Eddie Gill previews Game 3

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, April 20th

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Backup against sterling shows CBS sports 1433 com the storms. They're gonna pass. The Indiana Pacers. It's you get a win deny entry got a big you dig yourself boy you're never gonna dig yourself out of their down too low right now tonight's game that's. Two things like field house to talk about. Pacers they came against cavaliers grade Eddie Gill I do and adding. A great group great rhetoric and absolutely. Thanks for joining us what do you do when your play against the best player in the world. What is a point of differentiation. For the pacers. That they can kind of they did that take can exhibit and wind up winning this game. Are upping the biggest thing you when you're you're playing big but he gets the team the caliber of the and obviously you know the greater and LeBron James not that your your margin the big thing that she drinks. Yeah Al adequate. Direct district dramatically if you don't. Make good and that they're rotation you know one step faster than you did you probably. Sure it's going to be an open critic for somebody he'd he'd find a tight local groups who have been a ball in. Mean if it got shot. And data and if you don't help in time it can be an M one at the room so I think that you know that the marker bears so much tighter. The pace is a boss the two games that they've lost by a combined seven points but. Egg came to a nineteen point game late in the third quarter they fought back from the dead to contend and that one. Oh what what is other than LeBron what is the difference between the cavaliers and the pacers and it has led to this 20 deficit. I mean you use it and don't look no further or did you read it prieta marketed that they had there I think they have three guys and command the double team. Just about every time down the floor and you don't doubled in the bottom got a court. But upping depth where they fit the bill apart you know more than a lot of the teams in the league you know you know 95 and it seems don't have that and they and they do. How long should it take for a defense to recognize that that match up with the Lansing Kevin Love didn't work. Yeah I mean you know I would I would never go to that Mecca fury yellen at the TV the first possession they did it work should. Do want that to me that it's you know that Kovalev was too big and strong equity. Where he gets the ball outside the club out of the perimeter and these particular opportunity not known to the polls. And sure but he's going down and pulled period in which it has no chance of that. Tug daddy dear old does a terrific job on fox sports Indiana talking about the Indiana Pacers pacers play the cavaliers tonight game three of that series. Pacers trying to battle back from a 20 deficit. What is it today. In didn't. It is end you've still with the media and and now your part of the media but let me ask about the Paul George issues. After game one talking about CJ miles and then after game two where he's accused of calling out teammates. After he just kind of answered questions that were posed to him about teammates. It is sometimes you just can't win with the media canyon. Yes it's good job of immediate could be critical attitude to deal. What created or even authorities not there. The bill late you know it's his first comment about the heated mile. You know he wants to take this shot. You know that there's this one up for debate all on how he went about making their comet I think the others about. You know maybe. You know I'll going to be able to more physical abuse. Getting it rebounded the ball land you know control himself a calm down a little bit and interpreted that you mow the emotions. Overall there. And a pick up the critic who. Daddy until about game tonight pacers cavaliers. No question about it but I believe in the eyes of the muck as. Terms of just giving yourself an opportunity to crawl back into the series. An independent school throughout think that the energy and in particular billed out will be amazing you can be a great atmosphere great opportunity with a gut it. To give one all on the in the waiting in the win column but topic but you gotta have. As those we got on the phone let me ask you this this as not to do the pacers but it has to do with your son who plays high school basketball a cardinal. It is you're coming up and is fewer playing. You probably saw parents in one of light it is you watch your son play at first Scott heady the past couple years. And and now I'm not sure who's going to be the coach your karma but. But. It's what positive role can parents play. In the development of a high school basketball player. Yeah adopting one of the the biggest thing to encourage them. To be accountable for the things that they that they do want at all the court card balances to work if Harvick and when when the Coke is not saying hey wouldn't do it slightly to grow forward and go you know be here at this time. They encourage them to do complained or their own an apple two C. What where their passion is they truly committed and other true committed they're getting better. We just start. You know blaming others who wore you know Mike is to be domestic flight via do they went from that it and inserted some of the OK you know that the fact you know. But it may be maybe you should be playing more or whatever it may be but. In terms of expressing that advocated in giving Democrats or excuse I think maybe you don't serve the community in the it just got Talbot. About the debate and into the person to work on their game be the best they can be and good bailouts. Assuming you have some anxiety as he watchers son Eddie Gill junior play. Are you surprised at the level of anxiety you feel. As you watch imply. Yeah there's little I'd be in there are lots and lots and your kids and that's sort of been performed pretty sure I mean and that's going. Step on any level it is in any activities that met. You know it Mike Abbott daughter lawful plays but she's she's been involved in choirs cheap or of the just watched them the opportunity and and people out there questioning opt out without police department you know now that the board had never really was that big deal to me squat Mikey go through it and it's have that anxiety that we've there. Well I'm loving every minute of public support and fixing it is accurate thanks for joining and his said he I really appreciate it good like your son. Thank you so much it absolutely that's Eddie Gill.