Evan Altman explains the newest trade between the White Sox and the Cubs

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, July 13th

Evan Altman explains the newest trade between the White Sox and the Cubs.


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Back and we can't sterling shows CBS sports 1430 how you doing this afternoon. Huge news in Chicago a huge sports stay in Chicago. Because the cubs in the White Sox have executed a trade. And that trade is Jose cantata for dealing Jimenez Dylan c.s and a couple of guys. And to explain why this isn't the tragedy that I take it might be. Is the great Evan Altman from cubs insider dot com height eleven. I'm good who did something happen car company in the ball there are trade that happened today and and tell me about king Tom and why dad for 49 ER raid this year and the 135 whip isn't something to be concerned about. Yeah I mean I I don't think. We can say necessarily that the building individually on something to be concerned about I mean I think any time. You seek an inflated numbers like that it it's called for maybe a little bit of concern although. There was also talk about which used balls. Things like that certain pitchers in group then. Affected by that you'll requires there's an influx in all in general. And in Heatley yeah right he's kind of a squabble Richard. He gives up more flies any doubt line drive not a extreme double pitcher about 42%. And if you look at is is home run per fly at all ready. That is elevated a little bit NASCAR driver up your way it's gonna drive up ER RA you know. But some warning track ball or get out over the more than usual. So. I think they've got bigger things circle like Coke and there were several other teams. That it made offers to the White Sox on him. Our permits and eagle lefties which forty years old. It contract is it is very very guys relative yeah. Yeah out there among at least not yet at the bull stupid pick up a club options he's going to be a maybe 34 million over the next three had years. For a team that's paying 32 million dollars for two years job IE that is that is the desirable thing bit. I think what we saw. The trade not to treat for the signing of bends over its debt that precipitated the Stalin Castro trade. Unity they got almost nothing in return for Castro guitar but really they made that trade in order to be able to move to signs oversee give him a spot. Likewise. This is really a treat not just about was a key Tata. But about shoring up the rotation so that in the offseason they don't have to go up sign to free agent pitchers. Almost the corporate model now they they can still be active they have quality of money and a spot the sign another big time free agent pitcher. It's a really good trade I think the big amount they gave up. He is about impala and maybe another pitcher on the road when you look at that. And that's the whole deal at a trade is of course two things intrigued debt and everybody likes can tonne up. He's a guy is never missed a start and and that's terrific so he's a workhorse type guy anyone dead in the rotation. But at the same time you give up two guys. In Ely Jimenez and Dylan cease sees throws at about a 1020. And Jimenez has a physical tools to be an MVP and we remember. Well I do how we regret still regret the trade for Rich Harden that sent Josh Donaldson to the eighties. Yeah me and even at that time though and Donaldson was not near the highly touted prospect is that would be more a matter of hindsight realistically you. You'd capture at the time. Had shown some flashes but with not that guy there's no I don't think anybody could predictably he would have beat com and BP third baseman. But he you know we look at a guy like you look at men as. And all the what sort of a point it will eat you can have been or basal layer as well right you know a massively athletic. Big bodied outfielder. Who that we we haven't seen those same signs of the injury and things like that and menace. And I look at the potential. But I think is also speaks to an end a lot of people disagree with me on this but this speaks to what this club thanks. Oh culture war over. Indeed did not count cultural over an and Ian happens in there as well they did not ankles players were people. Of being pillars of this team moving forward not just this year but and because I think. I don't they haven't given up certainly on the cheered minority completely all in this year cricket or talking about putting eighteen or nineteen beyond. Golden years when you look minutes could have impacted this team and show. Hayward is locked up for the foreseeable future you've got out more you guys applicable place better. And then you've got culture forward elected state did not believe one of those guys could handle that role. There's no way you trade a guy you think could be a potential all star who could have been with the team. You know maybe as early as a year from now so again it speaks to the core players they have they did not. Want to mood did not need to move any players currently on a roster and I think it speaks of the competent they haven't seen it got right now. You know and I'm talking today we we're hearing from the great Evan Altman of cubs and Saturn account you know I'm a big honk for Kyle sure. Just a great guy we talked to him on the phone earned it many times on the show is he kinda traverse the minor leagues. And made his ascension to Wrigley Eddie's a really really good guy and and we always hope for the best but why. To the cubs continue to trust. That he's going to be something other than what he has been. You allotted. Just comes down to again bit the make up that he has second and you know it's easy for people and and I think this is almost a detriment to him moving cold was it was how well he did a whole series stage. But I think what speaks of Maurice is what got him to that point attracted six months after destroying the key was playing in the World Series. He did not accept the fact. That he should not have been playing there and he would not allow that to happen to miss that and so the work ethic that he says what he brings. Into that clubhouse and and I think from the score this guy is Philip Lowe with the first meetings are he is someone who thrive on proving people wrong. Absent from the store you know it's kind of a joke well it but not really the key meeting Indiana baseball relevant. Yeah that anybody could do it in India may not single handedly aiming at same Travis as a mother pretty Kris solid players there with him. But you know what was the headliner that team and we've seen what he can do throughout the miners. And now I'm maybe Avian Debian a guy who. Doesn't live up to that potential but I think they see in him someone whose drive to succeed. Mirrors come of their own what they've done with the team and a guy who could really be a special leader at this level and and so I think that's what they're gonna stick with them you know to that end. People go to our trading but. To cope better offer on the table betrayed your brain Drew Miller last year made big balked at that they went after Chapman with a huge deal because they did not want to give up cultural work. Clinger Miller and I think again we've seen time and again what they feel a bout him hopefully that comes to fruition here reporting law. What of things that I am I'm not real thrilled about this is kind of inside baseball literally. Is that Rick Hahn who run stuff for the White Sox. To an extent he goes on the media any said that the cubs made by far. The best offer for keen Tana. And and to me that's like rubbing the nose of the cubs in the dirt and saying hey you guys so far overpaid freaking Tana. We we can't do we can't hide our enthusiasm. For how Smart we were make in this trend. They think they're so open about that I think there's also. You know lead. From a four and I speak it to you and I am and perhaps a lot of your listeners were cubs fans. Who have followed the cult system know who these players are outside maybe Matt Rosen and frankly I don't think too many people are are all those guys. The other two by a player who were included in it. Who by the way. All three Myrtle Beach pelicans players have now been treated the White Sox system which would be the would Democrats. Who are actually playing. In Myrtle Beach. Right now for the players we'll just cross the field to the to the next club tells you what to tell. Send the Sox are saving. In and travel expenses is just absurd would that be Annette that's what it comes that it now. But I but I think when you think about the White Sox and in the and the base to which on the needs to speak. If those guys have probably heard of four people players go to these guys are both high age yet. If you're White Sox fan who's not kept up all my cup system and and why would you. You might be looking at the signals what failures do you know it works or until. I think he's got a position it's in such a way it to say hey guys you work where we're excited to base the Cubans sellers. Most of whom have not come up the White Sox this tactic or system but until that actually bets that he during the war the the Major League level. On a cabinet to a sell job and I think that's really what I don't go to the golfer. And I'm guessing the Astros and and probably grew worse and what it called it what they did. It's on call about a BO we've got an offer on the table from Milwaukee. We've been kind of expected to be the front runner for two. And you also and it means to assemble cash. We're after these two and I think really get a two he sitcoms or at the BC's and Jimenez to get this done. And audio that you guys they gave up or are pretty solid players street got a waterproof the sweeteners I don't know but again like a big spin. Back I remember when the trade was made back in 1983. The last time I believe that the cubs and the Sox made at least a major deal. The cubs sent pat ambler Scott Fletcher rating martz in Dick syndrome. To the White Sox for word Bruce star in Steve Trout. And what are the things the way baseball worked at that time easy protected players during the offseason and others were unprotected and teams could go in and signed and the cubs left. Ferguson Jenkins unprotected. So he's kind of an unnamed conspirator. In this trade the White Sox didn't claim Jenkins and they gave the cubs Bruce Starr and Trout. I heard it did. I don't think either team got the better that trade not afraid that this trade might wind up being the same it's either got it could be good for both could be terrible for both. We could not I don't know if you recall a gentleman by the name of Sammy Sosa. Who was traded you out from the White Sox. Note and it worked really well and at the time you know cubs sale facility gave up toward built this skinny little speedster center fielder got to go on I was thrilled that trade tell you the truth. I thought it worked there really welcome I wouldn't really big on on bill anyway put you right I think these could be one and what you're gonna see in him we probably won't go. Until really the time can time has come into it and it is time with the call it depending on what it just goes to his contract or not. Because it again in minutes is the only one of those guys who's who's closest. To the majors and treaties. You know maybe into the NAACP and this year. The Tripoli next year and and could sniff the Major League with sort of cult lecture. Other Nazis is brought a couple more years if he can maintain its open and if you maintain historical old got three years before you make up their. So this could be supplement observing point Sox really really well on the in the grand scheme of things particular critical to what their window is. None of those guys who have been helping them to keep that window open. Beyond what they've got their core lock up works can cut though that he's there for three and a half to three years after this year. Under club control at a very low level allows them reviewed continue to do and I think you know we talk about what's executives to have. Five years for your activist remaining and older guys together this helps them to accomplish their means right now without. Really sacrificing anything that's gonna Odom in the near future. I appreciated Evan thanks so much no broad spectrum great stuff from Evan Altman's from cubs insider not Tom plays to get all your cubs information and insight. I like constraint. It's your it's your guy away I got at last you're gonna ever Torre is her role does Chapman I got that went. That are you know what it trade future excellence potentially. For is somebody can come in and help you win a World Series. I get a a mall and they're two games under 544. And 45 at the all star her 43 and 45 at the all star break. What are you gonna get out of king Tom this. If it's for the future. I I kinda get because he's a 1011 million dollar a year guy. But Eli Jimenez is a chance to be great. And Dillon C says the chance to be really really good I don't like going deep into the farm system. To get something now or even though it's gonna potentially pay dividends for the next couple years I'd. I I'd like building for the future relentlessly. And then eventually the future becomes the present as long as you're taken to five years out. And your wedding to be great men it you can really keep this machine Rolen and in this bothers me cold George thankfully what are nice guy. Tweeting. Not at my handle bud say and I hate Kent who argue. And so the Twitter feed as it has blown up very nice appalled George I I like to thank god but. As a going away present from Paul George tell me and that's very nice and I wanna be real specific about something I don't dislike. Paul George. I I think Paul George is a really nice guy it league got two guys creek couple Beers with a guy he'd got I would imagine he's great to be around. Really really nice guy very friendly very cordial. Like him but as the CEO. Well Paul George enterprise or young trees. I think he collects in the communication department. And in the Oklahoma City Thunder fans who are scaring me right now on Twitter fort I wrote this morning on Kent sterling back common CBS sports 1430 dot com. I got news for yet you're gonna be singing the same tune in twelve months because there is no way there is no chance. Zero. They're all George is going to be a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder for more than twelve months. It's inconceivable.