Conrad Brunner on Bruno's Shoebox

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, January 11th

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Pact have attempts early show CBS sports 1430 up the nobles fell with Conrad Brunner who's got new venture. Which which I think makes he's the smartest man in our business and and you've opened Brno shoe box on the east end of the square Noble's he'll tell us about this. Well it's sort of based in my lifetime retirement plan of that for 20/20 five years I've sort of figured I wanted to retire and when I retired what I really wanted to do was have little card shop and I've been doing sort of a show seen around Indianapolis in the region doing some cart shows and that went pretty well and then a friend of mine for my pacer base Jason mansion who owns. This building has some businesses here message me about two months ago on snake open and board games store got some extra space think vintage cars would fit well. Yeah you interest that message though heck yeah. What's the coolest Carty got I I know that's tough to say but it's an easy question and it is so is there like a prize or or to Ari are you and aggregators just you move things through pretty you have a favorite. This is not a museum OK I act and that I. A lot a lot of minutes guys fall into the trap of loving their cards too much and I don't wanna sell them you know everything here is is to look at short but it's here to buy so I try not to fall too much in love with any of the stuff that I itself. That's what I literally can't have a shoe box in my house and that's where my personal collection is. And in my personal collection my two most prized cards are. Frank Howard rookie card in sun entered into rookie card because of course seminal Redskins and senators fan from back communities in Washington. For an I heard a story about Frank Howard the other day about him speaking at the old timers thing at like prima is CU you've been eight. There is there's this banquet and they bring in. Frank Howard to speak. And if Carl Erskine says well I'd I'd like to be there so colors can calls like did the events is can he give me a ticket. They say sure. So they bring Carl Erskine in and they don't have anybody to give like the implications since Carl to do it now and then Frank Howard gets up. And he says like twelve words thanks thanks for honoring me tonight appreciate it. And the guy comes subs has currently aren't you come up and Carl carried the. We'll show you believe it we'll was I was remiss probably much one of my favorite things was they Franken or autograph basketball because he was also. A draft pick of the San Francisco warriors so I got to an autographed basketball from his draft draft tonight. I saw some very cool pacers stops cards old Mel Daniels cards those types of things. What K dude people who show up here in it and wanna buy a kind of a keepsake for a family member who's got a favorite. And how do you how do you handle those things. Top. The pacer rookie the old pacer Arabia rookie cards are very hot commodities right now I'm not just in Indianapolis but nationally it's VA VA has sort of taken on a new life in terms of interest among collectors so. I I had it it's I have a very good stock of those are pretty much anything there that people want. Also old pictures with him like old newspaper photos from archives people are now collecting those so I happened upon some of slick from Minneapolis they from a minutes Minneapolis newspaper archive including a picture of. A stage picture of slick. With Nancy and the two kids who were about you know an inch tall looks like in this photograph playing in their yard and on manhunt that's what would like to have that he gives me fifty boxing him. Tired Conrad Trotter the purveyor. Hacked it targeted cover a broader from Bruno shoe box here on the east end of did this square Noble's still easy to find. And it's the do we do winning what is this place or enemy it's a game thanks moon shot games as the primary business and I occupy space inside militia names and people get to come here and they get to meet you and talk sports and and more importantly they get to meet my dog blue who is actually the start of the shop. When I come in people say hey blues here and I'd it's like I'm not even here so. Like we said before indicate it did Aries career didn't take off at all until we started. Gathering dogs and now it's that nobody gives a damn about an area it's all about the dogs in the Connecticut. Commercials so I I hope they're getting some kinda retainer due miss sports media at all in anyway. Oddly no I mean I I kind of thought I would but I I walked away somewhat abruptly. A. Few months ago hadn't planned to walk away but circumstances dictated that that was the time and so I did and I guess what made it a little easier was it was the beginning of the colts' season and that turned out to be something that was very forgettable and easy to to to not miss. Take what do I missed that putt that I would like to have venom involved in May be a little bit more this picture season is this looks like a fun team to cover fun team to be around and to watch so. I regret that I'm neither for that but what the heck am I haven't bottom of my life. The only thing I would miss I would thinkers kind of people that you get to know I know that I had lunch with Chris taken yesterday and I know Hagan was on his way up here. With some stuff and is so going out to lunch with guys and get in a note guys can and it's taken me awhile in the courtroom. But get in no Mike Chappell little bit and Zach Kiefer and Stephen holder and and when you were there that's really that's kind of the fun. To get to know those guys wells. And participate. As somebody who's sort of in that room we get to hear. Great conversation that I think that's what I would miss from that day to day stuff. While you missed my circuit there's issues that you may need they want me in net remain media never. Well especially is get out Madonna's career was hanging by thread. And you don't know it if you needed some comic relief because it was like a never ending wake up there for seventeen weeks you know that's that's why it wasn't hard to mess there that calls for some reason kept sending me the daily transcript of the press conference opponent and I kept reading those questions and answers going on thank god I don't have to try to turn this into something legible. Print those off and sell them on no thank you so it like the cards you got loads a cards where he can't. I've been. Collecting now to. Aimed at having a business for about three years. I'd opt everybody escorts from the youth I don't because again my mom threw them all out my parents left the ball behind which is what happens everybody. But I I'll always sort of been a little passive collector. I became very active about three years ago in terms of building you know what I thought might devolve into business and and here we go. It's very interesting to be the business. This kind of sports memorabilia but in in specific with cards. Because cards are much like stocks like when it went I collected cards. OK like in 1975. I think it was the year that George Brett and Robin Young. I think was 75 their rookie cards. And is solid they were just in a box and then I went through and I was like oh these are nice. About ten years after because nobody thought they did with John but they didn't with like dale Murphy your George Brett nobody saw those guys coming. So people got rid that they put there or get all those cards and spokes write a bicycle. And so having knows they got expensive. And if you sold at the right time you made money if you hold onto all my can't imagine the worth much today are than. When you're the stock market analogies actually quite good because vintage cards are very much like blue chip stocks that are that are almost never going to decline in value they may not skyrocket but they they climbed steadily. Some of the newer cars that are out there it's a little bit of a gamble some of them like you make an error in judge rookie and you feel really good but you wind up with some bad points up 183 and you're done. But your stories interesting because when I was a kid of the senators fan which meant I hated the Yankees so what I did with almighty yankees cards laws I take them to the bottom of the shoe box to the shoe box out in the backyard and shot in what might be begin. I think I have the money. I cost myself just to express that anger at the Yankees. It's really interesting to me in the like in the eighties I thought you know what cards had never declining values plummeted by a bunch in 1980 seven's. And they were awful. Everybody thought that and that was the problem in the eighty's and ninety's what we call the air of junk because it was everything was over produce the car companies. Expanded way too fast because all everybody thought they were gonna buy cards and get rich and they just walk carts struck him in the closets that turned out. There's 87 cards that you bought for probably eighteen dollars boxing now worth ten dollars pox. But it really has rebounded very well in the last five to ten years the companies have been a much better product sisters. That's the quality of the product is astonishing and and they've actually actively driven people back towards vintage by including cards of the older guys in the new product so it that the hobbies really coming back strong. In its it is very cool in that it is there's like that there are holy Grail cards that you're constantly in search out and you know with the people and Indianapolis. And those cards in their basement date or in their attic and they just don't know it and at some point they're gonna have a garage sale and you're gonna walking you can. From wounds. Look at that he's pleased the garage sale states and or sometimes it just walks in off the street people bring in collections and then. Shoe boxes full of cards and you know sometimes that's where the that's where you find your years 1952 Mickey Mantle. So tell people where this is what it's called how they can get ahold of Villa in how things stopped by displacing get some cards the businesses moon shot games at fifteen north on ninth street and noble right on the square facing the courthouse and inside me and shot game which has magic the gathering talk on the board games family oriented and adult oriented as well. I have a space that's called Bruno shoe box it's vintage sports cards and memorabilia. Come see me. And the wonder dogs here as always injured. You. Again it'd stop I see the dog by cart how about that it that it can't be that sounds like you've come up with a marketing slogan for.