Butler analyst Nick Gardner

The Kent Sterling Show
Tuesday, January 2nd

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Butler hit its last 103 point shots it was magical it was fun beating the number one team. In Villanova for the second straight years Hickel they're rewarded how they get to go to Tuesday night tonight. To what to Xavier and play the musketeers to talk about that game to game on Saturday night great Nick Carter. The radio analyst for Butler basketball nick I don't. Murder character and her. I don't fantastic does that thank David Hinkle fieldhouse because I never miss Villanova and Butler and hagel that the matchups are always really really. To me magical. Why did those two teams plays so well against one another. And I think part of it's just dial grind them in order they were blocked it out let's fight yeah yeah I think that that Arabic and booking tours or typically pretty solid. You know they're not gonna play. Control but booking and usually they reported its way to get it mr. basketball. And so those ultimate source and some quote stated target or you know it was unique. This were just because our scores it was an against Escude at first. It is it could put themselves and chairs the winner the dark church street. That was so this portal as it was. Birdie ended up tied at least where they discovered this out looking at route forwards are well coached short changed and controller could beat themselves or. Or just came away and so that we should super entertaining match. You know I thought that Butler offensively was so fundamentally sound and they were thwarted from about five minute mark of the second half five minutes left in the area in the first half. Throughout the second half with made buckets they made their last 103 point shots. But it was all the stuff that led up to those shots that I thought was really really special. I think to cultivate. They try to spread out you know go to open registers makes a play that bit the way it was source can't they were able to. Inside the saying they were sick of one player that's very bidders are the source though. Got a kick out so they were not deemed to make a play circular. Most moving around it and server search duckling in order. Without going through it. I think certainly remind that you gotta gotta. And you've got an extra player it's absolute basic approach you know go to court to. Their approach to green can you all down. You know who's guarding who looked a bit patchy just. Exhausted that obviously picture out. On the Mitchell and it it was just it does to gain and I can remember ankle and especially with the way that burst into. Go vote Tuesday it would it would out to rocker early on in order. You know pulled Jurgenson. Right and Freddie guys written pretty UN market I think he hit that 29 fodder that he checked three. And many dives on the floor. In the middle of game action in the first half I have ever seen that before and jumps up and raises hands like to the route could pickle. And most of time I get really kinda like that self important kind of you know celebratory crap is got to stop. But this is so joyous and so organic and and honest that I just kinda dug it what would you think it Jorgensen. Local electric you have securities and replacement to that you yes it's outsourced. Other celebrities trying to do during a big thing that's just so emotional covered government is a guy who looked bright lights are a step up. The most to gain that your. I wouldn't need a guy like that. Particularly your two sometimes and many times and that's a police shooting completely. He's a Christian and go sit in the U sites. On or your many people I should do so on the air. Here that are out there are shocked. Just hear it but you're right I'm I think I think better editor burn a meter. And it's it's it's natural reaction. Is that there and and he would certainly tilt it balanced. Bet to play in a mode with the ethics myself a lot of although there will re pro law law. You know I think it's been fun to watch it we're tired and nick gardener who's going to be on the call denied. Butler takes on Xavier and Xavier. That game against Georgetown critic on a different direction the game against Ohio State could've gone a different direction. But this team I think over and over again whether there you know down twenty. As they were to Georgetown or what is there up twenty is that word Villanova. They find a way to stay with process that process and your process and Lavelle Jordan I think does a great job of of making sure those guys stay in the moment. Without he's got a great I think that's an area. That look out and really everybody. On the bus has talked about Keira has really become Q mark has become. That are vocal leader he was altogether it worked it was in the gentlemen and you you can tell Tampa. He he's matured in the sense that he's becoming. I think your decision making is better and better on the court. And his ability to lead his team got better and better specifically you know arms they come back. It is just talk well archaeologists say look at next and that's when the next little in the next stay with the we're right there and and and when you're winning you're you're all big east player your senior leader is driving them home right in and night out. Eugene just to take on that mentality and and I think about Jordan and an Indian coach to be the first sort of tell you that major senior leader in your leaders are players are taking care that's. That's a coach can ward here is a hero to you don't have to worry about some so a lot going to go to Q maturity. But you're absolutely right this team. Notes it not necessarily result sort of it's it's processed driven and we do the process right. Everything else works out I think seeing them do that display that most of where. Tired and Nick Carter is gonna be on the cold night with mark matter on nut ball radio let's talk about the Xavier Musketeers. We all know tray bomb blew it because he played at park too early like stray bomb blew we'd like him to take tonight off tonight. But the savior what do you have to do to be real competitive with the number five team in the country. Well boy you got that you. Devastating you know there's going to be some peaks and hours and a great atmosphere sent are struck by opponents stretching it at school history. No skill you ultimately would that they're gonna get out there and oppression you other mitnick in corporate want. You've got to make them never kept in the glow over. Go to plates are much like the dog bit. And over you you understand if you in the tank. You're you're you're giving it their straw and defense think Calvin Booth last call for some orders because the crowd to either protect that area. Well but really it's that little officers. The dog to display in the most combat where I'm at bat. But it also can't beat yourself all the candidates just got beat too. But it's a quality opponent in that pin you know some. You've got to come out really except that thrown in the year ago though it's noble purchasers to attain that you're so cold front try to go all my. These two teams played against each other's members of the age ten and now there in the big east this a really good rivalry for Butler Edna. It's 100 votes render out a book report due on the proximity of schools struggle in the school's success. The programs Leach. To a natural rivalries in you know you don't you into. State you know there were coverage flows so this is saying you know the longstanding ethnic disappear. 59 meeting if it fervor correctly so go and there's a lot of street and then there's. Kit as you would know that it's out of X people and indeed it would yeah the connection to the people out of work with a front of people look at them. Work and so on that note or go to add a little actual. To a collective vote on Morgan says that senator. Executive vineyards atmosphere certified college basketball and then walked into our owner. I would bet that rivalry as well it's all making little. I love it have a good call tonight appreciate the time neck. What are they keep air carrier happy new year to you nick gardener is gonna be on the call ninety Butler Xavier another great game.