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Friday, February 9th

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The world do the news. And move. Can selling show. One Manning Indianapolis he knows everyone and everything this a tour really responded we're going to do your own pillow. That is Tommy Dorsey band era Frank Sinatra forgot to quit tryst your favorite Frank Sinatra Eddie. That was it the guy who is it the kind of from here to eternity sort of guy. Or the old guy with the to pay in the seventies Singh in New York, New York which version of frank did you love vast. I like the guy that seventies. The goal rank you at chili's that yeah I don't like people that that's. They would let slip but now we're about to walk the road at any age he declared that the states are like deadly. You know when not it comes Severino some and I casino restaurant at one point in his life and he wanted to go up and talk thome saw Sinatra started walking toward the table. And I know it if there was Chile or what was. But he was told in no uncertain terms that that was inappropriate behavior and he needed to get that out right down. Did you ever hear that they missed out Oracle's Frank Sinatra story now. Don Merkel little restaurant in Beverly Hills and he was dating dead. It's effective today and it's different with frank and egos in the bedroom. And his government received at our ankles also bit at the restaurant dining. Eddie goes over Republicans are tight Billick gets up Wasilla super duly. And regular Gregor almost wrap it up but we just sat down and you know the home at a restaurant with this young lady of trying to pressure. It would be awesome if you came over stopped by their eyes sparkle like got breaks and I stopped by to say idea. Would you mind francs physical problem locals are all they carry it. So Donna goes back to a stable they sit there with a young lady. And of course here comes frank flex lock it out he comes over clearly does that rectal like di hi it's bill it as and reckless actually. If you're trying to easy. Find out father left. And then. That is the big time and as big time and France is very denies. Hey. It isn't the rain out David this is just bothersome to me what are you guys to retaliate you guys have a director of facilities over there I would imagine job once necktie. Is to make sure that the roof has not reached. Although the reason that it back go back the day's market square arena at bankers like the other reputation. But the best basketball building in North America. Because all that stuff as you know monsoon to comment if you could have issues but we're prepared for I just thought that. You know Ottawa April building under the under the bus but I mean it's almost they reacted whether they would go on Ayman. And I hope we don't they they got through it and if they honestly hope that. I can't do you go people traveled cup. Couple hours to get there. Maybe that's the only game they see that night and donate it there available. But the remarkable thing was that we were able to do about two and a half hours. Of commentary. You can imagine Austin Croshere. The great mark Boyle and the great pat Boyle it was a big Bob Costas role than they brought me into the bullpen and we talked about everything I mean. And Gallup poll today. He's had three times as many comments about from people random people couldn't even though. FaceBook and regret whatever about the bit with that they are popular market which. We just about everything what you make them. You know water start to get too high and and you know we made the best that bit but it was a it was you know in a good thing that we were gonna have you know we are where it would cost ninety. And you know you in Michigan the other day of rest Yonkers required one heck of a basketball team tonight. There even more loaded that it Worrell was a beat at the last part of Becker quite so you know. That they'll be made up somewhere to repeat or game. Both New Orleans lesser bowl beat battling for playoff position so. I'll make up some time they haven't told us where and what that boils would just excited to get about the world public. You know it and so I hope that this doesn't wind up being I an adverse level of inconvenience for the pacers. In order to make things easier for the pelicans given that the pelicans are the people who screwed this up in the first place. The good thing is that this scheduled waited an hour it's kind of stretched out there are warmer days open. We're worse opposed to years past so I think that's a good thing. In doubt just that model in what we were you what they won't trust or Alter the parameters of leaked guidelines to get in counts only hours all of this stuff so sugar orca that in the are gonna we got. It would be to meet people or. How bad the big. Well I I I agree with your last caller I don't think. It's funny if it depends on the perception. I think he'd be informed man maybe you know point the finger at the colts like. But the attack the people who know how these things are done and the people who know the people involved. Bob it is it's not I mean the guy I know Bobble mark our goal Bobble mob bought property but it is now. And he is the agent in question here and in yeah it is as if he has it as much integrity as any agent I've ever known. He's just so you'd eat Italian he's emotional he's loyal and one of its clients as Crist are you go to the now ex client in the game. And you know that the deal was done it was it shake the agreed to that that the terms so the fact that book but he was inside local I would change is mine anyway. You know one side and they get picked a worse situation so you know what everything happens for a reason I think your break our curriculum they about the last coach hired. It seems if you look at NFL history in a calendar year. Tend to be one of the more successful and I actress they're really well you know a lot of your how many coaches have been. Wired in the last five years alone. Who were there organization's first choice. So it doesn't mean that your your first choice if your best choice but to get at very good football coach. Now the most poorly Christos don't support that they gotta get players polian said. His predecessor left that cupboard bare. And Chris knows that. Again captain agriculture can make guys better then than they are okay but I think the key thing is there's a great culture that that that as there. From the Irsay family and it ever since generally took over the place and they Chris brings that and it accentuated that. Who ever comes in is going to fit that culture and that you gotta get. The players who were flat out football players they go out there went the football games and I think that's what I bill. They're Smart enough it's not about winning eight Prescott which are locked up that they had giant road by about a lot of it's about getting the right coach goes arguably two years in two years will be winning games you've got to win. The big contender get back to try to bring a lawn parties etc. That's the thing they get the football coach who's the right coach and I think the etiquette. Eddie if you were the media relations guy with any employer and they came to you and they say we wanna put out a press release the deals done. Andy said is it signed and they said no you would say why don't we wait wouldn't yield. Not escaped I don't know I know I don't problem I don't Bob LaMont or why why why would anyone think. That this sky at the lack or is that it changes like if it doesn't happen. I think that this is the occurrence I outsource it's very rare occurrence. But I been UK there a bit so I guess what you do we do that sports didn't they incident party you talk about it but you will on. I think people what do dark for a bit you still Democrats would be used to eat eat eat you. You wrote that you can't put it you know you've got to move on they're gonna get a football coach. And it at believe it'll be a very good coach and a lot of interesting things out there I don't people who know each of these names that seems everyone has problems. I don't look like. And I was hurt you'll orient you know I've I think. Jim Schwartz is the best football coach walker out of the play and I think Teddy junior or promised it would Jim Schwartz was in Detroit. You know is that they look at coaches go automatically go oh I don't know what they're he didn't blow. Personal what can it help the bride well the circumstance it's the most of the things that they don't know the picture why would it. But the people who get paid money to dole boasting. They note that stuff that you though that frank Reich is the very good football coach you know that Jim Schwartz is a very good coach. Edward Everett they would go out there picnic after the idol there could be adapted what struck. How coach you don't bring a little bit ago I think it could be anybody but there's a lot of keep the end I think if you gotta be patient look at coach Mike. Just to coat by Saturday. Being elected Jimmy Jack in it member Jerry fired don't equate it. It at that Gilbert is meeting people are very Switzerland in their account was while we're at. Wanna so apple that's the difference and at the tower also at the beast got put in writing so that would games. But I I would not be losing too much sleep. And again I I'd probably the thing you don't wanna be here. I don't want to hear. The stakes are too hot it is to what's going to arm the you have to be all that is clearly. Mcdaniels from from the beginning from the get go was not always in for bubble mark. To tell you. They you know it is not the way I'd do things I don't view that's all I have figured out so that their guys out here. Target Eddie white from pacers sports and entertainment. If it lets agree on this though that Chris Ballard it as a GM or head coach or whatever you only got so many bullets in the gun. And he spent a bullet. Now of this guy winds up like it mcdaniels did come and he would washed out a couple of years like he did what he was in Denver. That okay that's one bullet but that bullets go on and he wasn't even here and now the hires a guy and the guys a washout. They're going to be a lot more fingers pointing it Chris Ballard don't you think. Well that's for anybody. You know what I mean sport I mean that's that's rated buy in. It if I'm an apple director Obama might there will pop culture might hurt them by their basketball coach and that'll work now. All right I mean how many volts what you gonna give me I mean that that it's just saying that's just our in his power to make it. You you you're not looking at the bigger picture that but that's the world of professional sports about it is matchup let's bring him you know. Major intercollegiate athletics I mean if you're apple director in your Oprah by the book ought coaches I don't know how. Everybody they should just. But discounts is one this is a ball. Okay I know I just mean that you know it's a it and it's not like there's no. They're digging you know it it's not a tsunami it's gonna carry him out of his office. But it's a wave and it did some damage to kind of the underpinnings of of his kind of administration there. That might be the output it may be in it may be a perception again I believe there's a perception that they have to have one. Media have some. But the people who count they bought that house or on. I think is that the suspect that that was not a good open it would. Guilt or the galleries which that there are deferred and you could write a book all the all the comply it would dual or. Who told me last year and appreciate the game in doubt. All means that the colts cowboys were 31 in the league. Now the violence the local Sports Radio I'm here don't you guys are real life the that would have tied it at game. Okay we'll limit it that bit tech open are you talking about. Yes the guy that that's what some reports he's got that there are now. So I would argue that it was a missed mustard seed but I doubt they checked out of step at a pretty good job Lester to the team wasn't that good. Crystal that. Not to pay to expect epic the Eagles I don't know all way to know it you gotta get players that we got it cultures and that's what they're. At Indy Ed I think it stands. We get impatient I think at some of the pacer magical about what they want an estimate right track with a chip which of this year. What the hell we are yeah making strides in the right direction I think the goal to break the strike the right direction yet maybe it's not as fast. As we all want. Maybe that is actually as we all want but you gotta trust that you gotta trust that and I think they're going to be I really do. I would say it and I like Chris Ballard he seems like a guy who's gonna wind up learning to be a good GM but I would settle for competence. That today and this appeared in it to the extent lunch date is big got mad he flew as his family in Dayton daily lives here now. He's a defensive coordinator he was gonna work for Josh McDaniels now he's gonna either have to work forever they bring end. War that guy's gonna say not all I don't get along but this guy and he's got a goal I mean this is this did this good. The basic question yeah and took over a bit there that you took over as of a a company like chemist but not M yeah and if they had not been there that they're they're low ratings and everything they had. I think your first year you got a guy who knew movement need a little bit on the station got a look a little look station. The got to move the needle a little bit on the morning sports station. And now after a year. You're you're you're you're go out and you year romance is at Chicago at a bed and really beat the home run hitter duty and I yup and it and yet you. You think you've got them out and got this guy liege are going to come and we Almonte. The last week are the only got eight to say this book a dark red light she just doesn't want a ticker kids out of school. I'm not coming. Is that diet failure though it did look Chris Bauer has done in one year. I mean you've got to look at the hole but again it was yeah I mean it's it's it's it's you know it worked out that he. It's a great thing about that but I I don't know people I I know the guilt for it's I know the Michael instinct I know. Yeah a rod I don't people in the NF aunt spoke a billion people left couple based most home. That double what they they say to me is the Daniels has committed. A career suicide in the NFL the only team to ever work for them the name patriots there's not a coach does that and older than it GM. That's ever gonna trust that some America. That's you know the individual it is not argued that the school. I will tell you this subtle and it's here hypothetical in this way. I hired you I hired Bob Kravitz and I hired Dan docket. And at no point is we were negotiating the deal and put together the contracts that I go to tonne submarine Al. And say these deals are done not any of them until you guys signed on the line which was not it. Not only would and I told Tom that but I sure as hell wouldn't go to our promotions department. And have a press release drafted to announce the hiring without you guys signing some kind of a deal. Again I'm elected him I am I gonna make excuses but I thought he explained that really well did you get a date with what they were going through it is so easy. Are you are radio show say that like that what would result from his position he has players and again. Each carried Hillary hoping it would the rams and you saw what it was like beat erratic team out magic being in in goals walls what you are with that organization. And one of your players so young so tragically. Died yup that is a game of dominoes that you know there is no clash. That you take. How to handle that we have players calling every other minute while you're on with one player is another way to level right. There's front office people like got a leading media relations he was like favorite guy to work with he always did everything we asked them. There in tears they're hurting their. It's don't ever get over it's not that they'll never forget that the bullet that this this goof ball. At the last minute that's something that we are seeing what we don't see often in the NFL. Certainly did that that there was a lot of stuff going on the rest of it sitting here today. It's a good good football coach and I think you know that I could go get some way to get somebody. Ed I think supplies EE you've got to trust that things happen for a reason and buddhists say that the next guy they get is that guy that wins. You know belt problem parties dungy it. You know end and yet so I've got. Or maybe because. Don't let the ball when we had two coaches that that's mission stuff like that out of where you know borderline tragic. I think I I yet. I understand what that whole building. It's going to go over there it appears there is still AM. Because arc. Clout you know the building because of its loss to the shuttle may have. You're trying to like do the stop that you know people on the radio. A cult or having. Yeah you gotta which as supple Walt I don't want vehicles while the Internet that it's called hope that in the bill through. But I think move regardless I don't know all the names. Expected. The like what type with the saints to see what they think that the that it look at them from the air. But I I think wherever they go they're gonna get simply good but spotlight you gotta get players make that Lombardi got hired Vince Lombardi and Don Shula. But it as question boosting their regular too many games and daddy why. From pacers sports and entertainment the Winter Olympics is started. And Eddie I'm just not yet remember back in the day he had to speed skating NCAA had Eric Heiden and he had to like in Henning. And yet you have the US Olympic hockey team which was kind of out. That counted just blew up simultaneously. But Franz clobber wheeze to know people. Who were in you know the wonderland I don't know these people wanna but what's going on with the Olympics is a bad PR or are we just kind of cycle not a caring. Well that does a bit the flippant radio it's our duty is all the Olympics start Pete Campbell are right. But it will eventually will get into it if I call. It the several experts slows starting. You'll watch the opening ceremony tonight that you didn't do it in the beat some great story some unheralded bit you know lost this trumpet answer you know. Won the gold medal ought to know works like that. It'd Billiton and yelled at that. You would it think what has made the Olympic cycle back to eight BC and Jim MacKay and how they personalize that yeah you know and we knew those names in open. Ice as PR guy. Do they are any Joseph made a mistake by an outlet a hockey players quite. I think any cheap cheap you can showcase the the best players that former add equipment cool. But I think eventually we'll get into it but in other the Winter Olympics are oracle small the summer as well except when it's west country and all. But this seems to me the most unique stories. There's certainly a lot of political stories out there that Pique someone's interest and ushered into the date their ratings will be good at the Tom that the Olympics. You know but he Iran I do miss the old days of you know I don't remember if they did when it should sports holster used to be that big Olympic preview. They they they predict every event in yet you'd reach that you'd like you who who didn't think they bit. This year so maybe the whole country collectively discredit given a truck control which for the Winter Olympics. What are we take about Pebble Beach I I always love Watson the AT&T pro am the former Crosby any gut lefty at nine under through seventeen. Dustin Johnson has gone off he's add today I think he's five under through ten and this looks like a really good leaderboard it's kind of for me it's not Phoenix. It's Pebble Beach where I start to really kind of lock in on golf. Let's pick what you got to play there 600 dollars yeah like that fires at the Port Orchard and played it nine times in my life. But my my well my favorite as planned deal of this you talk about eight golfers dream weekend I'll think about this skit on Saturday. I am walking Augusta National the Saturday of the masters. Our room assimilation choose a coach why should. Have a great time at Augusta National on Saturday. The next morning I had the 6 AM flight out of Atlanta to Dallas connect. Directed to Monterey. Peninsula airport in California while living noon and nude. West Coast heat time where Limbaugh are all sitting around Detroit news the great Leslie O'Neal the San Diego Chargers. And hall of Famer Marcus Allen and we played the famous Pebble Beach loud and it is it is one of God's greatest creation. It's absolutely beautiful it's almost like if you're out there I hate that our polity but he could say 600 dollars to play golf as worse that that place. It's pressure that they like they they're having out there it's flat out worked and I loved the pro AM under that they've been dispute are all good all those guys played. I'm glad they got that that that kind of smaltz back to it you know what Bloomberg stuff like that I think the closing enjoying it spyglass and some other courses that they're. But the other Monterey Peninsula what you put my Monterey Peninsula country club. Or Pete or Pebble Beach or spyglass or Cyprus to Beirut fortunately you know that course is I'll exit if I win the lottery twice. He's got to where it's like yeah I'll move our movies. Are now. Has to do it right you got to win the lottery twice and so expense there. Like I'd give it a ball I did it all at the Villa. In the backyard of of who's the pick financial guy. They get the fix I think it's going to be put the guy. He's world famous big golfer. Oh my god what am I just went like. Who's going who's got that this famous text. I couldn't tell yeah. I did there is that one guy who never paid taxes Irving some brother and I don't think it was at dude it's. That was subsequently got all these guys that have houses like that 900 billion dollars right now Mike's seventeen or eighteen or so what direction and I hit a ball in the yard. Nice to you almost just happened you almost like tiles multi dice. Yeah that is that it. Gets sick. We integrate crooks who wanted to go you sure that's what makes. We wanna give them our best two. Or any other day that doing well under the weather. The great Jim Carroll in lower rounds ever without a crooked stick the last forty years. In any capacity would you carriers of sand in 1991. Side John Daly York. The last couple years the BMW watcher and you know Rory winner Dustin ware watched tiger until election Jim Carroll. Has been as much a part of crooked stick as he balanced diet. A longtime road now the American stroke. He's he's under the weather not doing well I don't listen a lot of Sports Radio including your show and a battle all of us who love the game of golf. It's central European and we've we. So it all purpose wishes to Jim and his wife Sherry. Just. Were dismayed about. Thank you very much daddy well let our all of our best to Jim Farrell one of the really good guys in golf thanks for taking the time brother. Are going to be big government.