Evan Altman explains the recent success the Cubs have had this season

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, August 3rd

Evan Altman explains the recent success the Cubs have had this season.


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I know it can top it was fool's gold in their first start. Gave up a sore spot in the top of the first to the Arizona Diamondbacks we welcome to the show Kevin Robbins from cubs insider not up. Tell me this and what we're gonna see from can Todd out for the rest of the season and what it is in bed her beloved god can we do that trade Abbott Evan. I think there would be a terrible idea. So you know eight for a guy who's got it to forty you're here for previous eight starts. Ever want somebody gonna have it up so sort prejudices. One of them weird games and and then maybe don't know maybe a score eight more runs in the next two innings in and take the lead back unos. Last night there it is this totally predictable or what they scored sixteen. On Tuesday night so on Wednesday night what are you get gig get a doughnut I know it I know I. I was like saves some of these runs stock hit it like it some peach golden night. It like it's a mush ball a sixteen inch supple and do it two nights in a row they didn't so they go 161 night they go zero the next. There on Sarah today but there's still on the bottom of the first. Well I think if ever you were going to predict again like it do it of course it would come against a former cup saw. Impact doubly right but he had treated incidentally or Miguel Montero was not even with the team anymore obviously so it was. It's what I did hate yes hate concede that there are some kind of weird karma or they're you know of course is gonna have a bought. Actually workers sixteen run game and facing a former comes prospect it only makes sense that they would go out there it eclectic. It anyway we know that they're not gonna win thirteen out of sixteen. You know I it they're not the Dodgers let me ask you this Evan Alvin from cubs insider dot com. Let's say that the cubs get to the playoffs how what they held they compete. Guess Kershaw. And Darvish are healthy how do you compete with the LA Dodgers. Yeah I mean that's that's going to be really tough. Obviously in the med that's understating it but I think when you look at the trades they made great go out yet. He didn't look much like today particulate and it started starter like in Ghana. To get a stub left handed reliever in Justin Wilson. Who incidentally is also better against right handed hitters immediately implement these. Yeah the team right now that stepped up a couple of would played nationals barring any significant changes throughout the restless even. Who have a lot of wonderful collect edit side same for the Dodgers now the doctors are getting better in what he may have McCree just a lead that. You're the cubs are doing mr. civic and who's available that we pickle but they'll be at saint. Who can we get. Who sets but also to play well not only throughout the regular season but against will likely play off opponent. Because that's what we expect to be. And so like I think he you know the match ups go well if guys continue to pitch away to have been. You might have to catch some breaks against some of them and hope that you know pretty Kershaw probably gamer the same thing with Darvish but. Or can we are a series like I think he can duplicate overall and any one although the darker outlook like world beaters so what is the scene. Kershaw historically has been junk in the post season so so maybe it's not altogether that bad but you look at last year. And and really the Dodgers probably should've won that series and the cubs got a break with Montero going deep in the nine connect game and that was terrific and fun. But. May and I get worried about that kinda think this weekend the cubs. Play the nationals so maybe this is out. Kind of a preview of October what do you see in that event series it's gonna make it interest thing. Good it's so tough to say given the weight the matchup so played out right can we just saw Jon Lester go out there we just saw area at. And now are seeing coupon also realistically. Lester should come around the back half of that but. Yeah it is it's difficult to really project anything about this will be good Republican ST Lackey. In any in Hendrick should be on the playoff roster we cannot see your top three guys. Kind of go all in a row against them but I it is going to be interesting to see you know out of the Coke and coal. Reagan and actual leader we saw leave the game is blessed our work cut out left the game do and a Google broke slashing motion like I'm done a group it's just way off the mound. Which is according to watch you go out of the idol I certainly don't work being injured. Just like he suited it's new equipment and urges you you thought maybe he got there he would wait for trainer so. You don't neither team is really gonna present. The kind of match upside I think that we would see in the playoffs although it is going to be something to see your typical but let's assume they end up losing this one which isn't the worst thing in the world but. Can make a comeback and and take two out of three from a really good team and how to they looked at it look loose. You know or there are they playing well on defense and doing the cut things that you need to see that he do it against a good team. Come October I think goals with a thing for watches can put it together on all levels are really. National. And so Crist is what 35. He's up area Andy's hit about 215. Do we worry about been sober has gotten old all of a sudden and in May be seen in a little bit more of Melbourne now morrow or John Jay or hobby by as. And saying much less a Ben Zobrist. Little big ticket happened. Certainly etiquette a couple things at play you know Joseph Matt did yesterday. You know this is this is no time to have been skin. You can go to if you're not performing your gonna sit and and people need to know what what the deal is here. And those who get it did and in October that they get a guy who would give it. Although some of those numbers you either dealing with a lingering wrist issue is it less risk and so you're swinging from the right side that your power hand. And he really had some terrible number from the right side. Their promised generally easy extra little better over there in most cases and so. I think that really surprised that they waited awhile and then sat on the dole. It came back he looked better since then. But I didn't think it he's a guy who if he's not on background he certainly doesn't present you anything. Too bad defensively but he certainly not anything better than mediocre. In any spot where you could replace him with a significantly better bat and gloat. If he's not back to normal but we've seen him when he's right he's still shows little flashes of being really really want to get maybe a question well but. You know as you know with age comes out of that that lack of ability to shake the rust all. Much before quickly you know about it but linger a lot further so did he saw in him yes. But are there guys who could you usurp a lot of playing time about the stretch absolute. And the cubs are now under rain delay and they're down for nothing maybe his thinking get washed out and they'll replay. And do another time at that'd be net do they eat. If a game it is washed out and it's four knots and in the top of the second. Do days start to things from scratch or did they pick it up for not playing in the top of the second. I'm trying to remember how they've actually got those things say it could I. I could swear those rules have changed although they now see wishful thinking on my pork and in a better with some sort of the minor league game note it will. Reset everything but it is such an odd deal could come back in hectic we saw that our question. Sure over when he came back come back from triple a because he got credit court game. They had started the game prior to his demotion could sorted in round rock. And in the finished the game two weeks later we could have later in Iowa. But from the sixth inning all because Whitfield condition it was in it's it's very strange Spain and why they would do that I'm not sure if there's something in the EPA you know. They do or don't want number decal a certain way. A record I I certainly haven't seen one picked up like pat and a long time but maybe I'm just go crazy. I remember when they were did today would re played those games and guys were really upset I remember Phil Bradley. The first night game at Wrigley Field. August 8 1988. He hit a home run. But because the game was washed out of for a became official it came off the blocks. And I believe that a stink was raised to subsequent to that wears statistics can carted but doesn't it rolls with the game. It may remain tame I can't remember. Bud Selig screwed so many things up the way we can't keep track of all the things that he screwed up and somehow. In the Baseball Hall of Fame explained that to me first of all day I got in here are my issues. He's being lauded as a guy who helped bring baseball back through the wild card through expanding the playoffs. Through the all star game malfeasance. And and all this other stuff I don't see him as a force for good. More than uses of force for bad. Yes and Indian you know go for it that complicit. Complicity woes in the spirit here right you're looking the other way and coming will be like. Orally and hammer on the guys. But it does seem to obligation eco by the criteria that I think we we both share in net. Can you legitimately tell the story of baseball nineties and the early two thousands with Al. Bud Selig to right and and you really can't ask for better or write an and they are so going to be set for that now does that mean the whole of Spain. Or over does that mean haters. There's something bigger. To recognize just BD zero although I can again use is fingerprint score on the game. Ed just as John Hancock's signature phrase on it on the declaration or you know war is is is out there. So it Alamos cigarette like eight immediately get all infamy is we can we can. We've been bigger. Have to stick him in there with Pete Rose and and maybe have a special win for Ty Cobb and com is so in the Adrian Beltre comments by Doug Gottlieb do you find those irresponsible. On where nobody knows who I am although he did not respond he did respond and say that they were not lazy he did not. Our response to Mike claim that they were disingenuous. Which which lead me to believe that kind of or I think we have a platform like did you do need to be careful in twitters are weird medium. Like you were I do understand but I but I also feel like you're subsequent comments. Well basically that no one in in the national sports scene cared about this. Until he had it freaked out and it so now I'm seeing it felt like he was doing it specifically as that eight to kind of inflame people rabbit out. Physically they were needed and the fact that he tied it to the fact that so many other from Dominican Republic have been pop. That makes you question it you know so we it seemed to meet. That we're he was coming from now the question of 08 Ortiz stepped widget from guys who played in the ninety's and early 2000 part I think. I don't think there's any question that we we do you have covered shroud of mystery over that. But to come out kind of presented as. Boy you'd Dominican so the chances are taking steroids or higher. That I found interior responsible and and kind of lead the again I feel his subsequent. Explanations were incredibly disingenuous and make you feel like. It was about eight. Rather than him expressing concern on four or question or group. Validity of the stat. I wish she'd gone after Albert Pujols like Jack Clark did on Saint Louis radio because Albert Pujols shut that thing down. And would have closed that stations org good. Head Jack Clark not back pedaled about as quick as he could. Otherwise Albert Pujols would have brought a lawsuit and that radio station would have dissolved and and I take order vetted just result. I mean I think it today and again it's that there's all kind of things that we can got a did you go back and forth and and I'll certainly done plenty of myself or agency something. Tweeters and our medium it's not built to have the long explanations and agree duel contact right. This about we get to cut back so that but there's a huge difference in and been coming out and cut out. Eight issuing a mayor Coppola and like eight that's not really what it meant to say here's some more context for what it said verses. Gut doubling down climbing up to the top of the hill resident died. And then just take it all comers and swing him. In again I write I just it was a subsequent explanation that got lead gave in that situation that really led to. I have a lot more distaste for the way he said it but you know again there that there are certainly putting guys out there that we that there was water anymore whoever. Are our image you guys think that we do in your thirties you continue with solid production of and that's unfortunately a fact of the matter that again. But Selig Allan H Bud Selig had a big and it. Thank you Ivan appreciate it go cubs. Some good every joke the great Evan Altman from cubs insider back on the cubs now in a rain delay and it cut to come at a better time Arizona batting in the top of the second. Diamondbacks leads for nothing they hit two homers in the top of the first Goldschmidt with a three run blast. And that you got Drury with those solo shot to cubs went in order. In the first and only nine pitches by Zach cranky.