critical with Theo Epstein which seems like a fool's errand is as the words are coming out of my mouth. But drafting position players. The results are far more up predictable then they are with pitchers. And he can move those guys to go get pitchers who have already recovered from the inevitable Tommy John surgery or who you believe not to be of all likely candidate for Tommy John surgery MPH 27 herself. I kinda like that model. And it I think it worked out really really well for him doubles not I don't wanna take to welcome that's not really direct way to put it that. He you know these guys came up and we saw a pick after pick or in the case of guys like he had also be traded border young age. Judy get up and actually succeed. And I think as a result of the developmental path was so quick it to have a lot of people thought well why haven't got any picture of big government. Any it takes a lot longer on average to develop a picture right at them. And so you each. You know there's different time frames and there are some guys there are you know you got don't see she got. Up possibly Oscar bill crews. You know some of those characters that Jose Alberto sit down merit the low low level. And diet really just coming in who's only eighteen years old Orson impact arms there. It just is one of those entry draft a guy like Chris Bryant and see him a year later. You know doing a chipper at the proprietor of a Major League level it's gonna take 34. Five years for any of them are really even sniff the circus. To get up there so it's there it's a long process. Alicea go out and get a guy like Michael wacko who is kind of an out liars selected ranked 22. By the cardinals idea a year and a half later it's not maybe even a year later. He he came up from he moved from Texas a and M into the cardinals' system and all of a sudden. He he's drawn meaningful playoff games and does sometimes you get lucky. And that they met through this thing I think it's so reader you know you look at pitchers they got starters in the majors major threat to be able to command. Three and four and write about you and five different pitches and sort and in college especially preschool. You know if your high school thrown mid nineties you're at it doesn't matter who stalked. Or not the combat. Let it play number 195 down like to meet Peter he's gonna turn to be the sort. It's interesting to see but I equated special someone like bill and species can be a formal go watcher hobbies or recover from Tommy John. Audio she's got the momentum there and see what happens in urban not a system. If he's able to make it up to did double A or even be you know finishes at Myrtle Beach this year. We start on next season and it the double a.'s general re see the best pitching prospect in any Pia really quick jump him from Tennessee to Chicago maybe early next year. Are we cool with the cubs losing like four insanity because they won the World Series last year are are we just not dissing gauged. But not so heavily invested. In their successor failure because now we've lived through and we've checked that box. Yeah I mean I think if if asked that question in a vacuum you know prior to last feet and I think we'll sit capsule all trait they're all trade. Directly try to be losing for the World Series. But in the interim podium and and they do it but who still. Winning you know again it. I don't think I don't think reality kind of matches up with that foot. I do think it's Smart to repeat step back and look at it like whoa you know the giant didn't win three world surgical role. They want to read every other year record of five years and so I think that. More the model the cubs are looking at going hey can we win 23 or four row they want to be consist competitive. Hello them in the court extremist so to get a but I certainly here. This might not be inappropriate analogy but it's what in your comment reminded me out and it's kind of like you've got to ten out of ten across Bermuda bar. But you know she's got syphilis. Andy and it's 2 o'clock in the morning and you've had about eighteen Beers and they get a lot. It's worth it let's go but you wake up in the morning you got senseless you don't have syphilis for God's sake it was not worth that MI MI right. Well it. I'm struggling with out of grapple with that. I you know press. Oh absolutely up cricket cricket cup in SPD is very close their quality or good. However. You know it it. I knew that going in it would be a little bit different so are gonna get a coordinated. Back slowly away from and I think that it's I can't lift him out of my mouth. I'm at that net interest bearing. Let's talk about Anthony Rizzo can't anywhere is so he is let off I hate it maybe twice and his wife. Andy's gone yard both times is this an experiment that can be. And it that we expect to continue and can it continue to bear fruit like there's. It's interesting and and the first time at least aware of him batting leadoff was split squad game on. More 46 when the cubs beat red so I think what two or. The animation this year in an illusion is gonna Joker little you know what they don't want we all of a lead off all brought. And now he's done it he's seen three pitches leading off the game political ropes and hit two home runs autumn so. I don't think it's hardware by any stretch but I that this this calorie gut. You don't think about it if you if you go into the garage for the first time in the in the spring and you you break out the weed eater. And you know you gotta put in the gas and it most certainly get it choke on the call but the other. Yeah I kind of do something great it's not how you normally go outs you know start they know portraying normally goes. Well the cubs are kind of that dormant. We leader if you will salute to my attempt at a really weird analogy well well well well one next may be slightly more family friendly. Thank out of the end that I didn't wind up with syphilis. Right exactly and so what you have a nice trimmed. From Jordan and they're happy this is got. Put Brazil up there he's provided that little spore and doom beauty of watching the leaderboard or bronze are all I eat. And maybe that's a copping to gonna give him energized a little bit they can slot guys back in short actually struck come around. Forcing him act. You know who knows what happened but I'd I don't think it's permanent but it's gonna total watch. It says thank you Evan travels safe. I'll do it ratio that haven't elements from cubs insider not Tom I don't know why at the end of all my analogies somebody winds up with syphilis. And it's it. I I just think it's a funny word. If it wasn't called syphilis I would never go to as TDs and it is as part of the analogy but syphilis just makes me laugh and I can't explain that either.