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The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, February 28th

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The guy's gonna describe the action forest tonight at 730 on fox sports Indiana Greg Crist and Mary he'll have that call along with Quinn boxer Chris and Larry joins us they don't Chris. Amber Gregg carrier I am grade I was not great the other night watching this game unfold in Dallas where I was kind of I hang. What the hell's the matter with these guys wonder what happened in Dallas. Well I think two things I think one they've done a good job against. Teams without winning records. You know got. I think they've won what they're eighteen and 719 and seven. Against Venus you know below 500 so that that's a solid number. I think two things were working against them I think it was the wrong time to play Dallas. After the controversy where a sexual harassment charges in the front office. I think all the tanking talk Mark Cuban 5600000. Dollars. They had hired an interim CEO on that day and Rick Carlisle frankly sit for the game this is a game we need to win for the good of the franchise. And so there was a lot of promotion and it and a lot of opportunity. Fooling around that building I talked to a number of people their PR people they're cheap eat people they that this was an important game form. And so sometimes you play him at the wrong time I've bought. You know pacers shot the ball decently into the defense in the fourth quarter was alarming from the standpoint of they've been really good. In 2018 on the defense event. And you've got to do better from three point range and that's one of the things that. I think the pacers have faltered here of late even in their wins is that just have not shot the three point shopper well. And Ellis made fourteen in the pacers only makes five that was a little too much to overcome. On the positive side miles turner was really really good and is I look at the numbers at least over the last ten games 'cause I keep hearing especially in the media. Oh don't must sabonis is grade and we love Tomas. But that miles turner. Yeah I mean I think I think my idol it's. A lot of false talked for people I don't think they pay attention to numbers they. They look at one game and say hey look you know this has happened but. You're right the last five. 51% from the field. And I just think it. As these guys get older models until my circle of 21 they're gonna be a part of the pacers franchise for a number of years. It's going to be a nice 12 punch where that date back each other drop as the sender would they play together before in the five. I I just think he is what what they've done this year has been outstanding for a second year player and a third year player so I just think people yet. It's which what people focus on now it's what do you done for me lately. You know what Twitter the FaceBook world that it got had a bad game they're gonna what you know about it as good game well he should. So. I'm not worried about those guys at all. You know I do think that what hurt Indiana or on Monday it was unfortunately the guys coming off the bench. Didn't play as well as we've seen united things Stephenson played well I thought Julia on who has been really good off the bench. With the opportunity he's gotten where Gary Collison out probably a horse gained each act. In the last five or six and in dome mosque did not have a good games so you'll look all that together and that's another reason why the pacers lost on Monday. You know it was interesting it is you're talking about Stevenson just a second ago I thought well. When Lance please Orly maybe he becomes Stephenson and when he plays well like it's like he's our good friend and I may end up. Probably. Adequate statement I mean I look back. I'll look back the lane and so on and on. One day it got so many good things this year and I. I look back at last year pacers on in the play out without it and eat that part of some huge win this year but. Well on Monday night. You know that the plate he made at the end of the third quarter sort of change the momentum because patients could come back. And tie the score before you can't take that final shot of the order. So early and that eve Allison enough time to get the ball before McDermott bank in the yet. Yeah just gave them some momentum that I I just don't think he should have given up so. I mean it. Yeah he's he's been really I mean I look back over the last twelve games aperture like thirteen points. Shooting nearly 50% from the field so hopefully we'll look at a bounced back I. Tired Kristen married to T voice of the Indiana Pacers you can not sample his work as well as the pacers tonight 730 on fox sports Indiana. Is it where from a broadcasting precise it's gotta be kinda good right when you guys played the same team three times over the course of eight games. You know maybe you don't really have to do much in the way of prep for those do you. Well and you're right and that's important means my chart is always gonna look the same from stamps point that would that the stats in the number but it's easy to poll that chart. Friday. And really carry over a lot and update you don't. You don't have to search into the database. Like I word. When you're playing eighteen for instance on Monday the pacers like Dallas had not seen Dallas since December right I watched him a little bit on leaked out. And those types of things but you're right we have a little bit more knowledge you mean we just all in Atlanta are on Friday builder. Their rosters changing. That he waived Ers on here Elise is so ease apparently on his way to Philadelphia. So it a younger group that. You know quite frankly the pacers need to take care of because they're looking at two top road assignments on Friday and Sunday against Milwaukee Washington. Again this is a game that you shortly and but it's the NBA. And you've you've just got to come out here and take care business it's interesting can't because this has been such a tough place over the years for the pacers the play and win. They have won their last two Glen Robinson the third hit a shot to win it for the pacers here a year ago and then they had a ten point win. Earlier in the year prior that it lost sixteen of seventeen yourself. It as much differently and it came very young team. You just need to take care business tonight. Talking Chris to marry deeds TV voice of the Indiana Pacers game time 730 tonight. That's got to carry over to basketball to write for Nate and and Dan Burke and his staff that what he played Atlanta at time after time after time and a compact period. You know they do you know it should deal with players so. Yes you do lead deceptive picture to your team's ready and I think. They got a good job all year he told me a long time ago he's not have to worry about his team. You know. Giving them up for games so I mean this is a team that. Is ready to go every night now I would say this on Monday. It was not very happy probably as animated as he's been with this team because. They respected dallas' and they played hard they just didn't actually Q do the things you need to do. Two winter games so I'm Sherry got their attention needed yesterday's practice. SMU in Dallas before we travel to a Lenox. And then you know knowing what's ahead at this is a very important game for the pacers took to solidify their spot in the sit. That seat right now you will be Eastern Conference and to get back in nine games over 500. Thanks Chris ever Greg called night. Are kept the Greg Crist and Eric TV voice of the Indiana Pacers pacers taking on the hawks' 730 is game time.