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Thursday, April 19th

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Week from tonight the first round of the NFL draft. Will be adjudicated. Hand out we'll find out who the colts had taken a number six or whether they're gonna take anybody either of them might trade pact. And as we talked about earlier in the shell running back an interesting position of need for the Indianapolis Colts among many. And you've got sick mom Barkley might be available at six and the prevailing wisdom intends to meet that running back shouldn't be selected. That behind the draft to talk about that whole bunch of other stuff the great Christa paso from CBS sports and CBS sports dot com I don't Chris. I'm interpreter and I am absolutely bombed this sick Barclays kind of interest staying in in India and there was a period of time where people Friday. No first round picks should be invested in a running back that you look. Since 2013. There have been five of these guys. Todd Gurley Melvin Gordon Ezekiel Elliott wondered for an that Krista McCaffrey none have busted so why not taking dire. And none have really busted but really outsiders Ezekiel I owe it. Non especially earlier in their careers. On the war franchised seniors I mean I currently. This past season was a legitimate candidate for the African player of the year just works so well armed with a new coaching that China today. And company but its first two seasons you know you. You know kind of leading port that bought label. I'll let her fort that ever under four year to carry it too long Iran lets your project or is beyond that not. Very good and not to be admitted he did crucial free really great out I think. If sequel Barkley. What in this running back class and it wasn't deep and he was in no clear that anyone else on our. I could get behind the teen. Picking him if he fell in the leaders stated that up and they're in the top fifteen but this running back and it is really really good. And when you're looking at the whole roster I'd really like our act on my Nokia didn't have a spectacular beauty and the keys and the skills. On and you know just besides the agility and speed don't feel that we suck on coincident last year. That I think in more feature peck or role she can be a quality player on and you know leader and the with. Which bore pecks in the 49. That's what you want her commitment to rebuilding they could use one of those text. Are they running neck and have a very good tandem in Indianapolis. Kids from LSU. Started to me I can say key is gonna be the next Smart shot and what you were trying to eat a lot. Up beast mode in that she is. Up act that played with so much power and such good. Parting ability arm and vision between the tackles but he got a pretty good speed in the screen game and I'm out wrong. He wrote it is so much aggression I think he's a better prospect. Then for now what last year in 2017 no he did that injury threatening debt are. We're not really hearing him in the same breath as they are part he's a fairy tale the runner I will be feature back earthquakes. Tiger Christa pass south from CBS sports and CBS sports star konduz great job covering me and I fell on the NFL draft. Column one name I keep coming back to end in over and over my eyes keep going to hum and it's another area like hey. All the colts ever areas of need so other if it looks healthy they got quarterbacks settled everywhere else they need something. Broke once meth is just a really good football player how. And what level does he project in the NFL like years three year for. Sure Obama I actually did eight compared to see this or last week. Comparing a lot of the top prospect at each position on TrueCrypt and a top players watching him. Arm and just remembering an exit point twelve draft Q reminds me a lot of body weight and who certainly. Died that rich richer and Earl I would cancer so the real liners at coastal Maine to yell. But he's seen that when Bobby Wagner. At linebacker there and it would not on the field that up not to in fact. Well quite Smith can get sidelined. To sideline can defeat blocks on you know on the inside run game great in cartridge he is a little bit smaller but that actually helps them. Good speed quickness and the ability to cover which we all know is of vital that they keep the game changer. And eat them. Is he best as a might or as an outside linebacker. We don't like it because I think he can't handle black you know pulling guard leads all backs I think. If he wasn't as good in that area court met the weak side in your country give up all. A little bit more on most teens need eight you know in Atlantic because they're not. I'm I'll look we actually got to get there we cut our record apps they're very well it was much better in the really early on court here. Literally switched to middle linebacker had a lot more responsibility covered our parents. Arm and we've seen him really transform that Carolina you got that it will aren't that. Not that this seems side particularly in meeting not as athletic. What that type of linebackers that the three down player that changes the entire complex and it would be arms. Time McChrystal has so from CBS sports and CBS sports dot com Clinton Nelson is a guy that a lot of people project. Maybe is being very very interesting to the Indianapolis Colts obviously they need upgrades. All across the offensive line taking a garden that early at 688. You know if you blow it. And you blow or non assay club Barclay and he comes up the bus people are gonna understand it a little bit if gifts. Clinton Nelson winds up in a bust you took a guard him Boston honor guard at number six. Yeah yeah I think I understand where you're coming from and they're certainly would be I mean people that would have liked a lot of justification. Being up that would that network exit a note in Marseille. Where the quick passing team is you know all across to Lee that teens are not you know having. Five and set up crap spewed a predominant. You know you Citron the cornerbacks so. We'll be glad to tackle that are closest defense climate so all I. Actually becoming more and more important. In becoming more B premium positions are solvent in the can any roster in the Lee it's not just though outside up centers but the inside guys that are really good so I think you need to have. To quality guards to not only have a good running game. But to be able to per pack that in fact pressure which usually the most typical quarterbacks. To try to navigate around so. Clinton Nelson arm isn't really good guys are two daughters will commander at NATO and that like pushed out his value will pick I pick. You know what ghost could probably get a later in the first. I personally would beat Iowa that he liked the colts trying to supported by the rock and the line. And picking Clinton also if you were there at number six overall. Does it make any sense at all like hey if there's a run on quarterbacks in the top five picks like people are suspecting. In three or four of those guys go. Does it make any sense for team like the bills or the dolphins to trade up to six to take the fifth best quarterback in the fourth best quarterback on the board. Probably not bomb and the reason why it beyond that. Is that if you look at 67. Through and the none of the most teams are gonna pick a quarterback here so right you know speculation that the dolphins could pick someone talk really. The place I can't help looking at the bills. Yeah the Balkan. Or the Arizona Cardinals that there are certainly in the court wrecked our people with him on their roster they its Latin what are those sites all they don't need doctor retreat up. And like that that are earlier it you know having more picks is what I. I think almost every GM should aiming for but to have four picks in the top 49 already. On a great situation critical don't think they. After they back from a particularly from three to six. Netted them three sec routers and Ellis is all right hander Chris Ballard. Target Christa paso from CBS sports and CBS sports dot com about the NFL draft first round. Will be conducted a week from tonight I wanna ask you about two guys. Wi-Fi and really intriguing what is remained Edmonds a linebacker out of Virginia Tech who I don't think his turn twenty hadn't Chris Ballard last year. Drafted youth for the defense in both Quincy Wilson in the second round then his first round pick. Moly cocker and what what is it about remained Edmonds. That's got people excited. We'll do it the fact is that what you said he's only nineteen years old. And that he's 64255. West isle street side of you know sports and demand. But he plays are all linebacker and can't really well so he's not someone like broke once meant that. Woolsey they're pulling guard. Stack in shut him or you'll be there are the whole you'll be running back took corners like he's. Perfect spot later in the mobile quarterback. And he's okay incorporate it could commit. You know a little but it iron to diagnose what can product and market and read on the low concept but he's only nineteen knots per experience. There are so upset with that because this is athletic and physical tree. You know and that's exactly what I wanted no because the colts have taken chances on linebackers in the past. In some number kinda fast but they run in the wrong direction and when you test is rooted in the wrong direction it works against you. I think that the one concern what that meant when you watch him. It leaked them actually split second too you don't recognize that calling character realize that it play action. And it will ultimately you know I think determine whether he's. Perennial all pro. Ortiz summit stick around for four years and is now that we anymore just because you've not only need to have those you know supreme athletic skill to be a good doubt linebacker. You have to be able to recognize. Played quickly broke aren't that. Arm is cut that many here that I don't quite so quickly so whoever they're segment we'll have to kind of culture I am I reading his speed and not getting sucked in by play action. May winning team say hey I keep gone bankrupt on Smith but it would it would be a real stretch for Chris Stadler does take him at six. I think they'll I mean I don't think there would be anyone that would think that that was you know true early so to speak. I'm the only light on her arm that. Is that he's a little bit taller than six button to a burden thirty plot to be 240 I'll really and you know that not. Undersized for your plate thinking I'm bear fruit. And that's the weekly either at all arrive at 62 course experience. Bobby Wagner or outside and and you'll. Notice it's not 1995. Watt your linebackers. To be a little bit smaller solar faster all the big seat Ian and when you watched that that's kinda what I eat so I think at six if it can't find a trade partner like that that I have to go back. Picking her apartment with teams that entire defense you know that the quarterback of the defense in in the. If you have Chubb and broke one Smith both available at 630 tanked. Clearly job he's gonna run over a player in this draft and everything oh without. I expect thirty or demand. I'm very experienced. On a very good athlete not a highly geared type aptly put clothes. At this size the strength you note that you all week to a three year took. Put him to be and that felt strong so to speak on and he can win I'd be at a multiple ways he's not just to speed guy. Are you not to someone that uses is accessible but he does have you know. If you in his arsenal he doesn't o'clock PO. You know on first down I'm in doubt because he is so they're so strong. And perky like Nicole on that certainly wouldn't eat them out I can't trust the Bradley terminal entrepreneur be difficult decision. But I'll go with chopped you you know another one who consumed in entirety and especially our. Beautiful thank you so much Chris great stuff. Our camp they thought the great Chris to pass cells from CBS sports CBS sports dot com that was a lot to unpack.