Coach Pete Gillen talks hoops

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, March 27th

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Now it's time for the five hour energy coaches hotline brought to abide five hour energy and we welcome to the show the great Pete Gillen played on coach. I can't regulate it paid final four weekend deserved better weakening college basketball and final four weekend. That's unbelievable really exciting to people all fired up you know war. Terrific game a lot of story line is if you love about basketball but the better. What is it that is got a loyal to this point where they could be an eleven seat and be in the final fours and who they play is at the matchups. Is it the way they go about their business. Well I think Kent. I think they're really add tremendously effected team they really play for each other detestable so well. They're very discipline. It'll take bitch out and they contest every shot they don't take that message you know one. That's great athletes but they covered it up by good position in the Indian very Smart very disciplined this. Yeah it five guys scored double figures. And it died and Richardson who was not a double figure scores like six to gain at like 23 get a and so. Two in the a lot of different weapons most sought but a lot of very good play. Are they gonna have to have somebody step up like Richardson did against Kansas State and hit six of seven beyond the arc to beat Michigan. Yes well I think so I think they well what they got a lot of weapons a lot of guys that. I've got to double figures and not even registered bodies at them right the last I think I that they could go out against the when I'm going with the ups. Set a very emotional and that the emotional in my prime one supermarket opened all. The but it'll cry when they close I cried when they'll just laugh I'll go I'll go see that emotional of oil a team and I know that you've got a great team and while locked as special but I like little eyes open and I think. There's been little public front didn't really get low lying or even that they had 46 point. And the great against Nevada. That at 46 or in the fight against industry. You know about local inflation and stop them well wolf the debate and I have been going up so this really don't if you up with that you know from the get sick before the opposite of inflation. Like big and well closure ogle what exactly Portland so well I think they're all pretty patent being an amphibious brigade. Hey is you know I love loyal and everything about it when I'm watching the game on Saturday night and I'm kinda yelled at Bruce Weber. Kate what are you doing in transition Marty pulling out and did pull in the ball Allard and attacking their half court defense. Rather than trying to put assured managing get to the rim. As you watched games are are you yelled at coaches like that. All the time I'm training and asks us timeouts and Al I know I'm not left my late Hubert you had to borrow on. The life. We keep alive at Virginia I used to use and maybe too much for. Yeah you're right that they didn't like people in transition. One of the weaknesses well that would have troubled real super athletic they like gave Florida State. Or Kentucky but you know Michigan got good athlete but not all the jobs so I think we you know I think well yes upside machine. What are you saying about coach K are did the interviews of like a a coach that just took a bad deal like Leonard Hamilton the other day. Dana Jacobson comes up asks what is it justifiable question Leonard kinda got so early about it. And it what do you say is should there be a cooling down period before a guy is asked to participate with the media. No question that should be plenty of minutes is where it was truly you know I Soviet you what he was just out of ink out of sorts. It said was spinning. In a lot of very tough game this week it is although. Lame you know short term we shouted did that a bottle or a bit at a great job artwork are on CBS sports network update issue. In our question was one that everybody wanted but he adds I'd well gee did our job but. Luckily at the end cooler heads prevailed and she resisted any impact yet really regroup you know we calibrated and it initiate if you put did little more product that article down. You know. It is somebody if the rate operating loss didn't see. You know it retired Pete Gillen former head coach and Virginia and in Xavier is well. Do you like I am I know Chris Mack and eight if you know Chris Mack and their reports that he's likely to go to Louisville. I think that's kind and I know you're gonna get more money but the wolves open whatever the sanctions aren't the NCAA investigates all the federal stuff. You like Chris Mack making their move. Well first black plate and he can't write a nature graduated from Evan or you might not like it. Mean you'll meet the three years. Talk but don't have we don't have any inside information but. It's not like he's got to go to little world you know me his thing is that we got a lot of talk forever about eight to be like the Barry Sanders of college. Basketball coach you know leave early you know. And lead maybe before he signed his duties is at its frozen the credit is going on on all of that also. You know it got a great situation. At maybe look there. About it. Well there's no grant what is seen as children it's lovely children loving life. But you know what began I don't know its automotive and received. But like well maybe that's what that there were a few more years. And then go right up but it's also a lot of money property bubbles so. I don't know what it is yet but I bet you about a double and so. I don't know I. You know you don't get popular vote. Sustainability as he and his family advocates is that that while our revenues by mutual. The vote for the other side associated then you know ride off into the front. Like gays in in Europe and Zurich Zain theory you're Virginia say it in what looked ordered DD DD kind of prioritize those positions. Was it about money wasn't about experiences and about access to kids and chances to win championships and that kind of thing what was. Well that was mainly I would detonated nine years who want 202 games it was very happy. But. I can't go it indicate the problems are always there for four years they could order out yeah. A good day I'm David in the midwest collegiate. All right on target opportunities haven't you know but it's Friday while that was probably politically. Saint Lucia of course you wouldn't looking and then but I do want to sit on or wondering what do we like the via a high level I want. Well our big problem and so therefore you that we have got problems while double a affiliate. Nevada about growing up model always lost public you are a result of who won the all England. I was up 48. Been well I was beginning HTTP Ali well. We've got shot you know there's. It was since he got it right so the Bellevue wa good aren't we had access it like it's another challenge. I don't know what a match like that from that it was. I don't wanna be age as David what was agreed I was there in 94. They've been out in the big east in the middle. Mud out of leftist lunatic you know back then. 94 but most likely they'll order a high level and it was like in. I was saddened to lose weight and everybody got the result of course it's aliases like this from the little lower but quietly both. But while both bomb itself but to go but we'll see what happens over the next couple days as well thank you won't like I don't always icky but I'm guessing. Yeah well forever maybe it made him more money I believe in the oil spill you know a relatively young man. We're always tell people when they ask me for Tyson media is you don't mess with happy. Bright and if you're happy what do you old right. Exactly happy. He's staying and you know I don't know all the intricacies. University I don't know all the you know that adds it afloat federal order on I don't as it's not about business. So you know I don't eat look at our state last year. And you know I think he could've been a head coach there but you know we had a great game but Rebecca Davis that we state you know. I think Indiana had a lot of interest in them so. You know I is that we'll see what happens but I agree with you don't let happiness but. Everybody got to do what's best for themselves if they. Tired of Pete Gillen about the finals for about coaching in general let me ask if from out like a broad just. Principled standpoint it is UN tried to build a team yet today given the one and done. Scenario and all of that do when you go after if you had access to the kids. Would you read to get the most talented kids available or would you. Kind of it is sorted try to recruit kids that you would enjoy coaching and that you felt would kind of dignity don't privateers system. Honestly. Let that get the next level wouldn't the last bit of the problem bag is great is he is 088. Brady is I wouldn't Galactica doesn't. Well then you get out to ride it he had also to different people cleanup tool I'd go for a guy like all of all of you know get. Actual plays but maybe not because they're the ones on the I had my choice sometimes you don't. I would try to get the guys that can do it hopefully. Three years maybe course sometimes. That's adorable as the one of them you also get headaches and get. He's going on in the yet or you know you also get people that are trying to get money edited it org you know the book if it's. What's more important for a coach basketball knowledge your people skills. It'll scale got about it. Coaching is not that complicated yet crushed right buttons were young men and young ladies. That's all they did they relate to on Jay Wright is terrific coach but he's got great people's guilt. Thank you have well so you know and and that automotive young man I well Chicago and certainly not behind as a veteran goat but. He's got great evils they'll still I think that's the most important that you can't vehicle on. Today that it can't be cabinet door open you know maybe it's his. Demonstrators all over 800 threats were the last couple years of division one men's basketball so people leave them. Unbelievable rate notes so yeah. We equal respect and it's got to be you know what this setup is working look at what is it about four imported into the masters noted that the work. Every time I get a chance go to moves on though the game I always stay for the post game press conference and I watch and listen Jay Wright. It just seems like what are the best people you could play four in a really nice guy coach it is bad actors he really nice guy. Fighter and I at what showed you with him. But probably not simply don't relate well and that's what made all the martian I was I was his assistant for two years at Villanova as well. It took carry him you know animated NAFTA but you know you were a lot of it is HR and thought he won the national pilot blunt for the final four sort of at a regional. You know in the rush it through so there's about people who didn't like Jack eat this let's you know and that. And really you know he's great with people on either political you know a lot of that is better better to go against them. What is an early age at Villanova went out that the union yeah. Second round and that it was vertical equity really picked it up down in a week quote really one of the best. Did you look that didn't suit when your coach and well I recommend the I look like Colombo stock. Act but job Beckett doughnut. I thought about that they'd edit a sag keep date I appreciate it. And make it looked at except yeah absolutely the great Pete Gillen. Always enjoyed talking to two great sense of humor great basketball acumen and and who's really like he said really really good with kids thanks Pete is thanks to detail and for checking in on the five hour energy coach is hot I don't miss any of the great college basketball match ups in March. Grab a five hour energy and get that feeling of energy and focus to watch all tournament.