Eddie White on the 2021 All-Star game

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, December 15th

Eddie White of Pacers Sports and Entertainment


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Don't go to FaceBook live thing because god forbid. Any of our licensing captured on social media. And I see Eddie I daddy I don't I try to get a hug he chastised is made for IE he says look like a crazy person. And that refuses to give me a hug sub then what do IC and the NFL network given a big hug all look at John Elway egg hunt for John Elway. I was at Eddie. Here he had about 300 more therapy yeah. It is Erica Morrow out. You know alone I can't argue that. If I hit. The honest to god truth I if John Elway in India over standing next to one another. And you had your arms outstretched. And I had to choose what you'd hug. I'm not sure I wouldn't of made the same decision. Nice and easy you know what are remote prologue and I mean he's been in the of course department. Little local athletic he's been here character returns in the offseason to shoot commercials are. The more unique than than him and Marino and Mike Holmgren market sound person doesn't. We will return to treats its go to dinners and stuff like that he's just do a wonderful person and that's. A great and you know east. Has been our quarterback case and he wants and you know obviously you're top ten of all time. He's the guy is guy and we eat is a guy is tightly wanna have a beer with you and your art baseball is Beulah park there wouldn't have. Yeah there's no pretense it's a pretty boy east it. You know he did have an ego he's just a really good I end you know could just deal. Syracuse you'd like to become bigger every year but good look Beazer irrespective skiers and staples there protects. It fell as did the catch that was evident that all politics is and that and that's certainly not that they get old Kerry can't be decided now on the staff and the ability musgrave was called the plays and then another big guys that couldn't acoustic cheap credit is Brothers Paul could go to Wisconsin. The football which jeeps a good drive good coach and they're great guys and that. The other darn good football played Denver is not a good football team but. I'm sure hope. John can fix didn't get according to him because we know we're pretty meaning. Was here to our football team and Indianapolis that journalists certainly that the football team on Denver. I'll tell you what they were a hell of lot closer to being your good football team down the Indianapolis Colts were at least last night I thought that. The Broncos showed areas of competence. That the colts or maybe a couple of years away from. I think they are medic was dark preseason work to do it and that really is to have we're almost fool all the whole roster and yeah respectively complete response to your whole professional won't be quarterback Chris if it comes to help beat. Well I think crystal do it and I think kids that there's a little bit you'll break it increased power and that it could say that's a real good at saying that good. Obviously so it was a tough game as a lawsuit against fan's perspective would have been like it because of possible get a top pick for. You want you want to build a group of winning culture in this you aren't you meticulously give look at what you got a look at sister donuts. You know in the game is out of hand and yeah maybe Dubuque you know. Specific player be important part of dark of the plan going in this year but. I was just happy to see that there should that depict draw people got what he yeah he's the European Poland. My god I mean it was each took the place and a it will be key to it if we didn't take take we all knew he was popular maybe you had several buildings go crazy for him so critical. Well you know what inspectors got that thing he's got that charisma where he knows how to connect with a crowd. The crowd enjoys the way he tries to connect with them there's this MBOs is between Vick. And Indianapolis that's absolutely unmistakable and he could seal woody. He grabs the sledge hammer and they introduce some of the cameras on him and his hands come up like this city's. Is kind of like yes I enjoy this I enjoy you know you'll enjoy me. Isn't this nice I like pectoral depot. Don't play that have a lot of coaxed people up front office people also coaches they work. Shocked that eat eat didn't look as they piece together is used to basketball players are angrily and make it stand out. If the kind of blended right it yeah you look characteristic. And I did and it. Because you know the evil that noted while not want them at ease and he is just think so. He he that this you know protection as they look bleak. You know I need extra attention superstar you replicate that produced a near record temperature. Target Eddie white. From pacers sports and entertainment really big week for pacers sports and entertainment. Let's let's talk about the big story the biggest story although lol it might have been the story. That has the longest lasting ramifications. For your organization or this city. But let's talk about the all star game coming to Indianapolis in 2041. What it means to the city we've spent a lot of time this week we spent a great amount of time on Wednesday. Tired of the protagonists of this thing what's it mean to Indianapolis. Well I think there's little here to show that they cancel records American if secretary Robert Dickey spoke to each and every person who ducked press start. Yeah everybody. That they're obviously just as to our. This incredible resume that are in the years in our state is so proud of and that. You know you know we say it's off from his hope that. This is the newcomers to work takes over that young generation of arc down. They don't get numb to it and they don't take it for it because there are cities that one must ask these things await mr. cities. That even though we do have fuel the sports organization in the country the first one in the Indian sports corp. This many many cities who developed their own now they wanna beat the best and may want to be debated step to steal these events and it's considered Indianapolis gave us hope. And he passed the baton from one generation to another in the gym horses and their seasons to Michael burnings. Has there are two younger generation but that your generation doesn't take for granted what was done before them. And you need to chairs whose parents you have to work collectively Republicans and Democrats men and women young and old everybody sorts itself so I. Come together to make yes the best with bulldozers have been picked decent balls and you know the best final fours canal we have a chance to make it the best and they also are weakened that's ever abandon I certainly believe we will do that. You know I had when I was in Saint Louis I got to know frank Severino. Who runs these Saint Louis sports commission which is kind of what the Indy sports court is very Indiana sports cork. And and we'd sit down and in a very very nice weighs one of the nicest guys they're going to be your life fee just sort of said I don't wanna hear about Indianapolis. You know on an aid because Indianapolis has been doing it longer and better than anybody in Indianapolis is really and I don't think people here understand this. That this is like the gold standard. For cities to host these kind of events. And in the sport's core is the gold standard of those organizations. There really is and I guess you premier altogether than ever remarkable extraordinary city. While we have and that he is it in to do differ over thirty years. And you know it's time it's done that Malarkey what you wish you safe but it was a Super Bowls ever bent. Talk to Jack Clayton in the world to Peter king's. And more cities like weather here for them to come by editor for the playoff game we have ESP NBA writers I mean it is. It was a big tent barely Big Ten candidate spoke and its is that actually visible that the since basketball was in new Yorker do you seek they want it here they parked their cars these are all week they can walk everywhere staged. Many great restaurants great character and and in you have to venues that they decreed that all of that. Would be wonderful itself. The salute secret ingredient in the ingredient that makes it the best 61 there is. Is that people that leisure and hospitality. That comes at all levels. Whether you're getting the cooperation from the home and George sand in the mark miles isn't. Thousand Lincoln's laurel Google that you lockers universities in the Simon's and you bring it all together with that would kind of leadership our great governor Greg Maier. You mix all that in with those 300 or 400 or 800 volunteers but nobody's so to speak that come together as warm. To provide an experience for people not from here that they can experience anywhere else the United States of America. And people think we're full of beans you know did people think it's some kind of matters civic pride where we have to say that kind of stuff. If you got nationally need gun to more Super Bowls that I could ever dream of going to more big events. Deeds are people here are just completely different and completely special. Americans take are honest and are real yeah an attitude that they're not looking and it wasn't for me. Are you there are gonna be person glorified. The you to make sure that you would have said he good experience within your visiting my hotel for your resume our restaurant. Or your particular rental car place and Eric was there may be that people of Indiana do better than anybody. You Eddie wide. From pacers sports and entertainment today before that we learned about pacers game and and this is something where life ended that morning I kind of thought well. Yet again I've seen that on TV where people play video games some people watch I spent some time watching trying to figured out. And and I thought oh NBA two K that's kind of cool it's like got a little bit. But then. We and that event we've learned about it a little bit I was like I I've really thought I thought oh my god. In fifty years this is going to be how we compete. It's it's a whole new world and try burst artwork Cody and our our director reached port operations and receiving the coach and GM pacers gaming. I told them that you spoke cute bit tentative and that you're like well I got to know more about this and cronies had. You learn you know when you want him he's more effective commander. You refer polls show and end and like all be realistic about what he sports is at Harvard returns our speaks to all the questions from. People they call it yourself and disrupted educate Indians because this date. It's coming it's coming large. You know and and net that we talked to Ken Unger later in the day about what he's seen around the country and he of course from charge. And he said he went to an event a couple of years ago in Columbus, Ohio and their 121000 people who spent the entire day in that arena there. Watching it did its video games and and gamers compete against one another. And that's when he kind of head that's cut Toma that kind of eye opening news by now holy crap this is the next new Big Bang. It's going to be something and I think when people see it. I guess they're just say listen don't particular restaurants well like Indian troops qualification for the electric giant fruit. To school there and try it and I think they're gonna likely proceed. Target Eddie white from pacers sports and entertainment paces of course taking on the Detroit Pistons tonight the final game of the six game homestand. How big games are said he. To get to begin their respected each year he's going to eroded tribunal for two weeks. Brokers certainly winnable game is laudable but it and also little and then you know instrument here on Monday the Boston Celtics will be great test. You know we were right behind their four laughed feeling really good about ourselves hoping that. Does the lovely six and oh homestand but now. That Allstate could be fired at one I think all of us that signed up for that to go five and one with Cleveland here. And let's go locals are becoming and you will always taken and so it's Detroit community did their air rival ours their. Thirteen that's like Garza gets pretty good young players access to the little pact just like we are competing that we see in the playoffs. We distraught looked at the time sequence when it comes to rebounding which DO. The capital lot this year so I think gets another measuring stick of the OK do we get better. As eighteen since the last time we've played Detroit. You know did we learn something from the other night again so Casey. So it's it's a particular important game for your side key. And to keep the confidence level high did you know took. Get on the plane and go to Brooklyn you know when the final one home stand is really really good because you know you you know much started playing in Brooklyn. Sunday night to fly back here Monday night yet here in the Boston Celtics. If you're the commissioner of the NFL if you're Roger Goodell and you weigh the pros and cons of Thursday night football and you take okay maybe you were over extending. Maybe the guys aren't in the best physical condition to withstand the rigors of an NFL game on Thursday night after playing on Sunday. But man do we make a lot of money for this thing in the owners love their money how do you both satisfy the needs for money and protect the shield. That's and it's recourse here community answer as as Roger yes to commissioner. With the new character actor is 80% incentives. All and you know I can be selfish. Which he most people would be candidates like tiny percent of the money and get make is based incentives. There are going to be proponent of there's football. Almost trying to drum up is considered trying to squeeze even more money other networks were revive it next packets were present at. That's changing your question specifically is ratcheted up. That the effects of these that are and I got a couple of secret picked up where it would talk and some friends and from the CFO and the networks epic that the game let it. Is that to certain package but don't be surprised. It's a lot of the regular poker players. Code prevents it but escalation table. They say you know what we're losing money. It's the leader Sunday product. Todd Il the beast this this crew. That's just the NFL network NBC crew is not just announcers touched this year it's camera people's producers directors. He's been working two games in week at the tigers' season with an off weekend. You know that the that the medical teams play well on Thursday making it easier correct yup once one person right. And you view obviously you know you get a bye week in the middle of the cease and some work. All the TV people are working two games a week with nobody can Derek Costa. The right to predict it possibly functionally be put like he did when they are doing one week. And problem. The template the ratings being down at losing money I think BC BS CNBC. Fox whoever Arab backed away and saying we don't want the first attack it's going to be disruptive miracle network exclusively. Maybe they end up going to cable and Sanjay turner sports. You want to hear actually used to do games and TNT Wheatley back in the day if you look back into. The kids were. The price to play poker probably. Won't match with his with the last package debate. So when did we ever say that it could be an NF LTV package. That is don't run for less money that was previously Tate and different. It's never ever that. And you know again the commission's case attracted based going forward on commission. Basically. This can be very very interesting discussion and immediate leads and saying you know lot. Was diluted Thursday night. Let's check the price for Sunday. And you know and maybe get a new player to. A bidding on the casket in just almost like you put all your money you know on the red. The only you're putting all your money and roulette as opposed to putting somebody ruler some of black checks so sovereign keynote. And whatever so it's it's it's very interest in time. Come up for the NFL to listen broadcasting rights. From a business perspective that the aid if you have an incentive latent contract which rewards short term gain. But your primary responsibility is protecting these shields could help crafted that kind of deal. Well I think part well and potentially belief community if you read some of the reports some meetings and Alice. This was put together eight months ago they won the contract could be more work incentives blatant. That you regionals of course is trying to save face or not. Crow publicly today and see I got a gallon water it's not too sister culture it's easier after Bernard. I think it's more the older I don't trust Jerry Jones if you don't mind it was anyway it would restructure its resources to make sure. So I can't believe these the other owners and this was our he put in the placed column they wanna Cuban leader of the league office. Building is it is I just cautioned people to dole. Six something that's not broken yeah there's no reason in the NFL has grown in popularity. Worldwide. Because a lot of initiatives and things that they did guys were long gone and it also passed away the great. So pitch Beckett Pete Rose over masterminds in the TV. Jim and Steve who really is dictating the Pope of special but it needs to go stick. That made the Super Bowl and to what people insulting to Thabeet those people are gone they've been retired moved governor they passed away. And opinions and people coming in India also dealerships coming in. New generations and I hope they realize they got what they see it and would they have. Because of things that are done that they may not understand yeah and don't think you need jerk reaction say we've got to cut the league office. Because it you know these prices haven't in years the deadly comeback is just actually W. But when you're franchises start going down in value so it can never expect. I just hold you open that may happen but no never what happened wouldn't wouldn't there's an ATP right. Be re upped the price listed at that that was paid it's never happened before. If this and this is some turbulent times it's important times and people need to take a step back and evaluate everything before they can you very risky decisions. Boy you know that happens all too much and American media and American business to any great words thank you very much. Eric abolished the great Eddy lights from pacers sports and entertainment.