Butler coach LaVall Jordan

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, November 7th

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We are interest in what's gonna happen is Hinkle fieldhouse as it takes and Kennesaw State a lot of the games especially the early part of the season gonna be carried. Right here on CBS sports 1430 and we are out we're happy to welcome to the show again the head coach of the ball bulldogs without Jordan played all of well. Your air cram it absolutely will what do you wanna see from your team on Friday night. Let it play Leadbetter you know we've. Witnesses CI it would go we go to great to prepare. And you know we had a run bigger challenge last Saturday at Lincoln Memorial two really good. This contaminate protester with a lot of ways and so I would go back to the practice court and you know I think we've got a group that we spent some where now we're for a trip in the summer concert ten practices before we went to Spain in August. Got to play for exhibition game there. I got back to it in the pre season and has had a couple exhibitions so. Just to continue to see how how much more connect that we can be how much. More so now we can be a principled. That trip how important was that freed to get to know your team. It was great. Mark is great thank you from the standpoint of getting to know. The players. Let them get the note coaching staff. I'm in the background and there fairly dynamic weather come from Weyrich and the Butler. They get ten days and sightseeing and taken to a you're a lot of meals together a lot of time talking. Just to know each other you know on a deeper level haven't not recruited them a couple of our. Brent crow and then category here. I but it look at it as a great opportunity to spend. Along with that. You know play the exhibition game practice and so we get to expand networks and I lineups and in moving guys positions and evacuate currency. You know how much got a candle or low strike at least after the cattle plaque on the back to start a series. Between the time it took the job. It in June and now what's kind of surprised about you guys. Well thank you know I think where they're connected with does not not a surprise. I can continue centers they're extremely coach. You know I guess culminated in being a former. Other players have been in the system here you can expect. You know thing and that's saying as much but I think that's been extremely receptive. Four you know some different ideas and back completely different but. A couple new wrinkles. They're really good system spots since the Arctic you know gotten applauded. What we wanted to do as we move forward. You treated subs and yesterday that I thought was great retired the Butler head coach Lavelle Jordan. I didn't follow him on on Twitter at Le Val underscore Jordan between did exactly the thing. That I think makes college athletics high school athletics two is so important in the development. Of young men and women you'd waited. Not where we need to be but thank god we're not where we used to be it's kind of that process. And in the need to continue to see each day as an opportunity to grow. That really makes athletics grade at net. Not that that's totally right I mean in the and that's carpet of integration that thank. You've got to seniors and in Tyler lives and and you remarked that it. I played agreed to double A tournament. Another battle tested they're seeing a lot. But we also have group for first and who's who haven't. You know play that division one level just yet and so. The continue to break the growth much. Knowing that there are some goals that we've talked about the locker room you know long term but it. If we just focus on getting better today that's got our our young people. Especially now is you know that there are in the process you have to immigration etiquette in there. And were predict that your goals of the shell and do two things the right way you know particular path forward. How big challenges that ends for the freshman to figure out how to crack the rotation and earn minutes. Other potential all freshmen every year. And depending on situation leaders that opportunities. Like they're giving you a bit about different here by this. Well there's certain urgency. At this level that you have to have been at X and I understand. Like mister Lincoln Memorial really challenge them over was great. Just some of the things that we've got industry here. You know past two weeks by saying that their opponents. There are so the practice every day and so that is. That you suggested. The speed of a good thing happened and the reality of it. That's been the urgency of the matter that big. Think it's just well for the fiscal critical that the college just to know that. You know and some there we go vote I make no mistake intensity anchor right it's not that we know. Like is that. And indeed the beat down like right now. Bid tough love sometimes guys that I had a lot of YZL mad at me it's not mad it's a love that net. Yeah they're not a question that yeah and if you know that's about that is Thursday. When the coach Scott you know that's a singular. It is if you believe you can do pretty hectic over that and challenge the hitter that. You breakdown the season. It is it like nonconference. And then conference and then march or hurting you just see this is kind of an ongoing process. Now we talked about it in European ourselves prepared for the big east which you know and excitement when it comes to big he's got perks and think it's you know that the best arguably the best conference. You know in the country. You know loaded plate victories and now. You know we have knock out legislature to do this ready. And then I got excited about that are fans are sad about slate. In. A more into the they'll put the lakers on their next but it's okay with a stick mortgage credit. And I think that's become the focus is due to get better today. And then I'll who who's in front of us right now understand in that moment trying to be your best in the could be. You know each state and take the opponent in front of us. But you know in other in a marksman in the book and so through. To try to be a position you have to be a crucial part of. Totals out Jordan in his first years head coach at Butler basketball you know on the schedule. There there are two games I'm sure you've got more games circled that I do but at Maryland. That's that's a tough road game at that that's going to be one of those it's really important get your guys ready to play that big east schedule. We had not thank different levels it's no insult beat out incumbent and that was that it terms saying that. And they got a couple season. Though Utah. On the road Ali. In college basketball so you know there's different challenges that come with it great fan base and him playing on the road. You know we're out of Portland Acadia and be a great challenge. I actually have a fixed it there would be consistent in the big candidate you're got a great Ullman are. We've got. Another restaurant about that weighs more you'll be looked toward development. That took away record for me. I've heard about prior. I know a year in you know your nail into the big east. But it can you tell a difference between big east basketball Big Ten basketball haven't spent a lot of time at Michigan. Is there a difference. You know are out anyway watch some more thought through. And we expect. We were reflect the Lenovo and other this year reflect later. And so there saw a couple big east opponent that not about us. Now we're in there you know go to big east ten out of every game and that's the great thing for college basketball. But I'll we have to tell you more here reputed to let go out there Brent crow there step coast if they hear about him you can't print. Played here lovers is an assistant coach and and I'd vote have been tremendous just kinda open. You know educate me I guess on to some of the differences in the league but they're both really good really good cup. Insert different steal a different environment. That it took me a Butler is really unique in that it's very familial and you certainly know that better than me having graduated from Butler. Michigan with a football program kind of this big kind of corporate identity Butler. A sort of family does it feel different net to that extent. I've you know I. You know that you know from from the from president tobacco 00. Unity. The caller athletic director. It's all about sports supplements rocketry discredited Bert. And the whole campus is excited about that in soccer and tennis. The big east championship. And volleyball so well in and you you know you see the other cultures. Allowed people feel 1000 and so that is very. In great community. Effect athletic community and campus community. The big east is great because it's it's the biggest thing going on on the campuses across the leader is the back or he gave that back. And so it's a great crowd to be part. You know olympians you know school here in her ankle feel about basketball is. As and you know primary and primary export. I appreciated thanks so much we'll see if Friday night. Eric Becker thanks very. Lavelle Jordan head basketball coach at Butler he's got to do a great job.