Center Grove coach Zach Hahn

The Kent Sterling Show
Wednesday, November 8th

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Economic and sterling show CBS sports 1430 we continue our tour. A great high school basketball programs in central Indiana today we stop its outer grove high school the great sack on the head coach I don't Zach. Go to our carrier Ike could not be better at the first Elena askew is why in the hell. Isn't Decatur centro on you're your schedules so we can have the SP central stars roundup everybody can get together what you and Ashworth coach against each other. Unfortunately that we have that would get a whole lot of you know when you play when you play except very competent and like we do. And then play them fighters and advancing to get locked in pretty tightly. There and it's hard it's hard for any high school coach and it's this or that you. To make adjustments and find his schedule changes. To be and showcase civilian it's just. What were kind of locked in because we now play 22 games vs playing well like. Stated today you get played south border on December 9 in the foreign tipoff classic. Against Hamilton southeastern that's just a great event and so much fun. Played at Southport ill have a little kinda dirt on your nails from plane it's out port. On December 1 how close at a bank can be for your kids. You know I think any any time you can play in front of packed house it's it's always agree atmosphere for the kids but you know more importantly. I think it's an honor and a privilege for. Talent investing that they came around to complain that there is such a bit of blue route on this. Target is that kind head basketball coach at center grove high school seventeen NA last year you won the sectional. That's a big deal doubted center grove Edna. You know awards from the standpoint of I think we only want the war and other sectional the last it will feature 22 years. Another that they except for us in the right direction. You know we win. We have turned our back now we've got out of players. And you know we're just trying to build we're trying to get better every day in and have that mindset. You know if we get a little bit better. I didn't hear will be that seems to. Development around. The football teams in the regional this coming weekend so none of the football players are available story is that a problem urge you not have a lot of cross pollination. Actually I have some believe that our first got here the word and a lot of multi fortunate to play basketball. I tried to change that because I understand that first compete in order our consulates and gets Sebastien state. We gotta have all the athletes it's cool yeah and you know so we have to ball was therefore based book it's we're gonna have. A football players so between freshman JV and varsity. You know so when you when you look at we would just try to make ourselves personal. And as athletic as we possibly can win. You know at times you miss some of the skill because it can do play other sports but. They're willing to buy into the role they conserve a huge purpose only to. Hey you you've got a kid who's. A lot of people are saints special junior. Traced Jackson Davis tell us about him. Well you know he's one of those kids he's a late bloomer he. You start off kind of slow he's all of sudden kind of been found on the app by everybody. But he does that say is that hard worker he's been a detailed guy. You know he doesn't work out he doesn't let opportunities get better. And when you combine that with the his athletic ability. And the fact that he's now six times. You know you're gonna get better pretty quickly and is that what this kid has embraced the philosophy and he's reaping the benefits of I think we have other kids in our program that are also you know have improved tremendously. Since it's easier for me here. Let me ask you a little bit more about race in that went when he heard describing him I thought the guy that you played summer basketball wit who went on to Purdue and had a great career. JaJuan Johnson who's kind of a kid nobody heard of it as a freshman. And then as a sophomore he kind of popped a little bit but then he got really good it is traced Jackson Davis kind of built like that. He's not here about bill like that Trace of really really good. Where you want them you know he's skin by any team can legs are pretty thick. You know arms and that provided in stronger than mourn little. But for him you know we started off and I count all the people afford cheer program especially we're gonna play back to the basket. This software here Hersh double spaced out and resembles. This year he should go to drive the ball make it sixteen other than lecture he can put the full package together. As you know it shows the maturity that traces all process because he's been very patient haven't tried to do too much and haven't tried that. Do things outside that comfort zone and I think that's part of the reason why. You know he has improved drastically because he just. Dealing with his it didn't Davis in his name of course dale Davis who played for the pacers for a decade or better and then. Played with Portland trailblazers. What kind. How do you explain it to a guy who's been there done that how you're gonna kinda what track you're taking his his son on. Well I mean you know builder on the much of the candles fortunately Patricia he's got to step dad and mom. That are extremely supportive. And understand everything that was going into. And you know and they want to like this so they've just been. Nothing but great to be around them. Very supportive of trees and what we do senator about who also. No bill can make it appears to a game and that's you know possibly get countries that are four times a year. Much I think is great situations well. But you know from that standpoint I think people kind. That vacuum and let you coach and and abruptly have a Coke guys these guys. In the right way in the you know it doesn't always work out but. I felt like as a whole program trade. Our other players really just gotten better with the mindset. You know. Every day in the grind everyday Google and react got a little bit more and other start the work on the road that work on the and that's the biggest thing that separates good basketball players and great. Your experiences in basketball player was exactly that bright knew his every day I gotta get a little bit better and overtime. That was a very very meaningful Puerto differentiation free was a basketball player as he went from high school to college of course from Newcastle. To Butler. It that you have in there and done that how how meaningful is that for the kids number one on what kind of confidence does that give. Do you as a guy who's imparting that knowledge. Well you know I don't know that. They give the kids any sort of all of the like coach I think there would be better piece which I want you as well. It's more about. What made now that they've learned how to work and what they have to do on the they know they deserve success. And when you get that feeling. You know I feel sick to my stomach because I didn't get shots today. I felt sick to my stomach because I didn't do anything make myself about about well here. That's when you know he's got some special. And you know our guys have just embraced that they've embraced our culture and you know it's not even just basketball can do it's a multi sport kids that are. Some of them summer in the morning and they go to the bush fort itself. It's not a lot of fun has it changed around here. You know where the kids are hungry to get better and we really it's our job is to supply those opportunities. Have you seen a change India's program we are developing down there. They I would definitely say on the and I think they're more people understand what more do. You know they understand that we wanna play an animal defense league you know I have coach's corner covered all. The winner a couple of each year and trying to give them some some feedback we shouldn't clinics we do you press corps can't. We run a middle school three we can. Like little mini camp for the kids after their middle schools he won't with a couple high school coaches room and people who are so we're trying to do all that stuff to try and to the big picture thing that you know we wanna be one of the best programs in the state you're in the latter won here are special. Where we're talking exact time head basketball coach at center grove high school. What is the thing about coaching basketball that maybe surprised you re eager now on your fourth here setup the surprises you now you're grizzled veteran. But when he got us or something that surprised you or something that you enjoy more than anything else is he kinda developed as a coach. I would say more than anything just. Every year's different you know. Here if you're person during the same thing here in here now. I think that you can almost be doing an injustice to Jean. You know you hear he had new pieces and there are some coaches that get stuck doing the same thing year after year after year while it's great to have some anger catalog. That's something you can go to court over. When you have different kind of piece that you got to find different ways to get things done and so for me. That's been a big adjustment economic my principal dynamic data wanna do that defense loaded this man also. Can't change my mind two. You know we want to get this many stops and we will not term of all of this many times and power we get those things done it's more about what can and we solved. Is that on the phone was that Archie Miller give Nikko about Trace. Where where our political. Aren't. Thank you Zach appreciate the important scene at the foreign tipoff classic on December 9 and then at Franklin you open up the season on the 21. Thanks for taking the time and you got a meeting. Are there a problem Richard error. I will I'll do that sack on the great sack conference or group bicycle on the the trojans. As a great job but those guys mentality of anybody. Can impart lessons of hard work being a a difference maker for a kid. It's exact time. I don't know that anybody has ever in the history of high school basketball in the state of Indiana who worked harder than exact time just greedy. And when he got to buy a here's what I count would do and in this is why. I loved watching him come into the game for Butler or plain somber plane for Newcastle whatever we saw on. And he played summer basketball at my son for three years and just a betters a better family does not exist. Anyway that dude with eight minutes left and it's a twelve point game could not wait to hit the three pointer. To Condit take a kick that lead 1516. Whatever. And turn the lights off for an opponent he was an absolute assassin. In the way he shot the basketball really really fun to watch. Out really good day yeah it was one of those guys and I talked about this before but in this is a few practice not high school practiced. He'd come all the way from Newcastle he and Matt Howard they'd ride together. And so they'd get towards north high schooler we practice. And they get there is different like when they first joined the team like at 545 for his six and are already kids in the gym. So they started showing up at 530 and end our kids spend a Justin down earlier. And pretty soon. Everybody was about 45 minutes of work and vote for the Wesley and blue and it was hard good focused work. They cannot wait to work at the game and if you guys. Who can't wait to work at the game you got a chance to be a lot of teams with more talent and you've got that kind a whole lot of talent are really good athlete. But main you'd talk about a kid who worked his way and opportunity. That was sacked on and that was what he's imparting. His kids it's undergrowth. And traced Jackson Davis could not be in better hands. It as a kid learning those lessons because it sounds like traced Jackson Davis. As a kind of atlantis' and the kind of body that can allow him to played exceptionally high level that con is gonna help out with the everything else. And died just does a great job data center growth Mike couldn't be happier for him. Sectional champs last year and we'll see what happens this year. 39 in 34 in his first three seasons at center grove and again can't wait to watch imply. And decider of trojans can't wait what complaint form to pop. Classic it's going to be an exceptional. Afternoon and evening of high school basketball. And it's up or high school December 9.