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Monday, March 12th

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I can sterling show CBS sports 1430 bracket released yesterday let's go over some of the things in the bracket. Talk to NCAA tournament with a great Chris patrol from ESPN you don't Chris. Great debt owed it to be Rick you well and always a treat to have you you lie you class up the joint. And what what shocked you or Freddie thing when he when he saw the brackets wrote you know and as they were built. You know shocked if anybody shocked by by any decisions on the year right yeah there are there are used to each pitched well. You know the it it's look at me to be over from thirty got repeat the overall take away from me is is that the committee had a very important. They're at their disposal this quadrant system. And they were gonna use it and it I mean they were gonna use it to the best of their ability. And is legit Scientology Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back to committee eighteen years trying to bring the RPR. They were a I think both those cases were true and so you know luck. I didn't never wanted to get wrapped around the actual about each bubble teams in the and they are all inherently flawed I think it's part of it is too big to begin with it's so that you had to put a bubble that. It is inherently flawed. That you don't look Syracuse getting in. Again I could make more a case that they shouldn't have been and I collect but based on again. These analytic that the committee. Was going to use. That what the case for Sarah Hughes you don't USC getting in what is what's or that I should ban. RPI a 34. You know they're trying to fit that profile that the committee would look at. So that that was the one that it torso and Oklahoma State the one that didn't get in and I tried. Look at that and that's a little bit ot but overall not a not a pistol shot be all that. Much Andy you know what you're right I spent a lot of time Mitt the last probably want twenty hours that this fifteen hours talking about. How disappointing was at Notre Dame didn't get in how Bonzi Colson healthy now one they would beat Oklahoma if they played head dead. And all this other crap to the end of the day this tournament's about finding out who's the best college basketball team heads. And Notre Dame didn't dead and we're gonna win anyway so what it what might get all the elm goofy about. I mean I feel the same way I mean I you know everybody brings would you say that at the trump card for the people who argue that matter is teaching you make it Iran or work yeah. I don't Syracuse making Iran a patient abetting the tourniquet. Two years ago what and I. To me that the numbers and directly proves. That it's it's the favorites that are gonna make final forcibly national championships than I did. You know spending the time on. These double teams speak because making the turn it is a significant event I get all that but. You know like at a mean Notre Dame was a hard case to make from me and outside of the it'll. Extrapolating. Over fifteen games that they are one of the best 35 teams which is it necessarily on each little. Opportunity yet again and uses its analytical argument it's it's what they. It's what they tropic to all of us we all work. Work incredibly partial on the quarter insistent that he didn't think that the committee budget eighteen sue in some cases or ego maniac didn't think they were out. The quadrant system and our face right that your crazy I mean that is just how this thing goes here after you hear a moving target. And we just have to accept that. What do you think about Virginia be in the one seed in the south but then in order to get to the elite eight they're gonna have to beat Arizona or Kentucky. And that seems to be an unfair penalties for the team that was the number one overall seed in the tournament. Well that's how we see at the based on the way to committee seeded Kentucky and Arizona. Apparently they didn't feel that way immunize you delicate and it if you. You got to interpret that you're gonna have and that haven't they either war five seat. And in this case it is that the problem there is is obviously. Kentucky and Arizona are all under seeded but they're under seeded attained. If you interpret those scenes. It's been you know one of the ten depicting him asking. Right if you're using it appear using an analytical. I'll rationale. Receding. And Arizona and Kentucky almost desperate. Leaf or inside CE had basic instinct is most definitely a greasy. So that's where we we have to wrap ourselves around the fact that it is a committee made up. Not a basketball people. But it athletic directors and and they need when they get out and I I always want why did you teacher comes out and and explain actually who's. Because you have ten different committee members were voting and it is presumably ten different ways so the fact commit teacher comes out. And Amy you know explains. What the choices or I never understood that to begin with an inspector. You're gonna have to do like this is what we help this team was better than his team without this gain was five seed based on their body work so anyway. It's an analytical rationale that they use on moral or not and I think that's why it is using analytics Kentucky Arizona or spicy. The eye test if you are putting together a tournament and we didn't have to worry about the eighties or the committee hearing else. And you were Tony Bennett and you had to coach at Virginia against either the winner of Arizona Kentucky or. The winner of Auburn Clemson who would you rather play. I got to play. Your go to other UT yeah. It's not the real religion. That that's not that's not the world we know and you know some of the stuff I I don't understand somebody ask her I don't understand some chick rapper rationale I don't care Q I don't want to show I'll. I don't know I attacked and but I. I hear. Yes no I the other guy you know what you're you're told about you're exactly right it it's. You know it may in these arguments. As well intentioned as they may have peaked up whenever he plays in any kind of real world and that's exactly right let's talk about duke for a minute. Because his I'm I've watched duke player over the last four or four weeks to watch him Bagley. He really really really good and Elin be good. That is a really good inside out combination I don't know how to help you go about beating duke in those guys both play well. Mean that but there's BT VAV at all and advocates are for me with you being consistency. Adjusting to gain with. With the games it if you go back to the end of the regular season it's North Carolina. They looked in the first half like they could walk and chew gum and in the second half. They look like the best team in the country. If it even that big game they lost in the ACC target to North Carolina saint staying like eight date there are stretches are really good basketball and then there are stretches of a team that just doesn't look acquit two win. I think you know I and doing it deep dive on the numbers that there's been stamped out where duke is that it these don't happen that there are good at it they do. Our quick way to do well and integrates with Alan. Don't turn the ball over. It's amazing how much better do is likely there wanes the eats. A low number of turnovers that the two of them out purses when they turn up all over the other thing is way and try and grace and Allen make shots. That teen becomes much better they're much harder regard it takes some of the pressure off Carter Bakley and and and it's amazing if you look at the number threes that are rated their wits purse is orchards. So I think. You know especially indication of duke and he would always take arts win but it continue to do what those carts quite well it becomes a much better team and I just think. The inconsistency. From the hourly and Kerry tried to some extent. Has collecting and and that's where it. You got the scene and it's hard going to a tournament not knowing what she you're gonna happening given happen I think that's one of the issue do. Man when I some playing Notre Dame in the first half and Allen is atom bombs from everybody everywhere I'm actually in Allen they combined to go seven of nine from beyond the arc. I thought OK you know what just send them the trophy this and then you like you said you watch him play another game you know I have to. But when they play well I think they're really really good Purdue. When you think of Purdue's chances in this thing. I think they're great I do I think they're great we we have spectator on our radio show last night and are talking about how good they'd been offensively and you know the concern you have is it seems so I think you copper spit out a little bit. That you got to take away Greece that the problem is you know it's a lot easier said than done something of got a better than others and I go back to Michigan State earlier this sees it. Where were Purdue at six straight in the first cap. No one in the second in it was basically or allow I think how hot streak to get this I think important speech you and I think that is one area where. If you do to take away their ability to shoot at but the AP. Come so typical the guard they're so old. Big big you have great size with those guards and so record program. I think to Corbett buys it it doesn't get enough credit. He's let it get glue to eat sensibly sport and especially here. If you're watching closely it up on the weak side the so good at that help defender. I think they're terrific and I I think. You know looked great it got the best game of the tournament in Villanova in their bracket soul you know moving forward that would. That would be a tough game but I think I've been Ohio Purdue also seek all of I have felt like they have. Still it over the two best teams and I'm not at all that. That opinion. If you choose if you're the head coach of the team and you had to choose between moderately talented seniors. Can really really touted freshman to go win this tournament which would you rather have. You know that Erica comp hypothetical and not a pick and a hypothetical our union on any thing checked. You know look at the Patrick how talent that the freshman RI ultimately think that you know these gains in these open sessions games require an IQ. That is is above average I do and and I think you are typically older players at that hot that all average IQ it. I think if you look at it at the last few years the jeans and wanted to spend some old Christine reaching out basketball beat North Carolina. Has played it two straight final orders want one of which they they want the whole saying that they've been one of the oak street still an open two years ago they want it won the oldest teams. I just stay K it experts say it sees it is it's a force multiplier and what you had to astronomy where. These gains these wanted done gains can slip on a turnover they can slip on a bad decision making so what about block out that it's slipped on. On things that high IQ players are diligent about. I I think it's certainly is an older players turn of the. Yemen up the kind of up and upset special that you light cut thirteen fourteen a twelve that you think Alou who. Here's a good month. Trials that you brought up Auburn earlier I think Charleston got a really pitching eagle or I think Charleston starts are outstanding I think it can really really get up the data are birdies please stop bullying. Into the finish here. A little bit and and it's exciting act that the other one I've got is in Mexico's game Teaneck to really read out a basketball especially in the all bets the bank. And a classic team playing without dot they grant them has actually had a pretty good ATP tournament I just think you Mexico's states a little too physical. And that's remember to New Mexico State to elect got beat by in the early in the year. You did not achieve it and maybe this is because I just well this when he coaches when Clinton. But no hotter team right now that Davidson yup and so we all think it's gonna be Kentucky Arizona matchup jet. I gotta tell you should ask them to say about that there they have. I talked about until last week I asked them. You know look outside of Seth Curry where you put paid vulture she says it will come around. Guys who played for meat but he is one of the best guys to replace me and he had a great run here they'd had a great run they're playing great. A curtain like Kentucky that is not guarded well. You have got to be sold disciplined and diligent when you play against Davidson team that they can make sure they're make it about entering became the biggest they had epic it's all thirteen threes. That could be a problem for Kentucky. You know I saw them play yesterday against herd island and Andy you told me about them a couple of years ago and how much try to enjoy watching. So I was kind of look out for Davidson and in I'm watch and his number 32 guy. And in the 32 I don't even know his name but I thank like he's hustle and all over the place. And he's got kind of a body type of a John Belushi sort of intramural guy. But he he's such he's a good rebounder for his size and he's just kind of that typical day dancing guy who's completely atypical from anybody else. But sort Tony that it polls so much out of these defense spot curricula does that offensively where. You know individually or Britain. Individual is not better than the sum of the parts and and I think that's where offensively the ocean boom they beat the coaching BIQ I mean they just think you and attendant got a special player and Aldrich that got the freshman of the year and that opportunity eight Channing telling Grady. And and electing that when they're making shots. They're gonna spread at Kentucky out they're gonna pull those those that blanked the weight faster and it they're making shots they can be a real problem and they're not that they don't hurt themselves that much defensively you know you'd think that they're slow audited. You know you're ticket director redundant so it up well that they're not that big debate their top and ethnic adapter it. And remembers the Kentucky teen that's played well but it also Kentucky keep stating we just about do that has been consistent throughout the year. I appreciate it Chris thanks so much for taking the time. Any track can't oh absolutely that's Chris does the tolls from ESPN he's all over the place on ESPN ESP ND alias paean radio. All over the place and die at the whim let's talk and come back college basketball.