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Friday, February 2nd

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The great Eduardo and why is joins us biennial. As I was watching the 3330 last night to build. Parcells and Belichick I I I thought about you because you know Belichick a little bit. And you've always told me that there's a different sides of the guy and I as never assured that there was the last night we sort of saw it and he came off as really really like. Coupled to me. Let's do it because he is think they're a nice guy. You know you Revver we'd Kravitz nitty. Then he wasn't doing radio wave activity even in Boston he did our show ya. Randy was so likable people we were at a remote and so rock bottom I think there wasn't a result corner there. And people thought it was life. And they came into they thought he was there it is no we taped it and the American laser like we're review coming in lately shows that we're isn't like who the boss of you not care much. Why would you compare children like you know I wanna come in tellem used to hate him but now I just don't like him a little bit because he was so likable. He talked about the address it was Roger stop but as a kid and Halloween and he lives Indianapolis and I have always liked him and he is he has been very good to me is a reason at his picture hanging up my office. That respect is is inspiring to be great. He's he really he's a guy that that low that linked to meet. To Nick Saban because it was at the owners meeting in Maui of all places. Cornel hotel hallway Brennaman nick go somewhere and he grabbed knickers play golf let's say the next day of he said the neck. Your love Betty and your low Reebok it will take care they'd take care of me. And that you know and if you're risen article it's I'm SI dot com about their relationship going back to when nick was a young assistant at navy on the same staff of bill's dad. And a three of them had dinner or go with all the through the red there was otherwise at Steve's house. Exceed his first years assist the navy he was a grad assistant. That's that friendship started they've been together are a lot and remember bill hired nick and his staff at Cleveland. And so I have always been a Bill Belichick fan he's been great to me personally and to my family. And if you talk to Rick Venturi and the 11 thing one of the many things that are similar between Saban a Belichick. Is may have an insatiable quest in thirst for knowledge. For knowing more than they knew yesterday it's not like Bill Belichick says I'm on top of the mountain I know everything he is constantly trying to figure out. How to do things a little bit differently on the football field with people. You know I estimate that destroyed this and I and add to your club was something whether it's coaches or players pro sports at third highest level of college. And a 59590%. Of the people are good. And they're there of talent wise or work ethic whenever some combination. Despite percent that aren't good thing got there because they know somebody here there and placed right time. And then there's a 5% that you put the Derek Jeter the Peyton Manning did the Nick Saban the Bill Belichick. That they aspire to be great they were blessed with a of their athletic ability you're heard knowledge or great work ethic. And their consciously working mean we sought patent. Long into a Pro Bowl hall fame career still coming out and showing up early for work I'm putting in the time and you'll see that a lot now you don't there there're there're and it's Santa and even in my business. I see people were 22. It's easier just to Millen and you see how easy to be mediocre you see at the radio. Don't we we know radio host to show up to do the same shows every day they don't aspired to be great you know crazy how cool we get a better guess tomorrow many student. Narrows so do we had the radio show. I didn't want the same locally locals aren't three times a week talk about the same stuff right idea I think that was boring. Yeah let's go maybe we'll get turned gamble let's go get the president has states let's go trying to get. Mayor John Calipari let's go get you know what whatever and I think there's that 5% and and Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. The I set a firm but I'm copying and Gil Brandt. Edited ten years aggressive that there are two best coaches in the country now here at ten years later more people are saying that. Because the record is clear but builds Belichick is. He's the best. He's the best here's a. I've put guests. Is I want guests on every day you can answer questions for me that I hang out and sometimes it's the same guy like I like talking to Mike Chappell. About the cold and I'd like day in day we'd probably have my once every three weeks. And in Mike's always got an answer to a question like yesterday or the day before we are talking about the hall of fame and how the hall of fame works and it was 48 guys and women. Who's sort of figure this out over the course of eight or nine hours. Hey it's interesting to me I won't booking guests who can't inter great question for me and you always can answer great questions. I try and look haven't you know sometimes out of I don't know on wholesale I don't know. But. Thank you. Com let's talk about it one of the things we found out during the course of the activity last night on ESPN is there's gonna be yet another. Examination. Of Bob knight's era at Indiana and his ouster in 2000. I I'm just about had enough of of hearing about this stuff what do you think. Well I can understand that. Being opinion of some IQ who went to Indiana University. Lived through this during. I could see Indiana peoples so that people saying we've had enough. And the global level of frustration and your last guest says that that the other were people that may be supported him in the last ten years they saw how many times Indiana reached out. It's so it means that every way imaginable to come back. And at whatever are your terms then I would rebuff them and even they now settle Qaeda held at the but I think nationally. I ESPN is that the global sold may be is internationally. But it's a it's you couldn't write. That story of Bob Knight and give it to Hollywood they say that added this is is this impossible. But this doesn't happen FF I I'll destroy do you think the Penn State people are thrilled with the movie come out about Joseph Paterno were out but Cheadle plays Joseph Paterno knows lasting they want is. You know that finally move on their back to winning football games they've felt as she doesn't play near as he got a problem I don't any does drain I saw the trailer he looks like Jo return guys running out this year does this fantastic. But my point is you need to do Penn State want that now. But it's such a compelling here at that point he was the winningest coach in history college football now you have this unbelievable. Cry eyman and and and the situation. There were Bobby 98 is she is so intriguing that your word compelling. My god that the whole story this this guy who arguably one of the greatest bass what coach is all time up at the same time. Was that lack of better word monster. Amid a monster I think I mean when you have you do you have a guy like the end docket 2.4 and Coach Sutter will from a long time now says. I would walk across the street to say hello to him right why don't how many guys and our because find one that you could say that about Roy Williams and Dean Smith I don't think you define what put. And then. And in the bit that that more interesting thing for Hollywood or ESPN is and if upside you have guys like Mike Steve downing an end Quinn Buckner and and Gil Brandt. Who would do anything. Propel him to still call him coach that coach coach like coach so as wearable inking what guy is who is well who would sky is it right that's the fastening that's right bigot so. It's a wonderful topic I think people Indiana make our guy we have to go through this again but I think people outside of Indiana remember Bobby Knight Rider. He. Made Indiana relevant to people like me living in northeast of Pennsylvania. People living in Florida people living in Utah California wherever. He put Indiana on the map nationally Indiana basketball broader right worse for better or worse slamming the phone and throw a gene Corrigan the NCA. Coming out with the whip all the controversies it was compelling. It was interest staying you couldn't take your eyes off it now so if you're creating content. That's what you do. And you're thinking of thirty for thirty's my god if I was in the rose RA gimme ten things actually that might work nationally. Bobby knight's in my top ten so people are not lost his number I don't wanna the most viewed thirty for thirty's so. I have no problem with them bring it up then I can't wait to watch it. Does the one thing like this. I'm not I'm not like are honk for Bob Knight but I always feel like he did short shrift because they talk about all began X. And they never talked about the greatness of his coaching or his generosity would us information Jim referred is a great coach always talking yeah I mean you say the great coach. Who you know if rape is inevitable relax and enjoy it. Asia knocks LSU guy into a trash can gene Corrigan then would you or Neal Reid thank it it's that great coach but. So that's part of good dental women do they would you agree it would be easier you're using a guy and it's a like a lot of Bebo Sports Radio. You like to look at it neutral until the whole story yes I really believe assembly with no ties to Indiana no ties to Purdue no ties to UCLA. If your honestly going to tell the story. The full story of Bob Knight. And John Wooden you can't tell the Bobby Knight story without everything you just said. You can't tell I know some don't wanna hear this they put the blinders on you cannot tell the honest to god true story John Wooden without mentioning Sam Gilbert Brown's kids. He bought players he gave illegal benefits still raiders saying Gilbert did. You sell right now people are put the white all know that the pyramid of success while Sam Gilbert owns a piece of that pyramid. And you talk about Bobby Knight if a so so what what do you say. I'm Charles mister ahtisaari is good songwriter but they keep bringing up the murders that we should now. I got it out of the whole story that's I always go to Tibet because I want to make my point I know you can't put the blinders I got we just talk about Coke shorter new national championships and the great studied it know you have to tell the whole picture whether whether it's bill ballot check. Bill Parcells their relationship went everything you if you've got to tell the story. Tell the whole story I think he has pill do that I can't wait to sit well we'll see. Well we'll see IE if it. They tend to go to the cartoonish. You know they they tend campaign Bob Knight with a lunatic brush. Which is absolutely I just I may win an intimate they're telling me I was I was normalize Deanna. Like they'd come around with sixteen millimeter film of practice and infer any he didn't want it to learn some about basketball they would diagrams stuff they teachers' pay and it was great it wasn't like. Eight it wasn't here when we're gonna hold you and ignorance so you can't understand that I'm a bad coach which is what we had. This was look I'll tell you all about basketball C get to enjoy it a little bit more he can't understand what we're door that was great. It it's that the film that I'm hearing. Is are not unlike what I heard. The last summer OS or some reform you know you heard the story we're open digger Phelps surprised submissive birthday par rounds outback. Many different videos and almost coach Knight in decent three of the bulls Vogel words you can say it. Over the PA system priests were their nuns were there he knew there'd be a pair Percy and a lot of pure offend it. But a lot of the basketball coaches mentioned by name some still coaching right now and college basketball the reaction was tough. That's Bobby. I sit that's the problem now that's the proper that I think a lot of people Indiana. Have always taken that class coach that's Bobby Ramos said because he won the titles. We're gonna put up with this other stuff in as the years went by I think if you look ourselves in the mirror what do you sat in assembly hall and cheered for him. Or you graduate from there and followed IU basketball. You were part of the problem. You guys allowed it to have to share you guys looked the other way this stuff with the first time we came out with the toilet paper thing to a kid. We can't then we develop the women's see you know thing. And and and such someone. Should've had the guts to get his face and say you don't do that and finally somebody did Myles Brand. Half the university wanted to kill miles Brit so I think maybe that's one of the reasons when you say how we don't want to revisit this. Because it opens up and you set it on the last guess though it opens a one owner scab yeah I think you often look at America. You're a small part of it. There you are allowed to have. Happen no question we found ourselves entertained here by an absolute bore un un repentant I ask I would admit as some with McGinley no ties Indiana. I enjoyed. Some of his radio shows. When I know it was painful for Don Fischer to put up with the almighty dollar the callers what do you make fun of them and ridicule and and how we treat the media work they picked the PR guy would try and say coach isn't talking tonight after a home game against Iowa State. He he would efficient or we don't even go efficient. He's still attracted immediate. I would have took my notebook and say you know what we're not cover to cover new anymore and but people allowed it so the whole group of everybody media fans administrators. You all are part of the reason the guy became bigger than the university. I was in America. And I am and I know you're exactly right that's right and that's part of the deal is that BA you don't want to be reminded. Of all that's embarrassing absolutely you have been the greatest schools. In the country in Bloomington Indiana somebody go there. It it's what the greatest schools and I told Fred glass says they should be like Stanford. You should aspire to be great in every sport you shouldn't be happy when in six games and notice a Mickey Mouse ball. We want to win the men's championship we wanna win national chips chips in men's and women's soccer we oil wouldn't every sport your music school your business school. But Cubans don't want to communications effort here are some of the greatest people athletic administration working there you have what do greatest schools in the country and blowing ten. Aspired to be great the past is past let's go the future. Tiger is great and are not apply to us let's talk about the pace it's solid ball deep bow. Yup Dora the you're going to slam dunk contest which I liked San guys all started they decide not to do that most of time all stars won't participate in the slam dunk contest. I like them 61. It's unique isn't it was last time we saw some who played the all star game there also solar Kelvim Doug cuddle while. Now like the reason he's he's doing and I'm doing it for a brother who can't defend his title. You've talked to a million times going back to the IU days we said this he's different yes and thank god he is he's different in a good way he's so refreshing. He's a great representative in the university. And he's a great represent the pacers and what we all do an Indiana and the guy if he stays or not that would stays helping stays there long enough. He could get up to that level. That we saw with Reggie Miller with Peyton Manning. I think he's already off to a faster start and pay and Reggie were their first years there was no way. Peyton and red Jeep where this beloved therefore their first years playing in Indianapolis they weren't. He's already out of the gate faster missed the Kentucky Derby he's he's the first turn he's ahead of them he has a chance to be maybe the most popular professional athlete we have ever had an Indianapolis. I thought. You start Jeanette saying anything. I mean I don't I'm not sure Irsay I'm what I'm trying to process process this in a way that I don't think you're alone attack. A unit that's Minnesota dissent these softer that he is more heated you're never gonna put a statue up to sectoral keep what. Wall paint Manning's a statue got what it radio Miller all right so let's see we just do you disagree that he loves popular his first year. Halfway through his first year then Peyton or Reggie Miller where. Yeah I wouldn't hear for Reggie sought I can't speak to that price himself who get pennies 25 years old also know he's he's four years old as he's healthy. And we win or let's say the pacers went to world championships. Hole there will be a statue was it of him outside. Our ensemble and let's go and Banc one guy. There's one guy we have the thank for bringing victory to the state to bringing him to Bloomington and bring great memories to you and your eye you brother and and to the pacers that's my guy Tommy Crain. Without commentary. I think about what a big screen might guy Eddie I always find a way to unite everybody every time I'm in here I don't get tax increases. It does things without Tommy Crain we don't have the Victor oh depot magic of bankers I feel house. God bless Tommy Katrina when you go to bed tonight on your knees. In prayer for my guy had a career. It had to bet you don't want to look like stuff I think I know I think I've got against dump their silence twice Ira account. I'm just trying to think like tonight the only wed whined about my knees thinking about Tom crane is if I praised him in my wife had clocked me with a right. That's how I'd be on my knees aren't you glad I was too big tennis as if that's not the color image of the united PO and pacers have yet. Tonight the pacers and the horn is Glen in Charlotte so this game so he's gonna be active for this game and that's a good thank them. Well the way the schedules lined up for the pacers freak out Charlotte tonight 76ers a banker's life tomorrow. And then Washington moment. Without John Wall and they can continue to stack queen's seemed to wanna beat you anyway. Teams you wanna be that are going to be in that hunt among you know the whole bunch of this will be fighting for moved six or five playoff spots there three of whom. So these are three really important games to get you know tomorrow night the whole game with Philadelphia and tickets are really really good automobile should be careful left. We debut the does the city Jersey you know what those tribute to the speedway and they're really cool looking jerseys. But you're right these next three games to be a tough for the Charlotte it was a it was a tough out the other day at home. And that that guard the guarded Dave did the Q so there are trade with cinema Tim and he's too stuff yeah. But you know I I just love the way you we just continue to get better and better and better and when the other night with seven guys in double figures victim and a great game. But its existing in the fourth quarter although we we went three and on that home stand. In the fourth quarter reaching those games. Either the leading scorer or second leading scorer in the fourth quarter of close games was so much sabonis. And the other guy in two of those three was Lance Stephenson. Yeah I think the message is it in again miles started the last one to almost started the first of is is that as well Purdue who starts was playing the fourth quarter. Woods was crunch time and who and who's playing well mark boils put it out. That Victor. Is one of the best late game performers in the whole week you know we all we always talk we almost made fun of Paul George if anyone neck and rightly so and pectoral Bebo. Tends to be like Reggie Jackson the great baseball player he's been he can get it done. When you needed done so what did it's it's wonderful watched many of pelicans are near Boston knicks nets in Atlanta. How may we only have four home games I believe the month of February and you know you missed a trial because all star. Right then it's march it's sunny we have less home games and road games. So that's why it's really important. To build as many W Zhu Qi and now. Because we're gonna hit another stretch there were around the road and you know we use this you gotta get your we got a pilot was made W as we can't. Specialties home game early tomorrow on Monday. 84. And two what's that 84 to fourteen home games hot. That sits on a lot they couldn't script duke is duke has this season contrast now really fast I've been there six years and almost six years have sort. This is the fastest season I remember. I can't believe that they're fair but we're almost at the all star break Bristol remember like November games and it's like I think part of it is. It's been such a positive surprise yeah you know Linda losing we've done all my god the seas is never gonna and this has been so fun. So positive there's always been these new things are popping up lately spent Victor got name and also argue we're all hopeful that he did. And then that he commands and okay I'll do the dumping on my guy that's great guy got good news that that just you know go on Roberts is back. We miss miles and miles came accident we've had diesel positives. That you've been able to add some us like you keep hidden gifts for your birthday in a week later a month later three weeks later. So BI and it's it's been fantastic has got fast thank you for common in US principal. Well okay similar break no no no place amid. I'll be worry my Ron Jaworski Jersey. Yeah how big 00 era era are right on Pennsylvania Maine and my they're real little I I I remember singles Eagles games I was real real little and Franklin field I saw Roman Gabriel played for your Philip really norm Snead. Seemed Eagles many many times so I'm right I know what eagle fans alike. The city of Philadelphia Eagles fans deserve the Super Bowl it's overdue to get bring it she image of their first time so Muster but mark in the sixties. And I think they can do it here's why one. Remember correctly predicted that the giants who beat the patriots out I don't know we're about where Iran is wrong with predictions I how many years I went weary says seldom wrong. Predicted that the giants beat the patriots here in Indianapolis. The last time they played last time Austin Super Bowls that want. This defense you know that would restrain him this defense to see Eagles defense has been that giants' defense. This patriots team is not as good as that one. All right bill bosses who bought a bond with with Parcells to there in green bay of favre's only Super Bowl. I think if the quarterback the ghost does not make eternal over in the first quarter the Eagles will win this game by ten or more points. And and I hope that happens so I'm. I am I am with my heart I'm rooting for the Eagles. But try to put it all together I believe there's enough. Sense there that I think the Philippine Eagles beat the patriots. By ten or more. Proehl money the pro gamblers are on the Eagles according to Forbes dot com for a one. Over patriots so more people are betting take in the points and prose the pros are bending the Eagles fans are betting the patriots. So the the professional gamblers they like Philadelphia. Plus for an L is hard if you're begin to people who due to you know who just. Watch one for one of William Mears who both. How do you go up against the greatest quarterback to ever play in the greatest coach to replace how do you say well I have to went. No right that's why they play the apes well in the best settle like Asia and all aid if the patriots are down ten in the fourth. That just tells Belichick and Brady what they gotta do to go in the game. It seems like every single time like the game if you're you were some magnanimous. Oh welcoming me to a sweet. And not just a sweet but these sweet. And the RCA dome when we first started working together for a patriots. Colts game where both were undefeated like a week nine or ten Rob Lowe is there Stephen Stills were all sitting there watching a game. Patriots downed ten in the fourth. And you felt you knew that the patriots we're gonna win that came just like in the AFC championship game I believe. There are differences I think if this game started Sunday. And they say were to start the game with a 28 to three score. Yeah what the Eagles a 23 Eagles don't blow because this Eagles defense is not the falcons defense the Broncos defense is very good. And don't forget this might be that that the number one thing that pushed me in the stretch of Philadelphia. What bill has been great that over the years and Venturi can confirm this he likes to pick up guys who spent time on your team up and he gets so much side of that. Remember who had two guys that the Eagles have. One guy one side of the ball one guy blunt and long. And each side of the ball that won the championship last year win on patriots right you don't and Doug Peterson great guy was a logo Reebok guy back and they were using Green Bay wonderful guy. Good football coach. He is not stupid learned under Holmgren he's gonna do the same thing he's given no Santa forces bill to add even more has two weeks to prepare which is dangerous. But I still have a funny feeling that Philadelphia is gonna find a way to be the greatest coach in the greatest quarterback we've ever saint. I think it's so interest salmon to go back to Belichick for a minute because Belichick. Despite the fact that he's got what he had seven rings two was a coordinator with Parcells and five his head coach when the patriots. That guy is still. Like completely involved in the process of trying to be as good as he can be. At this thing that he's really really good that may be the best ever Ernie 65 years old and it's it's it was unbelievable so save the. Respect MiFi and resent it may sizable at. Lot of guys who and one championship they're gonna kick back and go OK I invented footballer I invented basketball right invented baseball most of them are insecure. A lot of our leaders bin done at the B coach is can be business leaders can be no corporation heads or whatever like that there insecure. They don't want people around them that make them look better or or will do what they tell them to do and that challenged them right Bill Belichick is not like that he knows he doesn't know everything and is always constantly trying to learn how to try to get better as his neck and that's why it. Don't talk to each other now season compare notes and look at stuff and and look at all things and that's why. They have all the rings and that's why Saban has the guts to make that call at at halftime put right freshman quarterback Bryant who does actually I think that's why won't. It it don't be surprised if an N weather. Brady comes out and throws the first 25 times on Sunday. We may I mean if bill doesn't all these look to see how can I best. You know that this ferocious rush of Philadelphia how can I attack this won't buy come out in a in a shotgun. And I just start from slow pass and quick passes now short passes you know maybe that's the best way to to fight that that there have been a tremendous rush from Philadelphia we do for the Super Bowl. I'm reticent around with a glass number alone watching John Amory go to before he what do you do a rare wood to Tony six Hirono rikers subtle almost an out six in a room without going. Easy look the karma in the game Tony Paige. Who runs an act of us Super Bowl party. Probably swing by there for have smuggled wants to second have. By myself and just think of all the the memories of where I was when this happened or is that. There's some great things that that I I should write a book about just my Super Bowls between the anthems and the stuff that happens during the game and and spice and a stomach couldn't I won't say there ever say but just think of I was and I again I I am so lucky and so blessed. To have worked 26. Of some group of this event that the country just goes nuts over and right there for the like great moments like Whitney Houston's its tail at them Garth Brooks almost walking out on the anthem. Yeah yeah added the Janet Jackson thing in Houston forget I was the host I was in the bathroom. But haven't came out as site in us open or run around trying to get statements from Tagliabue and I'm glad I'm how are you and I don't know what happened. What happened would have Twitter Baghdad and that was the Super Bowl that the is the roof in Houston. Wouldn't open. At that does that the big deal was we had this phenomenal pregame show a salute to the challenger that went down. And we had Nash or not they're holding up that he went from the the flag at the 9/11 to the flag of the astronaut. Putting it down on the moon. And Aerosmith was plain as talk has a great start and there's post this tremendous fly over. And are ready for the game we found out that the roof will it was broke. And it would open and I start things IR you sit in the NFL security meetings and I'm thinking oh the surmise in New Orleans. When they told us that the and a B a bomb and it did evacuate the building and they had. Hidden all over New Orleans around the superdome. Was these machines that would shoot white foam want people to get the chemicals off them yeah am I think in our members who book 25 with snipers on top of the the sombrero to. Should people other Skype aren't they going had a roof. It's closed. Our son is gone now so bats going Dodgers text are wise to get. Out of the building now. But it was just the roof just was broke so based on the fly over but no one in the in Houston stadium. Reliant sock but they suck the blimp side they showed us around the world put there by his there's a lot of those behind the scenes stories. Thank you for coming in and these are little men and mentioned those two words. Well we don't make him and I know I'm hearing just had half expect my guy. And you just finished up 83 kids about Eddie curry it was a Curious George and whatnot absolutely I read the kids this morning. And that's not it always is really really fun day it was so nice and so sweet. Every once in awhile like kids they'll look in your region drama and a little girl today. Like got up and in Jimmy big squeeze her on the neck and then I went to my next little station and read more things but there's a sweet news or any ground on the most popular. Thing is can the state of Indiana now it's it's the most boomer yeah. He's more popular than anything else in this city well and for good reason and because like in general he's like a kids movie. That it's funny to kids but the adults get it kind of on a different level. That's proved them right like boomer I find hilarious them for a number of reasons that the kids just aren't aware of those reading timeouts you know what to him today we did to elect the other day. We'll do it through the season it's it's it's remark will go in and I think they accomplish the mission trying to jam she's okay is he ratings important but reading can be fun. So we're throwing a bass ball game how weary are gonna serve our community and genuinely. Like now I don't ever put on a cell look at look at a look at no Kelly tolls and Richie. And everybody involved in that wing of pacers sports entertainment genuinely wonderful people. And we could that do without anybody you volunteering not as far as after it was Collins keep from a pass a 59 some is kind of cool in the media people ground do it because. You guys have to do that you don't have to drive somewhere and spent an hour or looting and stuff like that it is fun doing it week nick will sure to get swank thank you Eddie or ashamed over gorgeous give and fat cat app and it John Wooden.