Eddie White on the Pacers, NFL, and CFB

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, November 17th

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Academic Kent sterling shows CBS sports 1430 ought to stop by the graded Mario. Eddie white from pacers sports and entertainment I don't Eddie is census and a host of rules ms. post game show you know I have routine before the game it's. You know it's close to game time league rivals cigar and Angela to guard. In an Ide drive you know all the way operating street deceive you not drive all the way back to Aberdeen street for the game at 7 o'clock so that's why retained. What's the highlight. Driving away for your studio as they head back to negate. It snickering night. It is acre that's our first one of the season but it's a new twist because this year we have white creature c.s so they're going to be set the news opinions and will get a hope we get a charge out of Ingraham for your greens this year tonight's the first from the tree comes to town and we have were saluting. The Indiana basketball hall of fame. And everything that they stand for because they're in Newcastle and really the city of New Castle what it's meant to basketball in the state you know the tell you about. The crisis field house and all the greats that came a Newcastle and what Newcastle means that the sport of basketball in our state. And what the hall of fame paints him in the hall of fame news. It's Upton at this cherished its its great up people. You know go there and speak to try to get relatives in you know. And our buddy Chris made does a great job over there and we played or altering every summer so it's really cool that our first degree night. That we get to honor the hall of fame in the great people Newcastle. We and so you kneecap they're going through the hall of fame and anybody US and should and then they've got the hall of fame classic. Toward the ended December and it's really kind of it's my favorite part of the high school basketball season it's great time to walk through there. And in see the heritage of this game and and that's what's been celebrated tonight. Exactly I think only developing nuclear program for years ago it was two. Of course forgiving and to the movie and what hoosiers the movie represented and what basketball represents our state. But then allowed us to to our honor. Different people. Different teams associations. That helped make basketball what is in the state of Indiana where there's the mylan team urged John Wooden. And so Pete SOA and David explode did hoosiers. It's the spectrum is wide because dent in which can make sense because a sport of basketball. Is this global mean it's amazing to think that you know we always have that Frazier 49 states it's just basketball what this is Indiana. But the thing with basketball has become. All around the world. And that the think how much we cherish it here in this state and and how important the that the movie hoosiers was. The secret program its its candidates make sense for us to our people through the program so we're excited about the night. You know it was unbelievable the pacers host an event this had to be twenty years ago and it was honoring like the top fifty players and Indiana history. And I I one after another I mean it was like bird in wooden and and it went on and on and on Isiah. I was like oh my god almighty I mean this if you put together top fifty in basketball globally. This fifty would represent really well. There's a picture heparin here of Larry Bird John Wooden and Oscar Robertson. And I'm thinking that if that doesn't say. Indian basketball I don't know what does because. If three guys definitely left their mark on the game and so I think that that the whole nuclear program. It's been a success I think there even a marketing people admit that probably it's the greatest success than they thought. But they've and we stick a step back is hoosiers who loved basketball. That we should peace prize has been so successful. And from a basketball standpoint tonight taking on the Detroit Pistons pistons ten and four on the season. They kind of beat up on on the pacers nine days ago. And said he hopes for a little bitter revenge it. The way that the pacers are playing in the way they played. 439. Minutes on Wednesday night against Memphis they're capable of playing really really good basketball better basketball my thought. Well the records near 500 but when you break it down. You know we've bees are really really good teams. In Detroit is still there have a good team they have a good year means a good start against it's that. They've they have all bought into what the coaches preach to their for a few years. The other big manner extraordinary. To me great challenge for our big guys that I but you're right I think if we play the way we can't play and move the ball. We will continue to do what we've shown throughout the season win or lose we're fumble watch reform to watch and wrap ball's movement we're scoring. Were really formalized solo hopefully today we can we can get one because that we get this Florida two step deal going you know we go to Miami on Monday and Orlando and come back next week and you know the traditional game Friday after you don't like that tree downtown. But do we know Detroit let's let's get this on tonight. Last night Thursday night football and watch from Ben Roethlisberger met when Ben Roethlisberger is on he is crazy good. How does he stack up he's one of those guys when he.