Coach Mike DeBord on what he can bring to the Hoosiers offense this season

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, August 2nd

Coach Mike DeBord on what he can bring to the Hoosiers offense this season.


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Next on the tenth sterling shows CBS sports 1430 of my two board offensive coordinator associate head coach welcome home thank you very much reduced talking about that was another person. How'd that come together. Well we. We played our game on Friday at Tennessee my wife and I got our car we were driving two hour Michigan Newser grandkids and before that though I have to go back a little bit I told my wife I said when I saw Tom got this job I say that he calls me and said you know we're gonna. Where an Indiana and obviously had to say is that OK you know how that works. But and she was fired up about that too about. So anyway there was a period time there in where they were prepared for their bowl game must we're prepared for our bowl game cited here front and then again Saturday after our bowl game they were Don. He called me in and ask me you know my interest in and really outlined everything he wanted in this job. And so then we talked again on Sunday. And really kind of confirm things and then Monday I was in Bloomington so I think it was Monday but had him limited. This is jobs at specialty here in Indiana guy Hugh Bennett Michigan you've been at Tennessee you've had great success everywhere how important is it. That's for you to be able to put an imprint on this program in the same way did in Michigan and Tennessee. But I appreciate you saying that I don't always look at it is inning and I did a thing it was a lot what our players and our coaches did together and all that but. I just told somebody has said this job has more meaning to me then. Any other job I've had and I'm making C wide because of being from the state and now allowed to stay in Nevada. I got relish this day I've got great friends in this state but this is where I grew up throwing the high schools where went to college not here to inanimate in the states. Where's our my coaching career mean estate means a lot to me and so. This job just has that much more meaning to me. What do you think your offense. Well we haven't. We have upon and yet you know so right now it's going well. But let's get started practice some anxious to get out there dig on I am I. I though we had a really good spring. You never know what's happened in the summertime because you can't be out there the players and other. On the ball around on their own stuff like that some anxious just to see what how much they've improved -- what's the DNA of Mike to board offense. Well I think it. Did it changes year to year there really does I ain't even going back to when I first Serbian Cordero is looked at the quarterback first you know what can he do. And that's we're all starts and always going to be don't run the football but yet I historic you've got also makes it we gotta we gotta have agreed throw game two and it's going to be explosive and all that so. You know and what you disasters some tonight talked to the coaches about a said we don't know who we are right now I mean we just came out of spring football. And we've got an idea they yet. You don't know what's he did go through training camp and an even as you go through the season will be that what you are and I think that's the biggest thing is my DNA is is that it's never locked did you know it's never sat Roy's gonna adjust and Roy's do what we can do about so. That's kind of my DNA. Yeah and Tom Brady Michigan who went stated this is screwing question what did Tom Brady learn from you on what you learned from Tom Brady. Great question I'm thought about that one. I would have to say. Maybe Tom Brady I would learn from me is just. That we would play to his strengths. And whatever that may be our our passing game changed from when we had Brian greasy today and we went to Tom Brady's side think he would probably say the learned that a little bit but. What I learned from Tom Brady is is that mom ever been around a player that works as hard as he did mentally and physically to prepare. For. A season like I'm talking about the offseason by himself. I'm talking about with players whatever may be that guy was relentless in his preparation. And it's carried over to the NFL I mean they they talk about that you know and New England. Keep coach said in to a guy or is that just something that's a switch and in the day there as that are not I think you can show them encourage them and and you know but. I think a little bits W self driven I think he you know there's some guys that have didn't do a great job there's other guys just go a little beyond that to an owner of great ad itself. He was great. What do you think Richard Lago a loving. A I liked it obvious or like his size I think he's got a great arm. And the biggest thing Richards got to do is his take care of football. And take what the defense vision that that's easy to say but yet that's sometimes hard to do to and you gotta he's just got to be patient. And I thought he had a really good spurring a body learn the system my body he got beat became betters a leader so and I like him a lot I appreciated thanks so much coach thanks for a time.