Chris Hagan examines the Colts' options with Andrew Luck still injured

The Kent Sterling Show
Thursday, August 10th

Chris Hagan examines the Colts' options with Andrew Luck still injured.


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Economic and sterling shows CBS sports 1430. Standing with Chris taken from fox 59 and CBS for. And so here we are standing here again ready to do it to make radio history Isa Al ID ready knocked this one out. What the hell kind of an attitude is that. My in my vernacular or not this one bombings like knocking out of the park looks at. At home run. At us knocking out right now go in the I didn't know converse may blow top chuck taylors. He series. I did not know that yes answer everybody I'm like late in the ball game wearing these everybody has these really I am none of those I of these. These are nice shoes. They're very comfortable ever accused of them thus for the Mike over here right talks are in. No one's ever accused us of being hipster so what are we nobody the the looked up shucks that's way to go. So colts camp what do we think about what's going on out here we get sea lions and colts practice against each other. In do we learn things from this or do we wait till September 10 NC would see what happens that this team. I like if you go to your buddies wedding and you've never seen the girl he's getting married to him. You see the bridesmaids walk can see the Stanley come meet you still wait for one thing let's see that bride walk down the aisle who are you getting married to. Until we still see Andrew Luck walked down the aisle. As to sort say. We don't know the team's going to be what you cannot always judge the quality of the bride by the prides maids who precede her down the I I it's exactly right. I'm it didn't feel like nuts and bolts in its kind of pointless to talk about you're right I mean the offensive line looks then. Scott tolls scene does not look like he's within a par sack. Of of Andrew Luck so it's it's really hard trust in any kind of a handle on what's going on. We think about all the games that danger look one and his first in three seasons when he took the team to the playoffs and you ferber Syrians say famously that that was a expletive word team that he is getting wins he pull out some wins that he had no business winning some game against alliance you know so. He's he's a difference maker you have to have those there aren't even enough to fill up the entire league with stud quarterbacks like that they're hard to find the colts have won when he's healthy. And they're hoping right now somewhere he's hidden on these grounds doing something that's of supposedly getting him back getting him ready for that season opener at LA but yet we. Talk what line all you want if you protecting Scott told Maine what kind of passers are going to be. You know talk about the defense all you want if the office can't score you know you're losing games and nine to six so. It's all predicated upon Andrew Luck and fortunately I know as we talk some of the media members who earlier. He had won here that in his own he wants to be one of the guys won the fellas but he's not just one of the guys when DiFelice is a 140 million dollar man and the colts. Love him to death the date they wanna be healthy and they want to stay healthy and lead this team back. Clips stay healthy ski the united if his shoulders and a 100% but when you think like it's here that guy. You wanna get out there if you wanna playing Sam close enough that you can't get close enough because if you get close enough you're gonna screwed up again. And that puts you behind the eight ball and it is as far as your long term prime. Knows it's big gone the days of the guy Tucker Ronnie lot cut my office fingered go back into a football game I don't think a lot has soft. By a by you can see by the way he plays football he's not soft but I also don't think he's foolish that he's gonna go out there and and risk in a long term injury to himself so. I think he'll go back when he's cleared and he feels like he's ready. And yet we're we're not gonna see him go out there at 50% and you know hurt himself or embarrass himself so that's just I'm sure. You know the fans or aren't very patient can you imagine a Chris Ballard or chipper got a feels like this might be his last chance to prove himself as the head coach. You really want him out there and and I'm sure no one wants him out there more than that himself so. Is just you have to believe don't you that. They they know. From their doctors and experts they have to kind of have a window when they expect him back they're not telling us when that is that they have to think it's somewhere in there they haven't gone have made any moves try to bring anybody in here. They say that they're happy with the guys they have that are able to go right now. If if they've been told this windows like week for week five during think they would have done something. Well I yeah absolutely because what's the point of heaven Andrew Luck come back if heroin for. With twelve games left they're Owens for what to coming back to it and that's the thing is you think about chipper down those troubles. In the first two weeks of the season that through five years to the first two weeks he's two and eight in those games. I don't think the rams are world leaders but you're going to be seeing a rams team. In season opener new head coach everybody's undefeated they got a defense that can get after the quarterback so you have a Scott's whole scene out there or. A less than a 100% her first game back Andrew Luck. You can dump that game thirteen ten something like that's a tightly than coming back. And you've got you know Bruce Syrian who dubbed Kamerion beat the colts. So if they somehow stagger out and then look weak for believes Seattle if they somehow stagger one and three in that stretch yet think they'll beat the browns right we take that for granted. If they assess that somehow to into one and 38 even that's restarts and while they're trying to pushed this boulder uphill what they have been like the last two or three seasons and it's surged turning games into must wins against the Texans know midway through the season and we saw how that went last year. Talking to Chris Hague and from fox 59 CBS for Indy sport central. For the love John how many jobs you have how many employers steed do you work for you forgot to say a host of colts play book with chuck Modano. I serve a lot of folks but it's not like he says off Mike. You know what a rather sit at home and her job. Let me ask you about tractor down because tracked it down on none of us really feels like we've got a very good handle on him like we we don't know him we know iron sharpens iron. Kendall war Israel a warrior Andrew likes make him progress blah blah blah blah Bobble block there's really no personal relationship between Oregon Al. In the media do you get to develop one a little bit by host financial. I have seen that much different my absent through good times and bad times you know we go into to tape that show on Tuesdays. And Sophie if they lost on Sunday or Monday in place it's not that happy as time and is in on his life and when he knows about rumors and things like last year when you know he's gonna people the fans saying they want him gone. So that doesn't fall on deaf ears but I think he's a guy with a a legitimate. Funny guy. If yeah he's he's he's a funny guy if he came here in seven right now on the shares of us. No cameras no Mike's it would conclude within ten minutes they were changer idea of of chipped well he should do that immediately with every one. You but I think you know he's from his father's a hall of fame high school coach at Colorado he's a football mindset this was his first head coaching job and I think. He as the assistant coach or coordinator in Baltimore you could be kind of the the off the reservation guide make in the funny you know samba it's going to the head coach I think. He kind of range himself and a little bit. I think he continues to do that. I interviewed his father before salmon and he talked about hey you will we're at a wedding on time and and chuck picked up the Mike and he talked for thirty minutes but the stand up comedian couldn't be funnier. And that was before really had that relationship what you precedent really that I got an element is the one liners in the things he says and if you watch him in his interviews you can tell. It's like sometimes when me and my life there's something I think I could say that's really funny but unlike you can see me among them in trouble I say that. So you can see him doing the same thing if he went if you had an unplugged session and if he had no if he ever has led government's team. The interview he does after that will be the one you really want here. He should indulge in those impulses immediately because me I don't even go up to this drums anymore. I don't need to listen to to the pan am one that he offers as wisdom. It doesn't make any sense to me it's it's just his repetitive. Like coach speak that communicates nothing I don't need that. Did you say problem. Album Morton damaging news to say the problem Fuchs and brought the it's like in a hang over to child. Intrepid on those quotes from the poem podium shall. What he has to look at it this way he feels like he's been on this is like his third or fourth. Chance to be this you know prove himself as the head coach. And now you have a new GM whose command and shown. He has no problem pulled the trigger on anybody from the top of the organization on down so I think he's gonna walk on egg shells and he doesn't wanna be. You know let me take your business on the field and I get myself anymore trouble or but supplies say. One thing that I think is really Smart to check for Ghana does is after home games. He meets his family outside the locker room and it's they're for all of us to see and he and his wife enjoyed a big long hug and he talks to the family members who were there. And in there's a humanity. At that chart for god knows that I think is kind of endearing I don't know whether he does that strategically. Or whether that's just like him seeing his family in big hugs to you realize is kind of a human being. I think that's a lot like what he grew up with like in the high school high school head coach. The the mom and sisters everybody wait outside the locker room. Where the coach comes out and there are you know fifteen cameras there's just say here comes coach in the eighties he's dead us it's like that official transformational when he walks through that door. He goes from being head coach or Madonna to husband in bed chuck so I don't think that's. For anything for the cameras I think this is what they've done through years of him being assistant working his way Japanese the other wives and people like that waiting for people come out so. I don't think it's really for show. And that how they're even suggest that you know that. A very cynical way to look at things. They say it's always a Family Guy he's got a he's got a big family Brothers and sisters and all involved with the coaching in. His nephew now is a plays football at Michigan he's a study was the mr. football out in Colorado couple years ago so that continues to go now to the same high school like that the nephew even wore the same number that chuck war when he played. You know back there in the eighties so it's. Footballs or life and football but obviously football. Life and faith some football faith and family some Micah and I don't know that into the teacher. But. I don't think he's I think he's a legitimate guide if you set their had a beer within you have a different perspective. Because miss Mississippi State football can be this year well let me tell you about Mick FitzGerald you know areas. Well a member of five years ago you didn't who decked Prescott was it's true now everybody knows knicks FitzGerald he's a junior quarterback he may be even better. And that press got in fact. You don't even though this what's the best college football conference in the country just yards to the SEC do you know who led the SEC in total offense last year. I'm now Mick FitzGerald Mississippi State quarterback rushed for thirteen hundred yards. He's he's big tall white kid looks like force got to be run straight up but. Nobody can catch him he's just he has more explosive runs and anybody runs that Dan Mullen style of offense and made that the start. This guy is unbelievable so this year when you're watching cultural body C a highlight some guys that forty yards total offense you go that's it in the FitzGerald got taken to me all about it. This is the most substantial conversation that you and I have ever hand we have never delved this deeply into serious topics. Really. Molly serious you're never series and we are walker junior UN Simon Chicago Dallas. Always a possibly even it was a packed house and Aaliyah and like people I was wondering if unlike for a while I thought in my the only person that even knows this guy exists. But everybody was there they were and sing along and he was he would stop and they would finish the solid and a cowboy hat itself. And so it was it was quite a show eight for summary is though he had at some tour dates he still has added Indiana. So I think the the UK you. Few runs to be pregnant for Wheeler we have to do something about that will get him we'll get him here hue and I we native form some kind of coalition that prompts him. And motivates him to come and play for the people here where else walk around the state fair and tell me. Dead there aren't six million people and Indiana who would love we were walker Gina I'm trying to spearheads a show for my birthday in March to try to get him tomorrow here. And then also as I'm looking at this realize what we are on the field out there we should've we should have at a forty yard dash again. Remember when I do you Aniston beat me I still get it on videotape. And I'd be EU we had a naked guy David earrings that I want and then on the video he said I want and so that I. I'll tell you what you're at it like mysteriously fast over the course of the first twenty yards you are really really quick out of the gate. But then once my long legs started churn and I made up that ground quickly easily and be at the ribbon. And thus we need to tell yourself. But I'll tell you this it's all in the in the genetics my father was and all SEC sprinters. And Mississippi east area here in the hundred yard dash a couple of hundred yard day expected in the teach one at 220 yard dash and the 440 relay. So he's a fast out I was always been a fast guy you in my current condition don't look like it. But you able yet they're racing and for camps over we're going. We'll go leveled a thirty yard dash that I don't think to issues you're gonna help we're those issues congress it's on.