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Thursday, January 11th

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The Indianapolis Colts are gonna draft number three overall in the April's draft Dave got a head coaching spot opened we wanna talk about that we wanna talk about. The latest mock drafts on CBS sports star comet to do that guy put it together to Greg Crist the apostle I don't press. Under critic at or near I could not be better let it so you've got sick on Barkley go to the Indianapolis Colts what is happened. To bring back stock in the NFL a couple of years ago. Like you couldn't yea yea did people laughed if you put running decade at number three they'd ported Trent Richardson. That kind of thing what makes sick on Barkley that special. Well I think when you look at Ezekiel Elliott you probably eat or play for a these three down. Kind of roll back feature back that. Can support all can be tried as our magic and Barkley gives you that type of talent. With even a little bit more speed on the field and hit that fifty or sixty yard touchdown. So no I wouldn't advocate. You know picking. The running back early in the trap heat and special Palin. And I think that the colts will be tempted. On Japan can there there are certainly other position they could sort of try. But they might feel like they can get they seek Elliott later with that they're all brought back. It's kind of chickened raid type argument that Nate do you need offensive line to block for running back but if he's got an offensive line and you're running back socked. What are you gotta do what's the point having a great offensive line. Yeah and I think could be other guys that could be. In consideration for the COLT at number factory is. Notre Dame offered to start Quinton now than but that's another position I think a lot of people feel like you can get. Quality car in this sector cursor or drown. But Nelson is almost a parallel a Barkley that. She is that much better than all the other part in this class that. If you think you can get there Martin type player and we saw how that without the cowboys. I think the colts will be inclined to make in the excel there's certainly the wild card because like that we don't know. Group or Coke is gonna be and we don't. I know what tradition that coach will want to you know address right away but there will be OK here talent available for them the number trio tech. Target Crist for paso who writes about NFL draft for CBS sports and CBS sports dot com. Chris there's another guy in the draft audit and Indianapolis we we know that there's no real pass rush with a COLT. And two things you gotta do to win in the NFL you got to knock down the other guys quarterback and he got to protect your own. Knocking down the other guys quarterback is something that Bradley Chubb seems to be really really good at toll about Bradley job. I think really chopper is really interesting because he is Percival in terms of what scheme you're gonna play you're gonna play 83 former and you need that. And to be a little bit bigger keys to the Majerus at the complex around 27270. I've found that certain big enough. And that's reaching out with its strengths which is trashing rooms. And that ought to I think. You can check all those box insult I think colts did like what they got out of a ball cheered at the outside linebacker spot getting after the pastor. But that's another cream or that's probably the more premium position of over running back and over opt in to our that I think. The colts would be hard to look into child. Almond really consider him and if they get picked him he's my number one overall player in the clash I think opiates are election. Would it and it is ours transitional apps. Pass rushers always think definitely you gotta go early in the draft sometimes like you said you can get a guard sort of late in get offensive lineman. Safeties sometimes like landing Collins was an early second guy. In that position old depth is there any real area of strength in this draft. I think it is a running backs I think Barkley is. A we're strapped infirm everywhere now but I can mets' second to short range. You're not. Just looking at a guy that's gonna be you know fifteens that we can insert dollar bet I think you'll see you know a lot of feature back that end up having Kareem on. Play. You know impact right away and talks you know. We're gonna see another rookie legally in Russia there is oh there are a lot of quality running backs. In this class on the defense defense but you know kind of Hornbeck too brightly child I think he is clearly. The bat. Here decrepit and in this class or colts do wanna you know fortified it and improve their trash on the outside you'd be at our deck in the first round. Written down you take it Smart to trade down out of three let's say the first two guys are quarterback to get Arnold. And let's say although you've got Rosen let's say Connor Williams the offensive tackle on a Texas. Go on number two colts trading down get up thirtieth it kind of that should Norris Jenkins type. Trade where where in 2012 the rams traded down from RG three. Picked up a lot of stuff you think this is a good draft re can get value late. Yeah I don't. Overall. That would probably be. The smartest and most troops saying for the colts to do all of that especially at the played out in my most recent marked draft. The quarterbacks don't go number one and number two I think he'll be getting a lot of calls routine like the Arizona Cardinals but bronco that five. The jets at six trying to move up to either get Tim barrel or judge throws in. And even those two guys go number one and number two I think moving back and they don't need to move back into the one significant move. Maybe just outside the type and get a couple of second third round picks. Look at that there's a lot of really good running back in this class all the offensive line there's plenty of depth there in the second and dirt ground. And not to the colts are you know Bettina Hitler or structures that we eat but they certainly could be used it more. Armed young talent so I I always think you know with with the track being a real crapshoot you wanna have as many roles at the table possible. You know I know the draft is kind of your belly way can your specialty let me ask you sort of a general NFL question. As yesterday Matt Nagy is announced as the head coach for the Chicago Bears there were reports. That Nagy had also been offered the colts job but chose the bears' job over the colts job as you would assess the it was two jobs which jobs better. Well I think that all dependent and that is catalog was featured in the report. What is pulse of interlocking. Each can can you give age you know protect and coach a quote opt in to Andrew Luck shall we are gonna check I'll. And he's going to be back to where you laws or injured because the structure Penske certainly showed some signs. But he can be a good quarter reckoning NFL but in Iraq even as the COLT and the declined from going to the FC title game a few years. Andrew Luck was outstanding. Seat any still relatively young he's one of those quarterbacks that can really. Bob May ask a lot of teams fought this side. Armed during their rank Greeks and there are so I think it really all hinges on lock in no one. Hold the leisure. What to believe how much trouble you up I'll bet I think it's Andrew Luck is healthy. And the colts job is the better job but if you're a little leery of that in your not sure he's gonna be ready or document be the same. Are we certainly incorporate comeback from shoulder injury and each time bomb so if that's the case and I think the bears just. Defense in hand with her rescue being a young count of course back then that would be the better to have so as usual all hinges on intra. Let me ask you about Robiskie a trip ST and it does this team. Where's his sealock. I think you're feeling in. The top ten quarterback probably I don't know had armed. What it takes to be that you know one question a week I mean I think where are. Gary interest in time in the NFL. I'm greedy eating 242 agreed European in his career. And rapist murdering near the end of that they're working in need to have some of these young quarterbacks you know step in to be you know quote unquote the leaked ranks. In the NFL I think the troop its key. If you need one more seat in North Carolina and we're trying to calm you know some of his. Decision making I think that would have been Patrick I don't blame took it I think. Out for telling him what you're going to be out by. But I think he's it was just a little bit to rock initially. Problem but he got a tip all the tools. Strength and accuracy mobility so I think he can be an upper Echelon cork in the and it starts think you're like chic look I just came at all week. So on refined its tight as the and I would actually put him in terms of its potential as a staff had OK don't think I think Dalton. The accuracy can fluctuate excellent come up pressure. On and I think because of his mobility and it does them. I think Robiskie just is more overall wrought alto say ticketed adult woman who upgrade him a little bit. Thank you very much Chris really appreciated. Our Greg Crist apostle from CBS sports. His avenue of greatness. On that website new denied that digital realm budding talk NFL till we always enjoyed. Tied to Chris for true apostle. The city of Chicago just put it takes. Fans that we know that. Like what the bears come down to Lucas Oil Stadium. What do you get make sure you got what you Peter for these idiots 'cause they're gonna get all loaded up for the game they're going to be the most obnoxious visiting fans. We welcome back ever we still roll out the red car was we're still gracious hosts because that's what we do. Any way you say something to add about the Chicago Bears in the city goes off the reservation. I said that the colds jobs better than the bears here's why said he ownership. Jim Irsay. Had it for all his quirks what he runs is a really good shot right. Last nineteen years the call to go to the playoffs fourteen times they have won back there Dave one double digit. Games in back to back seasons eleven times. In the last nineteen years the bears have done it once the bears' overall. Over the last nineteen years the bears are 143161. With a winning percentage at 47%. The colts there what 93 and 111 winning percentage is 63 point five Peyton Manning had a lot to do that Bill Polian. A lot to do with that those two guys no longer tethered to the franchise I get it. But dug in in over the last I bark Pressman. John Fox start to those guys about opportunities that exist. In Chicago. As they head coach for the bears what kind of job is that in Chicago. For a head coach mark pressed on what do you think. John Fox what do you think I'll tell you talked to Tony Dungy talked to those guys about this job. You get a completely different answer from the guys who have done time up in Lake Forest Illinois.