Coach Todd Howard on Butler's win over Villanova

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, January 2nd

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I can sterling shows CBS sports 1430 a couple of good games on the docket tonight we've got Xavier hosting Butler. Wisconsin hosting Indiana we're coming off the game. Where the Butler Bulldogs upset that it then number one ranked Villanova Wildcats for the second straight year. Villanova came in as the number one team to Hinkle fieldhouse and Butler sent him away losers again. And it to talk about all that of course is a group operates great Todd Howard thanks covenant. You're welcome happy new year happy new year to use social Saturday afternoon I'm watching this game and because it's my favorite regular season game of the college basketball season well. Every single possession yeah weathering just great effort great toughness your game which. The same I thought every pass every. Possession every block out. We just high level high level terms of competition have hurt her level terms of skill. But I thought both teams just. When it each other like no other I mean it was like February march. First round thicker around. In suitably terming kind of lose or go home kind of forty minutes and or you're out here and may still think about just. The plays at the rim the place in the paint the block shots that. You know gas climbing each other's back every possession really mean something in. Any new Butler you know got up and was was extremely high need just new Villanova was not gonna throw in the talent. And if they had a little more time who knows what would happen but they fought back as as the Harvard champion definitely would but down. That that that's a good matchup you know felt like an MBA series you know that suckers going seven games they just match up well with one another and and go back to skill level back to fundamentals I mean. Countless times that CJ right on the sideline telling his guys which they're renowned for. Jump stop. Make the jumps up before you meet at Paris you don't see that today's game at it any level on Saturday afternoon. Church league game you're not gonna see that but that's why his teams are good and that's certainly what we're above is gonna do too but. Would agree Weydert to bring in the new year. We'll talk about bulldogs in a minute that you mentioned. Because Jay Wright is one of the most kind of if he's not eighty deadlock in all sweaty and Barbara Barbara. You know he walks in and he's just really really classy assessing his own team. And then talking about the atmosphere ankle and this is every year and then that played this the this specific excellence. I'm hurt of Butler as they play against Villanova. Just and he he strikes me as one of the class tier guys in college basketball. Without question he deftly gates enemy he's given so much of the game now in terms of the profession buddies have limbo with USA basketball he's one of the best. X.s and those guys out there and he's one of the best in terms of developing a team you know they don't have a you know Yucca watch TNT double headers are NBA league pass and see a bunch at Villanova guys. But you're gonna see a lot of Villanova teams go deep in the march and twos in suitably turn manner or through the big east in a way that that's hard to do these days and down. So easy joy to watch his teams are always great to watch back to their fundamentals and just. Being a ferocious. Tough. Not give up on any possession I mean they attacked the rim as good as anyone and they defamed as well as anybody in in Saturday was an exceptional matchup. And biologists moved the ball was such alacrity any comments Aventis to pop pop pop open three and they drop them and it it's. You don't you look at the statistics and you say well Butler just had a hot shooting day which they did I didn't but you have to work really really hard on the offensive end to generate those open locks. You do and sometimes you can't necessarily shoot the first time Euro and I think you can always worked to get a better shot. On second pitch you know vice too but I thought they. Became hide it we talked about this they became hot as a passing team is that both of moving very very well. The they're good passes led open looks the good passes led debt as being down and ready to catch and shoot those threes. On the post play was really dispersed thrown under driving inside and and there are on all cylinders and which you have to be against Villanova but. You know that the inside out attack them getting hot from three. It's almost hard to lose those kind of games especially in that atmosphere at home and have they checked all the boxes they handled just about every round that they could and India play in the way that you know. Prevents them from from fallen short for sure you kept waiting throughout the game or talking to Todd Howard head basketball coach to provide a jesuit. Any. Most people here work. He if you just want them to maintain contact and then maybe at some point get hot themselves and they made their last ten threes. And in it how do you go into a game like that when you know you're going to be out talented. Which Butler is by Philadelphia and they don't have a Jalen Bronson. It if you know you're gonna yet talented do you play the game do you break it down and five minute segments how do you go about that. Yeah I think that's a good way of looking at the end you wanna get off to a good start. I thought Jay did a really good job as he's known to do any time Butler hit. You know couple threes our hits and it's threes in transition where the crowd involved he's up he's calling a timeout to stop that momentum and so. That just shows that the evidence of how important moment and can be in Butler when you get off to a good start they got a fairly good start and was nip and tuck early but. On top in the game up whether that's something I think Butler had some good depth that day and they get deep into their bench early wouldn't you know. Eight or nine guys. Fairly quickly which. King you know helping get over the butterflies the nervousness. I'm chop the game up in a way worse just not up and down because it wasn't a frantic fast break Loyola marymount Los Angeles Lakers kind of pace it was just. Really good basketball but I think that's a good way so being. Chop in the game up and break it down and 45 minute segments from just being competitive where Oki were taking care of the ball get the shots who want were rebounding at the other way during the limit them to. You know one or nine shots and that can give us. The good recipe for for being on top here at the half. Tired of Todd Howard head basketball coach Cooper but just who. So you've got a kid like Paul Jorgensen who gets hot but really really hot in DC good shooter and in the first half I've never seen this. He he takes a heat check three from about 29 feet and it's drain now. He turns round dives onto the floor pops up throws his arms and your I've never seen it can celebrate a three pointer like that others that are buzzer beater. You don't want to you don't want to show up and appoint an opponent. So it it in I don't think it was it was a celebration designed to show anybody out. Or or be like hey look at me look at me look at me it was just this kind of joy is thanked them for you coach guys through that you try to put a stop to wonder do you do you allow it. You know that that jubilation was pretty sincere in India spontaneous I don't think we walked in the gym and shut that same shot and tried to reenact it he can even. Recreated. Even a semblance of it so that shows that it wasn't something force that was something rehearse that wasn't a touchdown celebration that was choreographed it was right literally spur of the moment ball both his and that and in heave for those 2.2 seconds lost his mind in a good way and in which showed that you know he was really enveloped into the team and in wrapped around whatever he needed to do get the spark this team and I thought both did really good job -- Jordan. It was inching deceit. And he really rested Paul alive young a lot throughout the game in knowing that the emotion and who was guarding in need know make. Tough shots and take tough shots. It's gonna injuring some energy and of itself and in a thought that was dollars used to their bench I thought they got some quality minutes from the interior guys coming off but. I think keeping guys rested knowing it was me along. You know fifteen round fight was was really key for those guys. And that was kinda tough for Villanova is they went with the skinny bench for short rotate yen because they had to yet. And as a result those guys kind of weather down the stretch Brunson missed a couple of foul shots have a commitment to a guy. Who goes out too many minutes his legs got jelly. Yeah and that can happen I think the emotion of the game every. A position in the you're cannot argue in calls both teams so to speak because it was so so competitive. In fatigue can set an emotional fatigue a physical fatigue mental fatigue and any of those three can kind of take over at a given time and and insulting that can be a rallying cry for Butler you know coming back from. A double overtime win on the road at a good Georgetown. A program on the rise in the incoming into this environment and pull that out and weathering you know Villanova stormed back. That can show them hate. Our 819 and whoever you know we get into our bench we want our eight niner camp to be better then whoever we play in certainly Villanova didn't go 89 or ten. Vince wise so. And if we rallying cry knowing that. Do they can rest their starters they can throw some different lineups out there that can give them a break or get momentum more or just kind of hold things at bay. And then 72 hours later they got to go to Xavier and play the number five team in the country tonight. How you get guys to try to check out of the celebration mode and get into pro mode quite that quickly after a big home win like that. Well ironically had I not ironically by I think uniquely butler's done this before in terms of beating the number one Villanova so they know old you know some those guys know what that feels like it's not necessarily the first time. But this run of at Georgetown Villanova at home at Xavier. Now I think we have seen our home at great app that's a gauntlet yeah. So unhappy that they're playing at this high level on because I think they expect of a Goodyear and be part of the big east race for sure but. It's a quick turnaround in your going into. Hostile environment you know these games Xavier Butler have been wars for years even more you know the Villanova aspect is a little bit new on the scene but. Digger Butler goes back a few. Recruiting classes and and they were should recruit the same panicky it's a fast though each other Xavier workers this area about workers that area and in day it is no love lost that's one of the the more underrated rivalries I think in all of that level basketball so it'll be interesting it is a quick turnaround. I think you see on Kentucky the other day had a huge win over global in had to hang on after Libya a decent Georgia team I think George is just okay but. A sometimes I think it's really big on not necessarily how you're playing are who you play but win. Can be a big ingredient on terms of the outcome in. And I'm hoping for Butler sake that they can kind of regroup the in his public good to get on the road get out of town a little bit where everybody's that. Telling you'd every coffee store and bookstore and at DePaul and everywhere how great they are that. Being fiscal hole up in a hotel in Cincinnati and in watch a lot of film but. Until deathly be ready it'll certainly be a war and but a great rivalry nonetheless and I think you'll see some great basketball tonight. We've talked about this a little bit before but Indiana is gonna go to Wisconsin tonight. And play winning in Madison is difficult under the best circumstances but conversely. Hey who you talk about Indiana and Butler Butler toughness. Indiana not so much so mark can can mean coached kids into toughness or do you have to recruit toughness. Little bit of both and I think by the same token when you place them whine I'm sure Indiana's lead to play. You know at Wisconsin on a Tuesday presumably over semester break outright and not too you know February 13 on a Tuesday are Saturday afternoon and and that kind of a fireman a certain Wisconsin have a a raucous crowd I'm sure opening a big can play. But but toughness is. You need to see the frontier labor you know I think if if found it let's say Bernsen hits those free throws and Villanova mount the comeback unfortunately but was probably sitting here saying oh my gosh we just didn't have the toughness to compete down the stretch. They win it any just gives you momentum in windy new sales and confidence. They can go a long long way so. They need Indian needs that they need some road toughness a realization of their work to become exactly exactly it says it's not necessarily chicken or the egg it's just kind of whatever happens you've got to make the most of and I think winning on the road there's not a better feeling in sports then. You're celebrating towards the end of the game in that whole arena as dead quiet and that is really a savoring founder of of nothing he's you know that it speaks volumes but. I'm -- forward to seeing you know Indiana take this on the road they played some tough venues at Seton hall and global sure few other places and a you know that they're ready I think that it can get things started in a good way it's it will be insisting that's for sure. Let me ask your question about the composition of a roster saw it last week on Twitter at get into this thing with a guy named Brian snow of the hour. Indiana. Because I'm getting tired of the lack of toughness moved from. And I know from my experience. If you got a blanket toughness or if you've got a lack of buying in one of the things that you can do and this is early on for a guy okay in this in the like. They're your guys in your four years in her yeah I like that. But early and you've got to get attention and sometimes. Getting kids to depart. Who is not a bad attention getting device. In that's probably the last shirt like yeah undated that until last card you can plot yet. But it can that be a valid thing. It can be and I think is your developing those relationships and learning what makes them on tape coming you've heard. Coach Miller say in a great way is very impressive from say hey you know way. Myself and our staff we just didn't. Big knowledge all the great things that McRoberts brings to the table we do now you know and so. Sometimes as you get to know your roster and get to know them individually what makes them tick. What makes them shine with which he'd shy away from in regards to their. Personnel setting nurse their skills and those things. It's just becomes familiarity and I think he's getting more more familiar with this team. In building toughness and building. Which you can you know kinda. Expect from a kid in terms of their maximum effort under those need to be non negotiable think Archie does a really good job of they know with their standards are in terms of style play. And it did Justin become non negotiable if you don't do those things are not gonna play. If you don't do those things you probably not going to play he he you know whether it's right that have that game. Or this week came death that's hard to do because they're not the most talented group but. I think in today's world I think. You could maybe say toughness isn't may be what it was Buckner walkers and some of those things but I also think. Teaming kids attaching to teams and doing all they can death. You know rally I think that's that's more strength in this generation I think they can identify with being part of something. Maybe it's bigger than themselves in a way that may be in past generations it was all about you know that particular person so there's a trade off there share. Is there anything wrong with introducing. Adversity. To a kid as a consequence. For a lack of toughness no there's nothing wrong with that come in the best piece of adversity for Kidd is what playing time right in whether that in practice. Maybe have them play with the second unit if you will. To prove their worth order proof if you are they good you're gonna lift that those guys that you know pup which on the second group in that second group of things worse. The kind of validates with the staff seeing right now you're not. Buying into what we need to do not that your playing. Greeting out and a close basketball we need you to do certain things. If you're doing those were pretty good if you're not doing those can be hard force I think Indiana Butler as well there's. Majority of college basketball teams right now they're groomed for where did that that margin so slim. That you've got to be on all cylinders and it usually comes down to the little things of rebounding taking care of the ball and in down making sure you're getting good possessions on both then and that's going to be every possession every play you can't compromise on that for now out of the forty minute now I think if you're unselfish has a passing team that means you're going to be and selfish defensively helping. And then that can lead to good rebounding which just. If you're rebounding that means they're missing and you can deter often started if you're. Good passing team and you get good shots are probably gonna make them. Are good passing team that means you're probably not gonna turn it over you can set your defense and it's it's a simple equation at this is easy is that but. I'm very very hard to master and that's why you see some of the great teams are. They face one another when they do when you watch Monty dear person you can see. That teams tied together any news lethally collective group effort. Led by usually some seniors are some high level teen teen guys and if in any concede that counter you know piece that some teams that haven't found their way yet and you need to watch a lot of basketball right now and you can see. Boy they're looked different last week boy they look different two days ago because they haven't found their way whether that's where there are good enough for not are old enough and not or combination of both. I'm retired Howard employee boys basketball coach Cooper about just who it. Are you guys junior coming off a loss against him and Davis but there's no real shame in that right they're playing exceptional com we had a great first half a file we really played well we were up two with a quarter. Down to earth to have. Shot 30% on the gain in just couldn't it got to eight real quick in the third quarter and just could not chipped it to eight email below that. So shooting that kind of percentage will lead to those things but we took you know took care of the ball we didn't turn it over we only five or six turnovers on the road have been Davis and that was a victory in and of itself but we're still not there are leading score kid signed with Miami of Ohio he's been out about a month. In so that's dominos and things with where we are personnel we haven't. Played one game with. Starting lineup that we anticipate having this year but. The good news is we're playing great competition were playing well aimed it's gonna pay off force and pulled theater team together soon as sooner than later. Sometimes I want to game and divide that I've got sometimes like if if a team's got a sixteen point deficit. I feel like there's still and it usually and sometimes they're down four I feel like there's no way that they're going to be able to breach that gap it's just not gonna happen. As a coach you deal that. You can and you can kind of feel amounting specially for not making shots so what I thought would be pleased like good we ran that that that was good we got to go woods missed. And I'm never been one and only like to read here CU improves we just missed shots now yeah I got a free throw shooting contest there's there's a lot of things involved in the game but. But when you're trying to mount a comeback he can't have empty possessions down luckily for ours that's why the lead didn't really. You know go gay crazy we took care of the ball we can still go back into fan but be treated couple baskets and you know we watched begin this morning just. Our offensive possessions and walk away thinking gosh are wasted your time we only had like six or seven bad dolphins of possessing got a sixty. But guess what we've played team of that magnitude and you miss 70% of your shots there is no room for air so. You need to. That's one thing I love about the the high school game in terms of quarters I think he can really assess how the momentum going and you know we've played two and a half really good quarters of basketball against the top three team in the state and we're shorthanded and they were full stirring the united some really really good players and so. You know you take some of the challenges that are there and in assess what was successful for says one of the things we ended the evening that they it was. Okay seniors what are the three things we did well what are three things we need to work on in they nailed it in so you're getting us going home and like. Mean that's you know we're we're we're really seeing things right now we get our pieces back cool. I think it have some pieces there that can cause a lot of problems as we're seeing based on the competition that we're we're facing night in night out thanks so much for coming and I appreciated like quest thinks can't Todd Howard boys basketball coach provoke just went.