Ed Schilling talks IU hoops

The Kent Sterling Show
Friday, January 12th

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We welcome to the show as we do from time to time degraded chilling junior. For the hoosiers I don't coach. We are doing great thank you lecture happening I don't know well what grade I am but certain. Great wit about pudge hit into work this morning yea you do OK in the lot. Split right now are not very nice about happily through the season what do you like about your team. Well I like the fact that there are they wanna be coached they're going. They have not been resistant to the change obviously Lee and every avenue coached there's. There's a change in velocity change the system not that warrant shall I did once all of different every trojans get a coach it is is beliefs in his last seen in these guys have been receptive and it is take awhile is lying. Well high school coach he wrote and steal from Lebanon high school or about five utter change he could have a better batter heart break. And that that these geyser are working to great to have their chin and Janet Taylor in the system and torture or ask you gain it's a concern cajun that it. You know is we want to games it we can see the team kind of come together and played a little bit better on both ends of the floor. Still see an occasional kind of a brain fart thing like 102 call. It is that guys just kind of been in their heads and maybe tried to do the right thing too hard and not competing. Well it's some of those are just trying to. Now lapses that unfortunately. Haven't reliable and became. See how it yeah yeah hope you don't make those and yeah so those are those I don't know what you can explain Cuba. Nonetheless. You know you're going to be a winning team and a winning program desert thing that they you have to begin to eliminate more more. Yeah movement forward into the second half of the season what do you guys need to work at what you need to improve. Well it can't don't work in progress because there are key action dynamic that has that changed with. There aren't being risked having Achilles tendon surgery. On Wednesday. That changes things similar were. We're very not trying to show. Outlook become more mobile and and slowly yeah how we have to play changes a little bit and so. That we toward continue to be flexible so that to what we have and what what had been between I have going into it get regain. Staying true to our philosophy on defense you know I think everything starts with Archie Miller is. You know can you get king king and the leaky defense a lot to read that proven to work in each. So we're trying to continue to lay the foundation deep essentially in the Alter or each literally trying to play for restraints you know wait a little weak sisters and and continued to cut down on turnovers I think when you look as if we're lol it is it's so low turnover game. We got a chance and unfortunately governor the last. You know the media and fans they tend to assumes facts not in evidence and people on the inside they know what's going on people on the outside we kinda gas at a what's sort of the misconceptions. That we have. That you've noticed about the team is there one are you paying any attention of that nonsense. A world where guard. Neck in alligators so I don't really well a lot of people are saying is that you guys are probably. You know we wanna make sure shot. Truly get got to continue to you know. Got to get better and do that as. Arguably history players from a 500 team last year. You don't you're not stocked with talent in so it's huge what you got you you've got to become excellent at all the other things says that each of the being in transition the jets being in the right position defensively. Taking care. Already shot. Think that we know. Is a broker. It's an Indian he get people. To understand how great feel for the game and I think. Probably lectures and I think being worsening. You know one of the things that that I thought early on to watch a kid like Justin Smith. Play against Howard you think man does he looked nice and many seemed set for awhile and you wonder what little white and he in the game and into what I think because I've I've known some situations. Well they realize that he's not ready to compete at this level in every way they want him to. What was that thing you needed to get up to Justin Smith in order for him to earn minutes. And he he came back. From the Christmas break and it came. A much better barring. And we claim my excuse. Them. Look at the track it. And willingness to compete in these poignant and partly easing gain in May be he can. Compete in some of the other early on I indicated that they can now play your. If it's not according trying to figure to be deployed in this in. Eastern. Great thing like seeking a second income to put. The new show after the Christmas break and he put together. You know back to get back to back this is we're really competed. I say we can put him in there isn't. And you can you manage to capture the cheek and he deserves for right or is Sherry does her saying that. You know what when he got in he's currently in the opportunity and and so that's why he would prefer Ricky hadn't been so. Is that a thing about freshman where that so which is kinda got a split you gotta go from being a really good high school player. Understanding that you really got to work very very hard at the collegiate level. At. So ultimately it is the game just is so much more typical. The college level and especially you're gonna be a front court player. How many times he gains. A little bit more similar high school the college of pure if your regard to your point guard or shooting guard. But when you're talking about strong core players the hospitality. Practices at their. High major level is just so much. Grade Aaron and I think that's one thing that just another try it's it's hard domain in the traumatic cubic accepted that Ivy League schools and things like they're so. She's very Smart young mean in nineteen keep trying to got it figured it out and we hope that he continues to figure out. Targeted Schilling junior assistant coach for the Indiana Hoosiers the hoosiers take John. Northwestern tomorrow afternoon or thirtieth Simon's got assembly all the game on CBS. Up how much time. Do you guys spend trying to teach everybody how to play the Archie Miller way vs preparing for specific games. Well look very much philosophy Durban more than we are. Hunger Skelton yeah. You know we will world we are basic philosophy defensively and offensively and yet war will prepare for the other team like cater to the main action and and here's how we hunkered down. In our philosophy rupiah more per region. You know or gonna drill it by playing against it or not and it changed majors change going from game to game we have Canada. Our philosophy that says we believe that Shea you know as she has inkjet shall everything and you get there and make some tweaks given it's a chicken pot or Bershard. Pick and roll for you need to commit get it to you wanna be alert be ready for those things. But I have or more of philosophy trip rather than the athletic tight he answered team then. And program. Andy got a team in northwestern tomorrow with great balance offensively. Their top four scores averaged between twelve and fifteen points a game. Is it easier to prepare her more fun to prepare may be for team would balanced scoring or with one great score where you know hey we gotta stop backed. Well. What this. Are you know I think they're balancing their oftentimes harder because you can't really logo on good morning guys and three point shooter period that he would be a little bit straighter than than we must be. And make your closer outside and Dutch. Jordanian which should be any late but it is collecting that has created quite a few different scores person just warrant is obviously a bit harder to do chin. And I want players say don't Michael Jordan. I bet they. Yes so you know we we we understand. Think when northwestern is they can really get a role and as they did their last game that they should they really let it. And get a lot of quality three point shooters in and guy guys that strong core players who can shoot threes and it's not so they they provide. Latin matchup issues. How important is it especially it at home at Simon's got assembly hall. For you guys to really establish a level of toughness right from the gate and let a team no. That you know what you're our house and you're gonna have to take its promise. Well I think that's and that's important tracks regain anyplace sweet way. Actually are you Miller's all about editors there is are we going to be harder playing team and if you listen to our pregame talks. Aren't real all it's not right Jenner some coaches they had you know chew light or old information yeah couple pointing in the number. Think it is. Play harder than a polite we gotta be harder nineteen these guys have ever seen in. And it what are things that every single day every single game practice. That's what he's talking about actually he's demanding and you know again we go back to habits it's not easy to play hard or regain its not easy to compete every practice but that's what we have to get cute. Actually we're working to work and it's I think Ian but one thing is that going to be a staple. Troy Archie Miller and rushed down the scrutiny and age as the years and as years go by. It is that kind of artsy Steele is hey hey he packs a lot of wisdom and a very few words. Out. Excellently Eden. What you see is what you get ya es. He's our age you know I'm gonna click on New Year's unite and a few different Archie alert. You know in a living. It's true that person is trying to immediate vs trying to. We're hanging. In our neck coaches opposite means we're. Lady who here is what isn't there are no no say you know just truly epic game you know he believes in the forestry that we it. And I think the player. Perfect thanks so much that I appreciate the time. Are my letter grade B where. Are you to read thanks very much grade Ed Schilling junior. Assistant coach for the Indiana Hoosiers like it shelling junior I I've said it a million times but I think one of his great now it like when you put together staff. You've got to have the test. This guy is the S guide neckties the S Diane I think that Ed Schilling junior is one of the best developmental guys there is in the country when he operated the well that when he did the champions academy right there the excellence academy whatever laws it was just terrific. In in Indianapolis really good focused work on the right things. And he's taken that mind set and all those lessons down to Bloomington and I think that is we see. The Indiana program as tablets itself and continue to grow. Ed and the lessons that he brings to bear as a guy who who is. Devoted. Two buildings fundamentally strong basketball players I think that's gonna be really big deal.