Eddie White on the Pacers, Colts, and HS sports

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, September 22nd

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The credit card giant has said he liked for pacers sports and entertainment and I can't tell you Eddie obviously art at the golf outing this past week. All of the pacers golf outing was always what my favorite things. Back 151820. Years ago because it seemed like everybody within the pacers sports and entertainment family. Really got along and there was a period of time where that sort collapsed and it seemed like there wasn't that same vibe that vibes back and it was really really fun to be out there. The other day. Relatives and you put those events and arguably the most important factors to war and you have no control over whether. And the way it was just phenomenal and every year. Radio too they they keep it small for purpose could this its targets are most important sponsors and and friends of the threats because of all the players out there and approaches the GM the president. Couple replacement everybody and it's it's great to raise money for the foundation and to. So the community in the brickyard there's a wonderful job with independent. Yeah we talked to the sponsors of players that the only playoff hole and here comes some players is saying and shipwreck morals and obviously Clinton and George mcginnis they play more older comes about a bunch of players. It truly a fun afternoon it was would have you guess that. So cook did. Look good so to say you know what it in and George together to hall of famers that means is that. It just so special they end you know I think we've cut to those guys have been around. End that you talked to some of the players talked coach I mean there is a C. He. Productivity. And to acquire them the match it is that we like. Because he's any of them it is described this group I mean. Yeah you think. That we just won the world championship giving people are so excited to get together get to work gifting is government. We need to get Israel like each other and it's kind of it's real. Targeting white for pacers sports and entertainment if it was fun to talk to miles turner. Well we spent some time would chuck young who's just a great guy and Nate McMillan we talked to others and it it seems like they're czar. I don't know whether it's is vacant home mountain out of a mole hill but it seems like a weight is kind of been lifted these guys are really looking forward plane with a child. Think so I think yeah I know you referred to that and so there but it. Tigers can't take it seems like it is it's a breath of fresh here. There is a lot of newness. And obviously with a lot of new players. New building I mean my goodness that we can and they were open up a brand new location out here routine store would tilt the view that new partnership the NBA has and they keep. We need everywhere you looked or something new. And it's exciting in that I think he felt that. Was around those players when you're talking to a guy who'd been here or to newer guys are even occur else and it it's it's it's pretty excited. Ed workouts are got to begin evidently and the opener is just a few weeks away against the Brooklyn nets. And that this thing's gonna get wrapped up literary. Well you have immediate death Monday I mean that's no doubt I mean where they bigoted statement what you get is in they can do other marketing commitments and a lot of via videos stuff potential seats. Throughout the year on the big scoreboard at an exercise so. Monday a minute ago promise like the unofficial. Upon two things and then write your days like the official. Tip off but then it's a time to get to work and and give some practices on your bell here ridiculous preceding games wait. And the star player for real. Tiger egg whites for pacers sports and entertainment. The golf outing as as Eddie said just a little bit earlier this week in media day coming up. And we get to watch his team player I I and I'm looking forward to it Eddie it in this in this way. That my expectations. Like I have. Eight like last year I thought that they could win 53 games or whatever so I held on to that. That accountability but this year I think you know what it's just going to be fun to watch these guys play basketball games they win they went to caves they lose they lose. And how would put numbers on stuff and let's just go and see what they look like. I hope you still think that four months into the deep. It's heated debate now I think there is justice. People list so like it what do you guys talking about they embody game yet and everybody's positive yes everybody is positive especially baseball team and go to spring to think. But there's something you better on this team that appears covering at a better rather for many years. There's just there's just this different types. Feeling it's hard to calculate it's hard to really put your finger on why eight. But it just feels different it's feels it appeals to put it in a good way mean it'd come in have really really outweighed. Now how does that transcribed to you can get off to a good start mean these new guys figured out quickly and and they chose the team and they can take you knew what happens when they hit the first rough start you know look to start two and seven. Is doubt dignity and kittens somewhere you know it's so long season community dialogue now. It's wise because the chemistry stretched out to the good. I may add but you know it's going to be a distinguished I think you should agree on the want to read again there are going to be fun to watch me very interesting to see how all this thing. The ultimate result would love to go fast forward and NC where we are deal with a month left to play this season. But you know I think if we remained healthy. That's the key thing everybody stays healthy and he showed it is developed I think we're going to be a fun team to lots throughout the season. And by the end of the year I think we have a chance you're really good basketball team the two city can be proud of. Hey SA media guide is a media. Row kind of designees for a team as you were in the NFL with the dolphins setup at Notre Dame. And as you look at the Indianapolis Colts and the lack of information about Andrew Luck is there any level of information that fans are owed about the progress of Sandra Locke is there any reason. To keep that information from fans. Yeah you can. All part of hypothetical because I can't park about a team at the right and I don't know. All the details and mean you know if you look when you win here inside an organization. There are so many things that go all out there are many things that. That you know Ukrainian. You know talk about the listings that you should talk about and there are things that. That you don't wanna talk about an inert things that you can't I mean that's legally here whatever. That you can't go talk about now you do have to obviously that the injury report would but the league every week Avery knows about that. But I think that. Doesn't that they I think transparency. Is can they stay at NATO has never been more important to. Now having said that that doesn't mean that you've got no holes story Pete don't Apatow the whole story comes with a number of things you have to do when you have. Have to win games. And let intimidate Spain a two time winner. And it's a limb and everybody knows somebody who knows somebody in the old days some are red letters the editor at Mina make it through which it did appear under a week later. Would now look at instant it militant apps look instant hey I. Sox you know how gradient pictures he's been traded here but it it it. Perhaps it happens now I think it is yeah a lot of pressure and organizations. Two make sure that you have your ducks in a row that you make sure that your beating. Almost daily if it's 70. Kate you you know winning covers a lot of us think is provocative says he's just got to keep Roland but it. It stopped this been going well there's a lot of question marks there's uncertainty. I think communication. Inside the building. It is vital it's almost like it. The blood or the plasma. You don't do that the body is not going to survive and this situation is not going to end to it. And you're gonna happen if and so I think you have to look at it first internally with the organization. And and communicate and get the ducks on the roll in and figure out what we can say what we can't take ten and I think good. Veteran PR people look at the she went to Korea yeah Clinton reacts to news release saying oh we're sorry I think good PR people. Protect the war or almost every Dick Reid apparently it's to protect the future may bring hate this the worst case. If we hold this for another week this way this is what might happen so will we make this wanna do is to this. And you know what that's the victims and makes a statement or whatever against this zone like that that a practice and yet. I don't know what the situation is there I mean I'm like everybody else went into left to practice is possible particularly expect. They're obviously but football to even they can make the playoffs. Let you know why he's gonna play and do you eat obviously he's you must be hurt. And you know what. We know why did you don't say get this topic with me is we will be limited to any you know we use it to get her college team. And within a minute they're like these that's a state weeks. You know he's out progressive cities. Well I mean it's usually. Pretty easy we going to get tested and they play yet you get you have kids or that we got to fickle and it seems nowadays they NH. You know all the political theater is you pretty well can dial in how long ago it's going to be out work how sick person there's so. I don't know what the mystery is but I know that there's that term. Everybody wants to know everybody everybody's bought one day an Olympian is beginning to look back cut for popular. Started Eddie white pacers sports and entertainment we talk about everything here. Are you worried about Notre Dame football notre Dame's gonna travel to Michigan State tomorrow night play and their cable be heard right here and CBS sports 1430. They got beat by Georgia but let the bed beat. No he's got to win again it would home games I don't care who comes in at Notre Dame. And that's five home losses. In two years and genuine and you Hoosier freshman bikini at home. I think they probably loose tomorrow night in the East Lansing. Michigan State has always played Notre Dame well regardless of who the coaches regardless of what year regardless of who has the better team. Usually the home team wins. Will this prize and Michigan State win and then they he continues to be put up right Kelly in which is gonna come down to how many losses. Did he you have. Were people who look it up too well yes although assistant coaching staff would give one more year you know I'm kind of meat purse is that there are running out of patience. And but you know obviously able to win but it could tell me do we have what do you think's gonna happen I think Michigan State beat important person in perpetuity types. And that they rent tally go check out the field we play it's soccer there a couple weeks ago and there are there are holes and threats coming up until they get it fixed the field. They've got the public eye you can pick out open holes in the field. And I've been. Do you get a big appeal. Repeated as voters around telling guys know where they are and they can avoid it it's not like the old Boston gardens Florida. It's true that Jupiter where they are with you get it done we have again you're married or innovative to blow that neared a group proud tendered. Speaking of that how for both girls soccer team don't. We'll Dickey mostly north and up 1201. They play a tough road game tomorrow but the Westfield and they're still ranked number one in the country by one poll number fourteen. In the country by another poll that coaches winning percentage at all games is down 94%. Yeah all of these days it's going to be about a year I would cabin near its studio for three hours where we're at all what's wrong with the athletics and use that political. And I can't help but think there was some of the terrorist. It was a two it was decide above that noted David open cup Olympic. Split that the dead the American review paired consistent since. That there the coach of the above. Rose and Kuhn its strategy. Wasn't too light that's wasn't cute with knowledge of the game it would just really you would think. This coach who prefer it was a wood eighty. The coach that this pairs referring to has won 94%. Over games in four years get to lose a record season rotate. So oppose what they get their parents this keep their cricket much shut up. Parents are complete morons worst part of few sports no offense to parents aren't a parent myself. I was hurt I think I think I was czar alternately part of the problem and part of the solution and and I mean you know what to do you do the right thing. You go watch that you stand over someplace else and and watch so you're away from the parents because you know that they're not sin that their gender is a little bit different. From everybody else's. We'll do is look I mean is it yes I I think mostly spared to credit insane and everything you can visitors but. Yeah there's good news you know there's so many other factors I Ike I'm on a Portland. This person so inept that they would make it amounts to the ten yeah and then there's. CPE group I have great it was tough to read the words you can get as a pork any only played three years the NFL. You know I go back to it though it is to Paris and some prizes go to. You know when you have coaches were killed as a concussion in the coach tells you can think he's taken that. Is that the data on the parent not that's on the cover. And that's another problem or real we can't sit there and blame the parents every time. You know what every once in awhile the coaches in this I just think every situation is different. And there's a lot of issues and I think they need to be addressed that it is a lot of Malarkey going on out there you know YouTube another thing that the post on my Twitter and any way to reach. And it's just an article about Mark Cuban. Want to do from basketball what the US soccer is doing we are building these kits from the ground up. So you have to you have some of the best soccer players in this state now for a couple years boys and girls are not playing a high school. They're not getting out of school experience they're playing for a club team cause a couple of teams putting pressure on the Paris but come to the club team to get exposure. You know to get that scholarship Purdue played for the US so there's a lot of good OK good soccer players are playing high school media experience. We'll Mark Cuban I predicted this three years ago this keeps going down this way to you it's gonna happen. That's 56 or ten that high school principal players in the state would not be playing high school basketball. Yeah and any end and it is allowed to return to be do you want to get that beautiful note there's some experiences. Sometimes the most fun you have it specially when you go to college what you have to elect. Comes from high school. The other than that that that that that that feeling of team that winning this title. You know winning at a conference title and the waste canisters might at first I haven't school district we cute teammates. You and I are old enough to know what that means the 25 reunion or thirtieth reunion and these kids don't know. And these are two big impression about how these club teams they don't you can't let your kid play high school sports are important everybody who cares about how. High school sports web site HSH a potential association. And Bobby Cox I loved the death I respect them like crazy dissident that he encourages. These kids going and playing in the with the clubs and opened the sponsor for others I think that is a pity. He he was suggesting it used referring to come. Goal in soccer. But he did know the basketball on the horizon water body which changes its search if they excuse the top fifteen high school basketball players is state of Indiana did play basketball I think it would. You know up Eddie I I say it pocketing youth sports parents I mean it the one thing that I would say above all else. Is to value your kid at a level that the coach can't get all the coaches got to look at things differently and and hope to understand that. But you're the parent of the kid but the other thing is. That parents. Parents being cajoled or worked over by clubs and it always being told you'd need to do this to get back. I think that that's just terrible I'd I think that 1617. Year old eighteen year old guys and women. Yeah you've got to play for the love of the game enjoy yourself and he would do stop not it not because of what you're gonna get out of it. But because of the relic competition it's not about the parents who value was scholarship. Overall wells. And it not talk about parents like you and make. All right I'm not talking about parents of kids I PS kids market to be able to afford to go to college if not for college scholarship I'd get back. But prefer for parents like us to put the scholarship ahead of the enjoyment of the game. And the experience that they have playing with their their high school teammates kid playing with their at their club team because you can do both. I think is just absolutely reprehensible and selling. The baby Buick this overall. Relate to give up but you think legalistic about it. Over the week it is you get that you have and you're a parent or child and the parent or child but if we were blessed with two children. And they were pulled within a week year to each other and they both played the same sport. You tell me what you want to see your son play within his brother part of our our basketball team together soccer team would do I know I would. To know what happened I know I know that people I know that they dug up making this up. There are parents of kids and could be could have siblings occurred so that they can have children played together on teams. That are tough because of pressure from club teams and so in certain sports and that as a chronic and the that should not be it that situation in the parish you have to make. If you have the opportunity to speak to your kids. Play for their high school together. That is awesome and I'd leave work yup drive across country to see their plate. But they're not being allowed to do it because the pressure somebody's club teams in that it campaign. Thank you already have a great weekend gap between. The great daddy best Angela best DJ has always Eddie white just you know what his mouth opens and troops spills out.