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Monday, December 11th

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The during the bills and the colts game spared data's who was able to do it's how you don't. Where are not you know what yesterday viewed as a buffalo. Did great work because I have no idea. How the adverse weather situation. Impacted your broadcast designed listen to you guys describe the action I believe that you guys could see everything and I couldn't figure out how you did. Current and I appreciate that they would they would unlike any experience any of us that are you know we are the bill does not ski resort. Mark to let obviously played in the we keep you played in inclement weather a couple of note games got it. I mean we executed they were fired six times during the game yesterday where. United kind of looked at each other ask you know it's like you say that we are there were times are we couldn't from Abu. We could barely see the players on the field and it was a good thing you know I mean that this no comment down so hard and they wanted it to two Western New York that part of that that the country knows what that make it sucks no it like I mean it just calm down so happy. And so that. It was surreal it was actually looser real. Would you spotters to do. Did the spot where they did they'd just kinda go palms up and say EI I don't really know what happened. You know I want my spotter is it is Gator in it for me all all. I get my car here. You know and I got to grab the side during the and preeminent says hey you know what are you going to be okay Yamaguchi were watching these guys warm up. I could barely make out Albert so I some of the guys leaving college you get why aren't. Senate at a debut look like I got this it'll be OK okay you know and in each triggered now you know eat. There were times or maybe he needed an extra beat to Tikrit and who that will make schooler who's making catch code you see the show period. You know people who don't look at what's games on TV they don't poll go to the people behind the scenes to you know so vital to broadcast the spotter what is the most organic pollutants statistician is my left school and then. Generally just incredibly passionate. And the snow is sticking to the backs of the colts players and they're wearing white. And street take you literally couldn't see any number on the backs of some of the guys answer you're trying to figure out by position. And and that had to be nearly impossible and yet Steve tasker there on the sidelines who played in buffalo forever today saying that this is the worst he had ever seen it. It in buffalo. It you have to know. That is a date of this situation in the environment was right. Freak you guys to do something. If that would be recorded and played back for ever and ever and ever it is an all time death but I it never happened you guys were total pros. I appreciate it it was it was summary park yesterday were crazy you know that the car camera that kind of drives up and down the sideline and gives you. You know a lot of the angle that you get when you watch the game and all English noted in place for awhile so they had to get grounds at home. Three guys trouble strike it big the cart path rapist is just couldn't move so go Weiler director Jim Cornell the kind of improvise and use other shock and in situations where. You know he's usually go to the car camera I mean I don't want to Achilles I think his first field goal attempt that we couldn't get that end zone shot they actually get on Google try. So Jewish and from the sideline which and I expect fatal would be elected if you're the only. This is the only angle that we can give you would any visibility so it was just it was wild and every sense of the word and never would kind of had been provided and figured out of the club it was it was. A lot of on what do you read a college team like that or game in pristine conditions indoors. Well I don't know I wanna call it game more which actually snowing in the boots which was six. No literally coming into Luke's. I think it's one once was enough once was caught him. I think that I take LA in the economy and Florida weather anytime but it would you know it is one of those things and and we knew kind of games started this is going to be solved that. You know no matter what happens for the rest of our broadcast career this'll be one of the games that we've mentioned you don't people ask is say you know what what are some your biggest memories without a doubt. This go to the top of the list it was just so surreal and so different. And in studio who experienced. It end and there's no way to prepare for it because you don't know what things are gonna go wrong at what times and so it's completely improvisation on at that point you've really got to rely. On your guys right I mean is the guy who's orchestrating everything the play by play guy. You wanna put Adam Archuleta in the right position to succeed you want Steve tasker to be in the right position to succeed. And you wanna be verbal. And a Drake on your road in your descriptions that's got to be I I would imagine that at the end of the game you're completely exhausted. You know I'm exhausted strong word of meeting the guys on the field I talk about cameraman and an all those guys who literally in the yelled at somebody hours eight hours like. Record breaking down the equipment. Our game plan as far as data and I was going in a little bit of stay away from getting too crazy technical with you know satellite in the game and illustrator closed by the street illustrator. During the games so our game play going as well as hey lets just got to take him. It speaks to fans in the Booth is Null we don't have to get too crazy with kind of taxes and on to this game to achieve the circumstances. Let's just have fun with the demand that order include wasn't. We were just pretty much reacting to the shots that are director Cornel given us and our producer shell shocked I was trying to direct the show. You know it was completely improvisational. You know we've we've base coach's play caller you just throw everything all your crept yup during the week. And storyline don't I don't of the game which kind of forgot about the outlook papers away and it's called game you know it was a it was a playground element for the players kind of like ground. Element for us in terms of how you you don't normally broadcast political game. Tired despaired jettisoned to was on the call yesterday from buffalo is colts lost to the bills and overtime thirteen seven. The adverse conditions more story than the game itself and let me ask you about 88 at what kind of a press box you operating in. Where it's actually snowing in the press feisty guys starting. Well first of all it's a beautiful press stocks are they just renovated in buffalo years ago which really takes. By you know like most cynical stadiums they have the windows in Douglas which opened during the game because it. The producers from a network like to have that Indian always got a comfort boot so it sounds like worked. Or all the different stadium and for some do it sounds so. Most of the time that's OK but an event like yesterday what that note whipped around with the way it did earlier time too slowly in our boot. Think it was snowing outside to get dark. We stated that it to go grab a couple of towels and every five minutes I had to wick away the moisture in the so my note to meet everything we've stretched chronicler. The monitors were covered in a snow and water I mean it was it was crazy it was crazy. Thank you so much for taking the time I really appreciated and thanks so much for Macon net broadcast even more enjoyable. You guys are total program thanks Carol. That can appreciate very much the great spirit Dennis who is on the call yesterday for the the colts lost to the bills.