Eddie White on the Pacers and Tiger

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, March 30th

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I before we talk about places I wanted to ask about my sister Jean and loyalists some of the criticism. Is that the players are being showcase to the level they should be that the universities putting sister Jean out there. If you in Europe media relations guy you get this. Is this is this the time to tell the best story for the university or the time to showcase suppliers or Bob I think they're doing both. I don't agree with the criticism. I seem I seem player like we talked last week I see the players on ESPN. You see him on CBS. I mean what you say oh I think they're gonna do a big thing on the pregame show this week about the Jerry Hart SK yeah should they not talk about that that takes away from the current players are merely criticizing that. It's part of the story of intercollegiate athletics it's not just the players. It's the coach nick could be an old trainer in this case an old nun it could be their history so I have no problem when it. I think it's great and I guarantee in the one Motorola's complaint it. People Earl are loving this because. They have met with. Are not met with they have spoken to the people at George Mason of people VCU. Howled and people Pollard believe how they capitalized. On this. Think that fell into their lap yup and at that and and although schools talked about how their enrollments what skyrocketed. The money coming in from current alumni. Increased. Obviously in awareness was what that was through the roof so I mean it's all positive it's all good so for anyone to nitpick. Is it jealousy bone they're somewhere or they just don't understand. Public relations and marketing because she is not taking away from the players she is not. Duke players at this level that they enjoyed deal with the media. Mike king Daley when you're Notre Dame they they did they want a great question are right any it's a great question and our I. Don't know if in jewelry would be the word. Com or British foreign affairs saying you know he plays on Sunday for free. Yeah they pay of six million a year to practice and to deal with the media. Because it's a pain in the neck. I think as a PR guy you can make it. As easy as possible for your player whether it's a collegiate person is probably easier to deal with that a pro. You know the get a guy has been made Byrd a couple times he may have just put up walls. But I have conference our personality in my experience that I can work through anybody. I can help anybody but I I I think you can make it bearable for them is all they know it's part of the job especially the pros you get you know millions right part of the deal is. You know Leonard Hamilton that was as they would come yeah last week. Part of the deal is coach you make him millions in your family is set your kids are set for life is that when you lose. You gotta face the music that's why you know I can't help but it really bothers me you know not for Libyan. And I didn't go to Indiana but when I first got here it bothered me that after Indiana losses. Bobby Knight would just make an excuse and not be available to media right up the guy literally say. It turning cheek duck coach what efficient. So the assistant coach is gonna talk. Well personally skipped out on your responsibility. What what message that sent your kids yeah and there's an example anyone who has it who's from Indiana Lazar you who's saying sister Jean's taking away from the team. The day say coach Knight took wafers team. Because I would argue all those NCAA press conferences with the whip with the facial expression thing. What does he take away from now tribute to say it does take away from Loyola are you gonna criticize him the probably that it's just keep production. Plus. You can only sheet is dated people are criticizing her or criticizing the university. For not giving her piece of the pie for the licensing Amir Macon sacks with sister Jean's image on our property. She she's. I don't get this now they're criticizing her she said. I don't want the money right I 9697. I don't need it if it's gonna help that any splitting it up among the college fund that none but whatever. It's great that we give people going to be helped by this. Who the hell is criticize inept funny those people should be shot we can't wait to well that's how I got so I. You know I am I why don't up put holes I don't pay I am I this is anyways BI believe if you're truckers all you still bicycle bomb got the arm off dementia Leonard. Hammel and so immediately following a game and it's it's a tough beat for Florida State and as chancellor of final 469 years old. It kind of drift spy and maybe he made a mistake. And immediately following the game he has to deal with the median talk about it does. As a media relations guy do you pull Leonard Hamilton aside and say listen you might get this question so take a deep breath and understand that it could be common. Why did I always did Mae and when I was PR guy with the team. The weather was coach Holtz. Coach Faust. Or coach Shula. And we have a tough loss or there was a controversial play him I've been on a whim and there was some scandal element out there so white that I would I would say that's your job. Anybody can get about news releases anybody can take a coach from point eight appoint BC our coaches available. Anyone to a giraffe can do that you have Bob I think we earn your keep is when you say our coach. This they may ask you this in if they ask you that this is the kind of message you gotta put your own words but this is maybe we email he get these one. Kick a were two points because their coaches. And you say this is what you kind of should say but yes absolutely and I was busts aren't I told you coach Shula. Was so much better after a loss in the way and he was the greatest loser. After game he was gracious he and media guide commit late in any sick rotate the Bosnia. At the mean the most the most terrible loss of coach who say no probably gotten what else do you need he was so gracious after away and he was unbearable he was a total hot. He is how I got it I was like this ego maniac monster question what do you mean was I so surprised about that you don't about the bumpy until people. But after losses he was fantastic. Let me go back to what we're gonna talk about before the break and I kind of product Indiana they play in the women's and 99. Tomorrow it's earth tomorrow it's a really nice story and I have no interest and it KM RM I run as a media guy you host and we shall there would be winning your on Kravitz and Eddie would you brought the South Bend and diverted to segment to a where you'll remember drilled on his show. Remember I think you support us for a bit. But when the fever right outdoor game in New York. And they're gonna put their outdoor court at the top of the park Norcross of bankers like yeah. I had the idea let's go do our show over there. I market docudrama athletic let's have Kravitz play a game of FE BR against toll double lock up and to make and I'll do the play by play. I thought I'd be funny the people like Kravitz city I thought he funny here's a little. Goofy short Motown Kravitz gonna get killed by an Ozzie I thought I'd be funny even the the the neanderthals out there that don't think you know that the women can play basketball. And again they don't draw the numbers that I you wouldn't end the pacers the colts do but I thought it would be funny worth the couple segments. You guys did support us to arm twisting a thing from up above up above I don't think they're doing happy and those cells guys were too happy but we did it not help the price it was like we're all this together. It doesn't react market be critical of your product you know by C Mike you know this groups like they did out at the track we took that the re soft ESPN. That was the worst thing since this but that was ironic. I mean this critical of it so teacher questions yeah I mean this is this is. Sure it's not the NC tournament now it's Manila but did they can win the the the WNITN. And that's a big deal and end. Tyra boss says it has. Developed and create a legacy they'll last for a long long time but Indiana's may be that deep best women's player ever there. One of the best. Other crowd they had the other night was great our should be a good crowd tomorrow night and it should be mentioned it now it's a let's send it you get out into a three hour showed they are at no. But I but he's certainly you shouldn't you shouldn't. I think more review. You you you would not dismiss and I think you're just trying to get in them under my skin can I get a New Year's with the concrete cap. But but really I think Armageddon don't put up a whole have far out of the issue and certainly mention it I mean I think it's a great deal with it there's so many. But BO below the colts in the pacers. At the track we have all these other sports elements that they don't there at that level. Right doesn't mean the fuel shouldn't get their moment decide it does it mean pacers gaming we have we haven't got ordained brightly next Wednesday in New York. The latest franchise and Indianapolis is gonna draft its first ever player pacers giving the NBA I think he's gonna be you distribute. But but I don't expect you to do three hour show on a Wednesday of previewing the tractor on Tuesday you by Dick Cody our first segment. Let's let's fight MLB nobody would want more of that expect more net but it totally dismissed. Something I think could be wrong. Well it's just that the WIN ninety is kind of the Indy race for the mediocre is to see who's best among their helped. You're due out opposite is that the man big depends they want me demands in ninety. Today as they want it you know so okay they could say they're highly teams got to towards 68. Our yeah divorce 68 and then thirty issues are and where where were sixty night you know we're over sixty I a hey but what is it sixteen and it is divine 69 why is divine just like I. Is wanna go to bowl games even if it's a miserable ball and you got your eye popping. You want those extra practices used that to jump start next season the ninety coaches both women and men play the same thing yeah I complacent younger kids. I'm I can call recruits and say hey guess what I looked the other could be your crew right now that's in the middle Pennsylvania posted about go to Indiana Penn Stater pit. Edit it I use coaching caller say guess what will be a national television Saturday played a Debian IT but the next four years rubio on national television. I'd ESPN playing in the NC Tora because if you come here and help us secular fairly watched a game tomorrow they see this great crowd a bully that they see all this enthusiasm. That can be there be a kick casino what. A market go to Penn State a market go to Pitt even though from Pennsylvania. I'm going to IU and your reasoning can do that is cassava game on TV because they got the files Adobe ninety so it is important. Under the name get to where they are in and they've been among the elite in women's college basketball for a long time most of it must have McGraw has kind of take your view it was a slow growth at first but they've become one of the dominant teams send in. Women's college basketball they're in the final four. How they get their yes it's been a thirty year bright ride I remember watching muff that McGraw coach. For Notre Dame at DePaul. Like back in 1988. Yes she she had she took her for lady Mary to Stanislaw. Who really got our program go longer in the via the old MCC right and ideal playing Butler and DePaul and a Marquette those guys and Mary. We were from the sport where our first appears there where the games are free. That was our charge of tickets good glad to see what is vastly crazy but they put money into the got full scholarship Mary. Martha came in from the east and just has built this becomes obvious she got wholesale last year this may be the best coaching your share rail all those injuries. I hope they win tonight he is under reached to give orders start combined thirty. Are afraid I think is bad for what his basket by I'm afraid that they'll get killed tonight by by Connecticut. And here you have a number one seed beating a number another number one seed by thirty that's not good. But what geno has done there is unbelievable you can't tell you break it up I mean he as a kid coming off their bench. Who's 66. Who is draft eligible this year by the WNBA this kid coming off the bench in a book of women's team. Is draft eligible that it was eligible would give drafted the first road WNBA draft. Probably welcome back mixture 66 so he's loaded I don't think Notre Dame has a chance tonight I hope they do but I don't think that. Say he kinda answered it does that confirm women's college basketball to have like this iconic team that just can't be beat it at the great it's a great question is what that that is. Like the I 45 PR guys and Malcolm marine and interact and talk about it. I think it's good initially. You know when you're trying to get people to notice what the hell's going on in in in your sport where you got is that we have this John Wooden like UCLA. Thing built right OK let's get some exposure okay but after while we need somebody come and knock the giant off now. Last year they did get beat the final four did make the championship game in South Carolina one. That's good at Notre Dame could somehow upset them tonight like and a last second shot that don't even though the games at 930. Now we talked about Saturday during the pregame men now final four we talked about on Sunday. It is you'll see it are already ESPN. That'll be good I think. For women's college basketball the best thing would be if Notre Dame could upset them tonight in a dramatic fashion. I think is a PR guy the worst thing would be if Connecticut kills Notre Dame tonight and he goes and national title game it kills another number one seed. He imagined he'd go to file for you beat two number one seeds each by an average of thirty points and be Carol that's not good. I Teddy White let's talk about pace absolutely. Pacers you know what take my checked by doctors talked about the pacers just a few hours ago I got up there at 2 AM. FF FF and approved the world's greatest those guys join a game show so I get the idea to do my. I did that last. So it's got listens chuck lost to listen but he doesn't know what that's from. He doesn't know that and does a good morning Vietnam with the wind is not a mormonism but Robin Williams and why you every corner and crone our yeah that was at the half chuck lost and the last two games Serbia text. I'm having breakfast you ready gonna work this into post game show you know what is he not the like the greatest guy very nice guy he's really good and Gerri just I can't I haven't found one person that doesn't like him. And they're right that took everybody also rolled to defy at least a dozen people that don't like that person. But they keep checking boxes. They keep just winning Jane didn't play great last night that the kings played hard. And so you say they need to win these games they need to do this we need to do that they just keep doing. Are obvious there were for faces a loss to win the world's championship but I I talked to mark Retief last night. Cut I try to be honest on the show we play allows as Amanda Ripley but allows rapid rise we carry about. I look at those schedules that I know the guy from Philly got hurt but if you look if Philadelphia. And Cleveland schedules. He RE EZ. Easy. Ours is not that easy I mean. We can win out yacht and not move up I mean I don't be shocked at a I want us to be third or fourth I'll be shocked if we're not fifth because. Philadelphia Cleveland schedules are so easy it is nice and it may not nine sigh are you about this was. Out from time to time the weight we never root for anybody get injured but Joseph well indeed taken the you know and the noggin. Mark health Fultz is not into his face and fracturing his his orbital bone filler that's a good thing for the pace. I don't rooting as simply get hurt in high school or college. Sorrows in pros if you're playing in them and meg gonna get their money and that they're injuries that death. Okay and I'm the tech industry look at it and we're happy that he got her but I on the front and we wouldn't say boy we really want to draw exuded in her neck is right. But I but I I think I think it's it's a difficult robe like deuce is keep winning. And you know home of the last two ago I would take the W isn't. You know that the clippers probably Sunday is going to be you know we're always we always picked Herbalife Saint Louis yup there's that herb frank influencers are the and then add Denver will be a tough one mini come home and yeah play Golden State got those who where they albeit that Mark Bryant but you know I like it. Mark sits up that it very interest in last night. He talked to arm that young. Do I believe is like that the new David West right you know totally different games but. They have the same role in the locker room like that dad he's the adult in the minutes and quiet leader and east at that young said before they took off BC know what. I can't wait to get through there and that is regular season. And Marc whom he goes because this is gonna be fun to go to the pre season with these guys. And that tells me that they have. A little bit of quiet secret inside a locked remote Joseph like you know what. We're good let's go now what so that they're there is no. Nervousness I don't think I think their I think they think. We give anybody like Loyola with dole why not us yeah I think also the world says we can't do it. Can we are how old enough to remember too that when no one gave Villanova a chance to beat Georgetown. In 85 right. All right and they get well they hit like 80% Bluefield and absolutely ridiculous. So dark I think you get the key keep doing what we're doing. And he we saw last night different pieces of the puzzle. They don't Moscow on the bench was at 88 last night yeah. Each one of those is is critical just any oh boy are we we we won a bug not a original site our our vote and after I left at. Which is good but I was at the I just I just love the way were playing what when we went seven OS-X we won four in a row. You that the problem as you look at the guys the top of the east. They're all either like seven in three of their last ten or in philly's case nine who won the top five teams are all winning. What does he want out to those guys to start lose and so we may be can get up the spotter not to kill if we are fit. But the whole go to Philadelphia wherever don't really talk and not you want sure you do. Why don't we talk about the Donovan each morning he had 45 last nineties leading scorer Vick had 2413 in the fourth. Really really good nights prevent the way I mean by Donna pitched and scored 2829. He shoot lights and we don't spend a lot of time with him well. I think you know he's had some gains that horrible. You have had some bad he would Indiana brought ended the night for there for roller pacer fans basically the the well Chris mauled to mop the bench but Molly was when he was here was troop to shoot score and boy items better defended it we all thought Mark Wilson yelled at. Op is run in the score ports so when he goes go on for nine. And has three points or four points repel like what the heck again like that I was last at the age of his life was last night and I asked. I asked mark Monty knows covered games since you know they Smith. I said he had 45 points no rebounds no assist. You know what. I said yeah I I city Kristin Perry got size and that's kinda like the lines of Chris used to have when he played in college. Chris I'm psyched up eleven points no rebounds no assist those deals. Nineteen bouts. But eight at you when it went in when he scores a win what's that the don't think you don't win. That young yet a double bubble. What was an undefeated did you have a that's what you we're eleven and one you're basketball you know okay. We're eleven and one in games decided by three points or less the what does that tell you about a basketball team but before you answer the what does this tell. No team in the NBA has more winning streaks of three games or more. Than your Indiana Pacers resented. They both tell me two things we got a clothes are on offense who can score and we got a coach shouldn't coach and you look at your consistent Basmati ya end. Wouldn't that give you a mindset we'll talk looked can you imagine tiger's mind set next week and a gust that he's gonna do what is positive disease ever Ben go to Augusta. So if you're sitting there and we're eleven and want it. In close games. And we have we think that means we be consistent through the year. You're gonna go into any game you were down nine go to fourth quarter and apply after it threat. We come back or 15141213. Would pick I mean their their confidence level can't be higher than it is. You brought up tiger. Did you see in the new book day anonymous is probably rented but arming containment ship Benedict of Britain it is good reporter. Really gun and Jim Benedict is terrific. And tiger's camp is trying to shoot holes in the thing. And I'm not I'm not a big fan because these guys are really good at what they did these aren't wing nuts just put stuff out to move proper product. These guys are word winning journalists. And I think shooting and it is kind of a mistake what he thanked. I think I would I'd let ago I'd have no comments his a lot of books written about me and you know I've read any of the I'll read mine whenever I write it if I choose to write it in you just don't give it any. If you shoot holes into it. That's probably gonna make a good number of people go buy it right wouldn't about it the first place I mean it just increases the heat our eyes you know bubbled up now and on of people that I've read books have been written. I've seen things in books that. Not they're not entirely true they're like. Sixty president of the story you're leaving out forty which is important partner you're gonna tell the truth you probably should tell the whole truth so people should write books I mean. And grab an executive at Lilly who's been there thirty years or grab an executive bet if the would they want books written about. Brent what they've that because there's moral argument people make mistakes I mean. You don't want people's personal stopping Expos and whatever I just think that Diego and ought to do it the they need even need the money. Well they want or or the offer from booking agency is so great the white Nomar as well. They're gonna ghost writer so my step but I think it's been very seldom do you get. A 100% of of a true story especially in sports least that's my opinion the doors are red. And it is it is it even because it is you've often said there are three cruisers yours mine and in the real truth. If you've got a guy who's a great story tower a teller like John Feinstein cut and just terrific one of the vast great storyteller. If he gets in fact shaded wrong here shaded wrong there. It doesn't diminish the quality of the book it just diminishes. May be in our minds called you the people her being depicted. It also. If you're a person who may be that he ripped the netbook. You can use as a Smart PR person with a PR army in New York you can use that little mistake. M blowing out to a dramatic proportions to try to just totally kill the book now we we we've seen that especially politics inning guy to make one little mistake. In enemy makes out that you you know you killed Helen Keller for writing it it's it's it's it's it it's terrible that we've we've gotten their point. But you know I know I don't play wanna read tiger's book I mean I've got some that went from not liking liking him to not liking him. To remember I told you many how many months ago that not only would he win another tournament I told human moments ago that he would win a major. I don't think it be this year. I still think it'll be this year but I believe he will win yeah getting done he has not right yet don't go cashing channels I I think he will win another masters because if Freddie couples. And job and rob Watson can be competitive and Augusta in their late stages this son of a gun. In a lot and those guys work. He can be competitive against and who he can you imagine this Sunday now to back grind him and Phil are battling. It would be the highest rated golf event. After it will be interesting to see what he does the first two rounds 7070 if he goes 7270. Anything humans turn. He even he can even shoot over par on the first day which he's done and win it I mean Ito. I know it's the phrase of the torrent of startled by autos such a on Sunday. Again you can shoot yourself out of it on Thursday or Friday right but there is sucked into that. There is open to that you can go 77 on Thursday. Logos 6970. On Friday U 34 away on Saturday how many guys have we seen. That waited this Saturday's round not big on the first page. Any either one it. Or were right there on Sunday because so there's so much movement on Saturday at Augusta and did you get the Sunday and that's what the people who are not used to being there. You know start to tighten up. And you see it's the guys that that that that that it did the business or big close stumbled guys like Justin Rose. Guys like Cabrera guys like Sergio last year where they get they try to go up filling up pushed out uphill pushed out uphill push down. That only when you get a you'll learn how to have that mental fortitude and you able to finally. Finally fight through it and get the W and it was certain was Sergio last year. Who knows this Sunday it can be an out it could be a somebody else that he does come close and this could be their. Jerry moment. The greatest accomplishment I think you've ever seen at a gusto was twenty years ago. And that was Jack I think he's tied for sixth at the age of 58. I cannot believe that that happened I was if you is under par at Augusta at the age of 58 and on the leaderboard on Sunday. That was just stunning to me that was amazing ever arrived and gives me goose bumps talking about an eighty site 86 for get a six was amazing because he that he is he was written off he had done anything right he was. On and and India the famous story that someone in the gust or two Atlanta constitution. When a gust of paper written to elect a preview of all the golfers so Nicklaus whose bodies don't factor in barber cut it out and put a refrigerator. And Jack looked through every day that week and Nero and any other story came out was. He he used to Wear yellow. And Ryan stayed he had worn yellow for like years. And had a sick person who died in an honor you inject some of the Wear yellow so so what do weird things came together. That Sunday any played so well casinos Gil. I was fortunate OK I've I've played against three types. And the one thing about a gusting and they're so true is. You have to hit the ball repair where the pin is. At a certain spot on the green. If it's anywhere else on the green you're screwed when you're gonna go play any course in Indiana where is rob got agree we gotta think brightly it will probably two putt. Most likely three putt maybe once a while one putt. But at a gas state you have to be in a certain location or Jack knows every note could create any of that place. And and he can get around it and I think you know you play it long enough and you have that golf intellect that somewhat I think which tiger certainly has. That's right I I expect tiger. He may win the darn thing on Sunday a lot. Story about jackets sixteen on Sunday in 86 and he's got Jackie and the bad and he hits the tee shot. And you it's a Jack Keeney winks while the ball's still inflate like he hits it looks. And when Sid Jacqui well that's unbelievable what Jackie whit when he hit the ball yeah the balls in the air Jackie's behind him and Jackie says. Being good yeah bright and you may have heard zone right winks and says it is yeah but why. I'm not happy Jacqui I think Jack yards around busier weeks ago as it is quiet little bit yes champ I mean and that doesn't step. But I you know all if you have ever met got to know whatever my all time hero is Jack Nicklaus because I do believe are those people I do believe. You can be a sportsman. You you can Jack Nicklaus was the first got to shake your hand as when when you beat him to win a major. You you don't have to be a jerk. You know you can collect yourself and NB a sportsman NB a true. Runner up and there's no there's no shame in that you gave it your best and be the the first guys shaking hands and I don't we topic and what is the shake him line worthy and all that stuff. You know I think it sends a signal. To the young kids that that's what you should do. And you know and if it's done right it's fine I think it's great if the kids on their own. Think you know and I wanna go congratulate this kid because he played his Nassau that's terrific day congratulations. I love that I don't like okay lineup. Good game to game game game game game it's meaningless it's just done by wrote there's no. There's no interest in new really congratulating anybody it's just something you do at the end of the game the freeing your Jew stock and you have to look up the word. The definition of meaningless. Because. It if you do it I think for the little kids and see that. It if it's not meaningless if even if it gets to 50% of the kids that that's what you should well when I lose I should shaking as the guy I shouldn't. You know swear Adam. I should run off I shouldn't you know I do all these goofy gyrations that kids do nowadays are stuck the issue and do that you you should you should we should try. The dip. I don't you talk of Bobby Cox we we you know I've talked many many ties about a IHSA's sports and yeah parents and officiating coach whatever. And I'm not gonna put a blanket say that it's always the parents are at fault. That's that's not always the coaches and administrators. I think there there's bad in every area yeah I mean just so bad they don't let out there I'm sure but parents are uniquely terrible. And it sale parrots it they are not all parents. But but sometimes. There there are miss good coaches and missed that administrators wherever and I really book I really believe this and I. Bobby Cox and I wouldn't argue we discuss it strongly. When he is down last week for the. They charity skit I really believe. Here's the thing even any I would even put this in the NCA well the SE talks about the kids are student athletes. David radler just like the students took you out and any can't be treated if they can't give benefits Americans get a case like. I think if you're in high school or your college. You should be able to go if you want just like an average student usually go to four different schools in four years if you want is always your academically making progress towards graduation. If I wanna go around Colin is a freshman if Peter was a sophomore from both as a junior and Garrett as a senior I should go to do whether on the music. Theater baseball or basketball. And they were all. Fur coats don't know that does it makes coach is responsible to be honest employ the people should be playing it makes administrators more responsible to marked the coaches and make sure it does not Malarkey going got it puts everybody on the clock and I think you should be should be like that high school it's been like that college and otherwise don't argue about is. You you you bit meaningless so what the hell we're talking you were talking ours driver corporate talk about our. We shoes basketball shoes the shoe companies you're killed a shoe companies here's the problem I don't want your fellow if you if you tell a shoe companies they can't give money to the schools. Although I so called moderate these sports do that's their call I was at at Notre Dame now her Olympic sports. Girls soccer girls lacrosse men's cross country are going to go away but they said the UN not mentally you're not notably the story I just heard this this week. The university North Carolina if they get decent money Moshood deal is make you think they get decent. If they got a good guy and they're citing detain all the university yeah I Chapel Hill do you think issued deal was decent. It has to be won the top five OK thank you Scott is a Camille I got I got sick I don't know what does that where we're going. North the universe and our Carolina Chapel Hill you know Smith can relate and their shoe deal. Wouldn't with now that I think the Jordan brand a thank you think they get a pretty big check from my time and gas they probably because you know who graduate Carolina did not get one of the biggest right. Roy Williams. Out of his own money right to check in pays for the souring of two of the gymnastics coaches with North Carolina. President of money to fund the women's gymnastic program. The women's gymnastics players their travel bags its aid UNC gymnastics at the turn amid at the end of the year for the the next perspectives that. This is North Carolina this isn't straight universe here Wilkes college are loyal of Illinois we think the budgets might be limited. Imagine what it would be if you took issue money out. What has that happened is the allocation of the money I get it to Nike's paying the clippers who set a Jersey and sell shoes I get that. But let's allocate the money make sure it's good that it's going to help those schools. I don't think the coaches need to be making 678 million dollars here the university presidency to go. You like coaching your Jimmy Boeheim you know make it seven million U coach here for too late if you don't like it go the MBA if they all come collectively together and put limits its. And again I low spotlight she did better even president do then you're fine with getting rid of the issue money if the coaches take a legitimate wages instead of making seven million dollar how many coaches how many schools need that money you don't much customer to be a matter little what happened back in the day when did that what insure money in the media money wouldn't anywhere near what it is how do those. How those programs survive then. June June June they cronies actually only had twelve schools got money coming into the Big Ten schools so quick thinking counter if you did research. And it would take time yet to get a reporter do you do research on the number of schools. At that at the top 25 schools this country division one. How many sports they have right now men's and women's and go back 25 years the increase is probably doubled and here's the more important little note nugget to to our research. Look and see how many of those big schools have. Maybe 75%. The number sports that their contemporaries have. Day there. You have men's soccer we don't. You have mess across we don't why is that because they can't off. Afford to add those other sports in these are major. Schools so imagine the struggles at the small division one level low division to a division three. All the bills getting sixty million dollars a year from indeed it's sixteen million dollars a year tenure deal 160 million dollars OK so if you're the indeed his guy. And you know they yearn investment depends on whether you get recruit. He'd be in seem to go play basketball well no you're gonna make damn sure that those guys go down there to validate your investment and which you guys. Are under and it front and center in San Antonio this weekend and that's where a lot of this corruption comes from. Margaret there yet that's do you wanna get to you wanna get at the corruption. You guys get additional money. Active Woburn regret it's where the allocated dot how much at sixty Miller was the right to the coach a lot yeah so that's some going back to my allocation if the president said. We will not pay. They coach more money than a top paid professor on campus I'm with you brother father has spurred said that almost forty. Years ago John Wooden is to not take more money because I didn't do as does. Cummings yes I know I know I know I know I don't want to hear us not understand Gilbert was behind the players so I don't earlier about the purest successive starts to save Gilbert's money at the bottom. That's the truth I just wanted to throw the target out their three NC if you achieve our eyes. And I got her eye because I believe I mean that's what tries Wii craze a divot to about John Wooden John Wooden John wouldn't you can't tell the story of John Wooden with out same Gilbert UK gets exciting that's share you can't tell it well according to the statues that faces your guys ran on George history right there. He was able to win national championships. With. Merciless players that'd which is something horrendous. Not that I have ever seen etc. what may not put I would have a great RIE I would whoever approved that. Yeah we still. Do duo over I mean it whoever wrote it and yelling why aren't you just open. You know why he's so none of the guys look like any of the guys. Now they didn't want like full bodied people because number one they didn't want him obscure wouldn't. But number two they didn't wind doesn't make sense in this great city of Indianapolis where people who. Performed well in Indianapolis Yahoo! you know I hit it it it we could say historic fashion Oscar Robertson. You know football fashion Peyton Manning Reggie Miller slick Leonard that perform in the city right. There. Oh here. Yeah why John and I'm not gonna let it let us I mean if they earlier looks like guys. You know one of the department stores are out of business brought the dead that you other bodies only the clothes on he took a wagon from Martinsville up to West Lafayette to go play college basketball and it's really event. It's kind of like us celebrating Abraham Lincoln. Because he lived at one point in Indiana and he drove to through here downed the Washington who has whipped Illinois louis' way the Lincoln and aspect in Lincoln was born where Kentucky. Andy Grove where Indiana. But Illinois do you really think yeah well it's like some people here and echoed Jeff Gordon is burrows all yeah wedeman. Where was he born Al I mean I never really say you know Charles Manson he's he's that. And I knew how hard you Garrett goes out nerd go under Arnold's and so no our soda there he was. Side in this town square they kept him in the jail there for awhile I took I was sure this plays Charles Manson. Did you hunting Noble's on the towns are from India earth from Indiana he spent some time here and it Jake query. Michael was a pen pal of man has discussed a billion and a mayor that's weird. As weird din John Dillinger wasn't for her to now he's very era. Gates is someplace close here in order vs Bieber broke out of a round points jail converted villagers buried at the arm and crown hill. And they said I I've read a book when I was a kid that I think he spent. Like you what he wasn't really the guy who was killed outside the bio graph theater in Chicago according to this year book. Say it and then he he became an old man in like Logan's order Crawford Stiller someplace like and just here's our here's our HSA a fish. Yeah the fact here's John Dillinger was the one referee in the mylan had to come up close the suit is a god and his back pocket there worries he's called a file on Bobby Brown thank you daddy.